10727 examples of replies in sentences

The Husband replies immediately, You lye, you Slut, you have no Ticket, for I have sold it.

QUEEN, But you do think it necessary, don't you? (To the Sovereign's impetuous eagerness, so creditable to her heart, he replies with the oracular solemnity by which caution can be sublimated) LORD B. I hope it may not be, Madam.

Without mentioning any names he replies to Jeffrey in the first part of his preface, and to the Quarterly reviewer in the second.

I may not ask the cause of your grief; for my own soul replies it is the common grief,our nation's bondage.

We wish merely to throw out some replies to the leading objections we have met in the papers and other quarters to the plan itself.

In times of national emergency like the present,amid clamors of secession and of coercion,angry threats and angrier replies,wars and rumors of wars,what is more common than to hear sensible menmen whom the people look to as leaderspicturing forth a dire relapse into barbarism and anarchy as the necessary consequence of the threatened convulsions?

'What does he come here for?' replies Spanish Charles; 'he will find neither Grammar nor Virtue here.'

'To this important question,' he replies, 'I unhesitatingly answer no; he does not.

On such occasions, the astrologer looked grave, and shook his head at this relaxation of attention; yet, on the whole, he was pleased with the youth's replies.

Jo sweeps his crossing all day long, and if he is asked a question he replies that he "don't know nothink."

Where, you know?" "My instructions don't go to that," replies the constable.

He says to the woman, "What has he done?"to which she only replies, shaking her head, "Oh you Jo!

"Wishermaydie if I seen Tom-all-Alone's till this blessed morning," replies Jo, hoarsely.

" "Ah, but I don't know," replies Jo, shaking his head fearfully, "as he don't hear.

But what did he do with you?" "Put me in a horspittle," replies Jo, whispering, "till I wor discharged, then gave me a little money.

From these questions and replies, it will be readily understood that the child does not employ the ordinary artifices of mathematicians.

John Bull replies, What law protects th' extortion? Stop, gentle friendwhat's law to us?

To this offer the following replies were received:] GOVERNOR CAMPBELL'S LETTER.

'Yes,' she replies, 'he does,' pointing at the same time to a tall old white-haired man, who beckons me to follow him.

Suppose the servant knows him, and, sharing your professed opinion of the meaning of the word, replies 'He is a gentleman!'

" Popanilla is next introduced to an eminent bookseller, who craves the honour of publishing a narrative of his voyage: he informs the "mercantile Mecaenas" that he does not know how to write; who replies that "he never had for a moment supposed that so sublime a savage could possess such a vulgar accomplishment, and that it was by no means difficult for a man to publish his travels without writing a line."

Paul V needed no further hint; he had been unwilling to countenance the elevation of two French prelates, and accordingly he replied to all the urgent solicitations of M. d'Estrées with evasive replies, until at length, wearied by his pertinacity, he laid before him a letter from Louis himself wherein he revoked all his former orders.

To whom he replies, "That shall be as you please.

The former replies, Then he [Cardell,] is rightand the man is no less stupid than abusive, who finds fault; for here is proof that the former "had highly respectable authority for almost every thing he has advanced!"See

"'That's the only kind o' hunting you've bin used to,' replies Ratty.

10727 examples of  replies  in sentences
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