246 examples of reopen in sentences

HARRY PALMER to reopen Tammany with a grand scalping scene in which the TWEED tribe of Indians will appear in aboriginal costume.

The grave was not difficult to reopen.

On February 13 it was announced at Washington that an advance was made by the German government, through the Swiss legation, offering to reopen the discussion of submarine methods.

It appeared that all plumbers, locksmiths, and similar indispensable and free-born artisans had closed shop at noon and would not reopen until after New Year's, subject to the Constitution of the United States.

Most critics condemn this letter as heartless; yet it is but charitable to suppose that he did not wish to trifle with a love so great, and reopen a wound so deep and sacred.

" Noticing that Simoun kept his face turned toward the pamphlets and fearing that he might reopen the subject of their conversation in the wood, he went on: "His system is saturated with poison.

Reopen the trade and it would be difficult to determine whether the effect would be more deleterious on the interests of the master or on those of the native-born slave.

But we are obliged as a Christian and moral nation to consider what would be the effect upon unhappy Africa itself if we should reopen the slave trade.

At the beginning of the Second Part Goethe does not reopen the book of crime and remorse with which the First Part closes.

I said I didn't care a hang whether the soap was in or whether it wasn't; and I slammed the bag to and strapped it, and found that I had packed my tobacco pouch in it and had to reopen it.

Prices did not rise; failures continued; the long-silent mills did not reopen; gold continued to leave the country, imports fell off, and, when the year ended, the receipts of the government were $34,000,000 behind the expenditures.

I am not here to ask you to reopen the case at your dinner-table, but if you will glance over these papers I am sure you will set an early day for the hearing upon the merits.

Let them reopen the chapel in the hospital.

If I had discussed the subject now for the first time I should have given extracts from the works of the travellers of the day, but it seemed needless to reopen the inquiry merely to give it a more modern air.

It is in my nature that in every moral suffering I try to reopen my wounds.

And he bounced about the room for a little while as if he meant to reopen the topic of the secret, and then thought better of it and went.

Thus it happened that the arrival of the Goeben and Breslau at the Dardanelles in August 1914 led Turkey to reopen promptly certain questions concerning the Aegean.

He felt strongly that the proper course for Grizel was not to refer to the gloveto treat that incident as closed, unless he chose to reopen it.

"I had gained the king a great cause," said Maupeou; "he is pleased to reopen a question which was decided; as to that he is master.

Then Providence, having apparently done its worst, relented and sent another typhoon which washed away most of the débris left by the first one, uncovering the road-bed and making it possible to reopen communication for $50,000.

"And now she wants to reopen the matter when the whole thing's over and done with.

"Mr. Bernard Shaw lives in daily fear of Mrs. Langtry's recovering sufficiently from her natural resentment of his ill manners to reopen the subject.

He was again successful, in so far as he obtained the British Minister's consent to reopen negotiations with the Chinese.

Folding up the hurried scrawl, she was conscious of a strong sense of dissatisfaction, but she would not reopen it.

I communicate to you herewith a copy of the letter of the Secretary of State proposing to reopen negotiations, of the answer of the Mexican Government, and of the reply thereto of the Secretary of State.

246 examples of  reopen  in sentences
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