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Do we say riposte or repost

riposte 16 occurrences

But Heywood, by some desperate sleight, had parried the certainty, and even tried a riposte.

A great light began to flood his understanding, but he was denied time to advantage himself immediately of its illumination: Liane Delorme was quick to parry and riposte.

Answer N. answer, response, reply, replication, riposte, rejoinder, surrejoinder^, rebutter, surrebutter^, retort, repartee; rescript, rescription^; antiphon^, antiphony; acknowledgment; password; echo; counter statement.

" Sylvia's riposte to this was the speculation that Mary had scared him away, but one could see that her brother's explanation pleased her.

His parade and riposte were as quick as lightning.

I never saw a man all day who hadn't a grin ready when you passed, and a bit of a riposte if you passed the time of day with him."

Gin and bitters, by A. Riposte, pseud.

RIPOSTE, A., pseud.

Gin and bitters, by A. Riposte, pseud.

RIPOSTE, A., pseud.

And thirdly, that your situation be as rear to the guard as possible, as to favour your riposte.

In order to riposte well, you must observe the adversary's time and recovery in guard.

To the first, you must riposte strait; to the second by disengaging, or cutting over or under, according as you see light; and to the last, by making a strait feint or Half-thrust, to oblige the adversary to come to the parade, and then pushing where there is an opening, which is called baulking the parade.

The Point of the Right-foot should come down first, leaning immediately after on the Heel; the Left-foot must fall on the Line at the distance, and in the Situation in Guard, as I before observed, in order to be ready to take the Time, or to make a Riposte.

Anything more lovely than his riposte I never saw.

Then he presents his riposte.

repost 0 occurrences

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