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1556 example sentences with  ripped

1556 example sentences with ripped

Before long, just as the distant, but fast approaching, cloud curtain began to be ripped and slashed by vivid scimitars of lightning, Roy espied, beneath them, a field, at one end of which stood a prosperous-looking farmhouse, surrounded by buildings and hay stacks.

Something about the boy's clothing attracted his attention, so, drawing his knife, he deftly and gently ripped away the coat and shirt.

Russian society had been ripped up by the roots, and the whole country reduced to a huge human jungle.

So we left the cars standing in the road, and set out across a field that, like all the fields in that vicinity, had been ripped and torn by shell-fire.

The furniture found in these houses was generally broken up and destroyedbeds ripped open and their contents scattered in the streets....

The furniture found in these houses was generally broken up and destroyedbeds ripped open and their contents scattered in the streets....

A shell cracked overhead, and the shrapnel ripped down along the trench behind them with a storm of bullets thudding into the ground about their feet.

They scourged the parapet from end to end, up and down, and up again; they shook it with the blast of high explosive, ripped and flayed it with, driving blasts of shrapnel, smothered it with a tempest of fire and lead, blotted it out behind a veil of writhing smoke.

That's the sort o' thing that breaks a man upyour own mates that was talking to you a minute afore, ripped to bits and torn to ribbons.

The shell apparently had struck the roof, had ripped and torn it off, burst downwards and outwards, blowing out the whole face of the upper story, the connecting-wall and corner of the houses next to it, part of the top-floor, and a jagged gap in the face of the lower story.

My coat was ripped up the back, and one of the draymen was holding up my arm and showing them all the mermaid, while the other struck matches so as they could see better."

" He felt himself smothering, and with one sweep of his hand ripped the collar from his throat.

After the Yankees come in and ripped them up old missus left and Mr. Tom Nealy was a Home Guard.

A moment, and he had ripped off a string.

One young Esquimau, howsiver, would have another slap at it, and went so close that the brute charged, upset the kayak, and ripped the man up with his tusks.

And when the limp form was once more on the big sofa and the eyelids were trembling to unclose, she ripped open the right sleeve and thrust in the needle that gives oblivion.

It was bad to see in the heat of fight; but now in the cold morning, with no cheer or drum-tap or bugle blare, all the glory had gone out of it, and it was just one huge butcher's shop, where poor devils had been ripped and burst and smashed, as though we had tried to make a mock of God's i

Many who were wounded as they tramped through woods splintered by bursting shells and ripped with bullets, bandaged themselves as best they could and limped on, or were carried by loyal comrades who would not leave a pal in the lurch.

He sent a huge boulder of chalk bursting among them, and then ripped up a dozen yards of rail with a mighty plunge of his foot.

Other shops and residences facing the cathedral had been ripped open from roof to cellar.

They burned down the lonely log-huts, ambushed travellers, shot the men as they hunted or tilled the soil, ripped open the women with child, and burned many of their captives at the stake.

The next thing I knew, Kennedy had ripped off his disguise, had flung himself up behind the van, and had swung the doors open.

Aviators are accustomed to the whizz of shell-fragments and bullets, and to have their planes punctured and ripped.

When de seams ripped de hide would show through.

The most unlikely men have done time there; stores by the thousand ton have been rolled and pushed and hauled up the banks by tens of thousands of scattered hands; hospitals have pitched themselves there, expanded enormously, shrivelled up and drifted away with the drifting regiments; railway sidings by the mile have been laid down and ripped up again, as need changed, and utterly wiped out by the sands.

If we first settlers in Iowa had possessed the sense the Lord gives to most, we could have built better and warmer, and prettier houses than the ones we put up, of the prairie sod which we ripped up in long black ribbons of earth; but we all were from lands of forests, and it took a generation to teach our prairie pioneers that a sod house is a good house.

An echo ripped the shimmering heat.

He put the letter in the pocket of his pea-jacket, and the bottom of that pocket being ripped, the letter went down between the outside cloth and the lining of the pea-jacket to the very bottom of the garment, where it remained until the aforesaid seaman had reached England, and had gone down to see his family, who lived in the cottage in Sidmouth.

But not satisfied they proceeded to search the state rooms and forcastle, ripped up the floor of the later and found some boxes of bottled cider, which they carried to their vessel, gave three cheers, in an exulting manner to me, and then began drinking it with such freedom, that a violent quarrel arose between officers and men, which came very near ending in bloodshed.

We've shivered in standings hock-deep in the mud, With matted tails turned to the drift of the sleet; We've seen the bombs flash and been spattered with blood Of mates as they rolled, belly-ripped, at our feet.

He there found two houses well built with stone and lime, having many steps which led up to altars, on which there were idols; and they perceived that five men had been sacrificed there that night, their breasts being ripped open, their legs and thighs cut off, and the walls all bloody.

That very day they had sacrificed two boys, whom they found ripped open and their hearts taken out, which moved the Spaniards to compassion.

Even the showy Mexican costume of Manga Colorada was ripped, frayed, stained with grease and perspiration, and not free from sombre spots which looked like blood.

Hardly was the jib secured before the great mainsail ripped open from top to bottom, and in the same puff the close-reefed foretopsail split in two with a bang, from earing to earing.

About noon the close-reefed foretopsail burst open from earing to earing, and then ripped up to the yard, the corners stretching out before the wind and cracking like musket shots.

His coat and waistcoat were ripped open, showing the full length of his white shirt-front, and his eyes were fairly mad.

A devil ripped open my heart; its fragments flew all over me, blinding and deafening me.

His slicker went first, ripped away from throat and shoulders and whipped off his body by one tug of the current.

When I went into the church for my early service I found that some one had ripped off the wainscoting in a half a dozen places and even pried up the altar.

They had gashed and ripped the sides of the cathedral itself, so that the birds flew in and out at will; they had smashed holes in the roof; knocked huge cantles out of the buttresses, and pitted and starred the paved square outside.

Its streets were full of life; it boasted an establishment almost as big as Harrod's and full of buyers, and its women dressed and shod themselves with care and grace, as befits ladies who, at any time, may be ripped into rags by bombs from aeroplanes.

We learned afterwards, that her decks were covered with nearly one hundred and fifty dead and wounded men, and the deck itself ripped up from the effects of our balls.

In the case of an electric current or injection the switch can be turned off and the needle ripped out, and while it might not be enough there is no risk for the people trying to save the prisoner.

Moments later, an explosion ripped through the building, killing Joe instantly.

One F4 tornado ripped through downtown Galveston, killing several (sources differ on the exact number, varying from 6 to 12).

Punk rock musicians often dressed in ripped or torn clothes, leather jackets, and black leather boots.

At the time the Big Rip occurs, even spacetime itself would be ripped apart and the scale factor would be infinity.

The throat was severed, and the abdomen was ripped open by a long, deep, jagged wound.

He is voiced by Mr. Lawrence in "Ripped Pants" and later appearances, and by Bill Fagerbakke for one line in "MuscleBob BuffPants."

He usually wears dark clothing including black ripped jeans and is also mentioned on several occasions to be wearing an aviator's jacket.

Abbey Forrest, 19, Inda Sohal, 28, and their three-week-old baby daughter Ivy were found dead inside their Point Cook townhouse after a ferocious fire ripped through the Totem Way property about 3.40am yesterday.

Abby will note that her handsome detective husband got ripped off.

After explosives ripped through the facility in 1947 causing caves and tunnels to collapse, the Swiss army rebuilt it in 1953.

BMW just ripped the mask off of the new and M4 performance sedan and coupe.

Boston federal Judge Nathaniel Groton ripped her for having the gall and avarice to cheat, robbing other deserving kids from being accepted.

Fire has ripped through part of Lane Cove Public School this afternoon with flames churning large clouds of black s https://t.

Florida governor on approaching Hurricane IsaiasHurricane Isaias ripped shingles off roofs and blew over trees as it carved its way through the Bahamas early on Saturday and headed toward the Florida coast.

Following accusations that she ripped off a Black woman’s brand, has changed the design of her Folklore merchandise.

He ripped off his shirt running upstairs calling for his wife Yvonne to get oil to help remove the tar, but by then he was burned.

He ripped out clumps of her hair and struck her repeatedly in the face with his knee.

He said his tenure as the Executive Chairman of OYOSUBEB has afforded him the opportunity to uncover how contractors have ripped off the State Government with shoddy jobs after collecting the huge sums for contracts.

Alonso suffered his first major problem in his maiden Dakar appearance when he ground to a halt when his near front wheel "completely ripped off".

Hurricane Zeta caused major damage to a poolside shed in Marrero, Louisiana, as wind ripped the roof off the structure tossing it into tree and leaving behind pool toys, a propane tank and other items.

It’s echoed in the city they call home, where thousands of fans have had their hearts ripped out as news filtered through of the death of one of their favorite sons.

Jaguars' Marrone: 8-game skid has soul feeling 'ripped out'

On August 4 a massive explosion at the Beirut port ripped through large parts of the city, killing more than 190 people and shattering countless glass doors and windows.

Parents, their kids were ripped from their arms and separated, he exclaimed.

Right now, it’s like that ability has been ripped away from us.

Ripped: He said: 'I don't see the point in doing a transformation unless you smash the life out of it.

Robert Beric got the Fire on the board in the 15th minute when he took a pass from Djordje Mihailovic to the left of Montreal goalkeeper Clement Diop, wheeled and ripped a shot into the left side of the net.

She ripped the actor, who posed as wounded veteran Billy Wayne Ruddick, Jr., Ph.

So in love was Bruce with her that he was willing to let go of his promise to his parents, but they were ripped apart when she and her father had to flee the US due to his debts.

Some locks have had to be ripped from crumbling bridges such as the Pont des Arts in Paris.

Speaker Pelosi just ripped up: One of our last surviving Tuskegee Airmen.

That foreign power has ripped away his freedom and torn our family apart.

The box appeared as though it had come straight from beneath a hydraulic press: it was smashed at the corners, with sticky tape used to hold ripped and falling pieces together.

The comments come after Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer ripped apart the Government’s road map, adding that the new guidelines were a bit all over the place.

A thief who ripped security tags off clothes and then walked out of the Birkirkara store with more than 500 worth of apparel has been conditionally discharged after filing an early guilty plea.

The sulky caught the rail and ripped apart, throwing Giannaris to the ground.

The virtual race was held on the day the postponed Azerbaijan Grand Prix was scheduled to take place before the COVID-19 pandemic ripped up the calendar.

The way the system worked was such that false information in terms of the financial health of a company was put out there and investors were being ripped off.

They ripped off the gold chain I had on around my neck and took my bakkies keys.

This is the terrifying moment a tornado ripped through a field in Philippines just days before Typhoon Ambo struck the country.

Tornadoes ripped through capital of on Tuesday, uprooting trees, destroying hundreds of buildings and killing 24 people.

We meet Moss Cecilia Kass as she’s engaging in an escape routine ripped straight from the Julia Roberts-led Sleeping With the Enemy.

What has now been ripped from me is my safe space, my confidante, my equal, and my challenge.

When John called him overdressed, Nick ripped the suit off and unveiled his actual outfit a tan jacket with a black T-shirt underneath and a pair of pants.

When Paul ripped off eight points early in the fourth quarter, Rockets Twitter went off the rails, fully expecting a Rockets meltdown.

With two down, Stark ripped a liner that third baseman Kyler Franks speared to prevent another run.

And, before you go thinking that nobody would want your ripped up and smelly t-shirt, think again!

If I could have save the ripped-out rows I’d have a closet-full of garments.

Maybe there will be jitters at certain frequencies that I could fix by rounding off a couple of corners, maybe there will be a drop off somewhere, but what do you want from a thrift store driver you ripped out of a discarded speaker?

One detached, ripped page.

One of Mr. King’s ears had been ripped off.

Portions of the jungle gym were ripped up and used to access the roof of the school broken liquor bottles and drug paraphernalia were also found in the school yard right next to where the portions of the jungle gym were placed.

Some scribbled marks on back cover, plus section of cover ripped off with board underneath remianing.

The black-and-white, blood-red-splashed film is a grand Gothic spectacle of the notorious Count and his bodice-ripped victims, fringed with the expressionistic strains of Gustav Mahler.

The blast ripped through a wall of the mosque, showering clouds of dust on people sitting on prayer mats and sending dozens running out of the building.

They even notice the ripped skinny jeans and the paint-covered Blondie t-shirt.

They spoke out after protesters ripped up crops in one of only two GM trials to be approved in Britain this year.