5331 examples of releasing in sentences

The sergeant, having read this, made no objection to releasing the alleged deserter, since there had been no orders concerning him, and, without more ado, Jack walked away with his captain, the picture of abashed valor and repentant tipsiness.

" "And will you, as a favor to a neighbor and an old friend, do whatsoever you may toward releasing the unfortunate man?"

The method of assistance to be rendered to chicks which have a difficulty in releasing themselves from the shell, is to take the egg in the hand, and dipping the finger or a piece of linen rag in warm water, to apply it to the fastened parts until they are loosened by the gluey substance becoming dissolved and separated from the feathers.

Relaxing but not releasing her grasp of my own hand, she felt about with her left till Esmo gently placed his own therein.

The other wrote later, releasing me from the engagement and bidding me marry the girl whose name had been on my lips a thousand times.

He did not succeed in releasing himself; he only increased the hurtling waves of pain in his head.

Some one, some time later, brought him water and gave him bread, releasing his wrists while he ate and fastening them again when he had finished.

Henry threw him into prison, but as soon as he had won the smaller kings of the south separately to make submission to him, and given the chief castles into the hands of his own officers, he conciliated the knights by releasing Fitz-Stephen.

" He cast his eyes up at the ceiling, and then, releasing Gracie's hand, brought his impromptu to a close with a few soft chords.

His room seemed to fall away from him, and he was moving about his country, releasing the two races from their bonds of suspicion and cruelty.

So each of the definite eras of civilization opens with the releasing of great energies, the revealing of great figures of paramount character and force.

Ah, I see, close on five," said he, releasing the horse's jaws.

The spring campaign was preceded, in February, by two movements of the Federal forces: one the advance of General B.F. Butler up the Peninsula to the Chickahominy, where for a few hours he threatened Richmond, only to retire hastily when opposed by a few local troops; the other the expedition of General Kilpatrick with a body of cavalry, from the Rapidan toward Richmond, with the view of releasing the Federal prisoners there.

Papers found upon his body contained minute directions for releasing the prisoners and giving up the city to them, and for putting to death the Confederate President and his Cabinet.

He smiled down at her very kindly, "You shall go right away," he said, releasing her.

"As you decide, of course," said De Forest, sulkily, releasing her, and tossing his bridle to the boy.

The unimaginative detective had stood throughout, releasing no indication of his emotions; but as he raised his hand now to an unnecessary adjustment of his scarf pin, the fingers were not quite steady.

Meanwhile the other two boys were releasing the frantic cattle.

But now he knew the sensation in its fulness, and with it came the releasing power of language.

This satisfied me; and releasing the astonished kitten from its numerous wrappers, I presented them to Holly, and gave up all idea of furnishing it with a wardrobe.

She took her hand from the arm of the chair, releasing Rosemary's wrist very gently.

"I am puzzled," exclaimed Mr. Mayhew, releasing the hand of the idiot, and standing for a few seconds in suspense.

But already he was releasing her, pale but coolly master of the situation.

The last action in releasing her from her painful bonds Jones performed with sleight-of-hand dexterity.

P. V., Pope 1566 to 1572, also of humble birth, was severe in his civil and ecclesiastical capacity, both in his internal administration and foreign relationships, and thought to browbeat the world back into the bosom of Mother Church; issued a bull releasing Queen Elizabeth's subjects from their allegiance; but the great event of his reign, and to which he contributed, was the naval victory over the Turks at Lepanto in 1571.

5331 examples of  releasing  in sentences