246 examples of reopen in sentences

On Zxl day 6-inch monitors will discontinue their bombardment which they will reopen on Zx2 day.

In doubt and difficulty as to what might have taken place between the armies of the South, and probably hoping that Hannibal also was approaching, Hasdrubal determined to avoid an encounter with the combined Roman forces, and to endeavor to retreat upon Insubrian Gaul, where he would be in a friendly country, and could endeavor to reopen his communication with his brother.

The grave was not difficult to reopen.

Do not let them reopen it.

It was clearly useless to reopen the subject of the prescription.

Then followed a moment wherein the patients were ordered to shut their eyes, to reopen them upon the vision splendid of the arbre de Noël.

My grandfather begged for another month, and Mr. Villiers said that would do very well, as in that time the school would reopen after the holidays.

She realized that she was rude and took satisfaction in it as the only way of expressing her determination not to reopen a closed incident.

Reopen the trade and it would be difficult to determine whether the effect would be more deleterious on the interests of the master or on those of the native-born slave.

But we are obliged as a Christian and moral nation to consider what would be the effect upon unhappy Africa itself if we should reopen the slave trade.

[Illustration: From a photograph from the Service des Beaux-Arts au Maroc Meknezgate: "Bab-Mansour"] Six years later the Sultan despatched Abdallah-ben-Aïssa to France to reopen negotiations.

At the beginning of the Second Part Goethe does not reopen the book of crime and remorse with which the First Part closes.

I said I didn't care a hang whether the soap was in or whether it wasn't; and I slammed the bag to and strapped it, and found that I had packed my tobacco pouch in it and had to reopen it.

Let them reopen the chapel in the hospital.

It is in my nature that in every moral suffering I try to reopen my wounds.

Thus it happened that the arrival of the Goeben and Breslau at the Dardanelles in August 1914 led Turkey to reopen promptly certain questions concerning the Aegean.

I saw him often in the interval; he never recurred to the subject, and I never liked to reopen it.

"I had gained the king a great cause," said Maupeou; "he is pleased to reopen a question which was decided; as to that he is master.

"And now she wants to reopen the matter when the whole thing's over and done with.

She is wanting many things for the Chapel; she wishes to reopen it; and 'tis in matters of religion thy hot tempers will clash, for Mistress Penwick is a Roman Catholic, and thou art of the English Church.

He was again successful, in so far as he obtained the British Minister's consent to reopen negotiations with the Chinese.

I had to pass my hand once or twice over my forehead and to close and reopen my eyes several times, for, of a truth, it all seemed like a dream.

I communicate to you herewith a copy of the letter of the Secretary of State proposing to reopen negotiations, of the answer of the Mexican Government, and of the reply thereto of the Secretary of State.

The Executive, acting upon the fair inference that the Senate did not intend its absolute rejection, gave instructions to our minister at Berlin to reopen the negotiation so far as to obtain an extension of time for the exchange of ratifications.

The Executive, not regarding the action of the Senate upon the treaty as expressive of its decisive opinion, deemed it proper to reopen the negotiations so far as to obtain an extension of time for the interchange of ratifications.

246 examples of  reopen  in sentences