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232 examples of  remark about  in sentences

232 examples of remark about in sentences

'But don't say anything, make no remark about it.

"My remark about the cloak of night?"

It was very fortunate that I had heard the remark about my being "the son of the abolitionist," for then I knew in an instant that they were en route to Grasshopper Falls to murder my father.

The most common-place sayings of popular men are handed down to posterity, and a casual remark about the weather is often framed and hung up in the spare-bedroom.

" He was flushed, as a man might be should another make a disparaging remark about his wife, and he led the way from the room at once.

" "He made no other remark about the young lady's death?"

Her friend understood and came to her rescue with some inconsequent remark about poor Mumbles, who was still moaning and rubbing; his pinched nose against Patsy's chin to ease the pain.

I'm beginning to think I'll never have a chance to forget that Greek's Christian remark about Christians.

"I shouldn't have made any remark about my intentions.

His exact reply to Lamb's remark about "my beauty" was: "Why, sir, from all I have heard of you, as well as from what I have myself seen, I certainly entertain a very high opinion of your abilities, but I confess that I have not formed any opinion concerning your personal pretensions.

He had recognised me first, and addressed the remark about the picture to me.

When Skinny had been pensive and silent for half an hour or so and would then start, in a halting and quivering voice, to say something, Carolyn June invariably interrupted with a remark about the weather, the Gold Dust maverick, the Ramblin' Kid, Old Heck, Sing Pete, the yellow cat, the coming Rodeo, Ophelia or something else.

"A pink ribbon or something with a little silver do-funny on itit looked like a sleeve-holder or a garterdropped out of th' Ramblin' Kid's pocket and Sabota made a nasty remark about it," Skinny said.

Ida bowed to him, made some remark about the weather, and went over with a book to the sofa with the broken springand promptly forgot his existence.

" At this, some wag in the crowd made a remark about the diminutive size of the speaker, and the ludicrous figure he would cut as a general, at which he became enraged and cried: "Begone, knave!

Also there had been a remark about a simple sum in arithmetic which was, to say the least, disquieting.

He found the American there, steadily eating, when he returned from his walk, and he dropped into a chair at his side with a casual remark about the fine morning.

Froissart's famous remark about the English in France"They take their pleasure sadly, after their fashion"may apply to the population of Chicago, and it will be some time yet, I fancy, before they will take it very gayly.

Even the minister was grieved when Coquette, as her father had called her, made a casual remark about the "last time she had gone to the mass.

" An apropos remark about "come wheel come woe" flashed into my mind, but before I could frame it in properly sympathetic language, a taxi drew up at the door with Gertie 'Uggins installed in state alongside the driver.

We may have exchanged an occasional remark about it taking all sorts to make a world, but nothing more.

Voltaire's remark about the maritime superiority of England; return to France, and his death.

He avoided the point and made some casual remark about the changes in London during the last few years.

In one of these chairs he would sit for the remainder of the day, making an occasional loud remark about the weather or the crops, and watching the horses pass in and out of the stable.

But it was quite suddenly, while I sat all intent upon wind and sails, that the true meaning of Sangree's remark about the animal flared up in me with its full import.

"Certainly it would be an easy and undiscoverable form of murder," was the stern reply, spoken as calmly as though it were a remark about the weather.

And she never made any remark about the gifts with which the drawers were filled.

" It was a very rash step for Miss Briskett to go to the length of such a remark about the Governor, but the deacon's wife was one of the few women who are nonconductors of indiscretion, and so the Governor never heard of it.

An Associated Press reporter was compelled to leave town hastily without bag or baggage because he inadvertently published Dr. Bickford's indiscreet remark about the starting of the trouble.

"Taking some good exercise?" he asked, by way of a neighborly greeting; and, not to be less neighborly than he, I responded with some remark about a big shot-gun which occupied a conspicuous place in his cart.

This reminds one of Godwin's remark about Coleridge, "God bless himto use a vulgar expression," as recorded by Coleridge in one of his letters.

Mr. Hazlitt says that the date September 1, 1817, has been added by another hand; but if the remark about Dr. Parr is true (he died March 6, 1825)

Mrs. Spaulding greeted the girls with a smile and a kind word; then said, "Mary, you began last evening to make a remark about Emma Woodbury.

Now the first thing to remark about the law is that it was by no means a demagogue's sop tossed to the city mob which he was courting.

The striking point in the last extract is his remark about a 'small thing.'

He made a genial remark about Shylock and a pound of flesh, but finding that it was only an excellent conversational opening, the subject of Shakespeare's plays lapsed into silence.

He made a genial remark about Shylock and a pound of flesh, but finding that it was only an excellent conversational opening, the subject of Shakespeare's plays lapsed into silence.

High words followed, and, when Giovanni made some insulting remark about his less mature station as a marksman, Garzia, over-heated by the chase, and aggravated by his brother's raillery, hastily drew his heavy hunting-knife and brandished it before Giovanni's face, threatening to do for him if he did not desist, and withdraw his claim to first shot.

After just one more remark about the events of that time, I will cease.

One or another of them was sure to drop a remark about "common gray-feathers" and "poor folk."

The proud spirit of Lawrence Croft was a good deal ruffled when he read this letter, but he made no remark about it.

" Johnson's view of conversation is indicated by his remark about Burke.

I shook my hostess by the hand, made a banal remark about the long interval since last we met, and walked behind them into the great dining room, dimly lit by candles, wondering in my heart how long my sister and I should stay, and why in the world we had ever left our cozy little flat to enter this desolation of riches and false luxury at all.

You will remember Mr. Bryant's remark about the change in the tone of Mr. Irving's temperament shown in this work as contrasted with Knickerbocker, and the probable cause of this change.

He did not respond todid not appear to have heardKatie's remark about Worth needing some new clothes.

Sylvia essayed a soothing remark about what pretty shoes he had, but with small success.

Mrs. Marshall-Smith forbore to over-emphasize her victory by a feather-weight of gloating, and turned to her sister-in-law with a whimsical remark about the preposterousness of one of the costumes passing.

Rather a derogatory remark about your surroundings, eh?" Arnold did not understand, did not even hear, leaning back, long, relaxed, apathetic, in his great wicker-chair and rolling a cigarette with a detached air, as though his hands were not a part of him.

Considering the source, Jerry might have overlooked this discourtesy had it not been coupled with the remark about the change, which seemed to him in very poor taste.

One more little remark about the Graham Street works and I have done.

" For she thought her husband referred to her remark about the Bible, and not to her judgment of the scientific men.

A field battery of the Imperial Guard rumbled past and Thompson made some remark about the accuracy of the American gunners at Vera Cruz.

I recalled the Swede's remark about moving on next day, and I was just thinking that I fully agreed with him, when I turned with a start and saw the subject of my thoughts standing immediately in front of me.

I followed him anxiously at bathing, but he did not attempt to plunge in, merely dipping his head and making some remark about the extra coldness of the water.

He was a man of few words, and those not the most polite in tone, for when the General began with a banal remark about the weather, M. Baume replied, shortly: "I wish to have no talk;" and when Sir Charles pulled out his cigarette-case, as he did almost automatically from time to time when in any situation of annoyance or perplexity, Baume raised his hand warningly and grunted: "Not allowed.

During dinner one of the young men made some slighting remark about the conduct of the women in attempting to kill the Indians, characterizing their act as unwarranted and a breach of respect to the General.

Someone made a rather cruel remark about him, and someone else maliciously repeated it.

I don't know how many times I have smiled at your remark about Miss : "She seems to have such a hard time to learn her lessons."

Very soon another guest appeared, a massive agricultural man, who descended upon a creaking chair and growled a remark about the hot weather.

So, to carry out, with another comparison, my remark about the layers of thought, we may consider the mind, as it moves among thoughts or events, like a circus-rider whirling round with a great troop of horses.

"What did she mean by that remark about Doctor Hargrave?" asked Arthur, after some minutes of this heavy silence.

What is shown of the later teaching to which Murray's erroneous and unoriginal remark about "O, oh, and ah," has given rise?

What is it now?" Roger told him to the last detail, even quoting Tom's remark about the "three little girls," and adding some suggestions about town prizes for front door yards which the Ethels had poured into his ears as they came up the stairs.

He made some commonplace remark about the weather or the House, and the only reply was a dismal groan.

" The camel bowed very low and the groups round laughed and made the obvious remark about the beauty and the beast.

In this entire war nothing hit Germany so hard a blow as the publicity given to a certain remark about a scrap of paper.

While overlooking a game of chess, I smiled and made some remark about a bad move of one of the players, upon which his opponent, turning to me with a sneer, said "No doubt you think yourself very clever, but wait till I have finished off this stupid fellow, and I will play you for any stake you like.

They might as well have made the same remark about murder or robbery, if they had lived where a selfish majority were strong enough to get those crimes sanctioned by law and custom.

A remark about the crops falls on barren ground; a question concerning the dairy, ignorantly hazarded, is received with so much hauteur that at last you see such subjects are considered vulgar.

When he ceased for a moment, to swallow a mouthful, I interjected a remark about the weather.

The latter, with a somewhat trite remark about the virtues of punctuality, led the way upstairs and threw open the door of his study.

Sam shook hands with Tom, and made some jocose remark about his new business; but Nellie sneered, and looked out the car window.

Before advancing to either question, however, and I shall have to deal with both but very briefly after what has been said already, let me finish our retrospective survey by one more remark about the curious logical situation of the absolutists.

In one word,"he continued, his voice seeming more and more irritable, for he felt that the remark about his illness was yet more out of place than the previous one"in one word, either be good enough to cross-examine me, or let me go this very moment.

But what signifies what kind of an ould gully-hole they throw us into over beyantthere'll be nobody to pass a remark about us, or to put up a prayer for us afther

to my wife when she ventures to make a remark about it.

I think these days must have been anxious ones for Rucker, greedy as he was for my little fortune, ignorant as he was of the depth of the ignorance of the silent stupid boy with whom he was dealingand a boy, too, who had made that one remark about his way of living and traveling that seemed to show a knowledge of just what he was doing, and had done.

'Centipedes and tarantulas,' says he, musin' (evidently he hadn't figured on 'em); 'an' what is a "side-winder," Mr. Scraggs?' "'A "side-winder," sir,' says I, 'is a rattlesnake who travels on the bias, as I've heard my wife remark about her clotheshe's a kind of Freemason; he lets you in on the level and out on the queer.

Randolph's familiarity with Guarini is evident throughout, and there is at least one distinct reminiscence, namely Thestylis' humorous expansion of Corisca's remark about changing her lovers like her clothes: Other Nymphs Have their varietie of loves, for every gowne, Nay, every petticote; I have only one, The poore foole Mopsus!

" Mr. Smeaton was expecting ushe, too, was reading about me in the Advertiser when we entered, and he made some joking remark about it only being great men that were sometimes treated to death-notices before they were dead.

They declared that we are all careering through space, clinging to a cannon-ball, and the poets ignore the matter as if it were a remark about the weather.

I was savage on him last night, for an unnecessary remark about Henry; and I'll go and hear him preach, to show my contrition; and penitence can't go further.

He used to quote with much approval Dr. Johnson's remark about his garrulous old school-fellow, Edwards.

" The governor made a very quiet, unappreciative remark about a "patriotism that lets its government get choked up with corruption and then blows it out with gunpowder!"

An atmosphere of reckless good-will surrounded him, and when he made a remark about there being no presents, even Keith knew it to be facetious.

It had been intended that he should make some remark about them, and then she was to say, with careless ease, "Only the accounts of the parish charities."

I made a remark about the difficulty of finding lodging for man and beast, if the beast happened to be a bear, and I had scarcely finished it when from the house there came a shrill voice, flavored with lemon without any sugar, and it said, "Mrs. Chester!" "Excuse me," said the young lady, and immediately she went in-doors.

I never asked him where he went, and had never spoken to him concerning his mysterious remark about having been in Surrey.

The Count made a remark about me.

His remark about Timothy Pickering, that "under the simple appearance of a bald head and straight hair, he conceals the most ambitious designs," is perfectly self-conscious in its quaint naivetรฉ.

He had nothing to say in response to Major Bell's explicit remark about the one-man and one-country military power, but the action of the insurgents in removing their headquartersor their capital, as they call itto a point forty miles from Manila, proves that they have come to an understanding that the soldiers of the United States are not in the Philippines for their health entirely, or purely in the interest of universal benevolence.

Then she looked squarely and honestly into my eyes and said in a tone I shall never forget: "Do you think that if our Government were responsible for the war that we should be willing to bear all these terrible sacrifices?" I thought of that banquet table more than two years before, and the remark about creating public opinion.

Von Gwinner's remark about the improbability of war between Japan and the United States in the near future would, if known to the German people, cause still another keen disappointment, since one of their solaces has been the thought that they would soon have an opportunity of reaping a munition harvest themselves.

Her remark about the wall did not encourage further conversation and I fell back upon the poets.

And Zara, lying in the cabin, was unconscious of any direct current of thought; she was quite unconscious that already this beautiful young husband of hers had made some impression upon her, and that, underneath, for all her absorption in her little brother and her own affairs, she was growing conscious of his presence and that his comings and goings were things to remark about.

They had reached the summit of the hill before either of them broke silence, and then Oriana mechanically made some commonplace remark about the beauty of the western sky.

This hotel is the best in the town and very well kept, so that Jone made his usual remark about its being a good place to stay in.

It is impossible not to sympathise with Rousseau's remark about her'J'aimai mieux encore m'exposer au flรฉau de sa haine qu'ร  celui de son amitiรฉ.'

His remark about humdrum and humbug is worthy of the best days of Sydney Smith, and so is a hit about table-turning[10].

We may add to the rebuke of the shepherd of Bonaly, of Lord Rutherfurd's remark about the east wind, his answer to Lord Cockburn, the proprietor of Bonaly.