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Do we say   retch   or  wretch

Do we say retch or wretch

retch 22 occurrences

I was shocked to hear one audacious retch remark: "Them chaps look like a lot of hen-peckt broken furniture.

I wasent the man, but some awdacious retch had sot 'em on tellin 'em

Now it is scarcely possible to convey the extraordinary disgust which the sight of these human slugs bred in me; nor, could I, do I think I would; for were I successful, then would others be like to retch even as I did, the spasm coming on without premonition, and born of very horror.

embowel^, disbowel^, disembowel; eviscerate, gut; unearth, root out, root up; averuncate^; weed out, get out; eliminate, get rid of, do away with, shake off; exenterate^. vomit, throw up, regurgitate, spew, puke, keck^, retch, heave, upchuck, chuck up, barf; belch out; cast up, bring up, be sick, get sick, worship the porcelain god.

One could retch up the heart...

In big black letters on the round retreating yellow stern my eye-corner caught the word Yaroslav, as I bent over the rail to retch and cough and vomit at her.

Another dropped down on all fours bleeding, but he retch in under him and dragged out a pistol and shot down the man that shot him.

It makes me feel fit to retch.

"So Solomon tuk de sweet'n' 'tater en sta'ted up de road fas' ez he could go, en befo' long he retch' town.

De nigger wuz layin' in a co'nder, 'sleep, en Solomon des slip' up ter 'im, en hilt dat sweet'n' 'tater 'fo' de nigger's nose, en he des nach'ly retch' up wid his han', en tuk de 'tater en eat it in his sleep, widout knowin' it.

Dan retch' down ter git de line out, sorter keerless like, w'en de mule haul' off en kick him clean ober de fence inter a brier-patch on de yuther side.

En w'en she retch' de ole plantation en seed her baby kickin' en crowin' en holdin' out his little arms to'ds her, she wush' she wuz

"Now, dis yer jay-bird de cunjuh man had wuz a monst'us sma't creeter,fac', de niggers 'lowed he wuz de ole Debbil hisse'f, des settin' roun' waitin' ter kyar dis ole man erway w'en he 'd retch' de een' er his rope.

"Meanw'iles, w'en Dan had retch' de cabin, he had hid hisse'f in a bunch er jimson weeds in de ya'd.

En ez I doan want no mo' d'n w'at 's fair 'bout dis thing, ef you'll retch up wid yo' paw en take down dat go'd hangin' on dat peg ober de

ef I lef you lack you is.' "Dan nebber 'lowed fer a minute dat a man would lie wid his las' bref, en co'se he seed de sense er gittin' tu'nt back befo' de cunjuh man died; so he dumb on a chair en retch' fer de go'd, en tuk a sip er de mixtry.

One day atter I come back, me'n Dave wuz choppin' cotton tergedder, w'en Dave lean' on his hoe, en motion' fer me ter come ober close ter 'im; en den he retch' ober en w'ispered ter me.

He didn' know how fur it wuz, bet he 'lowed he retch dar in fo' er five days.

Then he holp me into a chariot that run purely by the might of its own manoeuvers, and I seed tall houses and chimblys whiz by dimlike, and then atter a while he retch over and lifted my glasses.

Heah Ah done wear black fer yuh, an' gin yuh up fer daid; an' bress de Lawd, heah you is, lak come beck f'm de grave.' "Ah retch down, in m' pocket an' pull a pahcel an' lay hit in her han'; three hunnert sebenty-eight dollahs, all de money I done made

He was just going to leave his work and find the Retch and settle down to a comfortable read, when he heard the hall door close.

The Colonel was murdered, of course, although our friend the Retch doesn't put it quite so bluntly.

wretch 1695 occurrences

The poor wretch, covered with blood, prayed them to kill him.

What was the wretch doing in the house with my dear Miss Laura?

Thou wretch of demon-birth, thou knowest not thy father's name!

At the same time he confined in chains Gurzam, the wretch who first practised upon his feelings.

After that, he returned to Kรกbul with his army, and encountered the king, captured the cruel wretch, and carried him to Sรญstรกn, where he was put to death.

"There's that horrid wretch Ardmore," she murmured in an undertone.

[Thy sprite, I know, doth linger hereabout And looks that I, poor wretch, should after come; I would, God wot, my lord, if so I mought: But yet abide, I may perhaps devise Some way to be unburdened of my life, And with my ghost approach thee in some wise To do therein the duty of a wife.

[70] i.e., The wretch.

Why thus; From my foul study will I hoist a wretch, A lean and hungry negro

Take one of their characters, male or female (with few exceptions they are alike), and place it in a modern play, and my virtuous indignation shall rise against the profligate wretch as warmly as the Catos of the pit could desire; because in a modern play I am to judge of the right and the wrong.

Sedition, or obscenity, might be no greater crimes in the opinion of other electors, than in that of the freeholders of Middlesex; and many a wretch, whom his colleagues should expel, might come back persecuted into fame, and provoke, with harder front, a second expulsion.

There was an old wretch who had come from Saweirah to purchase female slaves; his examination was carried on in the most disgusting manner, I could not refrain from calling down the curse of Heaven on these inhuman wretches.

Amongst the whole of the wives, there was only one child, a boy, of course an immense pet, a little surly wretch; his growth smothered, his health nearly ruined, by the overattentions of the four women, whom he kicked and pelted when out of humour.

Whereupon the guilty wretch would blanch and say in shaking voice: "My God, it's Billy Durgin, the famous detective!

"Baffled, but not beaten, I nex' turns my attention to the pictures, examinin' with a trained eye the backs of same, where might be cunningly concealed the old willuhI mean the incriminatin' dockaments that would bring the craven wretch to bay and land him safely behind the bars of jestice.

The success of the wretch was complete.

I add that this wretch, a democrat for the people, a spy for the police, was a twofold traitor.

Since you forsooke The bloody fight and horrour of the Christians, One tortur'd wretch, whose sight was quite extinct, His eyes no farther seeing than his hands, Is now by that Eugenius, whom they call Their holy Bishop, cleerely restor'd again To the astonishment of all your Army, Who faintly now recoyle with feare and terrour Not daring to offend so great a power.

Unbinde the wretch; Naile him to the earth with Irons.

Your language, breath'd from him, Is deaths sad doome upon a wretch condemn'd.

And she herself was a very wicked and false woman, an adulteress and a murderess (though fearfully ill-trained in early youth), who sowed the wind, poor wretch, from girlhood to old age, and therefore reaped the whirlwind, receiving the just reward of her deeds.


" "Your name is Croisilles, poor wretch!

The prostrate wretch lifts up her arms in prayer; 110 Her arms grow shaggy, and deformed with hair, Her nails are sharpened into pointed claws, Her hands bear half her weight, and turn to paws; Her lips, that once could tempt a god, begin To grow distorted in an ugly grin.

'On her incestuous life I need not dwell, (In Lesbos still the horrid tale they tell,) 80 And of her dire amours you must have heard, For which she now does penance in a bird, That, conscious of her shame, avoids the light, And loves the gloomy covering of the night; The birds, where'er she flutters, scare away The hooting wretch, and drive her from the day.'

20 'Are my reproaches of so small a force? 'Tis time I then pursue another course: It is decreed the guilty wretch shall die, If I'm indeed the mistress of the sky; If rightly styled among the powers above The wife and sister of the thundering Jove, (And none can sure a sister's right deny,) It is decreed the guilty wretch shall die.

20 'Are my reproaches of so small a force? 'Tis time I then pursue another course: It is decreed the guilty wretch shall die, If I'm indeed the mistress of the sky; If rightly styled among the powers above The wife and sister of the thundering Jove, (And none can sure a sister's right deny,) It is decreed the guilty wretch shall die.

Acrisius from the Grecian walls repelled This boasted power; why then should Pentheus yield? Go quickly, drag the audacious boy to me; I'll try the force of his divinity.' Thus did the audacious wretch those rites profane; His friends dissuade the audacious wretch in vain; In vain his grandsire urged him to give o'er His impious threats; the wretch but raves the more.

Acrisius from the Grecian walls repelled This boasted power; why then should Pentheus yield? Go quickly, drag the audacious boy to me; I'll try the force of his divinity.' Thus did the audacious wretch those rites profane; His friends dissuade the audacious wretch in vain; In vain his grandsire urged him to give o'er His impious threats; the wretch but raves the more.

Acrisius from the Grecian walls repelled This boasted power; why then should Pentheus yield? Go quickly, drag the audacious boy to me; I'll try the force of his divinity.' Thus did the audacious wretch those rites profane; His friends dissuade the audacious wretch in vain; In vain his grandsire urged him to give o'er His impious threats; the wretch but raves the more.

"Nay, heaven forbid that I should bear away Within my vessel so divine a prey," Said I; and stood to hinder their intent: When Lycabas, a wretch for murder sent From Tuscany, to suffer banishment, With his clenched fist had struck me overboard, 60 Had not my hands, in falling, grasped a cord.

I was in the house of Bacchu, who gave me wine, while he drank cosmos; and, although it was the best new wine, I would rather have had cosmos, if he had offered it, being more restorative for such a half starved wretch as I then was.

shepheards deare delights, That with your loves do their rude hearts possesse, When as my hearse shall happen to your sightes, Vouchsafe to deck the same with cyparesse; And ever sprinckle brackish teares among, 530 In pitie of my undeserv'd distresse, The which, I, wretch, endured have thus long.

"What man would ever marry such a wretch as I?" "Nora!" cried the earl; and he held out his arms.

If, in the streets of London, but a dog were to be seen lacerated like this miserable man, how would the cruelty of the wretch be execrated, who had thus even abused a brute!

The wretch was hidden from his eyes by the trees.

And blissful indeed was the fortune of Olindo; for love, so proved as his, awoke love in the noble bosom of Sophronia; and so he passed from the stake to the marriage-altar, a husband, instead of a wretch condemneda lover beloved, instead of a hopeless adorer.

'Wretch,' it exclaimed, 'the hour is approaching when Clorinda shall end both her life and her belief.

But now she knew not that he had seen her; nor did he, poor valiant wretch, know that the knight in black armour whom he pursued, was a woman, and Clorinda.

Wretch that I am, I do not even weep.

If I choose not, I make myself a wretch, and still must follow.

Thus we have here the picture: on one side the priest reciting the prayers for the dying; on the other the hand-organ player who excites from the dying woman "an atrocious, frantic, despairing laugh, thinking she saw the hideous face of the poor wretch that stood out against the eternal night like a menace....

If the wretch doesn't say the Diรณs te salve Marรญa without stopping at es contigo, and the Santa Marรญa without a pause after pecadores, as every good Christian who fears God ought to do!

In other words, the man who is insulted remainsin the eyes of all honorable peoplewhat the man who uttered the insulteven though he were the greatest wretch on earthwas pleased to call him; for he has put up with the insultthe technical term, I believe.

Now I pray you, tell me what knight was it who slew this wicked wretch, and how his head came to be left hanging here?" To this the chief of the swineherds made reply: "Messire, he who slew Sir Tauleas was no knight, but a poor madman whom we found in the forest and who has dwelt with us now for a year past.

" "Young wretch!" said one woman.

See the wretch, that long has tost On the thorny bed of Pain, At length repair his vigor lost, And breathe and walk again: The meanest flow'r'et of the vale, The simplest note that swells the gale, The common Sun, the air, and skies, To him are opening Paradise.

This wretch, wearing frock and cowl, was not ashamed to moan, to shrink, to grovel on the floor, to crouch like a hound, while the accused frail girl waited her doom without a sound, without a tear.

Hovered thy spirit o'er thy sorrowing son? Wretch even then, life's journey just begun.'

" The wretch stared at Merry, his eyes looking sunken and glittering.

"I owe my death to you, wretch!" cried Judith, fiercely.

The poor wretch who stumbled upon an immortality of infamy by murdering him died at the same instant.

"Wretch," rejoined Nicholas, fiercely, "touch him at your peril!

"And what is friendship but a name, A charm that lulls to sleep; A shade that follows wealth or fame, But leaves the wretch to weep?"

And, "Ah! forgive a stranger rude A wretch forlorn," she cried; "Whose feet unhallow'd thus intrude Where Heaven and you reside.

There is a wretch, twined round with fiends, gazing straight before him as he sinks; one half of his face is buried in his hand, the other fixed in a stony spasm of despair, foreshadowing perpetuity of hell.

He could not get rid of his mantle, this wretch, or else he was too frightened to think of it.

If, for example, I had given a parole, then I should have been an infamous wretch had I dreamed of escaping.

But a minute passed and yet another, with no sound save the heavy, snoring breathing of the senseless wretch upon the floor.

Yet here was this wretch, a creature too foul to live, who had tried to work me so great a mischief, and yet I could not bring myself to crush his skull in.

So detested was the wretch, that in a few minutes his remains were hewn and torn to pieces.

"I think old Tommy Whaler is an impudent old wretch," said Susie that evening, "and I won't go near his old post-office again."

The most depraved wretch has that within him which testifies that his fellow worm has no right to inflict pain upon him solely as a punishment, and his heart rebels against what he feels to be oppression.

There is a poor, forlorn wretch with his rags fluttering about him like a beggargive him a pennyhe must be in distresslook at his shattered face and dilapidated form; shored up upon crutches, tottering on the brink of the sewersshores

A cold day as this, you wretch, Eliza, why did you not bring my coals to the door this morning, then I could have had my fire without a draft; I want a ten guinea draft, not a foggy, frosty draught.

A wretch kills a boy for the surgeons, by holding his head under water; 'Silly dog!' cries the Morning Herald, 'why did not he clap a sponge dipped in prussic acid to the boy's mouth?'" Here we were interrupted by a slight noise in the next box, which a gentleman had just entered.

The poor wretch may perish of starvation on a floor of precious mosaic, which perhaps his own pittance has helped to form, while ceilings and shrines of inlaid gold mock his dying eye with their useless splendor.

mean wretch that I am.

"In cloth of black full strangely was he clad, A little hood he wore upon his head, And down his face tears flowing fast he had. "'Poor little wretch!

Let them see to the wretch, she will take care of herself.

No, it is in no sense a case of the self-tormented wretch driven mad by the awful hallucinations of his guilty, unhinged mind.

"Well?" inquired he coldly of the gasping terrified wretch.

I am a poor wretch."

"Stop, you wretch!" cried the curate, as though giant hens were the commonest facts in life.

After him, and ploughing deep furrows, Cossar's boots thrust out, and then came his lantern-illuminated back.... Only one rat was left alive now, and this poor, doomed wretch cowered in the inmost recesses until Cossar and the lantern went in again and slew it, and finally Cossar, that human ferret, went through all the runs to make sure.

Even Linton Heathcliff, that "whey-faced, whining wretch", that physical degenerate, demonstrates the higher law.

Before him news from the North and South, A long account of a foreign drouth, A lot of changes in local ads, The report of a fight between drunken cads, And odds and ends and smoke and talk, A reporter drawing cartoons in chalk On the dirty wall, while others laughed, And one wretch whistled, and all of them chaffed.

He was called a strange, wicked fellow, a sad wretch; he shrugs his shoulders, swears, receives another blow, swears again he did not know he swore, and all was well.

Yet this wretch might, for a time at least, have escaped punishment, had he not, in defending himself, criminated the remains of the Committee, whom it was intended to screen.

He spoke of the Injury done me with so much Indignation, and animated me against the Love he said he saw I had for the Wretch who would have betrayed me, with so much Reason and Humanity to my Weakness, that I doubt not of my Perseverance.

The wretch that often has deceiv'd, Though truth he speaks, is ne'er believ'd.

He is a poor, mean wretch, whom she may easily rule.

Then I kneeled on the prostrate wretch and clutched his throat.

And so the wretch, who would probably have been allowed by his antagonist to go, if the above words had not been spoken, lost his life.

Upon the gallows hung a wretch, Too sullied for the hell To which the law entitled him.

Then he cast a diabolical look (worthy of the elder Booth in Richard III) at the young lover, and shrieked, "Wretch! villain!

The whole transaction was done unperceived, and the wretch at least departed unnoticed.

I had never seen the man before, and was not aware that this was the same person whom Harvey had incidentally told me he had discharged for theft; the truth being, that till the last moment of his existence, that unfortunate man had not known how much he had been a sacrifice to this wretch's malice.

But, my lord,"and here the wretch broke into a howl wild and terrific"we shall go down togetherdown to where your deserts are known.

Helpless wretch that I am! Are not Kate's whole head and heart, and all, under the dominion of Heaven's best angels?

"Ah, wretch!" grumbled the old chamberlain, "if you sleep like this you will outlive me, who mean to flourish for the next hundred years.

" "No mistake about the wretch having forsaken her," interrupted Trenta, firing up at what he considered Fra Pacifico's ill-placed leniency.

Did not the wretch sign the marriage-contract in your presence?

She then approached her mamma, fell upon her knees before her, and clasping her hand, said, in broken accents, "O madam, can you forgive a wretch, who has forfeited your love, your kindness, and your compassion?"

You have filled with grief and discontent the heart of your amiable wife, whom gratitude, if no other principle, should have induced you to cherish with tenderness; and I, wretch that I am, have been your accomplice.

Wretch that he is, he ought forever to be banished from human society!

I heard him fall among the store-rooms, and it surpassed the power of man to give the wretch succor.

"The wretch is faithful to his trust, after all.

what can the wretch mean?)

In the midst of the dance and revelry a bloody rabbit appeared to accuse Reynard of tearing off one of his ears, while the garrulous crow, Merkinau, related how the same unscrupulous wretch had pretended death merely to befool Sharfenebbe, his wife, and induce her to come near enough for him to bite off her head.