356 examples of reunion in sentences

Chrodegang (766) was first to follow the usages of the Benedictines of the Roman Basilica, in prescribing for secular clergy the celebration at Prime of the officium Capituli (i.e., the reunion in the chapter for reading the rule or, on certain days, the writings and homilies of the Fathers).

It appears that in the first ages of the Church, Sunday was a day of solemn reunion and of common prayer.

It was a reunion of only three hundred invitations, selected by my friend Dalton, the intimate and adviser of Honoria.

Though it has particularly endeared itself to the South, the reunion of American hearts has made it a national song.

At banquet hall, regimental reunion or campfire, whenever mention is made of the glorious record of Minnesota volunteers in the great Civil war, seldom, if ever, is the First Minnesota battery given credit for its share in the long struggle.

For many years I bore Thy absence, till old age and fresh infirmities Exacted thy return, and our reunion.

The reunion of the Lunechien friends and families was a cause for celebration throughout the Forest.

As confidently as if she had been wedded to him here, she looked forward to the reunion with him there, and found in her secret consciousness of this eternal bond a hidden rapture, such as has been the stay of many a widowed heart through long lifetimes of loneliness.

What is Christmas without the sentiments which hallow the evergreen, the anthem, the mistletoe, the family reunion?

"Under the instinct of a sentiment as sacred as religion itself, Peter felt that Abélard above and Héloïse on earth demanded of him the last consolation of a reunion in the grave.

It was an indescribably mournful reunion.

and I immediately remained quiet so that the big scoundrel would be in ignorance of the reunion.

In this little reunion the news of his death was received with noisy satisfaction; and his funeral oration was preached with an energy that yielded nothing in this line to the efforts of the most famous masters.

BOSCOSEL, mysterious being, who brings about a reunion on earth of friends who have long ago departed for the spirit-world.

Reunion, D.D.'s, and Strawberry Short-cake.

He founded at Milan an Academy of Arts and Sciences, if this name may be given to a reunion of artists, scholars, and men of the world, to whom it is probable that he communicated his researches in anatomy.

Only the healing hand of time can allay the grief of those for whom there can be no reunion on earth with their nearest and dearest: At last the dawn creeps in with golden fingers Seeking my eyes, to bid them open wide Upon a world at peace, where Sweetness lingers, Where Terror is at rest and Hate has died.

Our bugles had "sung truce," the war cloud had lifted, the invaded sky was once more free of "the grim geometry of Mars," and though very few households could celebrate the greatest of anniversaries with unbroken ranks, the mercy of reunion was granted to many homes.

I drink to our happy reunion in France!"


Janet Curren Owen (Helen Gould Curren Owen) (A); 4Jan61; R268705. Family reunion.

Take it then, it is my legacy to you; and if you accept it my purified spirit will bless your reunion. LODOISKA.

Save for the fact that he took both my hands in his, any observer of our meeting would have thought that it was but a casual one, instead of being a reunion after a separation of a year.

When Jack had left me after that miserable reunion dinner where he had been hurt so cruelly by the news of my marriage during his year's absence, he had saidah, how well I remembered the words"I shall not see you again, dear girl, unless you need me, if you ever do.


356 examples of  reunion  in sentences