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2678 examples of reversing in sentences

This was reversing the point of good manners: for ceremony is an invention to take off the uneasy feeling which we derive from knowing ourselves to be less the object of love and esteem with a fellow-creature than some other person is.

It would be a choice jesthe being the one who has encouraged Christianity by reversing all Marcus Aurelius' wise precautions against their seditious blasphemy!"

Not much news from China, but a letter from Hope Grant, asking me to order to China a Sikh regiment, which has been stopped here by Canning's orders, and I think I shall take the responsibility of reversing C.'s order, with which the men were very much disgusted.

In the December Term following Knox v. Lee was argued by the Attorney-General, and, on May 1, 1871, judgment was entered reversing Hepburn v. Griswold, both the new judges voting with the former minority, thus creating the necessary majority of one.

He is always bringing writs of error, like a pettifogger, and reversing of judgments, though the case be never so plain.

" "I fancy sometimes that they were all meant to be the mates of angels, and stooped to men as a pis aller; reversing the old story of the sons of heaven and the daughters of men.

Domitian, at the commencement of his reign, carried his abhorrence of cruelty to such lengths, that he forbad the sacrificing of oxen, and would sit whole days on the judgment-seat, reversing the unjust decisions of corrupt judges; yet afterwards, he surpassed even Nero in cruelty.

The passage had been made by water, for a subterranean stream must at one time have found an exit here into the Ouysse, and now water was reversing the process by filling up the ancient conduit.

Then somebody at the reversing lever threw it forward too suddenly, and the still chilled engine stopped.

Though the engineer seemed to be taking it easily enough with his hand resting lightly on the reversing-lever, his body at rest, the fireman was kept on the jump.

As the train sped on, the engineer moved the reversing-lever notch by notch nearer the centre of the guide.

It is reversed by means of the same mechanism used on locomotivesthe link-motion and reversing-lever, by which the direction of the steam is reversed and the engine made to run the other way.

To arrive in the morning, when paying a visit especially, is reversing the natural order of things; you are absent-minded until lunch, sleepy all the afternoon, dyspeptic at dinner, when, like as not, some one you have wholly forgotten or hoped to is asked to meet you.



By the use of the Joy gear, cut-off valves may be fitted to both cylinders, that for the low pressure being fixed at the constant position required by the proportion of the cylinders, while that on the high is adjustable; of course, in this case, the position of the quadrants must be only changed for reversing.

I believe the decision was improperly made, and I go for reversing it.

Judge Douglas is furious against those who go for reversing a decision.

At the same time the Parliament under his nominal superintendence had settled down to the congenial task of reversing most of the earlier Acts, and putting everything upon an entirely new footing.

[Footnote 6: Horace and Cicero speak the mind of their educated contemporaries in saying that "we ought to pray to God only for external blessings, but trust to our own efforts for a pure and tranquil soul,"a singular reversing of spiritual religion] CHAPTER IX.

Yes; all was, we deemed, over; but happily a decree, reversing that of Mr. Justice Grose, had gone forth in Heaven.

We shall describe the step as danced by the gentleman: the same directions, reversing the order of the feet, will apply to the lady. 1st beat.

Resume first step with right foot, and repeat throughout, reversing order of feet.

Repeat, reversing order of feet (2nd bar).

No court of justice would or could sanction them without reversing all that is established in judicial proceeding by introducing presumptions at variance with fact and inferences at the expense of reason.

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