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Do we say   riff   or  rift

Do we say riff or rift

riff 34 occurrences

After drafting a number of well-to-do farmers, whom he knows will pay him snug sums of money rather than to serve under him, he pockets their money and proceeds to fill his company from the riff-raff of the country through which he passes.

Here I found assembled a motley assemblage of citizens, negroes, steamboat-hands, and the general riff-raff of the place.

I am a bit of dirty riff-raff, and a genuine scrap of rag, tag, and bobtail," said Mr. Bounderby.

Shy of meeting those who had once treated him as an equal, imagining when he did meet them that now they only admitted him to their company on sufferance and held him in their thoughts of no account, he had become avid for recognition among the riff-raff of the town.

A popular audience, however, does not necessarily mean the mere riff-raff of the theatrical public.

Princes and Government officials also travel with an enormous following, mainly composed of hangers-on and riff-raff, who plunder and devastate as ruthlessly as a band of Kurd or Turkoman robbers.

She could not imagine his "putting on airs," as he would call it, though she thought it might be better if he were less of the "hail-fellow-well-met," and more of the master in manner among his own cattlemen, and particularly with the wild riff-raff that had rushed to his land with the oil boom.

Something has thus been gained; but the greatest gain ever yet won for the cause of peace was the refusal of the Catalonian reservists to serve in the war against the Riff mountaineers of Morocco in July 1909.

Their influence in government would be infinitely more wholesome than the influence of the white sansculotte, the riff-raff, the idlers, the rowdies, and the outlaws.

"I am sorry for that," he rejoined, with evident disapproval; "she oughtn't to have come among these riff-raff.

Oh, sic riff-raff!

I tried to find a railway official; but I might almost as well have looked for a flea in a flower-gardenno badges, no distinctive marks, the station full of all the riff-raff of the town;it was hopeless.

"The article then goes on to explain the methods employed at electionsviz., a lazy fellow who wont work, brawls, and drinks, and spouts, and defames every honest man in the ward, till he becomes a semi-deity among the riff-raff, then "his position is found out by those who want to use him.

First, that honest people should not leave politics to the riff-raff.

That night I walked through the waist of the ship and on to the promenade-deck of the third-class passengers, where a huddle of stores, coiled ropes, and riff-raff prevented these poor from taking any pleasurable exercise.

" Occasionally you will find them degraded from their high estate and fallen among the riff-raff of slang.

A couple o' policemen was standing by the gate and arf the riff-raff of Wapping behind 'em.

When one speaks of Congressmen or Members of Parliament one thinks, to be plain about it, of intellectual riff-raff.

In the most obscure alley in Marseilles there is a caf frequented by sailors, riff-raff from the waterfront and thieves.

"The hoi polloi and the riff-raff always get in at home.

It was quite as evident, too, that the criminal riff-raff of this world and hour found lodging in the lower city, as did its aristocracy in The Pleiad.

I don't drive the riff-raff."

They were the riff-raff of the battle, the skulkers, the cowards, the slightly wounded, making pin pricks an excuse for escape.

Bell, from a side window joined in, and a single glance told the reason: up from the south rode cavalry, sweeping the pike clean of its riff-raff, and behind, barely visible through the dust, tramped a compact mass of infantry, breaking into double time.

But de Cap'ns bein' dere kep' de rip-rap[FN: riff-raff] sojers frum tearin' up ever'thing.

When the Parson therefore in his order comes to tell his tale, which reflected on the clergy, he says, I am a southern man, I cannot jest, rum, ram, riff, by letter, And God wote, rime hold I but little better.

She was one of a mob, composed of all the unoccupied riff-raff of Folkestone, who were following the band of the Third Berkshire Infantry, then in camp at Sandgate.

But they are the people of quality and tone, about whom one wants to know much more than about sun-burnt and positive Generalsthe strong silent sortor overworked politicians bent on conciliating the riff-raff.

RIFF, the name given to the N. coast-lands of Morocco from Tangiers to Algeria; is a mountainous and woody region, with a rugged foreshore, inhabited by lawless Berbers.

Thus it would finally result that the ordinary unspecialized flowers, which depended upon small insect riff-raff, would be mostly left yellow or white; those which appealed to rather higher insects would become pink or red; and those which laid themselves out for bees or butterflies, the aristocrats of the arthropodous world, would grow for the most part to be purple or blue.

were bees, while the remainder consisted mainly of miscellaneous small flies and other arthropodous riff-raff, whereas, in the brilliant class of composites, including the asters, sunflowers, daisies, dandelions, and thistles, nearly seventy-five per cent.

Back of all are Dhobee, the washerman, and Dirzce, the tailor, and Mehter, the sweeper, and Mussalehee, the torch-boy, and Metranee, the scullion,and all the rest of the household riff-raffry.

Swam out of sight of the sands to rid myself of a view of the excursion riff-raff thereon congregated.

Some of the plingers amongst this riff-raff must have recognized their mate, and thinking that the trouble was merely a case of a street beggar insulting a citizen, and noting that this one wore the hated uniform of a railroad manevery tough's sworn enemythey made common cause and the next moment Joe saw a heavy beer bottle descending upon his head, then all was darkness.

rift 150 occurrences

Then, the course of my journey was altered, and I began to move along their bases, until, all at once, I saw that I had come opposite to a vast rift, opening into the mountains.

Until then, I had been staying just within the shadow of the exit of the great rift.

The murky light was too dim for me to make out details; but after a moment a rift in the veil enabled me to identify Dr. Schermerhorn carrying, with great difficulty, the chest.

A HAWK SCREAMS IN THE EVENING Those two days in the stockade were like a rift of sun in a stormy day, and the next morn the clouds descended.

Thou Greek King, Who deem'st thy fortune now so high a thing, Thou dust of the earth, a lowlier bed I see, In darkness, not in light, awaiting thee: And with thee, with thee ... there, where yawneth plain A rift of the hills, raging with winter rain, Dead ... and out-cast ... and naked....

You, I am sure, will forgive me for sincerely remarking that you might curb your magnanimity, and be more of an artist, and load every rift of your subject with ore.

Both these women were conscious of the little rift within the lute, but such rifts are better treated with silence.

They clearly know of usperhaps had a glimpse through some rift in the cloudand are seeking to board with a boat party.

There was a rift in the sombre roofing of clouds; she saw a strip of clean blue sky through which a splendid sun shone.

In this greasy rift the air lay thick, as though smeared into a groove.

Above him was a narrow rift through the ice to the gravel beneath; how it was made, Bull could not guess.

He was suddenly confronted with the possibility of a rift in his relations with Elizabeth; with a sudden surging doubt, not of Elizabeth herself but simply a feeling of insecurity with regard to their future.

delightupon May- day, in shortwas disclosed a terrible rift within poor Jasperson's lute.

About the snowy peak there clung a rift of vapor, as if some passing cloud had caught upon it and torn off a fragment.

Perfection can be overdone; a rift in a lute relieves melodious monotony, and when discords cease to amuse, one can always have the instrument mended or buy a banjo.


CHAPTER XVIII A RIFT IN THE CLOUDS The Tuesday morning just referred to dawned cold and wintry.

Her duty as a queen demanded that the rift should not appear in public; her injured pride as a woman refused to admit more.

This latter direction I at once established by means of a pocket-compass; then, pointing the glass as nearly at an angle of twenty-one degrees of elevation as I could do it by guess, I moved it cautiously up or down, until my attention was arrested by a circular rift or opening in the foliage of a large tree that overtopped its fellows in the distance.

In the centre of this rift I perceived a white spot, but could not, at first, distinguish what it was.

The instant that I left 'the devil's seat,' however, the circular rift vanished; nor could I get a glimpse of it afterwards, turn as I would.

The news of this rift or rupture of Angela's and Tuppy's had disturbed me greatly.

"She's broken-hearted about this rift, Tuppy.

" "The rift between Tuppy Glossop and my cousin Angela would appear to be serious.

With every desire to look for the silver lining, I could not but feel that the rift between these two haughty spirits had now reached such impressive proportions that the task of bridging same would be beyond even my powers.

" Through a cloud-rift the light fell noiselessly Upon the cottage floor; and, gaunt and thin, Leaped in the stag-hounds, bounding as in glee, Shaking the rain-drops from their shaggy skin; And as the maiden closed the spattered glass, A shadow faint over the floor did pass.

The opposition was not slow to take advantage of the rift, and planted itself on the side of his Royal Highness.

Yale Record. ~Comfort.~ With pipe and book, an old armchair, A glowing hearth, what need I care For empty honors, wealth or fame? Grant me but this: an honest name, A cup of ale, a coat to wear, And then, while smoke wreaths rift the air, The banquet of the gods I share, Content to sit before the flame With pipe and book.

fissure, breach, rent, split, rift, crack, slit, incision.

Adj. disjoined &c v.; discontinuous &c 70; multipartite^, abstract; disjunctive; secant; isolated &c v.; insular, separate, disparate, discrete, apart, asunder, far between, loose, free; unattached, unannexed, unassociated, unconnected; distinct; adrift; straggling; rift, reft^. [capable of being cut] scissile [Chem], divisible, discerptible^, partible, separable.

Through a rift in the trees straight above him the white, cold stars of the night gleamed down on him, and Howland stared up at them fixedly until they seemed to be hopping and dancing about in the skies.

There was one rift in the lute of lumber trust solidarity in Centralia.

Once in a while it parts for a moment, and through the rift you catch a glimpse of the movement of armies and the swing and sweep of campaigns.

One or two small incidents have in the meantime shown us that there is a little rift in the idyllic happiness of Inga and Gar, arising from her inveterate habit of telling trifling fibs to avoid facing the petty annoyances of life.

" His measure of the widening of the rift between them made her more precious because of its affectionate human quality.

She had not reached the measure of her destiny, but for that, mercifully, she had not very long to wait, and yet there was to be another slight rift in the clouds of misery.

The sky was a sheet of spotless blue; every rift and scar of the distant hills was retouched with a firmer pencil, and all the outlines, blurred away by the haze of the previous few days, were restored with wonderful distinctness.

A pall of gloom encompassed hima pall without one rift of light.

A Rift in the Lute XIII.

CHAPTER XII A Rift in the Lute.

He was delighted to think that the rift in the Basu lute was widening, and promised her a handsome reward when the estrangement should take place.

At a certain time one of these, a woman, by name Ataensic, threw herself through a rift in the sky and fell toward the earth.

" A little rift within the Coalition lute was revealed when Mr. SHAW remarked that some people seemed to want "to make this country a fit place for casuists to live in;" but the House as a whole took the view that without an assured peace it would be no place for any one, and passed the Second Reading by an overwhelming majority.


CHAPTER XXV The Rift in the Clouds "My dear child, I can never forgive myself for having made you cry like this!"

" The experience which has thus been described caused no great rift with the past, nor did it produce any great change in his outward life.

Then the man at the bat reached first on a scratch hit and a fumble, and there seemed to be a small rift in the clouds which had lowered over the heads of the Yale freshmen so long.

The cloud seems to part before one, and through the rift you discern your earthly track far away, and a jaded pilgrim plodding along it with weary step; and though the pilgrim does not look like you, yet you know the pilgrim is yourself.

Every one has his own way of doing it, and it is his own especial picture which each sees; but there has appeared to us, as to Mansie, (I must recur to my old figure,) as it were a sudden rift in the clouds that conceal the future, and we have seen the way, far ahead,the dusty way,and an aged pilgrim pacing slowly along it; and in that aged figure we have each recognized our own young self.

He could see Perris clearly, in outline, for just behind him there was a rift in the circle of trees which fenced the clearing and Red Jim was thrown into somewhat bold relief against the blue-black of the night sky far beyond.

A deep rift had opened between the feeling of the nation and the diplomatic action of the Government.

Far across the valley, beyond the beaver marsh and on the farther shore of the lake she saw a little glimmer of light through the rift in the trees.

They had only to walk to the edge of the firelight and stare down through a rift in the trees to see him.

Through a rift in the trees he could see the outline of two men and the slim form of the girl.

" The gray hat with the plume had shown itself once more in a rift of the smoke.

So here some pick out bullets from the sides, Some drive old oakum through each seam and rift: Their left hand does the calking-iron guide, The rattling mallet with the right they lift.

At the bottom of the first six-hundred-foot descent it made a mighty shower of mist like escaping steam from a giant rift in some titanic boiler, and soon reached the floor of the valley.

We were shown the pine tree, one hundred and fifty feet high, growing out of a rift in the rocks on its perpendicular face, more than two-thirds of the distance from its base.

I begin to think we are too comfortable in the hut and hope it will not make us slack; but it is good to see everyone in such excellent spiritsso far not a rift in the social arrangements.

But Denyer, being only a BUCKROSE villain, which is a very mild variety, packed Sophia home again; Arthur, after the usual crisis, recovered; and the symbolic dove was the only inmate of the cottage for whom the little rift remained unhappily permanent.

BEDIENT FOR THE PLEIAD Bedient dreamed: He was sitting in the dark, in a high, still place; and at last (through a rift in the far mountains), a faint ghost appeared, waveringly white.

So we moved on, she in the air and I on the ground; and if the rift had not come in one way, it must in another.

This year he will "load every rift with ore.

I still hear the drops falling from the waterspouts; but there is a rift in the clouds, and a few stars are visible.

The thought seemed to me like a rift in the dark clouds that weighed upon me.

There seemed no rift in the clouds that overshadowed them.

At the rift in the wood she had leaned on a huge oak and as body and mind again failed had sunk to its base in leafy hiding.

As it did so the two watchers descried through a rift in the smoke the Tennessee signaling her grim litter, and the four crawling forward to meet the ships.

Once the rain lightened, and half a mile away the sunshine gleamed through a rift in the leaden cloud-mass.

Suddenly in this rift of shimmering brightness there appeared a flock of beautiful white egrets.

They then crossed the rift and were swallowed in the gray gloom of the day.

Impatience spurs Peru rift settlement.

Now these heroes saw a rift on the surface of the earth.

From that moment the rift between them and their English brethren grew steadily wider, and was never afterwards thoroughly healed.

This address is the one rift in the blank wall of anonymity which hides the individuality of the millions under Joffre.

At best, one poor, little, finite mind only observes through a rift in the black smoke and yellow smoke of high explosives and the clouds of dust and military secrecy something of what has happened many times in a small section of that long line from Switzerland to the North Sea.

"'And a stately house one instant showed, Through a rift, on the vessel's lea; What manner of creatures may be those That build upon the sea?'" After the lighthouse was built, Winstanley went out again to see his precious tower.

The last fear that occurred to him was that within ten years a hopeless rift, not of affection but of conviction, would have run through that company of friends, and parted irrevocably their course and work in life.

In the course of 1839, the little cloud showed itself in the outlook of the future; the little rift opened, small and hardly perceptible, which was to widen into an impassable gulf.

" "It's breaking a little to the south now," exclaimed Merritt, pointing to where a rift began to appear in the solid cloud curtain.

In half an hour after the rift had been first noticed by Merritt, the black squall had passed, and the late afternoon sun began to shine in a pallid way through the driving cloud masses.

Yet with the modern ages comes a rift in the blackness; the poets reveal a new spirit; their songs are the songs of peace and not of war:

Soon afterward a narrow rim of light broke through the rift in the chasm.

Rod was close beside him now, his eyes ceaselessly searching the chasm wall for signs that would tell him when they were nearing the rift.

The three now kept close to the chasm wall in their search for the rift.

They hurried to him and found him standing beside the rift.

With the first rift of light in the east I rose from my sleepless bed under the wagonI would not profane her couch inside by occupying itand yoked up my cattle.

As we reached the road leading to Barcy, there was a rift in the clouds, and a long golden ray shot through an enormous breach in the church tower, flickered a moment upon a group of roofless houses, and was gone.

Time and again we were obliged to leave the road to avoid accident by passing over unexploded shells, and I shall always recall a gigantic oak tree which though still standing was cleft in twain by a 77-shell embedded intact in the yawning trunk; the impact, not the explosion, had caused the rift.

Thus early I discerned a slight rift in the lute.

Has some rift opened to a hidden store of truth, and has a gleam of it come to the eyes of this man, filling him with a hunger of which he is to die?

No sign of man remained, save, very far below through a rift in the pale, moonlit waft of cloud, a tiny light against a coal-black plain of seathe light of a slow, crawling steamera light which almost at once dropped far behind.

Once more the sunshine of possible success had begun to slant in through a rift in the lowering clouds of disaster.

" The streets seemed to me like rat holes, dark and wandering as chance directed, with just an occasional rift of sky, seen as if through an occasional crevice, so different from the boulevards widening out into bright space with fountains and clouds of green foliage.

It was the "rift within the lute" which was to make the music of their friendship mute.

Then a rift had begun to grow between the Regent and his Ministers.

The little birds carolled loud Her beauty shone as a star might shine In the rift of a morning cloud.

A cessation of the warm rain, a rift in the sky, and the rare spectacle of cloud scenery, combined with a certain sense of freedom, restored that light-hearted gayety that became him most.

"Oh yes," answered MIGNON, "there will come a rift in the hitherto perfect lute of our friendship (the rift's name will be DARKEY), but we shall manage to bridge it overat least TOM RUM SUMMER says so.

"Oh yes," answered MIGNON, "there will come a rift in the hitherto perfect lute of our friendship (the rift's name will be DARKEY), but we shall manage to bridge it overat least TOM RUM SUMMER says so.