3124 examples of resorted in sentences

In many places the hostile trenches were separated by only a few yards, and mining was frequently resorted to.

By such means, which were resorted to, however, with a quiet and unobtrusive assiduity that escaped much observation, Mr. Bragg contrived to make his own plate a sample epitome of the first course.

"If there is a sterner sex in France, which is exceedingly doubtful, they do not seem to possess pants; so the men resorted to the corresponding article worn by ladies."

Thereupon Morange resorted to action.

Talent is the residence of the prince, and is situate on the declivity of a hill, not far from the river Wad-el-Mesah, or Messa, and a mile from Ilekh, or Ilirgh, a populous village, where there is a famous sanctuary, resorted to by the Mahometans of the surrounding regions, of the name of Sidi Hamed-ou-Mousa, (probably Ben Mousa).

The English, who had hoped to put an end to their calamities by servile submission, now found the insolence and rapine of the conqueror more intolerable than all past fatigues and dangers; and, at the appointed day, they joyfully resorted to their prince.

One last resource was left to the besieged; that which had formerly been resorted to at Leyden, and by which the place was saved.

Ordauro resorted, as before, to a bold expedient.

The necromancer resorted to his art with as little effect.

His house was the centre of hospitalities, and thither resorted the best society of the city, as well as distinguished people from all parts of the country.

To her resorted the contractors, the employees, the intriguers, when they wanted to get something from the celebrated councilor.

Of late years they have ceased these depredations, for the Spaniards have resorted to a new mode of warfare.

To indicate that force would be resorted to, in case of refusal, at the same time they pointed to their arms, and drew their krises.

Dying at Sulu, a tomb was erected to him there, and the island came to be looked upon by the faithful as the Mecca of the East, and continued to be resorted to as a pilgrimage until the arrival of the Spaniards.

I found afterwards that this expedient of making air-tight had been widely resorted to; and it might well have proved successful, if both the supply of inclosed air, and of food, had been anywhere commensurate with the durability of the poisonous state.

If a pair of trousers was found too small around the waist, the knife was again resorted to; and in some cases a fit was made by severing the legs.

Among the many expedients resorted to by the depressed party in a state to indulge their sentiments safely, and probably at the same time, according to situation, to sound those of their companions, puns and other quibbles have been of notable service.

You have information which is needed, in the interest of humanity, and even torture shall be resorted to if it can be obtained in no other way.

[Footnote C: Collect, vol. 2, p. 657.] "There is a market held at Sabi every, fourth day,[A] also a weekly one in the province of Aplogua, which is so resorted to, that there are usually five or six thousand merchants.

His workshop was resorted to by several ingenious fellow New Englanders who had inventions to work out, and in the execution of these I was found useful.

As her Majesty appeared, accompanied by Prince Albert, the curiosity of the immense crowd "rose to such a pitch that every conceivable method was resorted to, to catch a glimpse of the field.

His becoming a writer of plays was a necessary consequence; for the theatres, newly opened after so long silence, were resorted to with all the ardour inspired by novelty; and dramatic composition was the only line which promised something like an adequate reward to the professors of literature.

He lost his temper and resorted to sarcasm.

In Ireland, carding the tithe proctors was occasionally resorted to by the White Boys, and was performed in the following manner:- The tithe proctor was generally waked out of his first sleep by his door being smashed in; and the boys in white shirts desired him "never to fear," as they only intended to card him this bout for taking a quarter instead of a tenth from every poor man in the parish.

It is true that late in life he complained, as already quoted, that his home had become a "well resorted tavern," and that at his own table "I rarely miss seeing strange faces, come as they say out of respect for me.

3124 examples of  resorted  in sentences