220 examples of rhetoricians in sentences

It is important that the modern reader bear these facts in mind; for in the nineteenth century text-books of rhetoric came to include description of a kind little considered by classical rhetoricians, and narrative of an aim and scope which they excluded.

Occasional oratory seems to have given no little concern to the classical rhetoricians.

3. Content of Classical Rhetoric Classical rhetoricians commonly divided their subject into five parts.

Correctness is usually presupposed by the rhetoricians.

The poets justly carry over rhetoric when the scene demands it, and have often proved themselves excellent rhetoricians.

Thus it was very natural that the discussions of artistic prose in the treatises of the later rhetoricians should be copiously illustrated by quotations from the poets, and that the poets should, in turn, be influenced in the direction of further sophistical niceties by the rhetorical treatises on style, such as those of Demetrius and Dionysius of Halicarnassus, who devoted whole treatises to style alone.

While the rhetoricians were exemplifying from the poets their schemes and tropes, their well joined words, "smooth, soft as a maiden's face,"[103] the poets on their part were assiduously practicing all the rhetorical devices of style.

Quintilian is a Latin classic, and belongs to the class of rhetoricians.

The schools of Athens could make Sophists, rhetoricians, dialecticians, and sceptics.

My lord, if I should bring before your honour all my friends, ready to importune you in my behalf, I should have so many rhetoricians, logicians, lawyers, and (which is more) so many women, to attend me, that this grove would hardly contain the company; wherefore, to avoid the tediousness, I will lay the whole cause upon the tip of mine own tongue.

and when you were become a youth and attended the rhetoricians, and yourself practised rhetoric, what did you imagine that you were deficient in?

" Of so many myriads of poets, rhetoricians, philosophers, sophisters, as [1940]Eusebius well observes, which have written in former ages, scarce one of a thousand's works remains, nomina et libri simul cum corporibus interierunt, their books and bodies are perished together.

Now for poets, rhetoricians, historians, philosophers, [2009]mathematicians, sophisters, &c.; they are like grasshoppers, sing they must in summer, and pine in the winter, for there is no preferment for them.

The Imagination and Elocution of this Set of Rhetoricians is wonderful.

For all men who wish to be approved of, regard the inclination of those men who are their hearers, and form and adapt themselves entirely which of the Greek rhetoricians ever drew any of his rules from Thucydides?

This is what Aristotle trained young men in, not after the fashion of ordinary philosophers, by subtle dissertations, but in the way of rhetoricians, making them argue on each side, in order that it might be discussed with more elegance and more copiousness; and he also gave them topics (for that is what he called them) as heads of arguments, from which every sort of oration might be applied to either side of the question.

There is a third kind adopted by those brothers, the chiefs of the Asiatic rhetoricians, Hierocles and Maecles, men who are not at all to be despised, in my opinion at least.

He found it fully formed and developed, but not yet uniformed and cramped and disciplined by the lexicographers and rhetoricians,those martinets of language, who seem to have lost for us in force and flexibility as much as they have gained for us in precision.

" Condivi, summing up his notes of this period spent by Michelangelo at Florence, says: "He stayed there some time without working to much purpose in his craft, having taken to the study of poets and rhetoricians in the vulgar tongue, and to the composition of sonnets for his pleasure."

"To justify myself in not following the track of the ancient rhetoricians.

"On this subject, [the Harmony of Periods,] the ancient rhetoricians have entered into a very minute and particular detail; more particular, indeed, than on any other head that regards language."See

Mrs. Randall Jarrell (Mary Jarrell) (W); 23Feb68; R430132. The rhetoricians.

Mrs. Randall Jarrell (Mary Jarrell) (W); 23Feb68; R430132. The rhetoricians.

In England, you distinguish too much in favour of the latter; and, in a question of purchase, a Minister often prefers a "commodity" of rhetoricians, to one of "good names.

In England, you distinguish too much in favour of the latter; and, in a question of purchase, a Minister often prefers a "commodity" of rhetoricians, to one of "good names.

220 examples of  rhetoricians  in sentences