2654 examples of revives in sentences

But moments of sense must come, when the better nature of the man revives.

bring wine Regent (as the wine is brought and revives her).

Thy wine doth purify the golden honey; thy perfume, Which thou dost scatter on every little blade of grass that springs, Revives the milkèd cow, and tames the fire-breathing steed.

He seemingly delights more in exposing blemishes, than in recommending beauties; slightly passes over excellencies, enlarges upon imperfections, and not content with his own severe reflections, revives old scandal, and produces large quotations from the forgotten works of former criticks.

As science revives the atoms of Democritus, so art would reproduce the ideas of Phidias and Vitruvius, and even the poetry and sanctity of the Middle Ages.

Thy women dawn like summer days Old winters from among; Their eyes are filled with youthful rays, The voice revives in song.

The moment of liquidation is always painful; but when it is over, credit revives.

" "Not at your trade?" "No; but at something else which will pay equally well till trade revives.

Faith, I can him thanke That thus revives our meeting with such mirth.

How notably he embalms a battered beau; how delightfully an amour, that was cold forty years ago, revives in his pages!

" The seer at last revives and turns his face With love that death touched not, his hand doth place With friendly clasp in that of his dear king, And says: "Grieve not, beloved friend, this thing Called death at last must come, why should we fear? 'Tis Hades' mist that opens for thy seer!

Mr. Trueworth's mate in the interim has conveniently managed to succumb, his old passion revives, and exactly upon the anniversary of Mr. Munden's death he arrives in a chariot and six to claim the fair widow, whose youthful levity has been chastened by the severe discipline of her unfortunate marriage.

A woman rarely succumbs to a calamity; however sudden and overwhelming the initial shock may be, she revives and grows cheerful and happy under it in a way and to a degree marvellous to behold.

Culture redresses his balance, puts him among his equals and superiors, revives the delicious sense of sympathy, and warns him of the dangers of solitude and repulsion.

Strength returns, and hope revives!

In the sick room and among the humble, the poor, and the suffering, the good woman, like an angel of light, cheers the hearts and revives the hopes of the poor, the suffering, and the despondent.

The scene of past sufferings revives painful memories.

Mrs. Perkins revives.

' Such an incident revives an aspect of Krishna's early character which up to the present has been somewhat obscured by other events.

When at length Rukmini revives, Krishna hastens to explain that he was only jesting and that in view of her deep love he will never abandon her.

And still notwithstanding life is a note of the Church; she alone revives, even if she declines; heretical and schismatical bodies cannot keep life; they gradually became cold, stiff, and insensible.

In the Occidental Empire tottering more and more in the perpetual menace of the Barbarians now pressing in hordes at the Empire's yielding gates, he revives antiquity, sings of the abduction of Proserpine, lays on his vibrant colors and passes with all his torches alight, into the obscurity that was then engulfing his world.

With not a few families a life-long friendship was established, and to the present hour the mention of Racine revives many pleasant recollections.

Of these rare and valuable volumes the Muses' Library edition is almost an exact reprint, except that it omits the memoir and revives The Improvisatore.

If he revives and is sensible, I'll send off at once for Whitlock, or if there is no time, I'll write it down and let him see me sign it.

2654 examples of  revives  in sentences