208 examples of revengeful in sentences

If Jack had been loyal to him, loyal to her, Wesley would have been warned that eager eyes were upon him, ready wits reading his purposes, and revengeful hatred ready to slaughter him.

The inhabitants of the Indian Archipelago, and particularly of the island of Java, are of a very sullen and revengeful disposition.

He had seen oppression laying waste the fairest provinces of Europe, he had seen many princes, goaded on by the revengeful passions of their nature, flinging wide their standard to the winds, and dipping their hands in the blood of those who, if Christianity be not a fable, were their very brothers.

They tell us that his anger is not a capricious, revengeful, proud, selfish anger, such as that of the heathen gods: but that it is an orderly anger, a just anger, a loving anger, and therefore an anger which in its wrath can remember mercy.

They say Jacopo is revengeful, and that shame and anger at his defeat in the late regatta, by one old as this, was the reason.

The citizens marvelled that one like me should go at large, while the vindictive and revengeful took the circumstance as a proof of address.

That is part, but only a part, of what I meant just now, by saying that people represent God as capricious, proud, revengeful.'

The Quakers, whose revengeful feelings were not less deep because they were inactive, remembered this man and his associates, in after times.

As may be remarked by the result, for all delicate expeditions the men of the coup d'état took care to employ the Gendarmerie Mobile and the Republican Guard, that it is to say the two corps almost entirely composed of former Municipal Guards, bearing at heart a revengeful remembrance of the events of February.

Theoretically, absolutism may be the best government, if rulers are wise and just; but practically, as men are, despotisms are generally cruel and revengeful.

No, they wouldn't believe me when I said that to be revengeful would cost more than to be forgiving.

And then war takes hold of it, and it all changes under your eyes; you see the heart of your people becoming fouled, getting hard, self-righteous, revengeful.

The students saw that Diamond was really revengeful, and his words seemed to indicate that he intended to report any one whose identity he discovered.

I had always heard the Indian spoken of as a revengeful, bloodthirsty man, who was steeled to endurance and delighted in deeds of cruelty.

To those unacquainted with his private life, his ungoverned passions, and his unprincipled, revengeful disposition, he could appear the gentleman, the philanthropist, and the Christian.

This is the great image of the temple and represents the most cruel and revengeful of all the Hindu gods.

He affirms that the negroes have no disposition to be revengeful.

He was treacherous, revengeful, and cruel beyond description.

It was impossible to harbour revengeful feelings against a wretch so stricken.

An acquaintance once cautioned him against a prisoner, whose temper was extremely violent and revengeful, and who had been heard to swear that he would take the life of some of the keepers.

The backwoodsmen regarded Hamilton with revengeful hatred, and he was not well treated while among them,

[Footnote: Knoxville Gazette, July 13, July 27, 1793, etc., etc.] Revengeful Forays.

They make Him not only anthropomorphic, but of the very lowest type, jealous and revengeful, loving violence rather than mercy.

They are treacherous and revengeful, and for some merely fancied wrong done by us, or by some one else of whom we have no control or knowledge, they may take our scalps, wipe us out of existence and no one will ever know what became of us.

Some western people remembered the history of the Mormons in Illinois and Missouri, and their doings there, feared somewhat for their own safety now that they were so completely under their power, for they knew the Mormons to be revengeful and it was considered very unsafe for any traveler to acknowledge he was from Missouri.

208 examples of  revengeful  in sentences