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1590 example sentences with  revolved

1590 example sentences with revolved

Overhead, the stars were sliding quickly Westward; and something, mayhaps the particular speed to which they had attained, brought home to me, for the first time, a keen realization of the knowledge that it was the world that revolved.

I revolved her sayings within my restless breast; and, albeit my understanding was blinded, I perceived that what she had said was replete with wisdom, and, almost repenting of what I had uttered and of the course which I had declared I purposed taking, I was wavering in my mind.

was thus made the pivot round which the school revolved; without him there was nothing to take hold of.

Then he turned on the power; the big cylinder revolved; the white paper reeled out like a long ribbon and with a rattle and thump the first copy of the Millville Daily Tribune was deposited, cut and folded, upon the table placed to receive it.

She made the atmosphere, and she was the life-giving sun around which husband and children revolved, and from which they received the real Light of Lifethe power which develops the good in us.

But I threw my case bodily before himthe girlher love for Landisand the fear which revolved around your own unruly eyes, you know, if he were sent back to your father's house.

Gray Stoddard revolved this conception of a chance in the world in his mind for some time.

The ambulance about which the corps revolved, I often met in the streetsempty.

And even at that moment the same plan was being revolved in the mind of Vice-Admiral Beatty as, in his flagship, the Lion, he steamed swiftly northward.

As he walked along his thoughts revolved round the murder of Sir Horace Fewbanks, and the baffling perplexities which had surrounded its elucidation.

The world, notwithstanding, revolved scatheless through the dreaded twelvemonth, and early in the first year of the eleventh century Gerbert was sitting peacefully in his study, perusing a book of magic.

As we went on I revolved within my mind all the curious circumstances in connection with the amazing affair, and recollected my old friend Jack Durnford's words when we stood upon the quarter-deck of the Bulwark and I had related to him the visit of the mysterious yacht.

Often must the young chieftain, while meditating the exploit which has thus immortalized him, have anxiously revolved in his mind the fate of the many great men who had been crushed in the attempt which he was about to renewthe attempt to stay the chariot wheels of triumphant Rome.

And when Ulysses revolved in his mind how that his enemies were a multitude, and he single, he began to despond, and he said: "I shall die an ill death like Agamemnon; in the threshold of my own house I shall perish, like that unfortunate monarch, slain by some one of my wife's suitors."

Before the mine goes over, a windlass inside the plummet-sinker is revolved by hand until the length of cable between the plummet and the anchor-chamber has been reeled off equivalent to the depth below the surface at which the explosive mine is to float.

From THE FRENCH REVOLUTION [DEMOCRACY AND PEACE] Aumont went out and stood in the hollow porch, his ivory wand in his hand; A cold orb of disdain revolved round him, and coverรจd his soul with snows eternal.

The globe, of course, revolved in some 4-1/ hours of earthly time, and, as I descended, presented successively every part of its surface to my view.

Scattered once more over the surface of a defined sky, it was much easier than in space to recognise the several constellations; but their new and strange situations were not a little surprising at first sight, some of those which, as seen on Earth revolved slowly in the neighbourhood of the poles, being now not far from the tropics, and some, which had their place within the tropics, now lying far to north or south.

Solemn thoughts revolved in her mind; still, she was not unhappy.

He revolved in mind the need for him to be cool and decisive when facing the circumstances that were sure to arise.

She revolved in her mind all the particulars of her situation.

As it gained the topmost step a final report sounded in the saloon, and the figure checked, revolved slowly on a heel, tottered, and plunged headforemost down the steps again.

And this was why, since his return to Janville, the earth, the soil had attracted him, detained him during his frequent walks, while he revolved vague but ever-expanding thoughts in his mind.

After a half-hour more of uncomfortable tension the engines began to sputter, the propellers revolved, andwe were safe!

Mrs. Montagu's dinners and assemblies,' writes Wraxall, 'were principally supported by, and they fell with, the giant talents of Johnson, who formed the nucleus round which all the subordinate members revolved.'

For a time he ate with great deliberation and revolved an interesting thought in his mind.

"Don't I look as if I had?" and, throwing off her wraps, Kitty revolved slowly before her that she might behold every portion of the wreck.

Emily revolved, in her mind, during their short ride, the horrid distress she had witnessed.

She revolved in her mind his conduct on various occasions, and wondered how one who could behave so well in common, could thus yield to temptation on a particular occasion.

My thoughts have now for a long time past so frequently and so involuntarily revolved on the subject that I begin to be very jealous over them, and to query whether it is the workings of self-imaginations.

My head revolved as on a hidden pivot.

And as he revolved these doubts from time to time, and as he thought of Mademoiselle de Barras's transient, but unaccountable embarrassment at the mention of Rouen by Sir Wynstonan embarrassment which the baronet himself appeared for a moment to reciprocateundefined, glimmering suspicions of another kind flickered through the darkness of his mind.

As often as she experienced one of these studied slights or insinuated impertinences, she revolved in her own mind all the incidents of their past intercourse, in the vain endeavor to recollect some one among them which could possibly account for the offensive change so manifest in the conduct of the young Frenchwoman.

But in what class, my dear Philo, shall we rank those historians who are perpetually making use of poetical expressions, such as "the engine crushed, the wall thundered," and in another place, "Edessa resounded with the shock of arms, and all was noise and tumult around;" and again, "often the leader in his mind revolved how best he might approach the wall."

So now the procession was sent back into the passage and rearranged in proper order; the signal was given to begin and in an instant the camera renewed its clicking as the operator slowly revolved the handle that carried the long strip of film past the lenses.

He puffed his cigar silently while he revolved the startling accusation in his mind.

He walked about the room in anxious agitation; sometimes he looked at his watch, sometimes he looked out at the window with an eager gaze of expectation, and revolved in his mind the various accidents of human life.

Now he revolved the tobacco with a furtive tongue and spat thickly upon the floor.

They all held to the idea that the heavenly bodies revolved around the earth, and that the earth was a plain; but they explained eclipses, and supposed that the moon derived its light from the sun.

It is supposed that he maintained that the sun was the centre of the universe, and that the earth revolved around it; but this he did not demonstrate, and his whole system was unscientific, assuming certain arbitrary principles, from which he reasoned deductively.

Nor did this hypothesis gain credit, since it was the fixed opinion of philosophers that the earth was the centre of the universe, around which the sun, moon, and planets revolved.

The chariot was of wood, the body of which was light, strengthened with metal; the pole was inserted in the axle; the two wheels usually had six spokes, but sometimes only four; the wheel revolved on the axle, and was secured by a lynch-pin.

Till ringing, singing on its way The world revolved from night to day, A voice, a chime, a chant sublime Of peace on Earth, good will to men.

Till ringing, singing on its way The world revolved from night to day, A voice, a chime, a chant sublime Of peace on Earth, good will to men.

Till ringing, singing on its way The world revolved from night to day, A voice, a chime, a chant sublime Of peace on Earth, good will to men.

It was hard to believe that the earth revolved around the sun, when the opinions of the learned for two thousand years were unanimous that the sun revolved around the earth.

It was hard to believe that the earth revolved around the sun, when the opinions of the learned for two thousand years were unanimous that the sun revolved around the earth.

Assuming that the sun revolved around the earth, all their astronomical speculations were worthless, even as the assumption of the old doctrine of atoms in our times has led scientists to the wildest conclusions.

The opinion that the earth revolved around his one small person was natural at the age of four, but the same idea of the universe still existed in Gilbert's mind.

"I suppose a body might expect to see you back again, another season," observed Daggett, glancing meaningly towards his companion, as if he had seriously revolved so desperate a plan in his mind.

Again and again the panorama of the preceding evening revolved through the halls of memory with every variety of fantastic change.

She passed her arm round Eulalia, and for a few moments they revolved round the room to the circling music.

Mr. Roundjacket was astounded at finding such savage ignorance in his companion;he revolved in his mind the means of enlightening Verty, in vain.

Mr. Jinks has revolved, in the depths of his gloomy soul, these darling projects, and has, perforce of his grand faculty of invention, determined upon his course in two out of the three affairs.

But when the principal magi told him, with a haughty and contemptuous air, that his sentiments were of a dangerous tendency, and that it was to be an enemy to the state to believe that the sun revolved round its own axis, and that the year had twelve months, he held his tongue with great modesty and meekness.

She knew that somewhere in the green abyss His body swung in curves of watery force, Now in a circle slow revolved, and now Swaying like wind-swung bell, when surface waves Sank their roots deep enough to reach the waif, Hither and thither, idly to and fro, Wandering unheeding through the heedless sea.

There was a sharp snick, and the door revolved slowly upon its hinges.

I have revolved a thousand schemes, which to recommend to the pursuit of the statesman of my own creation.

This visit and seeming friendship of Cromwel not a little affected him, he revolved in his mind the proposal which he made, and as his fate was approaching, perhaps his resolution staggered a little, but calling to mind his former vows, his conscience, his honour, he recovered himself again, and stood firmly prepared for his fall.

Here, as lesser stars, they revolved around the great central orb of regal splendor, proud to belong to another world than that in which the plebeian millions toiled and suffered.

The old associations of the Weimar world, which still revolved its little round, the much-enlightened traveller had outgrown.

He had become fascinated with the life in the mountains, but when he revolved the whole matter in his mind he saw that it was indeed wiser for him to return to his home; and under what joyful circumstances he would return!

While the parliament thus spent its time in the prosecution of an offence which concerned it not, Cromwell anxiously revolved in his own mind a secret project of the first importance to himself and the country.

Naturally, therefore, it became a point of some interest with us, whose journeys revolved every six weeks on an average, to look a little into the executive details of the system.

This was her dream, the plan which she revolved in her mind during her long silence, while her eyes shone and her hands burned with feverto have the key, to open the press, to take and burn everything in an auto da fe which would be pleasing to God.

Within the brief space of one generation, within the limit of one man's memory, vengeance has revolved full circle; and while the sleepless Nemesis points with unresting finger to the barren rock and the insulted captive, she turns with meaning smile to the borders of the Seine, where mausoleum and palace stand in significant proximity,the one covering the dust of the first empire, the other the home of the triumphant grandson of Josephine.

The memory languidly revolved, the heart Reposed in noontide rest, the inner pulse Of contemplation almost failed to beat.

And the exact distance for a one-day moon, for a moon that would always be in the same place in the heavens, moving as the earth revolved on its axis, would be about 24,998 miles.

As he rode away that afternoon, Lawrence Croft, as his habit was on such occasions, revolved in his mind what he had heard and said and done during this little visit to the Keswick family.

He said to himself that perhaps she was right ... that perhaps there was something he ought to do ... that his mother was old, and didn't always see things; and for a while his mind revolved this problem with feverish intensity....

Not a light was shown, not a voice raised on board, and the only sound heard was the gentle splash of the paddles as they revolved at their slowest rate of speed.

Upon a late occasion, when trying one of the larger class of vessels which had just been furnished by him upon this principle, some persons not perceiving the true nature of the figure employed, contended that some opposition must be experienced by the central portion of the screw, which revolved so much less rapidly than the rate of the ship itself.

He opened the throttle-valve just a little, so that but little steam was admitted to the cylinders, and the pistons being pushed out slowly, the driving-wheels revolved slowly and the train started gradually.

As most automobiles are propelled by power applied to the rear axle, to which the wheels are fixed, it is manifest that unless some device were made to correct the fault one wheel would have to slide while the other revolved.

It will be noticed that the little wind-turbine that you blow with your breath spins very rapidly; so, too, do the wheels spun by the steamy breath of the boilers, and Mr. Parsons found that the propeller fastened to the shaft of his engine revolved so fast that a vacuum was formed around the blades, and its work was not half done.

To reverse the direction, the steam was shut off the engines which revolved from right to left and turned on those designed to run backward, or from left to right.

One set of the turbines revolved the propellers so that they pushed, and the other set, turning them the other way, pulled the vessel backwardone set revolving in a vacuum and doing no work, while the other supplied the power.

The reel is hung by its axle over a great trough containing gallons of developer, so that the film wound upon it is submerged; and as the reel is revolved all of the sensitised surface is exposed to the action of the chemicals and gradually the latent pictures are developed.

The films are wound on the great drums and run through the developer in the troughs as the drums are slowly revolved.]

What exotic life there was beyond the clubs, the waterfront, and the Asiatic quarter revolved around the Tiare, and entirely so because of its proprietress, Lovaina.

Sometimes he revolved once more his favourite plan of an Epic poem, and "Edward the Black Prince" loomed for a season before him as its hero.

Annie dropped into a sweet slumber, the first that had visited her eyes for several nights; and Edward revolved many things in his mind, as he held her to his heart.

One young man, who might have been a cavalry officer, was riding a queer bicycle which never moved off its pedestal, though its wheels revolved to the efforts of its rider.

The rags are put into wire cages that have six divisions, and that are located in the middle of the chamber, where they are slowly revolved by means of gearings.

These moons were never high in the sky, but vanished as they rose: that is, every time they revolved they were eclipsed because they were so near their primary planet.

Published by James Pott & Co.] BY T. FRANCIS BUMPUS ByzantiumVeniceAntwerp, these are the centers around which the modern world has revolved, for we must include its commercial with its social progress, and with those interests which develop with society.

It would take more than the advent of these gay comets in his sky to disturb his content in the stars which revolved loyally about him.

Someone remarked that they resembled geese hanging before the fire to roast, as they slowly revolved, and it was all owing to their fatigue that the suggester did not receive merited punishment then and there at their hands.

This we did now, but still revolved the best plans and the most fortunate possibilities in our minds.

It was a bold resolution, I think, and I revolved the situation in my mind during two days, thinking over what I should say.

There was so much to think about, and for a while her tired brain revolved around Guy and all that his departure meant to her.

During one entire hour the ponderous machine slowly revolved, so as to exhibit him to all the assemblage; and at the end of that time the yet more barbarous part of the sentence, for which the ferocious mob had been impatiently waiting, was carried out.

CHAPTER VI THE LIE ON THE FILM At the end of an absorbingly interesting reel showing the Kaiser reviewing his troops, a huge green trade-mark globe revolved with a streamer fluttering Berlin.

In such a way, Rococo art revolved around themes such as love, romance, fun, landscapes, and mere portraits.

He also has mutant powers that revolved around the creation and manipulation of psionic energy.

Much of the online chatter has revolved around Baskin, an eccentric flower-crowned big cat sanctuary owner in Florida whom Joe despised and frequently accused of murdering her ex-husband, Don Lewis, who disappeared in 1997.

Prosecutors are still determining Haspilโ€™s motive, but they believe the killing revolved around the theft.

Back then, by his own account, Mr. Hobbsโ€™ life revolved entirely around football and other sports โ€“ and still does to a degree.

Early contact revolved around exploration and then an offshore fur-trade industry that involved little interest in actually occupying or settling what is now known as BC.

Mr. Mercier commented that discussions to date have revolved around trying to address a lot of the ergonomic issues associated with the system.