95 examples of reproductive in sentences

Hence the lotus has long been an object of worship, and as a sacred plant holds a most distinguished place, for it is the flower of the, "Old Hindu mythologies, wherein The lotus, attribute of Gangaembling The world's great reproductive powerwas held In veneration.

The animals retained their male characteristics as regards voice, reproductive instinct, fighting spirit and growth of comb and wattles.

From the juvenile to the clitellate stage i.e. the fully matured or reproductive stage it takes 15-18 days.

Adj. reproduced &c v.; renascent, reappearing; reproductive; suigenetic^. 164.

He collected their ancestors into a community, gave them laws, invented the alphabet of sixteen letters, taught them the art of smelting metals, established oracles, and introduced the Dyonisiac worship, or that of the reproductive principle.

The stamens on the one hand, and the ovary and pistil on the other, may indeed reside in one blossom, which then exists in a married or reproductive state.

But presently the spirit of formalism, engendered by the old Renaissance, took hold of the revived Greek lines, and stiffened them into acquiescence with a base mathematical system, which effectually deprived them of that life and reproductive power which belong only to a state of artistic freedom.

On its under surface delicate root hairs grow to give it stability and nutriment; also two sorts of reproductive organs known as antherídia and archegònia, the male and female growths analogous to the stamens and pistils in flowers.

[Footnote 1: In the accompanying illustration, it should be remembered that the reproductive parts of a fern are microscopic and cannot be seen by the naked eye.]

Here the contents of the cell contract, rearrange themselves, and burst the side of the containing wall, becoming free as a reproductive cell.

Examples of reproductive cells formed by free-cell formation are: 1.

Here, instead of the cell which is fertilized by the rounded spermatozoid producing a new plant through the medium of spores, some other cell which is quite distinct from the primarily fertilized cell carries on the reproductive process.

It does develop into a plant in which on certain modified leaves are produced masses of tissue in which two kinds of special reproductive cells are formed.

Truly reproductive by special cells.

In the second class, if we count conjugation as a simple form of fertilization, there are only two types of reproductive methods. 1st.

The extraordinary similarity of the reproductive process, as shown in the examples I have given, Achlya, Spirogyra, and Vaucheria among algæ, the moss, the fern, and the flowering plant, a similarity which becomes the more marked the more the details of each case and of the cases of plants which form links between these great classes are studied, points to a community of origin of all plants in some few or one primeval ancestor.

The reproductive organs of sponges are also very highly developed, and both ova and spermatozoa are found throughout the sponge, though more concentrated in the interior.

But this oviparous devourer of such great reproductive power would, in turn, continue the world danger were it not that another monster as avid in appetite as it is weak in procreation, intervenes and cuts down with one blow the ever-increasing fecundity of the ocean.

In fact, it was almost the only public utility with which the nation could afford to provide itself, and the traveller from Great Britain would have been amazed again at the miserable state of all reproductive public works.

The Epithelia of woman's reproductive organs.

Congenital malformations; a study of parental characteristics with special reference to the reproductive process.

The Epithelia of woman's reproductive organs.

"It's only the reproductive instinct, I am told!

The religion of the people appears to have been then a commingling of fetichism, the worship of things that impressed the imagination, great trees and huge boulders, with the worship of the various powers of nature, the orbs of heaven, the reproductive force of the earth, etc., under the usual savage and sensual symbolisms.

It also explains the strong effect of the vibrations emanating from the nerve centres controlling the reproductive system, in certain cases of strong sexual excitation.

95 examples of  reproductive  in sentences