3513 examples of revenge in sentences

He did not want to smile; he wanted revenge.

The boy was precisely the sort of boy to revenge himself by painting the dog Sammy.

No doubt it was not quite fair for the men of Brazenface to bring the Putney Pet up from London for the occasion; but for some years Gown had been defeated by Town, and they were resolved to have their revenge.

Wast not thy revenge To make me angrie? Sis.

Then I put on this shepheards shape you see; I tooke my bow and quiver as in revenge Against the birds, shooting and following them From tre to tre.

How eager and ingenious must the human mind be about the devil's work, and what long practiceconsidering its visual slowness and dulnessmust it have had at the said work, ever to have picked out this paltry thing among the thousand weeds of the forest as a tool for its jealousy and revenge.

"It was a base, unmanly revenge to take.

The final hour was not yet, but the struggle grew in intensity with the passage of timethe struggle wherein one fought for revenge and future freedom from molestation, but the other for the establishment of a faith in its rightful environment, the manifestation before men of that Faith's determined achievement, the symbol of its destined conquests and divinely appointed power.

" The Muslim pursued his way unchecked to the camp of the Koreitza, just outside the city, where he whispered his insidious messages into the ears of the chief, saying the Kureisch were already weary of fighting and were even now planning a retreat, and would forsake their allies as soon as was expedient, leaving them to the mercy of a Muslim revenge.

His first expedition after the Koreitza massacre in June 627 was directed against the Beni Lahyan, in revenge for their slaughter of the Faithful at Radji.

At Wadi-al-Cora he was seized and plundered by the Beni Judzam, but his property afterwards restored by the influence of a neighbouring tribe allied to Mahomet, who knew something of the revenge meted out by the Prophet.

But all the women of the Jews were not so complacent, and in Zeinab, sister of Marhab, burned all the fierceness and lust for revenge of which the proud Hebrew spirit is capable.

[For the first: to-wit, that he had it once in his head to take you at advantage if he could, I consider* that] pride, revenge, and a delight to tread in unbeaten paths, are principal ingredients in the character of this finished libertine.

Hence, perhaps, it is not difficult to believe, that it became possible for such a wretch as this to give way to his old prejudices against marriage; and to that revenge which had always been a first passion with him.

REVENGE, invoked I to myself, keep thy throne in my heart.

I forgot at the instant all my vows of revenge.

How Juggroo was tricked, and his revenge.

Another, as if in revenge, ran towards the giant, without giving him time to use a second arrow; so he lent him a cuff on the head which broke the bone, and killed him also; which stroke the rest seeing fled in haste through the valley.

To the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States: Having recently received from our late minister plenipotentiary at the Court of London a duplicate of dispatches, the original of which has been sent by the Revenge schooner, not yet arrived, I hasten to lay them before both Houses of Congress.

Many masters whip until they are tireduntil the back is a gore of bloodthen rest upon it: after a short cessation, get up and go at it again; and after having satiated their revenge in the blood of their victims, they sometimes leave them tied, for hours together, bleeding at every wound.

Rather I will take revenge for my nation, and for the sanctuary, and for our wives and children, because all the heathen are gathered to destroy us out of pure hatred.

Normal party rivalry grew into murderous hatred, and in taking revenge upon each other they brought ruin upon the commonwealth.

The action of the sanhedrin aroused Herod's spirit of revenge, and before long, gathering his forces, he marched against Jerusalem and would have put to death the Jewish leaders had not his father dissuaded him.

The master revenge.

By this time he had decided upon his plan of revenge.

3513 examples of  revenge  in sentences