46 examples of retractions in sentences

We give but once; and when we give, we give all that we have; and when we have once given it, neither common-sense, nor a concourse of expostulating seraphim, nor anything else in the universe, can induce us to believe that a retraction, or even a qualification, of the gift would be quite worthy of us.

Even the Acredale Monitor, a weekly sheet notoriously in the interest of Boone, felt constrained to copy parts of the account and publish with it a shambling retraction of previous criticism, based on imperfect knowledge, that it had printed concerning Sergeant Sprague.

Ten-day-old tadpoles fed on pineal present a marked translucency of the skin due to a retraction of the skin pigment cells.

I believe, therefore, that I am in accord with the sense of this meeting of the class when I ask you if you have any retraction or apology to offer.

" "For the statement, in the form in which I offered it, Mr. President, I have no retraction or apology to offer, and only such explanation as I have lately given.

" "I do not see how Mr. Jetson's retraction or apology could be made any more explicit.

Such men are so watchful to censure, that they have seldom much care to look for favourable interpretations of ambiguities, to set the general tenour of life against single failures, or to know how soon any slip of inadvertency has been expiated by sorrow and retraction; but let fly their fulminations, without mercy or prudence, against slight offences or casual temerities, against crimes never committed, or immediately repented.

Tergiversation N. change of mind, change of intention, change of purpose; afterthought. tergiversation, recantation; palinode, palinody^; renunciation; abjuration^, abjurement; defection &c (relinquishment) 624; going over &c v.; apostasy; retraction, retractation^; withdrawal; disavowal &c (negation) 536; revocation, revokement^; reversal; repentance &c 950; redintegratio amoris [Lat.].

abolition, abolishment; dissolution. counter order, countermand; repudiation, retraction, retractation^; recantation &c (tergiversation) 607; abolitionist.

And the like may be conceived here, since, especially, the idolatry practised under the obedience of mystical Babylon is rather in false and will-worship of the true God, and rather commended as profitable than enjoined as absolutely necessary, and the corruptions there maintained are rather in a superfluous addition than retraction in any thing necessary to salvation.

He felt he would be no longer responsible for what he did, something had to happen; something more than mere apology or retraction of words.

No legal remedy, no fines or even imprisonment, far less apology and retraction satisfied justice.

This paper shall print a retraction.

" There are six other retractions of similar enormities, when he concludes: "These were my sins in my childhood, as to which, conscience troubled me for a great while before they were overcome."

Which passages seem to imply a total desertion of them, and retraction of all gracious influence.

Now the proposition of the majority report was to make a complete retraction of those two cardinal doctrines of the Cincinnati platform.

They often choose their language with care, so that it may not commit them beyond all hope of explanation or retraction.

Miss Hosmer at once began suits for libel, and retractions were speedily made.

Kate noted a curious retraction in Honora, an indescribable retrenchment of her old-time self, as if her florescence had been clipped by trained hands, so that the bloom should not be too exuberant; and Honora swiftly appraised Kate's suggestion of freedom and force.

This is retraction.


Through it all Keith stuck quietly to his guns, without a sign of retraction or evasion.

He exerted all his eloquence to obtain a retraction of that sentence, and ran with the greatest volubility through all the protestations, prayers, entreaties, professions, and assurances which love could feel or art contrive.

The expression was unparliamentary, and in retraction Johnson said: "While I withdraw the unfortunate word, Mr. Speaker, I must insist that the gentleman from Illinois is out of order.

This is to certify that I have repeatedly seen, and in one instance, copied a paper of confession and retraction of Slanders, which the writer stated he had uttered, and published in papers of the day, against William Apes, the preacher to the Marshpee tribe of Indians, signed, John Reynolds, and countersigned as witness, by William Parker, Esq.

46 examples of  retractions  in sentences