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356 examples of  reunions  in sentences

356 examples of reunions in sentences

There were many fetes and reunions of all kinds, all through the summer months, as people had flocked to Paris for the exposition.

The night of their reunion, the six survivors had a grand feast.

That night we had a jolly reunion around the camp-fires.

Each mother has fitted each sash; Their equipments are full and complete; But fresh unions, whatever their dash, Can ne'er with reunions compete.

Ceased is the stimulus of individual interest; few work; the peasants work only to produce what their families need; the workers in the city are chiefly engaged in meetings and political reunions.

This beautiful blonde, of pleasing manners, graceful presence, and a strong vein of sentiment, fostered by the reading of Chateaubriand, met Byron for the first time casually when she came in her bridal dress to one of the Albrizzi reunions; but she was only introduced to him early in the April of the following year, at the house of the Countess Benzoni.

Then Antar set out in search of her, and at length rescued her: their mutual love was intensified by this reunion.

A slight insight into the situation of things amongst them may be found in the following narrative of their views, as revealed in a discussion which took place about a fortnight after the reunion of the family under one roof.

It was said that she recognized him and that she died with a sweet smile on her face, pointing upward to a place of reunion.

They shook hands with shining faces, forgetting the water, genuinely glad at the unexpected reunion.

Then I hope to rejoin you here and am looking forward to a jolly reunion.

It was not until Christianity permeated the old Pagan civilization and destroyed its idols, that the noble Paulas and Marcellas and Fabiolas arose to dignify human friendships, and give fascination to reunions of cultivated women and gifted men; that the seeds of society were sown.

They reserved their remarkable talents for social reunions, perhaps in modest salons, where among distinguished men and women they could pour out the treasures of the soul and mind; where they could inspire and draw out the sentiments of those who were gifted and distinguished.

We read so much of those interesting reunions in the salons of distinguished people in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries that we naturally seek to know what constituted their peculiar charm.

At the house of the Marquis of Lansdowne, at Lord Jersey's, at Rogers's literary dinners, at the reunions of Holland House, everywhere, she was admired and honored.

If Mr. Fitzgerald should marry another, she foresaw that it would be her duty to assist in the reunion of the sisters, both of whom were slaves.

And yet here she waswith my farewell kiss still lingering on her cheek, so to speakpleading for another reunion.

And these quiet festivities were so much to his taste that afterward, when the court moved to Fontainebleau, and when they settled at Versailles for the winter, he cheerfully agreed to a proposal of Marie Antoinette to have a weekly supper party; adopting also another suggestion of hers which was indispensable to render such reunions agreeable, or even, it may be said, practicable.

" There was a moment of joyful reunion between the two pals, Barney and Dave.

He wrote imaginary letters, dwelling with equal rapture on those he wrote and those he fancied he received in return, and which he read to his lady friends, after his rambles in the forests and parks, during their reunions at the supper-table.

" That her philosophical principles did not change, is certain from the fact that she retained all her friends and gained new ones who flocked to her reunions.

There are few matters in my letters that I have not used as subjects of conversation in my social reunions.

Those who know intimately the undercurrents of feeling in Alsace-Lorraine are unanimous in asserting that if before last July an impartial plebiscite, without fear of the consequences, could have been taken among the inhabitants, an overwhelming majority would have voted for reunion with France.

The whole tribe met every summer to have a tournament after their fashion, and at one of these reunions the Devil arose and made a pacific speech.

Friends from other districts, from up country, from Calcutta, gather together; and as the weather is bracing and cool, and every one determined to enjoy himself, the meet is one of the pleasantest of reunions.

Then the reunion round the festive board at night, when every one again lives through all the excitement of the day.

" At the reunions of his old war comrades Langdon was always depended on to describe once again how the Third Mississippi charged at Crawfordsville and defeated the Eighth Illinois.

Musical reunions in the gardens of the Pitti Palace were of constant recurrence, where he and his children danced and sang to their hearts' content, amid the plaudits of the company.

Such reunions are either mere dreams, or they are realities to which the strongest forces of the universe are pledged.

Stockings are to be worn, this year, under the boots, and although a different arrangement may be allowed to old gentlemen, in icy and sleety weather, it is not considered proper to wear woollen or other stockings over the boots at evening parties or other social reunions.

Then everything at her reunions is so well proportionedshe has just enough of music, and just enough of whatever amusement may add to the pleasure of her guests; and still there is no appearance of design or management on her part."

The two sang duets, or Caroline recited poems, while Carl improvised accompaniments; excursions to the fields, and water parties, and hilarious reunions of the opera-troupe kept life busy.

Refuses to attend fifty-fifth reunion of his class.

At one of the reunions of the club the place of meeting was at Chancellor Kent's.

" Some of these reunions took place in the lofty hotels moored like a sonorously named fleet of battle-ships along the upper reaches of the West Side: the Olympian, the Incandescent, the Ormolu; while others, perhaps the more exclusive, were held in the equally lofty but more romantically styled apartment-houses: the Parthenon, the Tintern Abbey or the Lido.

But go to the reunions de famille rather than to Lili's intimate parties; go with me, or with my mother; don't let yourself be seen there alone.

Soon after Annette came to live with her aunt her aunt's mother had a social gathering and reunion of the members of her family.

Clarence looked eagerly into the face of Annette; it was calm and peaceful, but in it he read no hope of a future reunion.

Thus, in the sphere of religion, he took an active part in the negotiations looking toward the reunion of the Protestant and Catholic Churches, as well as in those concerning the union of the Lutheran and the Reformed.

You are aware that one of the most interesting reunions of men connected with literary pursuits in England is at the annual dinner of the "Literary Fund,"the management of which has been so often dissected of late by Dickens and others.

But he had all a true United Presbyterian's loyal affection for the Synod, and a peculiar delight in those reunions of old friends which its meetings afforded.

In spite of numberless receptions, levees, balls, hops, parties, dinners, and other reunions, there is, properly speaking, no society in Washington.

" My husband's reply seemed to dispel the recollections which had made the reunion distressing, and grandpa led his horse and walked and talked with us until we reached the turn where he bade us leave him while he disposed of Antelope preparatory to joining us at luncheon.

It began by the arrival of Professor Kennedy, a little late, delayed at a reunion of the Kennedy family.

Father has been off for a few days, speaking before Alumni reunions.

(Think of family reunions, people of the same name in a community, descendants of early settlers, etc.).


At the outset (220-280) there were three kingdoms (Wei, Wu, Shu Han); then came an unstable reunion during twenty-seven years (280-307) under the rule of the Western Chin.

At the end of 1924 Sun Yat-sen with some of his followers went to Peking, to discuss the possibility of a reunion between north and south on the basis of the program of the People's Party.

They consorted together only for pleasure and comfort in their reunions.

How the imagination is fascinated by what may have there transpired of human joy or sorrow,the solitary struggles of the soul for better things, the dawn and the fruition of love, the separations and reunions of families, the hearth-stone consecrated by affection and prayer, the bridal throng, the birth of new lives, the farewells to the world, the funeral train.

In 1859 there had been a short reunion, of which Wagner wrote again to Frau Ritter: "This period I have also chosen for a reunion with my poor wife.

In 1859 there had been a short reunion, of which Wagner wrote again to Frau Ritter: "This period I have also chosen for a reunion with my poor wife.

I have served nearly all the Governor's banquets, college graduation and reunion parties; I took care of President Rooseveltnot this one, but Teddy.

I have been serving the Scottish Rite Masons in their annual reunion every six months for forty-one years.

Many men shed tears in speaking for reunion, and, from what Mr. Stearns reports of the meeting of the Committee last night, union may be considered as good as restored.

He founded at Milan an Academy of Arts and Sciences, if this name may be given to a reunion of artists, scholars, and men of the world, to whom it is probable that he communicated his researches in anatomy.

As she recalled the past, in that solemn place, she weighed well her conduct towards her child, and asked herself if there had been aught to tarnish the purity of that spirit that had just entered the portals of heaven; and earnestly did she beseech her Heavenly Father to forgive all that was amiss, and cleanse her from all sin, that she might be prepared for a reunion in a better world.

The scholar's experience is full of these reunions of illustrative incidents gathered from regions far apart in space, and often in time.

For Béda was visited by many of his kindred, such as Mitlan and Kali and Thragnar and Pwyll and Apepi and other evil principles, who were perpetually coming to the gray hut for family reunions, and to rehearse all but one of the two hundred and forty thousand spells of the Capuas.

She met Vronsky at several of these brilliant reunions.

A vigorous agitation for the reunion of the two parts of the country had been going on for some time, and on September 18, 1885, the inhabitants of Philippopolis suddenly proclaimed the union under Prince Alexander, who solemnly announced his approval at Tirnovo and triumphantly entered their city on September 21.

She had imagined a reunion with him in the days to come, when it should be her delight to minister to his declining yearsto be the consolation of his repentant soul.

The reunion of Christendom.

The reunion of Christendom; a survey of the present position.

Rutherford B. Hayes, statesman of reunion.

Reunion over lightly.

Reunion in Poland.

Janet Curren Owen (Helen Gould Curren Owen) (A); 4Jan61; R268705. Family reunion.

BUCK, PAUL H. The road to reunion, 1865-1900.

John Dury, advocate of Christian reunion.

John Dury, advocate of Christian reunion.

Reunion in Poland.

Families under stress; adjustment to the crisis of war separation & reunion.

Others, with a still more contracted view, remembering the pleasant reunions at their lodge banquets, the unreserved communications which are thus encouraged, and the solemn obligations of mutual trust and confidence that are continually inculcated, believe that it was intended solely to promote the social sentiments and cement the bonds of friendship.

The number and periodical nature of these great political reunions are undoubtedly a noticeable fact.

"Another day, at one of their reunions, with the king in their midst, Robert of Sorbon reproached Joinville with being "more bravely clad than the king; for," said he, "you do dress in furs and green cloth, which the king doth not."

It saw him making a victorious flight through the forest, his arrival at the shining lake, and his reunion with Willet and Tayoga, those faithful friends of many a peril.

Why this is to be, in truth, a reunion!" Willet put his hands to his mouth trumpet fashion, and uttered a long, piercing shout.

The class reunions were held on Tuesday, June 26ththree days after my collapse.

Headed by brass bands, all the classes whose reunions fall in the same year march to the Yale Athletic Field to see the game and renew their youthusing up as much vigor in one delirious day as would insure a ripe old age if less prodigally expended.

At last we met them one and all in great public meetings and parlor reunions, at dinners and receptions.

Families scattered in different parts of Belgium could not hold reunions.

Some day a few of their neutral neighbours who fought by their side will be joining in their army reunions and remarking, "Wasn't that mud in Flanders" etc.

Madame Tallien, the all-powerful wife of one of the five directors who now swayed the destinies of France; Madame Récamier, the friend of all the eminent and distinguished men of that period; and Madame de Staël, the daughter of Necker, and the wife of the ambassador of Sweden, whose government had recognized the republicthese three ladies gave to Paris its drawing-rooms, its reunions, its fêtes, its fashions, and its luxury.

To be sure, these entertainments and reunions still wore a sufficiently strange and fantastic appearance.

It was under Hortense's fostering hand that art and science first made their way into the aristocratic parlors of Holland, giving to their social reunions a higher and nobler importance.

How painful was this reunion of mother and daughter, how many tears were shed, how bitter were the lamentations Josephine whispered in her daughter's ear!

Receive it back, as the beautiful twining-plant receives again its blossom in token of its reunion with the spring.

Happy are you in your reunion with your wife; happy are you in beholding the face of your own son.

His jesting about what had so marred the hour of reunion brought a surge of anger to Kate's brain.

"A sort of previous neighborhood reunion," said he.

Now, since it has come, I think I can see that an easy defeat of the Southern armies will not bring about a wholesome reunion.

The following is a list of the members of the party so far as can be ascertained, as gathered from recollections and from the reports of the meetings of the reunions.

I am sure you would, dear Ellenparted, as we should be, but for a season, and sure of a reunion.

At supper that evening Edwards said: "When the old settlers hold their reunions in the next generation, they'll say, 'Thirty years ago Uncle Jack Martin settled over there on Big Turkey,' and point him out to their children as one of the pioneer fathers.

A head of a Merovingian style, resting against a bowl, a bearded man, at once resembling a Buddhist priest and an orator at a public reunion, touching the ball of a gigantic cannon with his fingers; a frightful spider revealing a human face in its body.

Delightful Reunions XXIV.


At one of these reunions of the Blue and the Gray so happily common of late, a northern veteran, who had lost both arms and both legs in the service, caused himself to be posted in a conspicuous place to receive alms.