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522 examples of  relaxation  in sentences

522 examples of relaxation in sentences

A sort of general relaxation of formality, due to the waning of the season, and to people being too busy to bother, or already in thought away, seemed to give a greater freedom.

It is only when in port that some relaxation comes into the midshipman's life.

And looking down, as all men will in moments of relaxation from a strain, he did not see the eyes of Lou Macon grow softly luminous as they dwelt upon him.

Then, as he shook Harker's hand, "I don't believe there's a dog between here and the Yukon that can kill the wolf!" CHAPTER XXIII PROFESSOR McGILL Red Gold City was ripe for a night of relaxation.

National traditions, deeply interwoven with the fine fibre of individual natures, forbid the relaxation of tissues logically irresistible.

Doubtless he would have liked one to plead on the knee for some little relaxation of his decision.

At last, we English folk can say that to each other, without reserve or qualification, and into England's mood of ceaseless effort and anxiety there has come a sudden relaxation, a breath of something canning and sustaining.

In higher families, the upper nurse is usually permitted to sup or dine occasionally at the housekeeper's table by way of relaxation, when the children are all well, and her subordinates trustworthy.

The fit generally lasts from one to three minutes, when the child recovers with a sigh, and the relaxation of the body.

In the other case, the infant is attacked at once with total insensibility and relaxation of the limbs, coldness of the body and suppressed breathing; the eyes, when open, being dilated, and presenting a dim glistening appearance; the infant appearing, for the moment, to be dead. 2521.

This favourable state is indicated by an excessive flow of saliva, or what is called "dribbling," and by a considerable amount of relaxation of the bowels-a condition that must not be mistaken for diarrhoea, and checked as if a disease, but rather, for the day or two it continues, encouraged as a critical evacuant. 2535.

For the relaxation consequent on an overloaded stomach, or acidity in the bowels, a little magnesia dissolved in milk should be employed two or three times a day. 2575.

Antony knew this thoroughly, and first of all he selected the Lupercalia and that procession in order that Caesar in the relaxation of his spirit and the fun of the affair might be rebuked with immunity, and next he selected the Forum and the rostra that his patron might be shamed by the very places.

As there are some proper seasons of relaxation, when we may desipere in loco; so there are some times, and circumstances of things, wherein it concerneth

In his hours of relaxation he was gay, and sometimes gave way so far to his temper, naturally satirical, that he drew upon himself the ill-will of those who had been unfortunately the subjects of his mirth; but enemies so provoked, he thought it beneath him to regard or to pacify; for he was fiery, but not malicious, disdained dissimulation, and in his gay or serious hours, preserved a settled detestation of falsehood.

I was by no means an unfinished young lady, and, in any event, she should have left all that behind; the moment was one wherein relaxation would have been not only graceful but entirely safe, for she was in no manner to be held accountable for my conduct.

If there was less of the grace of a practised gondolier of the canals in his attitudes than in those of his companion, there was no relaxation in the force of his sinews.

We laugh at "Then came Dalhousie, that great God of War, Lieutenant-Colonel to the Earl of Mar," because of the relaxation which follows the sudden tension of the mind; but if we remove the idea of the colonelcy from this position of anti-climax, the same couplet becomes energetic rather than ludicrous "Lieutenant-Colonel to the Earl of Mar, Then came Dalhousie, that great God of War.

He had all Dr. Johnson's principles, with some degree of relaxation.

There may be relaxation, but there should be no levity[209].'

The maid, who was holding her hair back where it escaped the comb, smiled too, and evidently considered that the relaxation of Margaret's buttered features was equivalent to a permission to speak.

Unlike the majority of musicians in real fiction she had not been allowing her fingers to 'wander over the keys,' a relaxation that not seldom leads to outer darkness, where the consecutive fifth plays hide-and-seek with the falling sub-tonic to superinduce gnashing of teeth in them that hear.

He was a man whom everybody loved and trusted, yet one not unmindful of his duties as the supreme ruler of his abbey, enforcing discipline, while favoring relaxation.

Some of the Courtiers are dissatisfied at the Relaxation of Etiquette.

But custom brought relaxation in the strictness of the prison rules; and the wife of the illustrious prisoner, his faithful and constant visitor, proposed the plan of his escape, to which he gave a ready and, all hazards considered, a courageous assent.

The subject thus reopened, the Senate Committee on the Judiciary went into the whole question of monopoly anew, and in 1909 Senator Nelson presented an exhaustive report against the proposed relaxation.

At the end of September, he went to London in search of relaxation and amusement; and in the next month, returned to College with a cough and fever, which this effort had encreased.

They, too, must have their moments of relaxation: but when?

A dictionary, a conversation manual, and an English grammar for French students were then obtained; and whenever he felt that he needed a little relaxation, he took up one or another of these books and read them, as he put it to me, 'from a philosophical point of view.'

Amusement N. amusement, entertainment, recreation, fun, game, fun and games; diversion, divertissement; reaction, solace; pastime, passetemps [Fr.], sport; labor of love; pleasure &c 827. relaxation; leisure &c 685. fun, frolic, merriment, jollity; joviality, jovialness^; heyday; laughter &c 838; jocosity, jocoseness^; drollery, buffoonery, tomfoolery; mummery, pleasantry; wit &c 842; quip, quirk.

Dereliction of Duty N. dereliction of duty; fault &c (guilt) 947; sin &c (vice) 945; non-observance, non-performance; neglect, relaxation, infraction, violation, transgression, failure, evasion; dead letter.

Hence the relaxation in the laws in favor of those who, quitting their native land, carried over with them to strange countries their property and acquirements.

For years, he cultivated literature as a relaxation from business.

Other resolutions demanded the abolition of the "powers exercised by the Privy Council under color of Poynings' Act," and a farther relaxation of the penal laws.

But, as long as the Stuart princes were from time to time disquieting the government by their open invasions or secret intrigues, no such relaxation could with safety be granted to the Roman Catholics, since it could hardly be expected that they would forbear to employ any power which they might acquire for the service of a prince of their own religion.

It cannot be said that any constitutional principle was involved in what was merely a commercial regulation, or relaxation of such regulations.

And, among the arrangements which it proposed, one consisted of a relaxation of the sugar-duties, which was regarded with dread by those interested in the West Indies, as a farther step in the direction of free-trade, and as depriving them of the modified protection which they were as yet enjoying.

After careful reflection, the course on which he eventually decided was to adhere to the principle of a relaxation of duties, but to consent to a moderate variation from his original proposal as to the amount.

GEORGE III., state of affairs at the accession of; illness of in 1764; firmness in the Gordon riots; becomes deranged; is attacked on the street; resists the relaxation of Catholic restrictions; becomes permanently deranged; dies; character of his reign.

She was advised to leave her employment at once, and seek in relaxation and change of scene the reestablishment of her health and the restoration of her accustomed vigor.

Suspended it may be, sometimes with positive advantage; but it must not be suspended too long; and suspension for a whole act is equivalent to relaxation.

" Perhaps in the delights of music and dancing and in the invigorating exercises of the chase, Cosimo found his best-loved relaxation.

Most of the privileged profited by the pause to leave their seats, and to seek such relaxation as the confinement rendered agreeable.

We have remarked that St. Germain d'Auxerre, who at a certain period was the patron of sportsmen, made hunting his habitual relaxation.

Finding relaxation from his cares and worries in the problems of his farm, he devoted every spare moment to the life out-of-doors, and drank in new strength and inspiration with every breath of the pure country air.

Another reason, doubtless, was the wonderful activity of the Greek mind, finding its amusement and relaxation in the forum, theatre, gymnasium, or even the barber's shop, in constant mutual contact, in learning wisdom and news by word of mouth.

The widespread and lasting favor experienced by this theory, with its invitation to forget all earnest work in the problems of philosophy by taking refuge in common sense, shows that a general relaxation had succeeded the energetic endeavors which Hume had demanded of himself and of his readers.

There were sounds of relaxation in there, the striking of a match, the sound of a heavy bodythat of LaChaise, probablydropping into an easy chair.

Like a tired animal, she gave herself up to the pleasure of physical relaxation, staring at a perfect turquoise sky through the whispering leaves above.

The beneficial effect of intervals of relaxation and pastime on youthful minds, is finely expressed, we think, in a single line, when it is said to be Like vernal ground to Sabbath sunshine left.

What a blessing that mankind can be allured from sensual gratification, and find relaxation and pleasure in such pursuits!

The younger Scipio too (Aemilianus), though no blood-relation of his, had the same instinct, but in his case it was rather the desire for leisure and relaxation,the same love of a real holiday that we all know so well in our modern life.

This desire for ease and relaxation, for the chance of being for a while your true self,a self worth something apart from its existence as a citizen, is apparent in the Roman of Cicero's day, and still more in the hard-working functionary of the Empire.

No time was allowed for relaxation.

They have no notion either of the nervous fluid, or of the solids, their restriction and relaxation.

He debarred himself every kind of amusement and relaxation.

SIR, Though I have so long found myself deluded by projects of honour and distinction, that I often resolve to admit them no more into my heart; yet how determinately soever excluded, they always recover their dominion by force or stratagem; and whenever, after the shortest relaxation of vigilance, reason and caution return to their charge, they find hope again in possession, with all her train of pleasures dancing about her.

Labour necessarily requires pauses of ease and relaxation, and the deliciousness of ease commonly makes us unwilling to return to labour.

There was evidently some relaxation toward the close of the 18th Century.

In his book published in 1840, Mr. Turnbull states that "the mercantile interests of the island have been greatly promoted by the relaxation of those restrictive regulations which under the old peninsular system bound down all foreign commerce with the colonies of Spain, and laid it prostrate at the feet of the mother-country.

There is, I am aware, the theory that the novel is wholly and solely a means of relaxation.

And if the novel is to be recognised as something more than a relaxation, it has also, I think, to be kept free from the restrictions imposed upon it by the fierce pedantries of those who would define a general form for it.

We went in without any timidity, with a conscious relaxation of the great strain upon us.

The relaxation of the figure and perfect repose of every limb, is wonderful.

What can be a more delightful relaxation to a Lancashire Mechanic than an hour or two in a Garden: what an escape from the pestiferous politics of the times.

Then I felt a gradual relaxation, and found that I was strong like other people.

What now passed across his countenance, little by little, therefore, was relief, relaxation from a strain, a solution of some doubtful problem.

The fair Circassians shrieking with their streaming hair and dripping finery, the Nubian eunuchs rushing to their aid, plunging into the water from the balustrade, or dashing down the marble steps,all this forms an agreeable relaxation after the labours of the Divan.

At this place a house was bought, and there was a project of giving up the London residence and of visiting the city only for occasional relaxation.

The people, surprised at this sudden relaxation of the pressure of their burdens, said that the very name of Pompey had put an end to the war.

" Gifted with a frame, the corporeal energies of which required little or no relaxation, and which, consequently, never clogged and hampered his intellect by fatigue, Charlemagne could devote an immense portion of his time to business, and, without taking more than a very small portion of sleep, could dedicate the clear thoughts of an untired mind to the regulation of his kingdom, even while other men were buried in repose.

Passionately fond of robust exercises, they formed his great relaxation and amusement; but he never neglected the business of the public for his private pleasure, nor yielded one moment to repose or enjoyment which could be more profitably employed.

They continued to be developed till past the meridian of life, and amid all the pressure of graver duties furnished a most delightful relaxation.

VIII A TRAGEDY WITHOUT A MORALAND A COMEDY WITH ONE Life at the Kruzgamapa Hot Springs offered a pleasant relaxation from the business cares and social duties of Nome.

His only relaxation was a daily ride to Piraeus, about five miles over the plain; he told me it was the only time in his life he was ever contented with himself except when he was at Cherbury.

Such exhaustive mental labour induced a certain nervousness that could only be allayed by relaxation.

Phillip, in short, found himself by degrees involved in a whirl of festivities, and was never at a loss where to go for amusement when he could obtain leave to seek relaxation.

And he thought, as he dropped into the chair she indicated, that she was a woman who gained strength in these moments of relaxation.

Mrs. Condor withdrew to the relaxation of her innumerable sofa pillows again.

Thus was his day brightened, and with this relaxation to look forward to be plodded on at his proper work, delving so hard that he could avoid asking himself why he was still delving.

Next day was one of relaxation after tramping.

It was he who had charge of the only two cannon Berlin possessed, and who, never tiring, without rest or relaxation, gent death into the ranks of the enemy.

When still a child, at the age when little girls play with dolls, she was in her father's atelier, working in clay with an irresistible fondness for this occupation, and without relaxation making one little object after another, until she acquired that admirable surety of execution that one admires in her worka quality sometimes lacking in the work of both men and women sculptors.

The blacks worked without relaxation.

In my relaxation I had forgotten the eye of the chair attendant.

In accordance with a practice very generally observed, they were giving themselves a short period of repose and relaxation after the anxieties and danger of the outer passage; which, short as it is, has doubtless sprinkled grey hairs over many a seaman's head.

During the breeding season they should be given access to muddy ditches and sloughs, so that they may wallow in the mud, which is the same relaxation to them that a bath is to a man.

In this practice has been the delight of men of affairs of all ages who turn to agriculture for relaxation.

Go and tell my lord Chrysanthus That I wish he would come with me Forth to-day for relaxation.

" Thus his hours of relaxation are passed in wild and extravagant frolics amongst the lofty forests of palms and spicy groves of the Torrid Zone, and amidst the aromatic and beautiful flowering vegetable productions of that region.

He had already, on the recommendation of his friend and instructor, Wade, formed a favorable business connection with the younger Hitchcock, at Painesville; and now, after a year's absence, he came back to his mother and brothers, for a few days of relaxation and visiting.

A wild fandango in a neighboring booth provided relaxation for the gamblers.

This was known as "keeping secret house," or, in other words, my lord became for a season incognito, and retired to one of his remoter properties for relaxation and repose.

l at bay, on the whole, art belongs to the relaxation and leisure of the mind, while the substantial interests of life demand its exertion.

The relaxation of the figure and perfect repose of every limb is wonderful.

The prophet who added the noble interpretation in Deuteronomy 5:14, 15, declares that it was not only that old and young, master and slave, might rest, but also that even the toiling ox and ass and the resident alien might have the relaxation which their tired bodies required.

Simultaneously with the relaxation of the restrictive policy by the United States, Great Britain, from whose example we derived the system, has relaxed hers.

They substituted for the harshness of military rule something of the mildness of civil government, and were not only the exercise of no excess of power, but were a relaxation in favor of the peaceable inhabitants of the conquered territory who had submitted to our authority, and were alike politic and humane.

Such men as these now believe that they may insult Lafayette, and it serves as an agreeable relaxation from the sour republicanism, the compulsory liberty, which they must assume.

This, however, had gone on better for the last fortnightowing, perhaps, to some relaxation of Eleonora's stern guard over her countenance in their few meetings since Jenny's departure.