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10727 examples of  replies  in sentences

10727 examples of replies in sentences

Father PHELIM replies that "there are two that can play that same game."

Bellmour sends word to Celinda, who replies in a heart-broken letter; and at the wedding feast Friendlove, who himself is deeply enamoured of Diana, appears in disguise to observe the traitor.

Then the other laughs, and crysAy, rot herand tells his Story too, and concludes with, Who manages the Jilt now; Why, faith, some dismal Coxcomb or other, you may be sure, replies the first.

I got some indefinite information about this river, from an Indian who happened to meet me just below its mouth, but I could not readily make him understand me, and his replies were a compound of Chinook, Tagish, and signs, and therefore largely unintelligible.

The replies were monosyllables.

And then the enemy enters, and asks for the mayor, and she replies, "Le maire, c'est moi."

The enemy made some spirited replies, notably on the 4th, but his force in Gaza was getting shaken, and prisoners reluctantly admitted that the heavy naval shells taking them in flank and rear were affecting the moral of the troops.

To this charge Southey, in January, 1822, replies with "a direct and positive denial," and then proceeds to talk at large of the "whip and branding iron," "slaves of sensuality," "stones from slings," "Goliahs," "public panders," and what not, in the manner of the brave days of old.

And she asked him many more questions regarding himself, to which she received brief replies, the substance of which was afterward amplified into certain facts concerning the past of the orphan boy, which it is well to note here and now.

The boy replies, "We'll go no further."

No replies came.

He cannot reconcile these replies, which seem to him to afford convincing proof that the Government does not know its own mind.

I telephoned to the paper, and they said no replies had come in there.

" We have already seen with what malignity Harvey trampled upon the corpse of Greene, and he received this apology of Nash in a corresponding spirit; for instead of accepting it, in his "New Letter of Notable Contents," 1593, he rejects it with scorn: "Riotous vanity (he replies) was wont to root so deeply that it could hardly be unrooted; and where reckless impudency taketh possession, it useth not very hastily to be dispossessed.

Nicolette I hotly chase Down the winding, woodland ways Thy white body, thy blue eyes, Thy sweet smiles and low replies God in heaven give me grace, Once to meet thee face to face; Once to meet as we have met, Nicoletteoh, Nicolette!

Among the most elaborate replies to his work were: An Answer to a Letter of Enquiry into the Ground, etc.. 1671; A Vindication of the Clergy from the Contempt imposed upon them, By the author of the Grounds etc., 1672; Hieragonisticon, or Corah's Doom, being an Answer to, etc., 1672; An Answer to two Letters of T.B., etc., 1673.

Contemptuously explaining that he has no intention of answering the attacks which had been made on the Tale, he observes: 'When Dr. Eachard wrote his book about the Contempt of the Clergy, numbers of these answerers immediately started up, whose memory, if he had not kept alive by his replies, it would now be utterly unknown that he were ever answered at all.'

How well we know beforehand the replies we should get from some beloved men and women,that is, if they spoke the truth!

Perhaps his greatest work was the amusement of his leisure hours for thirteen years,a philosophical treatise called "The City of God," in which he raises and replies to all the great questions of his day; a sort of Christian poem upon our origin and end, and a final answer to Pagan theogonies,a final sentence on all the gods of antiquity.

When I have reduced these to nothingness I ask if the yellow house on the outskirts of the village is still vacant, and the Colonel replies that it is, at which unexpected but hoped-for answer I fall into a deep swoon.

At which the man, turning towards us his red, jovial face, replies, 'It's a mad Quaker, that took upon him this noon to stand up in our market-place, it being market day and every one mighty busy, and he tells us all to our face we were a set of cheating rogues, that he had marked our doings and seen how bad they were, and that he had a commission from God to bid us repent and amend, or a sudden dreadful judgment should fall on us.

"We can keep on a-praying, friend Simon," replies Peter, in a snivelling voice.

"In Venice," replies the other, with some hesitation, "I was called Darioa name given me by my fellow-scholars because my English name was not to their taste.

" "You are a painter?" says I. "A poor one, as you see," replies Dario, with a significant glance at his clothes.

"Nay, sir," replies he, "I do pray you to be open with me, for otherwise I must consider myself unworthy of your friendship.

"Where is she?" "By this time," replies Don Sanchez, rising, "your daughter should be in Barbary.

"Aye, her best friend!" replies the other, with dignity, "for he is best who can best serve her.

but he sadly replies, Ego hercle nescio neque unde eam, neque quorsum eam, ita prorsus oblitus sum mei, I have so forgotten myself, I neither know where I am, nor whence I come, nor whether I will, what I do.

When Doris and those other sea nymphs upbraided her with her ugly misshapen lover, Polyphemus; she replies, they speak out of envy and malice, [5405] "Et plane invidia huc mera vos stimulare videtur.

A party went ashore and were treated fairly well, but when they wished to return to their boats all sorts of difficulties were raised, and Cook credits Omai with their safe return; for it seems he gave judiciously boastful replies to the many questions that were asked him, and at the psychological moment exploded a handful of powder, with the result that opposition to their departure was withdrawn.

Bertin could not pardon the resistance to his onslaughts; Clerambault's replies had at first only irritated him, but the disdainful silence with which his latest invectives had been met drove him beside himself.

"How much?" The man told him, and the captain, after a few stern remarks about privacy and harpies, left the room with his friends, leaving the speechless Mr. Kybird gazing at the broken glass and returning evasive replies to the inquiries of the curious Charles.

Jack Nugent gave evidence in the case, and some of his replies were deemed worthy of reproduction in the Sunwich Herald, a circumstance which lost the proprietors a subscriber of many years' standing.

The monarch eyes the warrior evil-born, And thus replies to him with bitter scorn: "And dost thou think that Samas' son shall die By a vile foe who from my host did fly?

And Ishtar thus replies: "The fount I seek, Where I with Tammuz, my first love, may speak; And drink its waters, as sweet nectar-wines, Weep o'er my husband, who in death reclines; My loss as wife with handmaids I deplore, O'er my dear Tammuz let my teardrops pour.

If there is a street sensation in progress, and you ask a contemplative policeman the cause of it, matters are not made perfectly clear to you when he replies that it is "only a put-up job to screen a fence" or words to that affect.

On the contrary, he would advance questions on a variety of subjects connected with the life of that time, and he never failed to extract ready replies.

If you ask him where the Seth has gone, he replies, "Who knows?"

"Sleep well," her father and mother have said, and the child replies: "Oh, yes, I am very sleepy.

I also spent several dollars for "ads" which brought me no replies.

The father replies to this characteristic letter on September 4, 1816:

And a man may, without giving replies on each separate point, speak of the entire genus in such a way that his answer may appear sufficient as to the whole matter.

In the second edition there were added, further, the Seventh Objections, by the Jesuit Bourdin, and the Replies of the author thereto.

Governor C. sends me a pamphlet of additional inquiries, founded chiefly on my replies, respecting the Indian languages.

to all which judicious replies appear to have been made, but one, namely, that they consisted of thirty, on their way from St. Peter's to Prairie du Chien.

On such occasions, the astrologer looked grave, and shook his head at this relaxation of attention; yet, on the whole, he was pleased with the youth's replies.

"What's that, sir?" replies Cordatus.

"By the right of might," replies the Count.

" "Where?" "Where we shall be to-morrow afternoon," replies the Count.

"I protest!" "Protest, then," replies this haughty and imperious personage, glancing at me menacingly.

The replies have differed, but those on which most stress was laid were connected with energy, sociability, desire to attract notice, truthfulness, thoroughness, and refinement.

"This trifling wish befits a little soul, Let the great Ganges o'er my meadows roll!" Thus Raschid spoke, and thus the God replies, Rage, as he spoke, rode sparkling in his eyes: "Insatiate man, this boundless wish recall Ere ruin whelm yourself, your flocks and all; See you these sheaves?Now mark this dreadful sword, Those are the wise man'sthis the fool's reward.

The popular pastime of asking when the promised Home Rule Bill is to be introduced is no longer met by suitably varied but invariably evasive replies.

"'Well,' I replies, 'I'm not denying that Red Liz is a perfect lady; but that's 'er troubleshe's too ladylike to pass anyone.' "'Docker,' he hisses, 'do you remember driving 'er one day down the Menin Road when Fritz started shelling?' "'Don't I just!

"But these are very insulting replies," observed Dom Manuel, when he had finished writing, "and they will make their recipients furious.

" "Yes, but how beautiful these replies are worded!

"And in your letter to the pious Queen Stultitia that which you say about the absurdities of religion, here, and the fun you make of her spectacles, are masterpieces of paradox and of very exquisite prose" "Those bits, to be sure, are quite neatly put" "So I must see to it that these replies are sent, to make people admire you everywhere.

The Indian replies to the fine speeches and wily language of the whites, "We hold this small bit of land, in the vast country of our fathers, by your written talk, and it is noted on our wampumsthe bones of our fathers lie here, and we cannot forsake them.

Mr. Wilson replies, that Cortรฉs did not go to the rear, because, though his presence was greatly needed there, the press must have been too great to allow of his reaching it.

He read, and argued, and discussed the pamphlets of the controversythe "replies," Mr. Brooke says, with more truth probably than he thought of in using the wordlike other undergraduates who took interest in what was going on, and thought themselves fit to choose their side.

Special delivery; a packet of replies, by Branch Cabell.

Special delivery; a packet of replies, by Branch Cabell.

'No, he be not in,' replies a junior, mocking the old man's accent and grammar.

'Aw, no; I knows they be too much money,' he replies, and walks out.

" "Brother, you reason well," replies The solemn mate, with half-shut eyes: "Right:

And from within a thrilling voice replies Thou art in Rome!

Dog LatinCuckoo, Welsh AmbassadorA recent NovelAuthorship of a coupletSeal of Killigrew .....230 REPLIES: Selago and Samolus ......................................231 ร†lfric's Colloquy, by B. Thorpe .........................

232 Portraits of Luther and Erasmus .........................232 Replies to Minor Queries:Praise undeservedFrench MaximSingular MottoDiscurs, Modest.

She replies, hypocritically: "Fear me not, Creon, my position scarce is such that I should seek to quarrel with princes.

The ensuing dialogue is given by Haddon in the actual words which Maino, chief of Tud, used: "Opening the conversation, the man says, 'You like me proper?' "'Yes,' she replies, 'I like you proper with my heart inside.

goodI like you altogether,' replies the girl.

As an illustration of the present mixed condition of affairs, I found that a girl who wants a certain man writes him a letter, often on a slate, and he replies in a similar manner.

"Would you murder the bride of your own son?" asks Ismene; but the king replies that there are many other women in the world.

He bore with singular patience and evenness the obstructions that were raised against his operations, until at the last, finding himself short of means, and nevertheless seeking for them and wishing to present a front, he became crusty, gave way to temper, and his replies were frequently ill-considered.

As time went on, his replies to Congress grew shorter and more incisive.

The Cardinal replies, Very well, and bids him go on.

"The flower and the thorn are here; Falleth the night-dew, cold and clear; Out of her bower the bird replies, Mocking the dark with ecstasies, See how the earth's green grass doth grow, Praising what sleeps below!

I am thankful to say that Dr. Anna Kingsford answered my articles, and I readily inserted her replies in the paper in which mine had appearedour National Reformerand she touched that question of the moral sense to which my nature at once responded.

and here are the answers which I culled from many thoughtful poets, whose names are appended to their several replies.

The semeiotic says: "Such a gesture reveals such a passion;" and gesture replies: "To such a passion I will apply such a sign."

To this accusation the church, man instituted and man controlled since the beginning of the Christian Era, replies that it does all that can be done for the uplift of humanity.

Bobbin replies with delightful composure to these worrying letters: 'I have just got six of the most beautiful little rabbits you ever saw; they skip about so prettily you can't think, and I shall have some more in a few weeks.

[10] The following passage occurs in one of Beaumont and Fletcher's plays: "Is the great couch up, the Duke of Medina sent?" to which the duenna replies, "'Tis up and ready;" and then Marguerite asks, "And day beds in all chambers?" receiving in answer, "In all, lady.

He made vague and foolish replies, and said several times, "I shall have to think that over, you know," which was, I well knew, a polite intimation that he was not in a mood for talk.

She finds something deeper and more mystic than nature in the sense in which the term is usually used by critics, in the answer of the soul to lifein the strange, weird, and lonesome music (though now and then broken by discords) of the still small voices with which human nature replies to the questions that sorely vex her.

The ceremonial of betrothal took place in December"Princess Caroline much affected, but replies distinctly and well"; the marriage-contract was signed, and finally on 28th March the Princess embarked for England on her journey to the unseen husband whose good-looks and splendour have filled her with such high expectations.

George Alexander replies:

They sat far back in the room, Eugenie motionless as a statue, and so engrossed that, in the short pauses when the rest of the audience expressed their interest or showed their delight in involuntary exclamations, she gave only the briefest replies to the Baron's occasional remarks.

To this objection there are two replies.

The Virginian sees Replies to such anxieties.

Waiving this invitation, he responded by a short personal explanation of some point in a previous answer, and after a few more brief questions and replies, the interview closed.

"Yes," replies the old woman, "I can see both the Guinigi palaces from my doorboth the palaces.

"Because I have eyes in my head," replies Cassandra, defiantly.

He immediately replies, after reckoning up in his head, "How much have I then?

"She is prodigiously rich," replies the friend, to whom you put the questionfor seven virgins, with nosegays of choicest flowers, held up her bridal train; and the like number of youths, with silver-hilted swords, and robes of ermine and satin, graced the same bridal ceremony.

To which Polonius replies, "That I did, my lord, and was accounted a good actor.

" A member of the faculty of the University of Wisconsin tells of some amusing replies made by a pupil undergoing an examination in English.

When this is asked of a bo'n oratah, he replies: 'When in the co'se of human events it becomes necessary to take an integah of the second denomination and add it, suh, to an integah of the same denomination, the result, suhand I have the science of mathematics to back me up in my judgmentthe result, suh, and I say it without feah of successful contradiction, suh-the result is fo''

Raymond, feeling that he ought to cultivate the solitary sister-in- law, began asking about Miles; but unlike the typical colonist, she was very silent, and her replies were monosyllabic, till Rosamond created a diversion by talking to Frank; and then Raymond elicited that Glen Fraser was far up the countryKing Williamstown nearer than any other town.

The whole parish was in consternation, and inquiries, and very odd gifts, which he was supposed to 'fancy,' came from all over Compton as well as from Strawyers, and were continually showering upon his nurses, so that Mrs. Hornblower and Dilemma spent their lives in mournful replies over the counter, and fifty times a day he was pronounced to be 'as bad as he could be to be alive.'