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Do we say retch or wretch

retch 22 occurrences

I was shocked to hear one audacious retch remark: "Them chaps look like a lot of hen-peckt broken furniture.

I wasent the man, but some awdacious retch had sot 'em on tellin 'em

Now it is scarcely possible to convey the extraordinary disgust which the sight of these human slugs bred in me; nor, could I, do I think I would; for were I successful, then would others be like to retch even as I did, the spasm coming on without premonition, and born of very horror.

embowel^, disbowel^, disembowel; eviscerate, gut; unearth, root out, root up; averuncate^; weed out, get out; eliminate, get rid of, do away with, shake off; exenterate^. vomit, throw up, regurgitate, spew, puke, keck^, retch, heave, upchuck, chuck up, barf; belch out; cast up, bring up, be sick, get sick, worship the porcelain god.

One could retch up the heart...

In big black letters on the round retreating yellow stern my eye-corner caught the word Yaroslav, as I bent over the rail to retch and cough and vomit at her.

Another dropped down on all fours bleeding, but he retch in under him and dragged out a pistol and shot down the man that shot him.

It makes me feel fit to retch.

"So Solomon tuk de sweet'n' 'tater en sta'ted up de road fas' ez he could go, en befo' long he retch' town.

De nigger wuz layin' in a co'nder, 'sleep, en Solomon des slip' up ter 'im, en hilt dat sweet'n' 'tater 'fo' de nigger's nose, en he des nach'ly retch' up wid his han', en tuk de 'tater en eat it in his sleep, widout knowin' it.

Dan retch' down ter git de line out, sorter keerless like, w'en de mule haul' off en kick him clean ober de fence inter a brier-patch on de yuther side.

En w'en she retch' de ole plantation en seed her baby kickin' en crowin' en holdin' out his little arms to'ds her, she wush' she wuz

"Now, dis yer jay-bird de cunjuh man had wuz a monst'us sma't creeter,fac', de niggers 'lowed he wuz de ole Debbil hisse'f, des settin' roun' waitin' ter kyar dis ole man erway w'en he 'd retch' de een' er his rope.

"Meanw'iles, w'en Dan had retch' de cabin, he had hid hisse'f in a bunch er jimson weeds in de ya'd.

En ez I doan want no mo' d'n w'at 's fair 'bout dis thing, ef you'll retch up wid yo' paw en take down dat go'd hangin' on dat peg ober de

ef I lef you lack you is.' "Dan nebber 'lowed fer a minute dat a man would lie wid his las' bref, en co'se he seed de sense er gittin' tu'nt back befo' de cunjuh man died; so he dumb on a chair en retch' fer de go'd, en tuk a sip er de mixtry.

One day atter I come back, me'n Dave wuz choppin' cotton tergedder, w'en Dave lean' on his hoe, en motion' fer me ter come ober close ter 'im; en den he retch' ober en w'ispered ter me.

He didn' know how fur it wuz, bet he 'lowed he retch dar in fo' er five days.

Then he holp me into a chariot that run purely by the might of its own manoeuvers, and I seed tall houses and chimblys whiz by dimlike, and then atter a while he retch over and lifted my glasses.

Heah Ah done wear black fer yuh, an' gin yuh up fer daid; an' bress de Lawd, heah you is, lak come beck f'm de grave.' "Ah retch down, in m' pocket an' pull a pahcel an' lay hit in her han'; three hunnert sebenty-eight dollahs, all de money I done made

He was just going to leave his work and find the Retch and settle down to a comfortable read, when he heard the hall door close.

The Colonel was murdered, of course, although our friend the Retch doesn't put it quite so bluntly.

wretch 1695 occurrences

" "Thy mother was deluded, Gaetano; she never knew the real qualities of her cousin, or a soul like hers would have lothed the wretch.

Such a wretch was surely unworthy to live.

It often happened that the executioner, in order to shorten the sufferings of the condemned, whilst he prepared the pile, placed a large and pointed iron bar amongst the faggots and opposite the stake breast high, so that, directly the fire was lighted, the bar was quickly pushed against the victim, giving a mortal blow to the unfortunate wretch, who would otherwise have been slowly devoured by the flames.

The wretch condemned to the scaffold, who receives, at the moment he expects to die, the joyful reprieve, he can best conceive the state of our minds.

Never, never was a human being so blest as I am, and yet what an ungrateful wretch I have been.

The blame lies after all, not so much with the pitiful wretch

But while my own dislike was purely due to an abstract worship of Beauty, my sister's had another twist in it, for with her "new" tendencies, she believed that all religions were an aspect of truth and that no one, even the lowest wretch, could escape "heaven" in the long run.

" "You have mentioned another wretch, who was constantly with Sir Paul," cried Wingfield.

To prevent mischief, however, Leonard set off after him, and was fast gaining upon the lazar, whose strength was evidently failing, when the poor wretch uttered a loud cry, and fell to the ground.

"I owe my death to you, wretch!" cried Judith, fiercely.

Even the pavement artist will destroy his work rather than allow some poor wretch to sit beside his pictures and collect an alms.

"Look at poor Madge here, and that wretch of a husband of hers!"

"Dr. Anderson is not a wretch at all.

" Woman-like, the only emotion of Cora Richter was that of commiseration for the poor wretch that had been stricken down by the hand of her husband.

I don't boast of my own powers, but I'll lay if I'd been in the neighborhood, I'd 've found it and stuck to it like a bloodhound, till I'd 've throttled that thievin' wretch.

After the haythen had fired at us, the good man actilly made me promise not to do the wretch hurt if the chance was given me; and a mighty foolish thing, for all it was Master Harvey who towld me, fur I've had a chance or two at the spalpaan since.

It was a wrenching sight, too brutal far, to see the sergeant place his gun against the poor wretch's head, and end his agony!

There the wretch followed her, and again proposed to go through the Cingari ceremony, and this time the father consented.

So long, matey, and next time a poor wretch asks you for a pipe, be civil.

This Jocken is the same wretch who wantonly handcuffed the apprentice, who went on to his estate by the direction of his master.

The same paper, four weeks after publishing the preceding facts, contained the following: we give it in detail as the wretch who enacted the tragedy was another public functionary of the state of Georgia and acting in an official capacity.

"The wretch!" gasped Madam Conway, while Mrs. Jeffrey, running in her fright from the window to the door, and from the door back to the window again, exclaimed: "Margaret not a Conway, nor yet a Davenport, after all!

"Wretch!" exclaimed the latter, her pride returning as she recognized old Hagar and thought of her as Maggie's grandmother.

"Wretch, how dare you come into my presence?

Even his self, when written as two words, may possibly be right in some instances; as, "Scorn'd be the wretch that quits his genial bowl, His loves, his friendships, ev'n his self, resigns; Perverts the sacred instinct of his soul, And to a ducat's dirty sphere confines.

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