1087 examples of repute in sentences

It was plain the Pymeut pilot enjoyed a wide repute.

At this certain men of repute came before the king, praying him to remain no longer hidden from his people.

"Barberini answered, that Laud was in such bad repute in Rome, being looked upon as the cause of all the troubles in England, that it would previously be necessary that he should give good proof of his repentance; in which case he should receive assistance, though such assistance would give a colour to the imputation that there had always been an understanding between him and Rome.

When I die, or when the reader dies, and by repute suppose of fever, it will never be known whether we died in reality of the fever or of the doctor.

For so I must repute hym, though hys pyttie Be myne afflyction) to poyson me.

In a tavern of foul repute three men were lapping gin.

But Will and Joe and the gypsy Puglioni went back to their gin, and robbed and cheated again in the tavern of foul repute, and knew not that in their sinful lives they had sinned one sin at which the Angels smiled.

A lad of decent parts, and good repute.

Copy these sentences, using other words instead of those in italics: He was an unassuming boy, of decent parts and good repute.

I chose his school because it was in the highest repute for learning and morality; and now indeed I thank God that I did so.

William Hodges, a painter of repute, was appointed as artist, and his pictures were to become the property of the Admiralty.

Some friend told him, "This dedication will do you no Good," i.e. not in the world's repute, or with your own People.

But if you wait for some force to be applied, perhaps you might suffer some disaster together with ill repute.

The more men of repute you have as your associates, the more easily will you yourself settle everything in case of need and persuade your subjects that you are treating them not as slaves nor in any way as inferior to us, but are sharing with them besides all the other blessings that belong to us the chief magistracy also, that so they may be devoted to it as their own possession.

Their ruler also suffers a loss because he is deprived of the services of good men, and suffers ill repute for the censure imposed upon them.

In their thoughts you will ever be enshrined and surrounded by good repute.

And the longer these last, the more steadfastly does the ill-repute of such sovereigns abide.

To the Roman it appealed because his men were going to wipe out the ill repute that had attached to them there before.

Lady Kirkbank's house in Arlington Street was known to half fashionable London as one of the pleasantest houses in town; and it was known by repute only, to the other half of fashionable London, as a house whose threshold was not to be crossed by persons with any regard for their own dignity and reputation.

This district is in the worst repute of any in Spain; it is a very nest of robbers and contrabandistas.

" Rev. PHINEAS SMITH, of Centreville, New-York, who has resided some years at the south, says of overseers "It need hardly be added that overseers are in general ignorant, unprincipled and cruel, and in such low repute that they are not permitted to come to the tables of their employers; yet they have the constant control of all the human cattle that belong to the master.

The facts I am now about to relate are obtained from the returns of 100 adult men, of whom 19 are Fellows of the Royal Society, mostly of very high repute, and at least twice, and I think I may say three times, as many more are persons of distinction in various kinds of intellectual work.

Some may be true, the others are certainly not true; but it is indisputable that Count Manuel grew steadily in power and wealth and proud repute.

I know full many a gallant fellow there, And nobles, toogreat men, of high repute, In whom I can repose unbounded trust.

You'll not think ill of them, because they're serfs, And sit not free upon the soil, like us; They love the land, and bear a good repute.

1087 examples of  repute  in sentences