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1437 examples of  rigid  in sentences

1437 examples of rigid in sentences

Then, while all folk stood thus, rigid and at gaze, a wild cry was heard, shivering the stillness and smiting all hearts with sudden dread: "Fire!

The spirit of man had a new birth and was breaking away from the too rigid bonds of ancient custom and authority.

With what pleasure and rapture did he listen to his sprightly saillies of wit, his smart repartees, and those pretty nothings which a father, in particular, is fond to recollect and to repeat; at which the most rigid gravity may smile, and which are worth all the understanding of riper years.

See, she falls, she falls, Rigid without a word!

War very soon broke out again between the impetuous lad and his rigid, domineering step-mother.

Why did Ducie, when you were about to quit the Montauk together, so unceremoniously stop you, as you were about to get into the boat first; is the etiquette of a man-of-war so rigid as to justify so much rudeness, I had almost called it?" "The etiquette of a vessel of war is rigid certainly, and wisely so.

Why did Ducie, when you were about to quit the Montauk together, so unceremoniously stop you, as you were about to get into the boat first; is the etiquette of a man-of-war so rigid as to justify so much rudeness, I had almost called it?" "The etiquette of a vessel of war is rigid certainly, and wisely so.

And then all except the two struggling principals grew rigid.

But now and then when a horse's foot slipped and a wild cascade of loose soil and rocks went hurtling downward, she grew rigid with apprehension.

But the suspicion brought its wild flutter; she sprang up and grew rigid in tense fright; she felt a strange, glad rush of joy as she saw his hat bobbing up and toward her along the mountain flank.

She went a little way in the direction he had taken; stood peering into the dark, listening breathless and rigid.

She was dressed with almost rigid simplicity, and her abundant light-brown hair was plainly parted.

All athletes recognize this fact, as while training for a contest, rigid abstinence is the rule, both from liquors and tobacco.

Take the same position and keep the knee rigid.

Hard would be the lot of more discreet women, as far as I knew, that Miss Partington, were they to be judged by so rigid a virtue as hers.

She was a tall woman, with a pale, rigid, handsome face, which never smiled.

At first Elizabeth used to scream at the sight of the black, nun-like dress and the rigid, handsome face, but in course of time she became accustomed to them, and, through living in an atmosphere so silent and without brightness, a few months changed her from a laughing, romping baby into a pale, quiet child, who rarely made any childish noise at all.

Her face was serene and beautiful, and the rigid look had melted away.

Madame Couture was a distant relation of Victorine's mother, who had died in her arms, and she had brought up the orphan as her own daughter in a strictly pious fashion, taking her with rigid regularity to mass and confession.

Doc Coffin's spare frame grew somewhat rigid.

It was the object of Buddha to break the yoke of the Brahmans, and to release his countrymen from the austerities, the sacrifices, and the rigid sacerdotalism which these ancient priests imposed, without essentially subverting ancient religious ideas.

On this point, those persons make a sad mistake, who say that "a busk not too wide nor too rigid seems to correspond to the supporting spine, and to assist, rather than impede the efforts of nature, to keep the body erect.

No man of the most rigid virtue, gives offence by any excesses in plum pudding or plum porridge; and that, because they are the first parts of the dinner.

Even when the law was fairly administered there was a growing number of cases in which the rigid forms of the court actually inflicted injustice, as questions constantly arose which lay far outside the limits of the old customary law of the Germanic tribes, or of the scanty knowledge of Roman law which had penetrated into other codes.

The men of that day looked too often with utter hopelessness to the administration of justice; there was no peril so great in all the dangers that surrounded their lives as the peril of the law; there was no oppression so cruel as the oppression wrought by the harsh and rigid forms of the courts.

In fact, the more repulsive the monk of the dark ages is to this generation, the more venerated he was by bishops and barons seven hundred years ago; which fact leads us to infer that the degenerate monk might be to us most interesting when he was most condemned by the reformers of his day, since he was more humane, genial, and free than his brethren, chained to the rigid discipline of his convent.

Under her rigid trials she fell sick; but they restored her, reserving her for a more cruel fate.

"Then it is because you are nervous that you are so rigid.

You desire that your muscles should be rigid or relaxed at will.

But this addiction to play, though it was that consequence of the influence of the society to which Marie Antoinette was at this time so devoted, which would have seemed the most objectionable in the eyes of rigid moralists, was not that which excited the greatest dissatisfaction in the neighborhood of the court.

of England, and rigid enthusiasm, as with Calvin, strengthened the infant reformation; the first led to violence which irritated many, the second to austerity which disgusted them; and it was soon discovered that the change was almost confined to forms of practice, and that the essentials of abuse were likely to be carefully preserved.

"The word of a Hottentot is sacred;" and the good quality of "a rigid adherence to truth," "he is master of in an eminent degree."

All acquiesced in his cold, heartless, rigid rule, being content to worship him as a deity, or absorbed in the excitements of his wars, or in the sorrows and burdens which those wars brought in their train.

At the age of fourteen the boy was sent to the University of Edinburgh, with but little money in his pocket, and forced to practise the most rigid economy.

It is a great nuisance if you have to stick your arms out of bed and hold your hands rigid.

They are inserted to help you cultivate in yourself the very valuable habit of rigid self-examination.

An appeal to arms has its own special formalities; and these have developed into a rigid and precise system of laws and regulations, together forming the most solemn farce there isa regular temple of honor dedicated to folly!

The author of 'Supernatural Religion' starts from a rigid and somewhat antiquated view of RevelationRevelation is 'a direct and external communication by God to man of truths undiscoverable by human reason.

A.The most feasible way of enabling condensing engines to work satisfactorily at a high speed, appears to lie in the application of balance weights to the engine, so as to balance the momentum of its moving parts, and the engine must also be made very strong and rigid.

He bewails the fact in a letter of January 20, 1864, to N. Jocelyn, Esq.: "I have many yearnings towards painting and sculpture, but that rigid faculty called reason, so opposed often to imagination, reads me a lecture to which I am compelled to bow.

This retort had all the effect, and produced the same surprise as the most brilliant display of wit or fancy: yet it was only the detecting a flaw in an argument, like a flaw in an indictment, by a kind of legal pertinacity, or rather by a rigid and constant habit of attending to the exact import of every word and clause in a sentence.

Entertaining these views, I recur with satisfaction to the experience and action of the last session of Congress as furnishing assurance that the subject will not fail to elicit a careful reexamination and rigid scrutiny.

Motion is as rigid as marble, if you only take a wink's worth of it at a time.

The simplicity of the girl's role was also very largely created by her lover's rigid self control.

In her desperate plight she besought her grandfather's clemency and forgiveness but that rigid old covenanter had declared that even as she had made her bed in willful disobedience to his command so she should lie on it for all of him.

While these might be allowable in popular lectures, before audiences lacking in early intellectual discipline, where amusement was a consideration, and where without it the public ear could not be secured, he thought that the collegian should study differently,that his understanding should be taxed severely, and that he should be inured, from the first, to rigid attention, in order to a lasting remembrance of the truths offered to him.

Shortly after these events Sandy was restored to the bosom of the church, and, enfolded by its sheltering arms, was no longer tempted to stray from the path of rectitude, but became even a more rigid Methodist than before his recent troubles.

The deputy sheriff has told me he has instructions to be rigid about the bail; and I apprehend neither you, nor Rupert, can swear he is worth fifty thousand dollars.

This, only this, the rigid law pursues, 160 This, only this, provokes the snarling Muse; The sober trader, at a tatter'd cloak, Wakes from his dream, and labours for a joke; With brisker air the silken courtiers gaze, And turn the various taunt a thousand ways.

Mr. Pike suddenly squatted and leaned forward, balancing on his finger-tips, until number two was about to fall upon him and crush him, and then he arose with that rigid right shoulder aimed as a catapult.

"Let's see, what shall we tackle?" asked Mr. Pike, as he checked down the line with a rigid forefinger.

she moaned; and the next moment she lay at Hagar's feet, white, rigid, and insensible.

The interesting novel Ju-lin wai-shih ("Private Reports from the Life of Scholars"), by Wu Ching-tz[)u] (1701-1754), is a mordant criticism of Confucianism with its rigid formalism, of the social system, and of the examination system.

The three women remained rigid, listening.

Wilder felt many a pang, as the marble-like features of humble friend or faithful servitor came, one after another, under his recognition; but the shock was greatest when his eye fell upon the rigid, and still frowning, countenance of his veteran Commander.

He witnessed the short, severe struggle of regret that softened the rigid muscles of the Rover's countenance, and then he saw the instant, cold, and calm composure which settled on every one of its disciplined lineaments.

She marked the rigid body, the long arms, and the frail white hands, with their slender fingers, folded on the breast.

She maintained her dignity of deportment, for now she well knew poverty did not deteriorate from worth, a lesson perhaps she too might have been slow to learn under some circumstances, but which now had been taught her by stern necessity, and her rigid lessons are never soon forgotten.

Miss Skeffington ruled there, and she knew Miss Skeffingtonone of those old-fashioned old maids whose rigid ideas of morality extend to the ordering of personal habits in minutest detail.

Even those who do not hold the high and rigid ideal of the unity of the family that the Catholic Church clings to must recognise some authority in the family, as in every other society.

" Marco felt somewhat relieved, to think that he was not going to be under a very rigid observation in his studies.

Once or twice she blinked, as if dazzled by a light of intolerable splendor, but otherwise she stayed rigid.

" She was rigid; and his heart leapt when he saw it was because of terror.

Nothing can be stranger than the contrast between the rigid, inevitable sequences of nature, apparently so elastic only because not yet perfectly comprehended, and the consciousness of man in the midst of it.

He forgives because He knows too much to be rigid, because sin universal ceases to be sin, and must be given way to.

He has left the recollection of a pure, consistent, laborious life, elevated in its aim and standard, and marked by high public spirit and a rigid and exacting sense of duty.

Ally's social self had grown rigid in the traditions of her class, and she was still aware of the unsuitability of her intimacy with Jim Greatorex; but disaster had numbed her once poignant sense of it.

For a moment he lay rigid and still.

The abolition of monasteries, which succeeded the former revolution in France, caused a fraternity of Trappists to seek refuge from the general persecution of religious orders under the protection of the proprietor of Lulworth Castle, on the coast of Dorsetshire; their patron being a rigid Catholic, and much governed by the priests.

I need scarcely observe, that from the rigid silence vowed and practised, the order of La Trappe includes no females in its over-zealous ordinances.

And he of mighty soul and rigid vows made over to his ministers the duties of the state, and became a constant resident of the woods.

By thus practising the most rigid austerities, he caused anxiety in the mind of Indra.

Then Indra, O Yudhishthira, went to him and addressed him saying, "Wherefore, O sage, hast thou become engaged in practising such rigid austerities?"

They hung rigid by her side, and then shook violently with emotion.

Her arms, which had been hanging rigid, the fists closed, went out to him to implore forgiveness.

Wrath, at night, had dried her eyes where she lay crying in her humiliation; wrath diminished as the days passed; scorn became less rigid, anger grew tremulous.

It is only discipline; regular steady, rigid disciplinethat forms a soldier to be relied upon in the hour of need.

Confronted, never stirring, their eyes met; and in the cold, concentrated fury which possessed her she set her small teeth and stared at him, rigid, menacing, terrible in her outraged pride.

' The attorney grew rigid with alertness; he was like nothing so much as a dog, expectant at a rat-hole.

sport, the contestants made use of a hurtling pole, which was a small rigid-pole about 12 feet in length.

It is instructive to note further that the rigid separation of a man from his betrothed serves merely to stifle legitimate love; its object cannot be to prevent improper intimacies, for before engagement the girls enjoy perfect liberty to do what they please, and after engagement they may converse with anyone except the lover.

This rigid rule, however, was momentarily lost sight of, and the teeming masses that floated around La Minerva gave up their thousands like bees clustering about their hives.

The footman caught a glimpse of his master's face as the train went offit was white and rigid.

And Spinrobin, at the center of his glorified yet quaking little heart, understood vaguely that the sound he uttered, and the sound he heard, were directly connected with the presence of some august and awful Name.... VI Suddenly Mr. Skale, he was aware, became rigid beside him.

[The purity of republican manners, and the luxury of the ci-devant Noblesse.] exhibit scandalous exceptions to the national habits of oeconomy, at a time too when others more deserving are often compelled to sacrifice even their essential accommodations to a more rigid compliance with them.

But the object of it all sat rigid, self-absorbed, frowning, as oblivious to the light and warmth of love as to the light of day, her sole remarks being contemptuous apologies for Marthy's cooking, and complaints of the hardship of having to "gum it," or eat without teeth.

The other instance is equally uncommon with the former: Sir Richard having incited to his house a great number of persons of the first quality, they were surprized at the number of liveries which surrounded the table; and after dinner, when wine and mirth had set them free from the observation of rigid ceremony, one of them enquired of Sir Richard, how such an expensive train of domestics could be consistent with his fortune?

The poor young lovers, constantly watched as they were, and as constantly restrained by the rules of an etiquette which was now becoming more and more rigid, had not the consolation accorded to them of exchanging even one last unnoticed pressure of the hand, one last tender vow of eternal fidelity, when they took leave of each other.

Modern knowledge makes these laws appear very far-reaching, very rigid, and very much of the type that we call mechanical.

The single replies, coming from individuals specially addressed, are more rigid, and more to be relied upon, but they consume a great deal of time, and, while one is questioned, it requires much skill to keep up interest in the rest.

Dr. Lewis relies greatly on the carrying of moderate weights upon a padded wooden cap which he has devised for this purpose; and certainly the straightest female figure with which I am acquaintedaged seventy-fouris said to have been formed by the youthful habit of pacing the floor for half an hour dally, with a book upon the head, under rigid maternal discipline.

The logical outcome of such a situation is preparation for a war of independence by the vanquished, countered by military occupation, rigid suppression, and exploitation by the victors in the previous struggle.

I do not mean that such a thought clears the mystery of the different lots of mankind; but it suggests another view of the apparent injustice of the world in its most rigid forms.

It was the green heart of the canyon, where the walls swerved back from the rigid plan and relieved their harshness of line by making a little sheltered nook and filling it to the brim with sweetness and roundness and softness.

JELF, RICHARD WILLIAM, Principal of King's College, London; was educated at Oxford, became Fellow of Oriel, canon of Christ's Church, and Principal of King's College; is remembered chiefly for his rigid orthodoxy and for the part he played in depriving Maurice of his professorship at King's College (1798-1871).

Home said, still entranced, "I will show you," and then with his back to the window he leaned back and was shot out of the aperture, head first, with the body rigid, and then returned quite quietly.

They saw the days when feudalism flourishedthe grandeur of its rulers, its antique chivalry, its stately etiquette, its ceremonial costumes, its codes of honor, its rigid social order, formal politeness, and measured courtesies.

But Burke stood, rigid as rock, staring straight before him into the glaring sunlight.

She was still leaning against Kelly, her death-white face fixed and rigid.

When the coral has become in this way permeated with lime, all parts of the body are rigid, with the exception of the upper margin, the stomach, and the tentacles.