232 examples of remark about in sentences

'But don't say anything, make no remark about it.

The most common-place sayings of popular men are handed down to posterity, and a casual remark about the weather is often framed and hung up in the spare-bedroom.

" He was flushed, as a man might be should another make a disparaging remark about his wife, and he led the way from the room at once.

When Skinny had been pensive and silent for half an hour or so and would then start, in a halting and quivering voice, to say something, Carolyn June invariably interrupted with a remark about the weather, the Gold Dust maverick, the Ramblin' Kid, Old Heck, Sing Pete, the yellow cat, the coming Rodeo, Ophelia or something else.

Also there had been a remark about a simple sum in arithmetic which was, to say the least, disquieting.

He avoided the point and made some casual remark about the changes in London during the last few years.

Now the first thing to remark about the law is that it was by no means a demagogue's sop tossed to the city mob which he was courting.

The striking point in the last extract is his remark about a 'small thing.'

He made a genial remark about Shylock and a pound of flesh, but finding that it was only an excellent conversational opening, the subject of Shakespeare's plays lapsed into silence.

After just one more remark about the events of that time, I will cease.

Considering the source, Jerry might have overlooked this discourtesy had it not been coupled with the remark about the change, which seemed to him in very poor taste.

I recalled the Swede's remark about moving on next day, and I was just thinking that I fully agreed with him, when I turned with a start and saw the subject of my thoughts standing immediately in front of me.

During dinner one of the young men made some slighting remark about the conduct of the women in attempting to kill the Indians, characterizing their act as unwarranted and a breach of respect to the General.

So, to carry out, with another comparison, my remark about the layers of thought, we may consider the mind, as it moves among thoughts or events, like a circus-rider whirling round with a great troop of horses.

A remark about the crops falls on barren ground; a question concerning the dairy, ignorantly hazarded, is received with so much hauteur that at last you see such subjects are considered vulgar.

In one word,"he continued, his voice seeming more and more irritable, for he felt that the remark about his illness was yet more out of place than the previous one"in one word, either be good enough to cross-examine me, or let me go this very moment.

But what signifies what kind of an ould gully-hole they throw us into over beyantthere'll be nobody to pass a remark about us, or to put up a prayer for us afther

to my wife when she ventures to make a remark about it.

Randolph's familiarity with Guarini is evident throughout, and there is at least one distinct reminiscence, namely Thestylis' humorous expansion of Corisca's remark about changing her lovers like her clothes: Other Nymphs Have their varietie of loves, for every gowne, Nay, every petticote; I have only one, The poore foole Mopsus!

They declared that we are all careering through space, clinging to a cannon-ball, and the poets ignore the matter as if it were a remark about the weather.

I was savage on him last night, for an unnecessary remark about Henry; and I'll go and hear him preach, to show my contrition; and penitence can't go further.

The Count made a remark about me.

His remark about Timothy Pickering, that "under the simple appearance of a bald head and straight hair, he conceals the most ambitious designs," is perfectly self-conscious in its quaint naiveté.

It is impossible not to sympathise with Rousseau's remark about her'J'aimai mieux encore m'exposer au fléau de sa haine qu'à celui de son amitié.'

His remark about humdrum and humbug is worthy of the best days of Sydney Smith, and so is a hit about table-turning[10].

232 examples of  remark about  in sentences