881 examples of ripped in sentences

All this time his knife was darting; once it ripped through cloth, but never once did it find the target.

He was fighting clawsclaws that ripped like twenty razor-edged knives, and which even a jugular hold could not stop.

The cat's claws ripped through his flesh, cutting open his sidea little too high to kill.

The light above gradually faded, and over a sharp stone Elma stumbled and ripped her shoe.

The men gathered round as Celia's deft fingers ripped open the satin covering: a moment later she drew out a wad of folded paper and handed it to the chief.

Almost at my feet is a knapsack, ripped open and revealing a card of small china buttons, a new red handkerchief, a gray-striped flannel shirt, a pencil and a sheaf of writing paper.

The old lungra made good his charge, and ripped L's.

It next charged Pat, and ripped his horse, and cut another horse, a valuable black waler, across the knee, laming it for life.

Like human creatures the two giant beasts used their powerful forearms while with fangs and hind feet they ripped and tore.

" Again and again Langdon went over the battlefield, noting the ripped-up ground, the big spots of dark-red stain, the strips of flayed skin, and the terrible wounds on the body of the dead black.

At the last moment he swerved and raced close beside the fence; some projecting edge caught the trousers of Woodbury and ripped away the stout cloth from hip to heel.

Diamond, with his coat off, his vest ripped up the back and his shirt torn open at the throat, was regarding the jeering sophomores with a fierce, sullen look.

From the shelving rocks a wild convolvulus drooped its twisted bells across them, a sweet-brier snatched at her hair in passing, a sudden elder-tree shot out its creamy panicles above, they ripped up drowsy beds of folded lily-blooms.

Then Berkley drove his horse blindly into the powder fog ahead; a dozen brilliant little jets of flame pricked the gloom; his horse reared, and went down in a piteous heap, but Berkley landed on all fours, crawled hurriedly up under the smoke, jerked a board loose, tore another free, rose to his knees and ripped away board after board, shouting to his comrades to come on and cut their way out.

In the second case a child of tender years was ripped open with a wooden peg.

Apparently Camp didn't agree with him, for he ripped out a string of oaths which he impartially divided among Ralles, the cowboys, and myself.

He ripped one of them open, and disclosed, not ten thousand dollars in currency, but a neat bundle of blank paper!

Everywhere ruffians of sinister appearance mingled with the mob, exciting its passions and urging it to acts of violence: the same men, such as are only seen in troublous days, were at the same time scouring Brie, Soissonnais, Vexin, and Upper Normandy; already barns had been burned and wheat thrown into the river; sacks of flour were ripped to pieces before the king's eyes, at Versailles.

I knew the house was already in ruins, tottering, with huge gaping holes ripped in its sides; that dead men littered the floor; and the walls threatened to fall and bury us.

The most unlikely men have done time there; stores by the thousand ton have been rolled and pushed and hauled up the banks by tens of thousands of scattered hands; hospitals have pitched themselves there, expanded enormously, shrivelled up and drifted away with the drifting regiments; railway sidings by the mile have been laid down and ripped up again, as need changed, and utterly wiped out by the sands.

"'But I've none to obey,' said the young bear; an' before he could turn, a ball came whizzing over a dingle an' ripped into his ham.

The storm-cloud was now ripped and torn by lightning, and deep rumbling peals of thunder came to our ears all the time louder and nearer.

We've shivered in standings hock-deep in the mud, With matted tails turned to the drift of the sleet; We've seen the bombs flash and been spattered with blood Of mates as they rolled, belly-ripped, at our feet.

He there found two houses well built with stone and lime, having many steps which led up to altars, on which there were idols; and they perceived that five men had been sacrificed there that night, their breasts being ripped open, their legs and thighs cut off, and the walls all bloody.

That very day they had sacrificed two boys, whom they found ripped open and their hearts taken out, which moved the Spaniards to compassion.

881 examples of  ripped  in sentences