2654 examples of revives in sentences

It is a fact that there are more than forty new places ready, or nearly ready, for starting, in and about Blackburn, when trade revives.

The sapling draws its sustenance, and thrives; Though stricken to the heart with winter's cold, The drooping tree revives.

Thy wine doth purify the golden honey; thy perfume, Which thou dost scatter on every little blade of grass that springs, Revives the milkèd cow, and tames the fire-breathing steed.

Why so; thus do I hope to please: Music revives, and mirth is tolerable, Comedy, play thy part, and please; Make merry them that come to joy with thee.

This voice so sweet my pining spirits revives. AMADINE.

He seemingly delights more in exposing blemishes, than in recommending beauties; slightly passes over excellencies, enlarges upon imperfections, and not content with his own severe reflections, revives old scandal, and produces large quotations from the forgotten works of former criticks.

Since painfull sorrowes date hath end And time hath coupled friend with friend, Reioyce we all, reioyce and sing, Let all these groaves of Phoebus ring: Hope having wonne, dispaire is vanisht, Pleasure revives and care is banisht: Then trip we all this Roundelay, And still be mindful of the bay.

As science revives the atoms of Democritus, so art would reproduce the ideas of Phidias and Vitruvius, and even the poetry and sanctity of the Middle Ages.

The moment of liquidation is always painful; but when it is over, credit revives.

He measures his time by glasses of wine, as the ancients did by water-glasses; and as Hermes Trismegistus is said to have kept the first account of hours by the pissing of a beast dedicated to Serapis, he revives that custom in his own practice, and observes it punctually in passing his time.

Faith, I can him thanke That thus revives our meeting with such mirth.

he confesseth of gold, [4160] "that it makes the heart merry, but in no other sense but as it is in a miser's chest:" at mihi plaudo simul ac nummos contemplor in arca, as he said in the poet, it so revives the spirits, and is an excellent recipe against melancholy, For gold in physic is a cordial, Therefore he loved gold in special.

Mr. Trueworth's mate in the interim has conveniently managed to succumb, his old passion revives, and exactly upon the anniversary of Mr. Munden's death he arrives in a chariot and six to claim the fair widow, whose youthful levity has been chastened by the severe discipline of her unfortunate marriage.

"It is cognac," he said; "put a drop or two between her lips while I chafe her handsso; see, she revives," as the white lids quivered for a second, and then the pretty blue eyes opened.

Now friends conversing my soft hours refine, And Tully's Tusculum revives in mine: Now to grave books I bid the mind retreat, And such as make me rather good than great; Or o'er the works of easy Fancy rove, Where flutes and innocence amuse the grove: 70 The native bard that on Sicilian plains First sung the lowly manners of the swains;

In the Arabian woods embost, That no second knows nor third, And lay ere while a holocaust, From out her ashy womb now teem'd, Revives, reflourishes, then vigorous most When most unactive deem'd,

The religious instinct, which has already come to his assistance, revives with force.

A recent writer revives this error in another form, stating that Robertson accompanied Boon to the Watauga in 1769.

The Doubt [which ] was laid revives again, and shews it self in new Difficulties, and that generally for this Reason, because the Mind which is perpetually tost in Controversies and Disputes, is apt to forget the Reasons which had once set it at rest, and to be disquieted with any former Perplexity, when it appears in a new Shape, or is started by a different Hand.

According to Anchises, before the soul revives in another body it must have forgotten all that happened to it in the body of its former owner.

just as physical training carries on the lessons of deportment and the Domestic Science course revives the lessons of the still-room, the kitchen, and the store.

When the man goes into the wilderness to change into a hunter that surviving kinship with the savage revives in his being, and all unconsciously dominates him with driving passion.

We find, as early as 1181, the Assize of Arms, which revives the ancient fyrd or militia.

With not a few families a life-long friendship was established, and to the present hour the mention of Racine revives many pleasant recollections.

If he revives and is sensible, I'll send off at once for Whitlock, or if there is no time, I'll write it down and let him see me sign it.

2654 examples of  revives  in sentences