123 examples of relique in sentences

I'd rather hear thee swear, thou art my Foe, And like some noble and romantick Maid With Poniards wou'd my stubborn Heart invade; And whilst thou dost the faithful Relique tear, In every Vein thoud'st find Celinda there.

I imagine Lamb to have found the metre and manner of the poem in the ballad "Gentle River, Gentle River" (translated from the Spanish "Rio Verde, Rio Verde"), which is printed in the Percy Reliques.

Meanwhile his wife and child with cruel hope All night the door at every moment ope; Haply that child in fearful doubt may gaze, 410 Passing his father's bones in future days, Start at the reliques of that very thigh, On which so oft he prattled when a boy.

Johnson, after stating that some of Milton's manuscripts prove that 'in the early part of his life he wrote with much care,' continues:'Such reliques show how excellence is acquired; what we hope ever to do with ease, we must learn first to do with diligence.' Works, vii.

There's a copy of the Percy 'Reliques' in the catalogue I should like to buy.

There is already a copy of the 'Reliques' in the library.

Some crowd to touch the Relique of his Bayes, Some to cry up their owne wit in his praise, And thinke they engage it by Comparatives, When from himselfe, himselfe he best derives.

This soddaine comfort, Had I not yet a relique left of greife, Would like a violent torrent overbeare The banks of my mortallity.

Put up that for a relique, Thomas, and open it upon high dayes to clear the sore eyes of our Spanish Marchants.

So predominant was this superstition relating to the king's evil, that there was a form of service for the occasion inserted in the Book of Common Prayer, and Bishop Bull, in one of his Sermons, calls it a relique and remainder of the primitive gift of healing.

Also the people without deliuer vnto the eunuchs ech man somewhat to touch the tombe therewith, which they keepe as a relique with great deuotion.

In cases where a mother's memory has been unusually dear to a son, this vocal memento of her, locked into the circle of his own name, gives to it the tenderness of a testamentary relique, or a funeral ring.

Among the number she hoped to gain to her party was Mattakesa, the relique of a general who had been in great favour with his prince.

But when he heard the vast journey she had come on foot, he was in the utmost amazement at her fortitude, and told her he was resolved to keep her pilgrim's habit as a relique, to preserve to after-ages the memory of an adventure, which had really something more marvellous in it than many set down as miracles.

[Illustration: Handrawn sketch] neither altogether, it is that beautiful compound, which Nature must have made in Paradise Park venison, before she separated the two substances, the dry & the oleaginous, to punish sinful mankind; Adam ate them entire & inseparate, and this little taste of Eden in the knuckle bone of a fried... seems the only relique of a Paradisaical state.

He held in his hand a volume of Percy's Reliques, which he had just taken down from Thurnall's shelves; yet he was looking not at it, but at the landscape.

It is at this time that we see the young Wenches in a Country Parish dancing round a May-Pole, which one of our learned Antiquaries supposes to be a Relique of a certain Pagan Worship that I do not think fit to mention.

This drawing I now preserve as a precious relique, since it was given me by Granacci, that it might take a place in my Book of Original Designs, together with others presented to me by Michelangelo.

The enthusiastic visitor looked about for some relique which he might carry away; but he could see nothing lighter than the chairs and the fire-irons.

For this relique of the bard, a Jew of the name of Isaac, gave 60l.

Chief drew his sword on chief: Religion with her relique and her brand, Made strife between our bosom-bones, and grief And lawless joy abounded in the land; Our glass of glory sank nigh its last sand; Rank with its treason, priesthood with its craft, Turned Scotland's war-lance to a willow-wand.

L'un d'eux avoit eu la tête coupée; on lui en a mis une d'un autre saint Au reste les Grecs ne portent point à ces reliques le même respect que nous.

on dît même que par deux fois ils ont, avec leurs galères, sauvé des Turcs la ville; pour moi je croy que Dieu l'a plus gardée pour les saintes reliques qui sont dedans que pour autre chose.

It is at this time that we see the young Wenches in a Country Parish dancing round a May-Pole, which one of our learned Antiquaries supposes to be a Relique of a certain Pagan Worship that I do not think fit to mention.

Ignorant le soupçon, la peur, l'inquiétude, Tous les matins, il boucle à ses flancs refroidis Son épée, aujourd'hui rouillée, et qui jadis Avait la pesanteur de la chose publique; Quand parfois du fourreau, vénérable relique, Il arrache la lame illustre avec effort, Calme, il y croit toujours sentir peser le sort.

123 examples of  relique  in sentences