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81 example sentences with  ricochets

81 example sentences with ricochets

The light ricocheted off of the Glass Cat's tail and struck the gray light that had been circling the Elfland float.

The more charitably inclined historian interprets his acts as the result of tender regard for the helpless and innocent, rather than cowardice, especially as his daughter and her little children came near being slain by a ricocheting cannon-ball, which almost annihilated a group of officers in front of the door of the house in which the mother and her children were.

Recoil N. recoil; reaction, retroaction; revulsion; bounce, rebound, ricochet; repercussion, recalcitration^; kick, contrecoup [Fr.]; springing back &c v.; elasticity &c 325; reflection, reflexion [Brit.], reflex, reflux; reverberation &c (resonance) 408; rebuff, repulse; return.

V. recoil, react; spring back, fly back, bounce back, bound back; rebound, reverberate, repercuss^, recalcitrate^; echo, ricochet.

Dust-clouds rose from the uncarpeted floors and choked me; incontinent Echo coughed answering ricochets to my footsteps in the gathering darkness, and added emphasis to the funereal gloom of the dwelling.

The bullet was a ricochet, and struck the tigress below the chest, and travelled towards the heart, but without touching it.

Our guns came into action at a distance of about 1,000 yards from the village, and were soon answered by those of the enemy, their shot striking unpleasantly close to our line, and ricochetting over our heads.

A splinter of rock, or perhaps a bullet, with its jacket split, ricocheting sidewise, had torn it clean from the flesh.

A ball struck close to the stroke-oar of the gig, deluging its occupants with water and ricochetting over the gunwale of the boat, between the stroke-oar and Mr. Hethcote.

There is a drawing of it by M. Lesueur in Plate 22 Figure 6 of Peron's Atlas; it is there described by the name of sabre a ricochet.

M. Lesueur has however failed in his sabre a ricochet.)

Nothing could ruffle Tacony, or produce one false step: he flew round the course, every stride like the ricochet of a 32lb. shot; his adversary broke-up again and again, losing both his temper and his place, and barely saved his distance, as the gallant Taconyhis rider with a slack rein, and patting him on the neckreached the winning-posttime, 2m. 25s.

He arrived there wet to the skin and chilled to the bone, with his shoulder stinging abominably from the ragged tear of a ricochet bullet that had caught him in the last second on the parapet, and, above all, still filled with a consuming anger against the German sergeant.

Russell, obedient to the laws of inertia, made a parabola over the dashboard, landed on the back of the patient beast, ricochetted to the ground, cutting his forehead on the shaft as he descended, a scar whereof he carries unto this day, and plunged into a yielding cushion of mud at the roadside.

Judging from the quantity of stuff that ricocheted from the Santa FĆ© it was Miss Dunlap's evident desire to present him with a whole housekeeping equipment as quickly as possible.

Employ the side walls as much as possible to keep the ball ricocheting and rocketing about the court so your opponent becomes frustrated and almost dizzy from following the flight of your angled shots.

"There goes a shot, sir," said Buzzby, pointing towards the piratical schooner, from the side of which a white cloud burst, and a round shot ricochetted over the sea, passing close ahead of the ship.

But with all these assurances, we would as soon expect the people of Woolwich to suffer themselves to be fired off upon one of Congreve's ricochet rockets, as trust themselves to the mercy of such a machine going at such a rate.

" * * * * * "A bullet fired at a pig from a humane killer, struck the wall of a Merthyr Tydvil slaughterhouse, ricochetted and wounded a butcher's manager.

A large mass of metal and masonry, extraordinarily like the clock-tower in the middle of the market square, hit the earth near him, ricochetted over him, and flew into stonework, bricks, and cement, like a bursting bomb.

Then a spent or ricochet bullet swept overhead, with the whistle of complaint of spent bullets at having travelled far without hitting any object.

Other people ricochetted from side to side of the car, reviving this, rediscovering that, anticipating t'other thing, which, sure enough, slid round the next curve to meet them, caring nothing if all the world knew they were home again; and the newly arrived Englishman with his large wooden packing-cases marked 'Settlers' Effects' had no more part in the show than a new boy his first day at school.

They rocketted and ricochetted; they were here, they were there, they were everywhere, the buckskin squealing like a pig, and fighting with every ounce of the strength that lay in his steel strung legs; the dust rose in clouds; Red's hat flew in no time; he was yelling like a maniac, and the crowd was yelling like more maniacs.

Many glanced, spun ricochetting into the sea, and with a venomous buzzing like huge, angry hornets, lost themselves in quick, white spurts of foam.

The first shell flung a perfect tornado of brine into air, glistening; it ricochetted twice, and plunged into the dunes.

Ricochet is a 1991 American action crime thriller movie.

The sixth and final bullet ricocheted off the armored side of the limousine and hit the president in his left underarm, grazing a rib and lodging in his lung, stopping nearly 1 inch (25mm) from his heart.

According to the young coach Ukai, his play style most resembles the former "Little Giant" and can do impressive feats like changing the angle of his spike and ricocheting the ball off blocker's hands to make it difficult to receive.

After, Ricochet kept control and kicked Rollins in the face before hitting him with a springboard clothesline.

Billing challenges Gross and itā€™s the Brighton man it ricochets off, by the looks of things.

Campana also had a close call when a German rifle round ricocheted off the buckle of his ammo belt.

Cedric Alexander and Ricochet vs. Shane Thorne and Brendan Vink: A soft Miss.

Afterward, Ali offered Ricochet a chance at a new beginning by offering him a shot in Retribution.

Aides fear that Mr. Trumpā€™s attacks on Mr. Bidenā€™s family will ricochet, engendering sympathy from viewers.

Ali performed a top rope splash onto Ricochet on the floor.

Ali said Ricochet made the decision not to join them and now Slapjack would show him the consequences.

Girard clanged an open floater on one possession and fired a pass to no one, ricocheting the ball off the hoopā€™s padding.

Hearing Ricochetā€™s music play after Paul Heyman asked who could eliminate Brock Lesnar felt like a punchline.

He had one shot ricochet off the post and Anton Khudobin was falling back when he extended his left arm for a glove save on another Kadri shot headed toward the net.

He originally made the jump to the main roster as a tag team wrestler alongside Ricochet, but the former NXT Champion kicked off his singles run by daring other wrestlers to "knock on my door" and "pick a fight with me."

Heyman said when Lesnar lays waste to Ricochet, itā€™s more special than usual because the stakes have never been higher for a Lesnar match.

A match with Orton would enhance Ciampa as a face, giving him main roster credibility after injury prevented him from following Black and Ricochet's call-ups.

In contention late in his round on Friday, Woods hit a perfect third shot into the par-5 15th, so perfect that it hit the flagstick and ricocheted back into the pond in front of the green.

In theory, the idea was sound ā€“ give Ricochet a win over a large opponent ahead of his Lesnar match.

In total, 19 members of the roster won two titles over the course of the year, with Erik, Ivar and Ricochet holding titles on both NXT and the main roster.

ā€œI read a tweet yesterday that I almost QTed but didnā€™t because she was being so naively earnest,ā€ Bethany Mandel, an editor at Ricochet, said Monday.

Itā€™s a pretty short match with a tower of doom and Ricochet kicking Lashley down and 630ing him to win before Brock runs in and 5Fs him.

It then bounces off and hits another piece of wood, before ricocheting off that amd bouncing halfway down a flight of stairs.

It took less than six minutes for Rangers to take the lead, with Mebude finishing on the turn after ball ricocheted off Kevin McHattie into his path.

Lesnar defended his title against Ricochet at to ensure this would be the match.

Lesnar took his first Monday of 2020 off last week while McIntyre talked himself up and Ricochet picked up a win.

Logan Hutsko got the puck in front of the net before it ricocheted off Alex Vlasic and past Ashton Abel.

Many heartbroken city residents have rallied around their native son as news of his fatal shooting ricocheted through neighbors' Facebook pages, and they condemned the officer's actions.

Moreover, shielding doesn't protect against the greatest radiation effect: "scatter," which occurs when radiation ricochets inside the body, including under the shield, and eventually deposits its energy in tissues.

News of Bryant's tragic death also ricocheted around the globe, landing on the front pages of newspapers in Spain.

One white inmate was hit in the groin by a ricochet bullet.

On Tuesday, an audio recording ricocheted around social media of the then-mayor defending his police departmentā€™s use of the controversial ā€œstop-and-friskā€ tactic during a 2015 appearance at the Aspen Institute.

Raz's raps are unfailingly dead-serious and personal, sharply ricocheting off race, gentrification, and gun violence (just to pick a few) on the way to the hook.

Ricochet gave him a Recoil.

Ricochet is a former NXT North American Champion and captured the WWE United States Championship after moving to the main roster.

Ricochet kept his eyes on Ali for the first few moments and Slapjack took advantage.

Ricochet was thrown to ringside, then the Retribution members put the boots to Tucker.

Solly March flicked on a corner, the ball ricocheted around the box, Arsenal panicked and Holding smashed the ball against Dunk and was helpless as the ball rebounded into the net.

Some places, including Ricochet Tacos in downtown Valparaiso, opted to stick with carryout and delivery, and hold off on dine-in customers.

So while Alexander and Ricochet try to rebuild the momentum it's time to ask an important question ā€” who the heck are Thorne and Vink?

The ball ricochets for an extra, and Burns takes a while to settle at the far end, in some discomfort.

The bullet entered McCann's body along his belt line, tearing skin and muscle before ricocheting off his pelvis, which fractured, and exiting through his right groin.

Then a ricochet hit the armour.

The puck ricochets off Hermantown goaltender Jacob Backstrom (32) in the first period against C-E-C Thursday at Hermantown Hockey Arena.

There was more than a hint of fortune to City's third as Matt Ritchie's attempted clearance ricocheted off Federico Fernandez into his own net.

The visitors piled more a late winner but again, Prince was denied twice, one by the goalkeeper and other ricocheting off the bar.

The WWE champion and his humble advocate went through their usual schtick and then Ricochet appeared almost out of nowhere.

They discuss Ricochet earning a WWE Title shot against Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton coming out to address Edge, Charlotte confronted by Rhea Ripley, Drew McIntyre conveys confidence, and more.

Was unable to prevent Brandon Saadā€™s deflection in the high slot on the 3-1, and unlucky when the tipped puck ricocheted off Nurse himself and skipped past Smith.

We deeply felt Ricochetā€™s loss when he died four years ago, and we also worried about his adult son, Drew, who is smart and charismatic but had been messing with drugs since he was 12.

When Charly asked how, he rambled on about how it is about going ā€œout thereā€ every night and performing and not whether you win or lose (news flash Ricochet: it is all about winning).

When the forward Angela Addison was clattered, up stepped the defender Siri Worm and her whipped-in ball ricocheted heavily off the bar before being cleared.

He comes across as an everyman Tom Hanks, albeit with a rapid-fire mind that ricochets off everything around him like a human Gatling gun.

He is given control over the juice taken from a flower hit by Cupidā€™s ricocheting arrow, and applies it with equal randomness, causing equal madness in love.

Later, in surveying the damage, I'd see that liquid poop had actually managed to ricochet out of the bowl and run down the side on to the floor.

There were people in the vicinity who could have been injured or killed if a shot had ricocheted.