Do we say relaid or relayed

relaid 9 occurrences

I called on the landlord, and though I had a good deal of difficulty over it, he ended by consenting to have the roof entirely relaid.

CHAPTER IV ENCOUNTER BETWEEN A HIGH HORSE AND A HOBBY "Your chocolate will be getting cold, Miss." Dorothea, refreshed with sleep but still pleasantly tired, lay in bed watching Polly as she relaid and lit the fire in the massive Georgian grate.

The Boston Post Road upon which it faced was the old post road, but lately, through this back yard and dumping-ground of the city, had been relaid.

The kangaroos have removed into their new house, and their park has been relaid, although they still look unsettled.

Then he ordered a fire lighted, and the rails relaid.

The system is too young yet, even in England, for any one to say how long a course of tubing will last, or how often it must be relaid.

the rails were relaid, spiked, and the roadway levelled and better ballasted than any road I ever saw south of Mason and Dixon's line.

On the top of all this they relaid not only the original floor, but even the carpet.

Looking about him, he saw evidence that the floor had been hastily relaid and remembered the "dead" monks at Würzburg.

relayed 7 occurrences

Long ago Gratton had had from her lips what rumours had been repeated by her father to her mother and then relayed on to her own ears.

They travelled by night; 'each individual of the party occupying his own separate carriage, and being conveyed along at a hand gallop by a succession of single ponies, relayed at stages of four to five miles in length.'

We have dismantled and sealed up every wireless plant we could find in America except those under direct government control, yet we are positive that every day wireless messages go from this country somewhereperhaps to Mexico or South America, and from there are relayed to Germany, probably by way of Spain.

" An hour later a crackling message was hurled into the empty Christmas sky, a message that pulsed through the voids, was relayed over ice and brine and drifted forests to a lonely, brooding man three thousand miles away.

Why hadn't he cabled her at the first moment of his decision to sail or why hadn't he relayed his wireless across when the opportunity had offered?

They came now to a shuffling halt at a word of command relayed from some place beyond the bridge, where a new jumble of traffic could be dimly discerned.

The alarm of fire was relayed to the court-house.

Do we say   relaid   or  relayed