25295 examples of reporting in sentences

Almost upon the hour came the reporting angel bearing the sacrificial lamb in the shape of an assault committed at a country-house on the Pasig, where certain friars were spending the heated season.

"No," he said, then, "I came in three days ago, but I was obliged to await the movements of others before reporting to you.

Such cases should either be always tried in camera or reporting them should be a punishable offence.

ON THE CRYPTIC AND THE ELLIPTIC Surely the art of reporting speeches is in a strange state of degeneration.

But the present way of reporting speeches (mainly created, I think, by the scrappy methods of the Daily Mail) is something utterly different from both these ways, and quite senseless and misleading.

Precisely because our political speeches are meant to be reported, they are not worth reporting.

And something of this intellectual vengeance pursues also those who adopt the modern method of reporting speeches.

"But the time is short; and suitors may come, While I stand here reporting; Then make your son a bit of a Beau, And give me your blessing, before I go To the other world a courting.

Meares just come up and reporting very bad surface.

"Steve Cliff, reporting in to Oritz Konig on Mars Base."

Well, occasionally one sat will malfunction, but it looks as if at least a dozen have stopped reporting all at once.

The American Missionary Association, which is the authorized and recognized servant of the Congregational Churches, reporting to them from the fields to which it is sent in their name, not unfrequently meets the fact that schools and churches in the South are appealing for support to those who hold us responsible for mission work in the South.

The Association, with its Superintendent continually in the field, reporting every fact to the Secretaries at the office, who in turn report to the churches, is certainly much better prepared to direct the gifts of the benevolent in ways that shall not be unwise or irresponsible.

Tennessee decisions, reporting cases argued and determined in the Court of Appeals.

WARREN, CARL N. Modern news reporting.

Gregg shorthand reporting course.

Elliott reporting shorthand.

Elliott reporting shorthand.

SWEM, CHARLES L. The technique of shorthand reporting.

Interpretative reporting.

BUSH, CHILTON ROWLETTE. Newspaper reporting of public affairs.

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Interpretative reporting.

The Spaniards now returned to the ships, reporting that the country abounded in provisions, that the natives were whiter and better-looking than those of the other islands; but that the gold country lay still more to the eastwards.

Bradstreet's and other mercantile agencies say, in reporting Randolph & Randolph, "Worth fifty millions and upward, credit unlimited."

25295 examples of  reporting  in sentences