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78 example sentences with  retractions

78 example sentences with retractions

And besides, as it has been veraciously observed, the truth of an insult is the barb which prevents its retraction.

We give but once; and when we give, we give all that we have; and when we have once given it, neither common-sense, nor a concourse of expostulating seraphim, nor anything else in the universe, can induce us to believe that a retraction, or even a qualification, of the gift would be quite worthy of us."

A molecular change takes place in the nerve of the tentacle, is propagated to the muscles by which the body is retracted, and causing them to contract, the act of retraction is brought about.

Even the Acredale Monitor, a weekly sheet notoriously in the interest of Boone, felt constrained to copy parts of the account and publish with it a shambling retraction of previous criticism, based on imperfect knowledge, that it had printed concerning Sergeant Sprague.

The object of this double incision is to insure a retraction of the cut parts, and leave an open way for the tooth to start froman advantage not to be obtained when only one incision is made; for unless the tooth immediately follows the lancing, the opening reunites, and the operation has to be repeated.

Ten-day-old tadpoles fed on pineal present a marked translucency of the skin due to a retraction of the skin pigment cells.

I believe, therefore, that I am in accord with the sense of this meeting of the class when I ask you if you have any retraction or apology to offer."

"For the statement, in the form in which I offered it, Mr. President, I have no retraction or apology to offer, and only such explanation as I have lately given.

"Mr. Darrin." "I do not see how Mr. Jetson's retraction or apology could be made any more explicit.

Such men are so watchful to censure, that they have seldom much care to look for favourable interpretations of ambiguities, to set the general tenour of life against single failures, or to know how soon any slip of inadvertency has been expiated by sorrow and retraction; but let fly their fulminations, without mercy or prudence, against slight offences or casual temerities, against crimes never committed, or immediately repented.

The Assembly of Fowls (or Parlement of Briddis, as he calls it in his Retraction) was written before the death of queen Philippa.

The book of the Lion is mentioned in his Retraction, and by Lidgate in the prologue to the Fall of Princes, but is now lost, as is that.

[Obs.]; dissent &c 489; change of opinion &c 484; retraction &c 607.

qualification &c 469; repudiation &c 610; retraction &c 607; confutation &c 479; refusal &c 764; prohibition &c 761.

tergiversation, recantation; palinode, palinody^; renunciation; abjuration^, abjurement; defection &c (relinquishment) 624; going over &c v.; apostasy; retraction, retractation^; withdrawal; disavowal &c (negation) 536; revocation, revokement^; reversal; repentance &c 950; redintegratio amoris [Lat.].

counter order, countermand; repudiation, retraction, retractation^; recantation &c (tergiversation) 607; abolitionist.

retraction, retractation^, repudiation, nullification; protest; forfeiture.

And the like may be conceived here, since, especially, the idolatry practised under the obedience of mystical Babylon is rather in false and will-worship of the true God, and rather commended as profitable than enjoined as absolutely necessary, and the corruptions there maintained are rather in a superfluous addition than retraction in any thing necessary to salvation.

It is bad enough, in all conscience, to be insulted, but the truth of an insult is the barb that prevents its retraction.

Pride, unfortunately, includes the power to do things which it pretends to be very foreign to its nature; and in proportion as detraction is easy to it, retraction becomes insupportable.

It was a retraction all right, and all that could be expected of the Pinkerton Press.

Should, however, the most gross and offensive language be used by two members for any length of time without any interference, reprobation, retraction, or punishment, the community as a body must fairly be considered, by their silence, as endorsing such conduct.

Having incautiously allowed herself to be drawn into particularizing so minutely as to fix the exact date, and so positively as to render retraction impossible, she was, to her own evident discomfiture, flatly contradicted by more than one of those present on that occasion, who described the scene as it actually occurred.

He had gained somethingmuch more than he knew; and for a tremulous instant he was near to losing it again by a passionate retraction of all he had been saying.

He felt he would be no longer responsible for what he did, something had to happen; something more than mere apology or retraction of words.

No legal remedy, no fines or even imprisonment, far less apology and retraction satisfied justice.

In the front office on the editorial floor he saw Mr. Oakes for a bad half-hour, and demanded a public retraction of the insult.

That evening the matter was settled, but of what had passed, or what was said, I never knew anything, for my mother never wasted words; and, while no apology was made, or any retraction expressed, neither my father nor myself ever alluded to the subject of my working in the shop again, nor did I ever, as before, go into it during the vacations, or offer to assist when affairs were hurried.

At a later period, Dartmouth, provoked by some remarks on himself in the second volume of the Bishop's history, retracted this praise; but to such a retraction

This paper shall print a retraction.

" There are six other retractions of similar enormities, when he concludes: "These were my sins in my childhood, as to which, conscience troubled me for a great while before they were overcome."

Which passages seem to imply a total desertion of them, and retraction of all gracious influence.

Now the proposition of the majority report was to make a complete retraction of those two cardinal doctrines of the Cincinnati platform.

They often choose their language with care, so that it may not commit them beyond all hope of explanation or retraction.

He demanded a satisfactory retraction and apology as the least atonement he could accept for the insult.

The gentlemen had been accredited with a patriotism and piety of which they were incapable, and a retraction was necessary; but if any other more patriotic politician or divine, further advanced in sanctification would send their names to the Visiter, it would notify the South.

I then wrote him, demanding a retraction, and sending him a correct statement to publish.

[502] He was at first disposed to argue the matter, but finding that I meant business published the article which I sent to him and made the following retraction: "We are exceedingly glad to affirm in the honour of truth and justice, that the news given by us on the seventh instant under the title 'Painful Scenes,' and 'Naked Dead,' is absolutely absurd, false and unreasonable.

Miss Hosmer at once began suits for libel, and retractions were speedily made.

Kate noted a curious retraction in Honora, an indescribable retrenchment of her old-time self, as if her florescence had been clipped by trained hands, so that the bloom should not be too exuberant; and Honora swiftly appraised Kate's suggestion of freedom and force.

This is retraction.

Retraction. | 3 + Normo-eccentric.

Through it all Keith stuck quietly to his guns, without a sign of retraction or evasion.

He exerted all his eloquence to obtain a retraction of that sentence, and ran with the greatest volubility through all the protestations, prayers, entreaties, professions, and assurances which love could feel or art contrive.

The expression was unparliamentary, and in retraction Johnson said: "While I withdraw the unfortunate word, Mr. Speaker, I must insist that the gentleman from Illinois is out of order."

This is to certify that I have repeatedly seen, and in one instance, copied a paper of confession and retraction of Slanders, which the writer stated he had uttered, and published in papers of the day, against William Apes, the preacher to the Marshpee tribe of Indians, signed, John Reynolds, and countersigned as witness, by William Parker, Esq.

Once again, his ideas were condemned by the Sorbonne, and again he issued a retraction to avoid further problems.

Retraction requires the contraction of two internal muscles.

Retractions are how the body tries to get enough air because of the difficulty in breathing normally because of the asthma attack.

There are different types of retractions which depend on which muscles start contracting, and this depends on how much difficulty a person is having breathing during an attack.

These retractions cause the skin of the chest wall, the skin of the neck and or the breastbone (sternum) to move in when breathing.

Buffon published a retraction, but he continued publishing the offending volumes without any change.

But does the retraction mean vaping is safe, and should we be concerned about the validity of other vaping research?

He called for Aly to provide an unqualified, unreserved retraction and apology on-air during the program, and at the earliest opportunity.

He picked up the retraction statement and I immediately went into the most extreme panic attack.

I demand a retraction and public apology!

It is also seeking an immediate retraction for this injustice.

More than 40 scientists have signed an open letter calling for the retraction of a study which made extraordinary claims that airborne transmission could be the dominant mode of spread of COVID-19.

Nate Silver, After Pushing for Retractions of Arizona Calls, Says Biden is Now The More Likely Winner

The protest came after the teenager's mother appeared on This Morning where she hit out at Cypriot police who she insists forced a false retraction from her daughter, and failed to properly gather evidence in the wake of the assault.

Brand Vaughan have now demanded that Brighton SolFed's public campaign cease, and that a written retraction is posted on the Brighton SolFed website regarding the claims that the campaign has made.

Choose between multiple modes to ensure the right hold and fast, easy anchor retraction.

Clip-retraction of the superficial Sylvian vein to enhance visualization in "retractorless" aneurysm surgery.

Get the job done in the Retraction Waterproof Boot from Rocky.

I neither can nor will make any retraction, since it is neither safe nor honourable to act against conscience.

In this study, using these N-terminal constructs and an RNAi-based strategy, we establish that PDE4D7 is involved in controlling rear retraction in migrating HASMCs.

I suspect most blog software doesn't support this, so what you can do is first update the retracted entry with the retraction notice, then wait a day or so for everyone's feed readers to pull this updated version, and then remove the entry entirely.

It’s also important to note that hundreds of scientists from around the world have condemned the retraction of the study.

Orthopaedic retractions originate from numerous journals and countries, indicating that misconduct issues are widespread.

Other causes for retraction include outright plagiarism and faked data.

Retraction of the magnet will deflect the meter pointer in the opposite direction.

Articles for which no citation information was available, and those with a lifetime citation of 0 (or 1 where the citation came from the retraction statement) were excluded, leaving 160 articles for analysis.

The Chair has requested an unqualified retraction of a statement.

As with other research on the Canadian Shift, Bigham (2010) finds a connection between TRAP vowel retraction and the LOT~THOUGHT merger.

There is a retraction of the cytoplasmic membrane (in formalin fixed tissues) that gives the impression that the cell seems to be sitting in a lacunae, hence the term, lacunar cell.

The retraction may be initiated by the editors of the journal, or by the author(s) of the papers (or their institution)" (para. 4, emphasis added).

The specialized livestock industries in Saskatchewan have seen both significant growth and retraction over the last twenty years.

The surgical technique consisted in using a tubular system for muscle retraction.