948 examples of remonstrance in sentences

This was done in the time of peace, when mutual professions of friendship were daily exchanged by the two courts, and was not considered as any violation of treaties, nor was any more than a very soft remonstrance made on our part.

By the aid of these and with the blessing of God, we confidently trust we shall be able to procure that redress which has been sought for by justice, by remonstrance and forbearance, in vain.

" He caught up a fur cloak that was lying on a bench, and disregarding her laughing remonstrance that the thing did not belong to her, he put it round her and led her on to the terrace.

While the fleet sent from England was engaged in reducing New York, Massachusetts, on September 10th, 1664, published an order prohibiting complaints to the commissioners, and at the same time issued a remonstrance, not against deeds of tyranny, but the menace of tyranny, not against actual wrong, but against the principle of wrong.

" At this moment Mrs. Price and her daughter interposed and begged Robert, for the peace of the family, to make no further remonstrance.

He issued a remonstrance against Berkeley's proclamation denouncing him as a rebel, declaring that he and his followers were good and loyal subjects of the king of England, who were only in arms against the savages.

Deprecation N. deprecation, expostulation; intercession, mediation, protest, remonstrance.

Peel said he thought we could not allow a treaty such as that signed by Turkey to pass without a remonstrance on our part.

The Duke suggested a remonstrance to the Emperor Nicholas to be communicated in the first instance only to Russia.

A great deal of conversation of which the result was that a remonstrance should be made to Russia on the subject of the terms of the peace.

This remonstrance will temperately but strongly, more by statement of facts than by observations, show that the peace is not such as the Emperor had given us reason to expect he would require, and that it in reality threatens the existence of the Turkish Empire; that the destruction of that Empire would seriously affect the peace of Europe by changing the relative position of the several States.

As to the really important matter, the remonstrance to Russia, nothing was done.

A remonstrance might be so worded as to do no harm to Turkey or to Europe, and to do good to us.

It would be a good remonstrance for us, but it is not a good one for the Turks.

I have explained that I always intended every paper should be sent home, and I have told him that I had the opinion of the clerks I consulted that the collections might be framed in India, with a saving of time, and without diminishing the check on the local Governments. November 4. Received from Aberdeen his draft of a remonstrance to Russia, which, it seems, must be sent at last.

Aberdeen read the remonstrance he proposed sending to Spain against the proposed expedition to Mexico.

To the Scots a civil but unmeaning answer was returned:[b] to alarm the assembly, it was resolved that the remonstrance was a breach of privilege, and that nine questions should be proposed to the divines, respecting the nature and object of the divine right to which they pretended.

Ireland; but instead of a positive answer, inquiries were made and explanations demanded, while a remonstrance against the treatment of the army was circulated for signatures through the several regiments.

This remonstrance was presented to Fairfax to be forwarded by him to the two houses.

This vote was scarcely past, when a deputation from the agitators presented to the Commons a defence of the remonstrance.

Against the time a remonstrance was prepared in his name, in which he complained of the calumnies circulated among the soldiers, stated the objects which he had laboured to obtain, and offered to persist in his endeavours, provided the men would return to their ancient habits of military obedience.

Nov. 8.] brigade, that on which the officers could rely, mustered in a field between Hertford and Ware; and the remonstrance was read by order of Fairfax to each regiment in succession.

Through freedom's sons no more remonstrance rings, Degrading nobles and controling kings; Our supple tribes repress their patriot throats, And ask no questions but the price of votes; With weekly libels and septennial ale, Their wish is full to riot and to rail.

They have been made the subject of immediate remonstrance and reclamation.

The King, without taking any notice of the remonstrance, ordered Enguerrand to be locked up in the big tower of the Louvre, and was nearly applying the law of retaliation to his case.

948 examples of  remonstrance  in sentences