751 examples of reveries in sentences

And Dr. Hartley, who explains all the phenomena of the imagination by his theory of vibrations and associations, says, that dreams are nothing but the imaginations or reveries of sleeping men, and that they are deducible from three causesviz, the impressions and ideas lately received, and particularly those of the preceding day, the state of the body, more especially of the stomach and brain, and association.

The old master, whose beaming presence had always made him a shining Saturn, spinning and sparkling within the bright circle of his daughters, fell into musing fits, started out of frowning reveries, walked often by himself, and heard business from his overseer fretfully.

He woke from his reveries to discover that she was giving him Tennyson, that fragment from "Guinevere" when Arthur tells her of the dream her guilt has tarnished.

To which I answer, That if our knowledge of our ideas terminate in them, and reach no further, where there is something further intended, our most serious thoughts will be of little more use than the reveries of a crazy brain; and the truths built thereon of no more weight than the discourses of a man who sees things clearly in a dream, and with great assurance utters them.

It is a beauty wrought out from within upon the flesh, the deposit, little cell by cell, of strange thoughts and fantastic reveries and exquisite passions.

She seldom spoke unless she were spoken to, and fell into long reveries, with her eyes on the window or the coals.

Thus prepared, it is a more fierce and fatal stimulant than the paste of sugar and spices to which the Turk resorts, as the food of his voluptuous evening reveries.

What connection is there between their prayers and reveries, and the lively behaviour of this red-faced Abbé?

There are infinite Reveries, numberless Extravagancies, and a perpetual Train of Vanities which pass through both.

On the 13th of May, 1854, as I was riding down to the stores on my usual business, reveries of the past took possession of my mind.

Reveries and Caprices of Miss Catherine.

Reveries and Caprices of Miss Catherine.

And yet, his brow is sometimes clouded, and an unaccountable uneasiness torments him; something seems wanting; his appetite fails, his courage grows feeble, his reveries are painfully prolonged.

Tranquility of mind has returned to our solitary; now, his reveries are more pleasant and less prolonged; his walks through the woods, his moments of repose during the heat of the day seem more endurable since something, besides his shadow, keeps him company; he has resumed his taste for labor since there is somebody to look at him; speech has returned to him since somebody replies to his voice.

Deprived of exercise and of aliment, his thoughts, no longer sustained by reading the Holy Book, were day by day lost in a chaos of dreams and reveries.

The sentiment of chivalry united with the ecstatic reveries of the cloister had produced Mariolatry, and the imagery of the Song of Solomon, in which Christ wooes the soul, had made this feeling of divine love familiar.

She had allowed her soul to wander in one of those delicious reveries, of which the threadbroken and renewed a thousand timesis the work of the joy which hopes, and the sadness which fears.


ROURKE, THOMAS, pseud. SEE Clinton, Daniel J. ROUSSEAU, JEAN JACQUES. Selections from The confessions and Reveries d'un promeneur solitaire.

After enjoying for some time this stupendous and enchanting treat, we kept torturing and progressing, lost in pleasing reveries caused by the fairy scene.

The first day I took a man, an old sailor, who talked incessantly of his adventures, stopping to rest every five minutes, dissipating all my pleasant reveries, and making an unendurable bore of himself.

Sir Thomas More, indulging his classical reveries in this comfortless chamber, regardless of its forlorn and squalid aspect.

To a man fond of localities, travelling either on the continent or in England, will furnish numerous opportunities of indulging the reveries to which they give birth.

Now the earth is over him, as Rossetti would say, and all the reveries that the photographs had inspired resulted in nothing, mere childish sensualities.

The lad passed the summer vacations at the Chateau de Lourps, but his presence could not seduce his mother from her reveries.

751 examples of  reveries  in sentences