182 examples of resins in sentences

It exudes from the heart-wood, where wounds have been made, either by forest fires, or the ax, in the shape of irregular, crisp, candy-like kernels, which are crowded together in masses of considerable size, like clusters of resin-beads.

When painting was practised in watercolors, glue was used with the white of an egg or with gums; but wax and resins were also worked with water, with certain preparations.

We had torches composed only of the bark of trees and native resin.

The males and females of all the cone-bearing plants are in separate flowers, either on the same or on different plants; they produce resins, and many of them are supposed to supply the most durable timber: what is called Venice-turpentine is obtained from the larch by wounding the bark about two feet from the ground, and catching it as it exsudes; Sandarach is procured from common juniper; and Incense from a juniper with yellow fruit.

The shops of medicine are supplied with resins, balsams, and essential oils; and the tar and pitch, for mechanical purposes, arc produced from these vegetable secretions.] 185 In sulphurous eddies round the weird dame Plays the light gas, or kindles into flame.

The juice flowed out of the tree by five openings, and fell into a stone vat, from whence it flowed through a channel made of bark and coated with resin, into the species of cistern excavated in the rock where Jesus was confined before his Crucifixion.

There were also some leathern bottles, and vases made of bark and plastered with resin.

"Tastes bitter; too much resin in the wine, or perhaps it's imagination.

Iron to be buried in damp earth may be painted with a mixture of 100 parts of resin (colophony), 25 parts of gutta-percha, and 50 parts of paraffin, to which 20 parts of magnesia and some mineral oil have been added.

Thus, it is well known that the creeping thistle is hurtful to oats, erigeron acre to wheat, scabiosa arvensis to flax, &c. Why are some resins odorous? Because they contain essential oil; some afford benzoic acid when heated, and these have been termed balsams; such as tolu balsam and benzoin.

It was a rather long wait, and the sailor invited them to go into the restaurant, a little wooden shanty impregnated with the double odor of resin and wine.

The distinguishing property of the camphor oil, that it dissolves many resins, and mixes with drying oils, finds its application for the preparation of varnish.

The author has succeeded in preparing various varnishes with the camphor oil, mixed with different resins and oils.

We may get an idea of the nearly similar composition of the coal produced by very different plants or parts thereof, in remarking that as the cells, fibers, and vessels are formed of cellulose, and some of them isomeric, the difference in composition is especially connected with the contents of the cells, canals, etc., such as protoplasm, oils, resins, gums, sugars, and various acids, various incrustations, etc.

The resin was oozing out of them.

The Bureau of Forestry would of course require a large amount of botanical work, and would also need to have chemical work done on gums, resins and other forest products, to say nothing of investigating insects injurious to trees and more especially to timber after cutting.

It seems indisputable that the royal personages of the Fourth and Sixth Dynasties were mummifiedi.e., the entrails were drawn, the body prepared with spices and resins and wrapped tightly in cloths smeared with resin.

Seven resin ducts are visible.

It is especially so of woods with deep-colored heartwood, and is due to infiltrations of tannins, oils, and resins, which make the wood more or less obnoxious to decay-producing fungi.

A wood heavy with resin or other infiltrated substance is not necessarily stronger than a similar specimen free from such materials.

We found them burning odoriferous resins, as we do incense; after which an old priest, clad in a large loose gown or mantle, went up to the highest part of the temple, whence he made a long discourse to the people.

It consists of about one-third part pure resin, and two-thirds of gummy matter; the former soluble in rectified spirit, the other in water.

An extract made from this root with water, is one of the mildest, and for the purposes of a cathartic the most effectual preparation of it: this operates sufficiently, without occasioning the irritation which the pure resin is accompanied with.

Tar, yellow Resin, and Turpentine.

In inveterate coughs, affections of the lungs, and other internal complaints, plasters of this resin, by acting as a tropical stimulus, are frequently found of considerable service.

182 examples of  resins  in sentences