29108 examples of remembering in sentences

It wasn't when I was dancing nor afterward," she added with a flaming color in her cheeks remembering that moment in the Hostelry hall when wisdom had mattered very little to her in comparison with love.

I never drive out of the old Nomentan Gate without remembering the ghastly flight of Nero,his recognition there by an old centurion,his damp, drear hiding-place underground, where, shuddering and quoting Greek, he waited for his executioners,and his subsequent terrible and cowardly death, as narrated by Tacitus and Suetonius; and it seems nearer to me, more vivid, and more actual, than the death of Rossi in the court of the Cancelleria.

Also, I cannot help remembering, that, on the whole, I have been more intensely bored with works of fiction,beginning with "Gil Blas," and ending withon the whole, I won't even mention it,than I ever was by the Latin Grammar or Rollin's History.

Seeing the machines at work to-day, and remembering that every defect so far shown is purely mechanical, it is impossible not to be convinced of their value.

Remembering his trouble on our last Southern journey, I fear he is in for a very bad time.

But the truth is that he is remembering the woman herself, her face, her voice, her eyesabove all, what she said, and how she said it.

" "Such being the difficulties respecting domestic arrangements," adds our author, "it is obvious, that the ladies who are brought up amongst them cannot have leisure for any developement of the mind: it is, in fact, out of the question; and, remembering this, it is more surprising that some among them should be very pleasing, than that none should be highly instructed.

I've got as much as I can do remembering what lines I have learned. Perkins.

LUCAS, E. V. Reading, writing and remembering.

Remembering Christ.

Let her conform in a general way to the instructions given above, always remembering that both Srinagar and Gulmarg are gay and festive places, where she will dine and dance, and have ample opportunity for displaying a well-chosen wardrobe.

At the close of the performance he fell in with a person who had been a butcher's apprentice in Brooks's Market, and who remembering young Joseph's antic tricks, gave him good cheer, and money for his return to London.

Now it is a grand banquet he tells you of, with flowers and music; then he stops suddenly, remembering that he is only a little brown bird, and sings to his favorite alder bush by the brook a soft apology for having forgotten himself.

"Wait till the sun comes out after rain," she said, half remembering.

"And I'll go to the stake afore I break my promise," he swore, happily remembering one of the Jacobite oaths.

What were the Middle Ages but a forgetting of Greek and Roman civilization, and what was the Renaissance but a remembering of thema striving to re-create the ruined stage-settings and to re-enact the urbane play of Pagan life.

One of the important personages who came to the village to employ the talent of our artist was a Mr. Rooky Rooky (and he was always very particular in remembering the Mister); he brought four of his wives with him, leaving six more at home (polygamy in New Zealand being allowed to any extent).

I think many who have left Friends, and become more decidedly serious since, remembering that when Friends, the gospel was not precious to them, fancy it is undervalued by the Society.

Remembering her deep interest in the education of women, we can honor her in no more worthy manner than to carry on her special lifework.

"I'm so glad, so awfully glad" stammered the secretary, remembering with shame his moments of vivid terror.

And, so, dim grassy flower and night-lit spark Still move me on and upward for the True; Seeking, through change, growth, death, in new and old, The full in few, the statelier in the less, With patient pain; always remembering this, His hand, who touched the sod with showers of gold, Stippled Orion on the midnight blue.

18, remembering that they are all blessed that wait for him; and that "there is much good prepared for them that wait for him," Isa. lxiv.

God may, in justice and mercy, suffer corruption to break loose upon such, at a time, and tread them under foot, to learn them afterward to carry more soberly; and to "work their salvation with fear and trembling," Phil. ii. 12, remembering what a jealous, holy God he is, with whom they have to do; what an adversary they have against them; and how weak their own strength is.

And for awhile the thought of the sad part Played by them and of Fate's ill-balanced scales, Moistened mine eyelids, and made ache mine heart, Remembering these strange tales Of woman's miseries in every land, I saw wherever poverty draws breath Woman and anguish walking hand in hand, The dreary road to death.

It's the only thing in all my life worth remembering.

29108 examples of  remembering  in sentences