29108 examples of remembering in sentences

" "Oh! as to that," said the Doctor, "I intend to enlarge upon the subject, exaggerating the size of the bear, describing the terrible conflict I had with him, how I happened to save myself by remembering my double-barrelled pistol; how I made the three ball holes in him, while you and Spalding were running away, and how he bit me in the arm, and almost hugged me to death, while I was trying to get at the pistol.

Remembering his experiences on the way to London he furnished himself with a watchman's rattle, with which he used to call together the people of the villages he visited.

At last, however, remembering how good and loving she had always been, he had consented.

For myself, I dared not say a word, remembering how I had already brought a rebuke upon myself; but I rode by his side, hardly able to believe that this was indeed the great Emperor, the man whose glance sent a thrill through me, who was now pouring out his thoughts to me in short, eager sentences, the words rattling and racing like the hoofs of a galloping squadron.

The admiral flatly refused to pay a single dollar to Morgan; but the garrison, remembering how successful Morgan had always been and how fierce was his revenge, concluded to pay the ransom freely.

And, remembering that I was not ready for the ride, I ran with guilty haste into the house and upstairs.

Nothing then remains but murmurs and remorse; for if the spendthrift's poverty be embittered by the reflection that he once was rich, how must the idler's obscurity be clouded by remembering that he once had lustre!

The bird was all anhungered for food, and remembering well the home from which he drew, he returned thither as quickly as his wings might bear him.

And dearer and dearer grew the wonted things, the dull but easeful things of the days of peace, and remembering these he began to regret the war, and sought once more a boon of the ancient gods, and appearing before them he said: "O ancient gods, indeed but a man loves best the days of peace.

"From the same fountain of ethereal purity, deduced through this genuine principle of amiability, is derived that love of country which makes his Alps and Avalanches dear to the Swiss, and suggested that beautiful image to the Mantuan muse, of the Grecian soldier remembering in the last struggles of death his pleasant Argos.

Then, remembering that the wages of his men were going on, he sent them back to their work, and determined to dock half their morning's pay.

What is it that we call remembering a place, remembering a person's face?

What is it that we call remembering a place, remembering a person's face?

" It is impossible to read these lines, remembering Dryden's earlier opinions, without acknowledging the truth of the ancient proverb, Magna est veritas, et praevalebit.

It may be worth while, therefore, to attempt a description of some of the more obvious or more important political impulses, remembering always that in politics we are dealing not with such clear-cut separate instincts as we may find in children and animals, but with tendencies often weakened by the course of human evolution, still more often transferred to new uses, and acting not simply but in combination or counteraction.

* Miss MARGARET PETERSON's Fate and the Watcher (HURST AND BLACKETT) was already reminding me strongly of The Broken Road when I found that one of her characters had been struck by this same idea: "Lady Daring was not easy in mind, remembering the look in Prince Channa's eyes the evening of the ball.

She had, they say, four reasons for remembering the impudent, huge, squinting, yellow-haired young fellow whom she had encountered at the pool of Haranton.

Go; and support yourself by remembering that I have got that within me which will support me.'

She had not been sleeping, nor remembering to eat; but she had been thinking enough for seven artists, in the long hours, when the light was bad for work.

Right after breakfast they always go upstairsI think it's to be rid of meand they don't come down for an hour, and then they bring down their knitting and their embroidery and they sit around all day long except when that Belgian baby that lives at your house comes inthen they get up and try to play with her." Mrs. Smith smiled, remembering the efforts of the two old ladies to play with "Ayleesabet."

He imagines he is being wronged by the Creatorthat his merits are not recognized as they should benever, for a moment, remembering that, as a sinner, he has no claims on the extraordinary bounty of his heavenly Father.

Ellen sighed, remembering how her father had squandered his employer's money on the race-course, and how, for that folly of his, she had been doomed to become Stephen Whitelaw's wife.

And then, remembering that the sinner was so near his end, and that this voluntary confession of his was in some manner a sign of repentance, she felt some compunction, and spoke to him in a softer tone.

O how oft, remembering Psyche, I counted her happy and unhappy; happy in the possession of such a husband, unhappy in his loss, most happy in receiving him again from Jove.

In comparing the two pieces, it is worth remembering that, whereas the Aminta contains about 2,000 lines, the Pastor fido runs to close upon 7,000.

29108 examples of  remembering  in sentences
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