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2476 example sentences with  relatively

2476 example sentences with relatively

It was the mystery and romance of some of the wonderful pictures of a nineteenth-century explorer that first led me into the relatively unknown region between the Apurimac and the Urubamba, sometimes called "the Cradle of the Incas."

The prevailing wind on the desert at night is a relatively gentle breeze that comes down from the cool mountain slopes toward the ocean.

Yet to my surprise and delight I found that it was relatively as easy to run here as anywhere, so accustomed had my lungs and heart become to very rarefied air.

It seems absolutely unbelievable that such an immense amount of pains should have been taken for such relatively small results.

Beyond a broad, deep valley rose the extinct volcanic cone of Mt. Sarasara, now relatively close at hand, its lower slopes separated from us by another canyon.

Actually fewer Indians came from the city itself than from relatively small towns like Anta, Huaracondo, and Maras.

It was relatively easy for him, with a handful of followers, to dash out of the mountain fastnesses, cross the Apurimac River either by swimming or on primitive rafts, and reach the great road between Cuzco and Lima, the principal highway of Peru.

In a rocky pass, protected by huge boulders, and surrounded by quantities of natural ammunition for their slings, it must have been relatively simple for eighty Quichuas, who could "hurl a huge stone with such force that it would kill a horse," to have literally stoned to death Captain Villadiego's little company before they could have prepared their clumsy weapons for firing.

That relatively to the command 'Be ye perfect even as your Father in Heaven is perfect', and before the eye of his own pure reason, the best of men may deem himself mere folly and imperfection, I can easily conceive; but this is not the case in question.

Now, perceiving and knowing were considered as immediate acts relatively to the objects perceived and known:'ergo', the 'principium sciendi' must be one (that is, homogeneous or consubstantial) with the 'principium essendi quoad objectum cognitum'.

But it is too evident that Sherlock supposes the Father, as Father, to possess a spirit, that is, an intellective faculty, by which he knows the Spirit, that is, the third co-equal Person; and that this Spirit, the Person, has a spirit, that is, an intellective faculty, by which he knows the Father; and the 'Logos' in like manner relatively to both.

"That is,if the three Persons are not three;"so might the Arian answer, unless Sherlock had shown the difference of separate and distinct relatively to mind.

All the organs in the trunk between those ages of ten and fourteen are relatively both larger and smaller in girls than at any other period of life.

With us it would be far more like Satan's kingdom, inasmuch as our states are more numerous, relatively more petty, and, from the increased powers of modern knowledge and modern invention, capable of the greater mutual mischief.

The tongue which Bacon feared to use in his writings, lest they should remain forever unknown to all but the inhabitants of a relatively unimportant insular kingdom, is now the speech of two continents.

Relatively to their numbers, they have shown themselves far more to be dreaded than the Zulus or even the Maoris.

Some are slow and relatively painless, particularly when they extend over generations; other changes are so rapid that they are agonizingly painful.

In modern times, passage of a motion of no confidence is relatively rare in two-party democracies.

It was introduced to provide music in a way that is cheap for manufacturers but relatively high-quality, but it has since been adapted to meet many data-storage needs.

Ling stream, following a relatively long course though Lehtrar and Kahuta falls in the Swaan near Sihala.

Low Profile Amateur Radio (A. Brogdon, W1AB) Loop antennas are relatively easy to build.

Manslaughter is a relatively new legal concept.

Near the border with Bangladesh the Farakka Barrage controls the flow of the Ganges by diverting some of the water into a feeder canal which has link with the Hooghly river to keep it relatively silt-free.

Sometimes they are relatively frequent in a population.

The city features a lengthy dry season, spanning from November to June and a relatively short wet season covering the remaining four months.

The horseshoe crabs are a small, ancient group which has survived relatively unchanged for millions of years.

The inline-four has become one of the most common engine configurations in street bikes The inline-four is common because of its relatively high performance-to-cost ratio.

The intercellular space is relatively wide up to about 30 nm.

The water levels are also relatively low during these months, making it safe to take a walk or play in it.

The weapon was only made of 47 parts, making it relatively fast to put together and take apart and therefore easy to ship and hide.

The western valleys, along the Haitian border, remain relatively dry, with less than 760 mm of annual precipitation.

The wings are relatively large and darker in colour, with long tips that allow the bat to hover.

We now know that its history as a distinct form is relatively recent.

Despite the destruction of the Wilhelminabrug and the Sint Servaasbrug (pictured) German troops passed Maastricht, a vital traffic hub, relatively quickly.

Despite this he was a relatively successful physician.

Dromaeosaurs, like most other theropods, had an S-curved neck, and their trunk was relatively short and deep.

For example, by looking at the graph you can see at a glance that unemployment was relatively low in the late sixties but relatively high in the early eighties.

For example, by looking at the graph you can see at a glance that unemployment was relatively low in the late sixties but relatively high in the early eighties.

Founded in 1947 as an offshoot of Toho after the major company had become struck with labor turmoil, Shintoho began its relatively short existence producing such films as Stray Dog, which was later distributed by Toho, and The Life of Oharu.

He was relatively unknown at the time.

However, for the very pliant systems such as base isolated structures, with a relatively low bearing stiffness but with a high damping, the so-called "damping force" may turn out the main pushing force at a strong earthquake.

However, in March 2010 the National Farmers Union said that it was not against Single/Double Summer Time, and is in fact relatively neutral, with many farmers expressing a preference for the change.

However, it used relatively old trains and therefore had much lower leasing costs, as in 2012/13 Virgin paid £302 million for its fleet of trains, while East Coast paid £53 million.

However, smoking cannabis seems to be physically impossible to lethally overdose for someone relatively healthy.

“According to the forecasters, this is a relatively fast-moving system and should be well on its way out of our neighborhood by later tonight and into tomorrow,” said earlier Tuesday morning.

According to the Fraser Institute report, the Gulf countries particularly observe high scores for their low barriers to international trade, which is reflected in their relatively low external tariff rates.

Affordable cost of living – Residents appreciate the relatively low cost of living, at least in part because of low taxes.

A focus only on the relatively few high spenders could miss a lot of waste, it said.

After 15 years, two books, and a relatively thick body of knowledge on marriage and family, we can boldly admit we don’t know everything there is to know about marriage, certainly not by experience.

“Because we are a contact sport, similar to martial arts, there is a very small but relatively higher risk than non-contact sports of cross infection and this has presented some particular challenges which we have successfully been able to overcome.

“Because we are sifting, we find relatively a lot of jewelry,” said Dvira, but not a lot of gold, especially not from such an early period.

Before that drop, Splash Mountain is a relatively tranquil boat ride through various vignettes starring adorable audioanimatronics of singing swampland creatures.

Bill Whitaker: How did your relatively small biotech get to be the first one to go into human trials?

Bisalloy's unique stand-alone heat treatment facility at Unanderra near Wollongong is a highly automated and efficient operation providing a relatively low-cost base, allowing it to compete with a variety of imported products.

But at 1-2 (and with losses to a pair of relatively unheralded teams), that reality is now especially clear.

But compared with the pandemic and the economy, relatively few voters deemed racism or law enforcement the country’s top issue: 8% said racism was most important and just 4% said law enforcement was.

But if you were to tell a friend, ‘I’ll be over relatively soon’ and then showed up a year and a half later, well, your friend may be relatively pissed off.”

But if you were to tell a friend, ‘I’ll be over relatively soon’ and then showed up a year and a half later, well, your friend may be relatively pissed off.”

But when it comes to the long-term effects of the virus, WHO there was still “relatively little” known, and that more research was required.

The Canon PIXMA MG3620 comes with mobile/tablet device printing capability, wireless connectivity, cloud-based app printing support, automatic duplex printing and a relatively good print speed of 9.9 color images per minute.

The case, involving the worst peace-time atrocities against women in Cyprus in memory, horrified an island where serious crime is relatively rare and forced the resignation of the justice minister and the police chief.

The central chamber has the highest temperature, which is better suited for tender meat like beef tripes and thin-sliced beef, while the surrounding chambers are relatively colder and used to slow cook meatballs and vegetables.

They looked at samples from the ancient cities of Alalakh and Ebla in what is today southern Turkey and northern Syria and saw that around 4,000 years ago the Northern Levant experienced a relatively sudden introduction of new people.

This being said, if your diet is low in salts, saturated fats and you have an active lifestyle, you can incorporate low amounts of lean, preferably unprocessed pork into your diet, and will still have a relatively low risk of developing chronic diseases.

This left us in a relatively robust position when Covid-19 hit, allowing us to act with agility, and to mobilise all available resources as the crisis deepened, taking major steps to reduce costs through a wide-reaching series of measures."

Through the planning process, you should be able to build a comprehensive plan of attack that once completed, and tested, makes this all a relatively easy process.

Today’s suit is just the latest in a string of actions the bureau has taken to achieve this goal across the state in recent years — and one of relatively few that has taken the form of a formal legal intervention.

Total personal auto renewal applications were 10% higher than the first quarter last year and the renewal application rate was relatively unchanged in the post-COVID period.

At the moment, the game’s microtransactions are relatively non-invasive, especially when you consider that you can unlock a ton of cosmetic options just by playing the game.

At the moment, things look relatively positive for the teams to be withdrawn on time.

We like this machine for a number of reasons: at just shy of £200 it’s at a relatively accessible price point, particularly for its capabilities, its stainless steel design looks great and overall it is a solid, high quality product.

We were all relatively inexperienced, but willing to work hard.

What makes this race relatively interesting is the fact that they are neighbors.

But illicit drug use — marijuana excepted — is relatively rare.

Donne's semicolons in the sample are more numerous than his colons, but still relatively infrequent, even though some sentences contain several.

For personal and single-user business devices, however, Firefox is relatively safe, especially once all security features are activated and tweaked to your needs.

For relatively meaningless information, it is limited to about 7 digits, or 4 to 5 items in a quick glimpse.

‘Fortunately, many of the legal issues that restrict free speech in India could be resolved quickly, and relatively inexpensively, if there is sufficient political will to do so.’

For youth who are fully detoxed and awaiting treatment, stabilization housing that can accommodate long waits is relatively non-existent.

Given the limited access at many of the sites and relatively small volumes of waste, comprised of primarily household domestic refuse, the most feasible solution to decommissioning the sites was one of closure in-place.

Having a relatively coarse particle range, grog is usually light and porous.

He also escaped relatively unscathed through the next economic upheaval, the American Civil War (1861-1865).

He also explores the relatively new mathematical concept of fractals with his audience and their (partial) occurrence in nature (tree branches, ferns) and computer graphics.

His piano accompaniments take on a strong character of their own, one which complements the singer and very much creates a discrete whole, even in the songs where the piano’s role is relatively straightforward.

However, if were talking a home, and you’ve chosen a smooth-surfaced door with a raised panel, or door panel resembling shaker-styled cabinetry, then a relatively plain molding with a slightly shaped, or beveled edge, would be my recommendation.

However if you compress a real gas, particularly one that has been cooled to a relatively low temperature, it may well turn into a liquid, and if you continue the compression it may even become a solid.

However shipping to Canada will be relatively costly.

I am relatively comfortable that they are at least enough.

I am relatively new to this business.

Also, researchers in London, England, have reported their experience with a relatively early initiation of ART in people with very early HIV infection.

Also, since the faculty is relatively small, it was great to continually get the chance meet the people I saw daily and share varying ideas of common interests relating to kinesiology.”

Also, while relatively strong by regional standards, neither currently has the military might to fulfill this prophecy.

Although the law delegated massive legislative powers to non-elected officials, relatively little debate occurred in either chamber about the constitutional implications.

Although the number of dead and wounded was relatively low compared to the extent of the fire, the cultural losses were huge.

Among the wide variety of leak detection techniques, real-time transient model based leak detection method has the advantage of being relatively non-invasive and requiring no field installation.

If Prometheus was a monolithic system, this would probably be relatively easy, but instead instead our overall Prometheus environment has a bunch of separate pieces, all of which can have things go wrong.

If we take two clean pieces of some relatively soft metals and hammer them together we can often get them to stick to each other.

I had mind that one was going to build relatively small components, good sub-routine libraries, but more tailorable than those that we knew from the past, that could be combined into programs.

I left before the end of the contract, after the camp got one of its regular tree-runners back from a short vacation, going to Banff for a few months before coming back to Montreal, where I got a relatively interesting office job.

The Liberals’ relatively strong showing – 157 seats to Andrew Scheer’s 121; just 13 short of a majority – opens the door for a government with Jagmeet Singh’s New Democrats holding a balance of power.