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25295 examples of  reporting  in sentences

25295 examples of reporting in sentences

Dickens was reporting for the Morning Chronicle, and was just starting on a journey, but yet there are here two separate flourishes; one begins under the s of Charles and ends under the C of that name; the other starts under the capital D and finishes below the n of Dickens.

My wallet had probably been stolen by some lurking police-spy, for Russian agents abound everywhere in Finland, reporting conspiracies that do not exist and denouncing the innocent as "politicals.

[-51-] Now what this imported I cannot say; but I will go on to tell of everything else worth reporting which I saw in that place.

Hence he abandoned this plan, and after putting vast numbers of infantry aboard the ships himself and placing all his associates into auxiliary boats for the purpose of sailing about quickly, giving notice of requisite action to the warriors, and reporting to him what he ought to know, he awaited the onset of the foe.

I observed that a phonographic apparatus of a peculiarly elaborate character wrote down every word of these accounts without obliging the speakers to approach it; and I was informed that this automatic reporting is employed in every Martial assembly, scientific, political, or judicial.

The wife had fortunately secured a post as one of the delegates of the Poor Relief Board, an inspectorship with various duties, such as watching over the mothers and children assisted by the board, and reporting thereon.

Each day she answers in yon neighbouring mountain, I do expect, reporting of my sorrow, Whilst lifting up her locks from out the fountain, She answereth to my questions even and morrow: Whose sweet rebounds, my sorrow to remove, To please my thoughts I mean for to approve.

I liked that little glimpse of character; and when Tom returned with empty hands, reporting that every stall was exhausted, I told him to find out what the man would like best, then run across the street and get it.

"A truth which warns us to be prudent, for yonder Jew cast a look this way, as if he felt a conscientious scruple in letting any irreverent remark of ours go without reporting.

"No matter," cried the captain, angrily, "you struck at last, instead of reporting the case to an officer.

The necessary orders were issued by officers stationed at various ports at home and abroad who were designated Shipping Intelligence or Reporting Officers.

The committee, which considered at first the question of providing an obstruction, ended by reporting that the existing barrage was inefficient (a fact which had become apparent), and made proposals for the establishment of the already approved minefield on the Folkestone-Grisnez line.

Reporting it lately from memory, in his presence, I expressed it thus:'They knew he would rob their shops, if he durst; they knew he would debauch their daughters, if he could;' which, according to the French phrase, may be said renchรฉrir on Dr. Johnson; but on looking into my Journal, I found it as above, and would by no means make any addition.

Wrote to His excellency the Governor, reporting intention to sail to-morrow.

Wrote to the Secretary of the Royal Geographical Society, reporting progress of the expedition.

"Come," said his enemies to the crowd, "let us lay a plot against him; let us smite him with the tongue by reporting his words to the king, and bearing false witness against him."

I am reporting it as an experience in life; those who understand will understand.

Everything that Dickens attempted seems to have been done with vigor and intensity, and within two years we find him reporting important speeches, and writing out his notes as the heavy coach lurched and rolled through the mud of country roads on its dark way to London town.

This seemed to awe him, for he quietly left the station, muttering, however, as he went, his intention of reporting the circumstance to Colonel Gambole.

A bombing-party threw bombs into a sap without reporting "shrieks and groans were heard, and it is thought that many casualties were inflicted.

One of these officers, the Inspector, is always on the move, and daily visits, without warning, one or more estates, reporting every week to the Agent-General.

Almost upon the hour came the reporting angel bearing the sacrificial lamb in the shape of an assault committed at a country-house on the Pasig, where certain friars were spending the heated season.

One hundred and thirty-one members voted for reporting the Bill as amended; the same number voted against it.

" We have given but a small portion of the addresses which were called forth by this national calamity, and these, no doubt, have suffered injustice by imperfect reporting.

It was a cutting from an Edinburgh paper that evening reporting that two of the forest-guards at Pontarmรฉ had discovered the body of the missing Miss Bryant, and that the French police were making active inquiries.

Reporting on these matters privily to Don Sanchez and Dawson, I asked the Don what we should now be doing.

"David Copperfield" is especially remarkable for the autobiographical element, not only in the wretched days of childhood at the wine merchant's, but in the shorthand-reporting in the House of Commons.

We cannot command veracity at will: the power of seeing and reporting truly is a form of health that has to be delicately guarded, and as an ancient Rabbi has solemnly said, "The penalty of untruth is untruth."

To the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States: I lay before Congress two letters received from Governor Harrison, of the Indiana Territory, reporting the particulars and the issue of the expedition under his command, of which notice was taken in my communication of November 5.

The surgeon examines all those reporting and indicates their status on the sick report.

While here I can furnish testimony, applicable to any case, in both views, which a full investigation may require, and the committee to whom the subject may be referred, by reporting facts now with a view to a decision after my retirement, will allow time for further information and due consideration of all matters relating thereto.

Orders were also issued to patrol the platform and allow no people, uniformed or otherwise, to collect near the trains, and in no circumstances were the two soldiers who were to accompany the admiral to lose sight of him for one instant without reporting it to me.

They came back soon, reporting that there was a party of the enemy in that quarter.

In detailing the curious circumstances of the following story, I am again only reporting a real law case to be found in the Court of Session Records, the turning-point of which was as invisible to the judges as to the parties themselvesthat is, until the end came; a circumstance again which made the case a kind of developed romance.

The abolitionists of Virginia, reporting for that city in 1798, said that considerable progress had been made in the education of the blacks, and that they contemplated the establishment of a school for the instruction of Negroes and other persons.

" The boys began to despair, for they saw that Diamond was determined and obstinate, and it would be no easy thing to induce him to abandon his intention of reporting the hazing.

Ted wrote a cheerful, friendly letter to Madeline Taylor reporting his success in getting her a job and enclosing a check for twenty live dollars, "just to tide you over," he had put in lightly, forbearing to mention that the gift made his bank balance even lighter, so light in fact that it approached complete invisibility.

Morrison was silent and appreciatively observant, his eyes sometimes on Sylvia, sometimes on Judith; Mr. Sommerville, continuing doggedly to make talk, descended to unheard-of trivialities in reporting the iniquities of his chauffeur; Molly stirred an untasted cup, did not raise her eyes at all, and spoke only once or twice, addressing to Sylvia a disconnected question or two, in the answers to which she had obviously no interest.

"I am just out of port, where my ship has been lying to refit, several weeks, and it is not probable that either of my officers would be in England without reporting himself, had he reached home.

In the reporting line, most like.

"No," he said, then, "I came in three days ago, but I was obliged to await the movements of others before reporting to you.

But the Poet's way of reporting these apprehensions to his fellows, since he deals with Universals or ideas, is by "universalising" or "idealising" his story: and upon these two terms, which properly mean much the same thing, we must pause for a moment.

Such cases should either be always tried in camera or reporting them should be a punishable offence.

ON THE CRYPTIC AND THE ELLIPTIC Surely the art of reporting speeches is in a strange state of degeneration.

But the present way of reporting speeches (mainly created, I think, by the scrappy methods of the Daily Mail) is something utterly different from both these ways, and quite senseless and misleading.

Precisely because our political speeches are meant to be reported, they are not worth reporting.

But this insolence has its Nemesis; and that Nemesis is well illustrated in this matter of reporting.

And something of this intellectual vengeance pursues also those who adopt the modern method of reporting speeches.

The compositors used to concentrate on composing advertisement, after reporting to work regularly irregular, while we sub-editors breathed down on their necks to type our stories which were our life-line to fill the page.

And as for our own reporting resources, there was Lionel Messias who slaved all alone in the Panaji office.

If we did manage to raise our circulation it was because of our reporting.

(Rohini is back reporting for an outstation TV network, posted in Goa.)

With very little marketing muscle on the lines of the Times group or Dainik Bhaskar to speak of, the newspaper simply worked at reporting from the grassroots to capture a leadership position in the market.

In my case, while reporting for Business Standard, it came in the form of C P Kuruvilla, to my mind the most super-aware news editor of the last two decades.

Can we rise to the opportunity? Chapter 19: Comrades in crime: Police reporting Mayabhushan Nagvenkar

Reporting two Olympic Games, at Montreal and Los Angeles, the World Cup hockey at Sydney, the World Amateur Boxing Championships in Bombay, where I also shared the mike for the English commentary, the Asian Games, Permit meets and Nationals in the country, in the capacity of an official, have all been a great experience, besides allowing me the opportunity to globe trot.

Though sports has been my first love, reporting on sports has been an add on.

Except for a brief stint on the sports desk of the Free Press Journal, my main grounding on the news and reporting desk was with the Times of India, Bombay, and then on The Navhind Times and back to the Goa page of the Times of India, Bangalore edition, as a stringer, where I also did a lot of sports reporting.

Except for a brief stint on the sports desk of the Free Press Journal, my main grounding on the news and reporting desk was with the Times of India, Bombay, and then on The Navhind Times and back to the Goa page of the Times of India, Bangalore edition, as a stringer, where I also did a lot of sports reporting.

I believe that sports journalism helps a lot in the shaping of a good all-round writer, simply because it gives one a free reign to use descriptive language and a variety of verbiage, ordinarily not suited for general reporting.

For some reason, the reporting desk was given the lowest priority.

I had to handle the reporting-desk single handedly for months together.

Meanwhile, Julian also made her foray into reporting after working in the magazine section for couple of years.

Personally, one was never comfortable with mainstream reporting.

"But the time is short; and suitors may come, While I stand here reporting; Then make your son a bit of a Beau, And give me your blessing, before I go To the other world a courting.

Meares just come up and reporting very bad surface.

"Steve Cliff, reporting in to Oritz Konig on Mars Base."

Well, occasionally one sat will malfunction, but it looks as if at least a dozen have stopped reporting all at once.

But if journalistic reporting, on which some care and thought are bestowed, sometimes proves misleading, common rumour is far more prolific of things which would have been better expressed differently.

But while other reporters unashamedly spruced up their reporting, dramatizing and glorifying small insignificant incidents and passing occurrences of no import, Gibbs knew how to talk to soldiers coming from or going to the front lines, how to convey their thoughts and fears and vividly describe their battle experiences.

"He sees her such that his reporting words I understand not, for he speaketh low And strange to the sad heart which makes him tell; "He speaketh of that gentle one, I know, Since oft he Beatrice's name records; So, ladies dear, I understand him well.

The American Missionary Association, which is the authorized and recognized servant of the Congregational Churches, reporting to them from the fields to which it is sent in their name, not unfrequently meets the fact that schools and churches in the South are appealing for support to those who hold us responsible for mission work in the South.

The Association, with its Superintendent continually in the field, reporting every fact to the Secretaries at the office, who in turn report to the churches, is certainly much better prepared to direct the gifts of the benevolent in ways that shall not be unwise or irresponsible.

Tennessee decisions, reporting cases argued and determined in the Court of Appeals.

WARREN, CARL N. Modern news reporting.

Gregg shorthand reporting course.

Elliott reporting shorthand.

Elliott reporting shorthand.

SWEM, CHARLES L. The technique of shorthand reporting.

Interpretative reporting.

BUSH, CHILTON ROWLETTE. Newspaper reporting of public affairs.

Gregg shorthand reporting course.

Interpretative reporting.

Hassan, reporting.

A Treasury of great reporting.

Knight tried to keep affairs in good running order and the men hard at work, reporting "as to ye Carpentrs I have minded em all I posably could, and has whipt em when I could see a fault."

It is absolutely necessary to be familiar with the names of all the editors in town, and these can easily be picked up from any of the tatterdemalions who prowl about police offices for the purpose of reporting the trials at a penny per line, which is, in most cases, exactly a penny per line too much.

These riots, which for the moment appeared likely to become formidable, arose out of the practice of reporting the parliamentary debates, a practice contrary to the Standing Orders of Parliament, passed as far back as the reign of Elizabeth, but the violation of which had lately begun to be attempted.

And then she went on to other such silly talk that I think it not worth reporting.

" "And you think there is danger in my reporting for duty?" "Ordinary bodily exertion will not injure you; exposure might; the weather is very warm.

At this very minute no doubt your orderly-sergeant and the adjutant of your regiment are reporting you absent without leave.

Wilson ended by ordering me off and reporting me to the Captain.

An officer named Van Slyck also informed me that an Oneida interpreter had just come in, reporting St. Leger's arrival before Stanwix, and warning Herkimer that an ambuscade had been prepared for him should he advance to raise the siege of the beleaguered fort.

For scouts have already come in, reporting trouble between General Burgoyne and his Wyandots, who declare they have had enough of the war and did not enlist to fight the Stonish Giantswhich excuse is doubtless meaningless to him.

Sporting reporting, in fact, was never more of a fine art, and on the whole has rarely been better paid, than it is at the present day.

The Spaniards now returned to the ships, reporting that the country abounded in provisions, that the natives were whiter and better-looking than those of the other islands; but that the gold country lay still more to the eastwards.

Bradstreet's and other mercantile agencies say, in reporting Randolph & Randolph, "Worth fifty millions and upward, credit unlimited."

" General Greene, reporting the fighting on his front, says of the Spanish position and first attack.

Not one of those who came to Court failed to afford me the pleasure, whether verbally or in writing, of reporting to me everything he had learned.

They have now the honor of reporting to you their arrival in this city, and of asking your approbation of the measure contemplated and your cooperation in carrying it into effect.