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894 example sentences with  roadsides

894 example sentences with roadsides

Along the roadsides, and round the gentlemen's parks, where the cottages are in sight, it's all very smart; but just go into the outlying hamletsa whited sepulchre, sir, is many a great estate; outwardly swept and garnished, and inwardly full of all uncleanliness, and dead men's bones.'

The trees on the Coustous and the different hills around were at length well covered with foliage, and gave a prettier appearance to the town, which the ever-flowing streams by the roadsides greatly added to.

His voice is heard frequently by the rustic roadsides, where he picks up a considerable portion of his subsistence.

This is the little bird that warbles for us late in the summer, after almost all other birds have become silent, uttering his moderate notes, as if for his own amusement, during all the heat of the day, from the trees by the roadsides and in our inclosures.

Once a blue jay came and looked at us, and the squirrels whirred among the chestnuts and hickories, and the roadsides were so thickly strewn with fallen nuts that we made but slow progress, stopping all the time to fill our pockets.

In the outset of our journey I was struck by it; along all the roadsides they looked up, boys and girls, fair, broad-cheeked, sturdy-legged, such as with us are seen only now and then.

Purple asters and golden-rod waved on the roadsides and in the fields; and blue gentians, for which Penfield was famous, were blooming everywhere.

I have never seen him since, though it will be a long, long time before the sign of him disappears from our roadsides.

Temporary sheds were erected near the roadsides, containing fever-stricken patients who had no other home.

Gray pillars, which seemed taller than the tallest poplars, smooth and cylindrical as those of a Doric temple, each carrying a flat head of darkest green, were ranged along roadsides and round fields, or stood, in groups or singly, near engine-works, or towered above rich shrubberies which shrouded comfortable country-houses.

We see a town ahead; calling to a man by the roadside, "What place is that?" "L" is the long drawn shout as we go flying by.

"Corn-fields and pastures stretch along the roadsides; big red barns and cosey white houses seem to go skurrying by, calling, 'I spy,' then vanishing in a sort of cinematographic fashion as the automobile rushes on."

The dust of summer was on the foliage, a few late blossoms lingered by the roadside, but for the most part flowers had turned to seeds, and seeds were ready to fall.

Nothing happened to any machine, but one or two required a little oiling, and several were abandoned by the roadside because their occupants had stubbornly determined to go no farther.

An aperture opens from the roadside into the hill, and there is barely room enough for a person to enter.

As we were emerging from the pass, we saw a company of twelve armed men seated in the grass, near the roadside.

It was an ideal place to halt for a roadside lunch, and as one after the other the machines dropped to earth Miss Prescott was warmly congratulated on her choice of a halting place.

Campagna: limbs of quartered malefactors hung up on roadsides, armed peasants; the malaria.

His tomb was on the roadside outside the city, as was usualDonatus says on the highway to Puteoli, nearly two miles from the gates.

As we drove into Langham we were much surprised by a loud cheer from some men and boys at the roadside, who all threw off their caps as we passed.

Small nationalities in his way hurled to the roadside, bleeding and broken; women and children crushed under the wheels of his cruel car.

At terminal stations the steam should be shut off earlier than at roadside stations, as a collision will take place at terminal stations if the train overshoots the place where it ought to stop.

We have passed through few towns since, and those were evacuated,drummed out and fruit from the orchards on the roadsides is about all they have hadhardly good feed for a marching army in such hot weather.

Many persons sat in sunny places by the roadsides to beg, with few to beg from,blind old men, and groups of children clamorous for coppers, but propitiated by sugar-plums.

Having set himself resolutely to a course of study and mental improvement under his brother John's guidance, he was able to accept a kindly proposal made to him by Sir John Hall of Dunglass, that he should become the teacher of the little roadside school at Oldcambus, which John had attended as a child.

It is in such places, and on sudden eminences that rise above the forest-level, on a precipice, for example, that overlooks the surrounding wood, that the forest shows individual trees possessing the characters of standards, like those we see by the roadsides and in the open field.

Later, when all verdure is profusely expanded, these miniature strokes would be lost, and Nature then practises landscape-gardening in large, lights up the copses with great masses of White Alder, makes the roadsides gay with Aster and Golden-Rod, and tops the tall coarse Meadow-Grass with nodding Lilies and tufted Spiraea.

Asters began to open lavender stars at the door-stone of Applegate Farm; tall rich milkweed pressed dusty flower-bunches against the fence, and the sumach brandished smoldering pyramids of fire along the roadsides.

For the promise she had given to Emily lay like a red-hot coal upon her heart; its fumes rose to her head, and there were times when she thought they would choke her, and she grew so sick with the pain of self-denial that she could have thrown herself down in the wet grass on the roadside, and laid her face on the cold earth for relief.

It was Tom Bryan who said that he wouldn't mind betting a couple of shillings that Gogarty's whip wouldn't draw a squeal from a pig on the roadside.

At last we reach a spring by the roadside, the steam rising from the flanks of the team like mist from a marsh.

He slithered down the steep bank at the edge of the wood, leaped the roadside ditch, asked a question of the nearest man, and, getting an answer from him, came at the double past the guns and teams towards the Major.

He executed his commissions, and was sailing happily back to the village, when about a mile short of it a sitting figure rose from the roadside, stepped forward, and waved an arresting hand.

The lady fern is common in moist woods, by walls and roadsides, and at its best is a truly handsome species, although, like Mrs. Parsons, we have noticed that in the late summer it loses much of its delicacy.

Brilliant flowering trees are planted to line the roadsides.

I was sorry that she should have spoken of money at that moment, but then if she had not been sharp we would all have been on the roadside in a twelvemonth.

But when we came to go through their country, and to see their bonny little steadings, and the douce quiet folk at work in the fields, and the women knitting by the roadside, and the old granny with a big white mutch smacking the baby to teach it manners, it was all so home-like that I could not think why it was that we had been hating and fearing these good people for so long.

Pieces of jagged steel, like flying scythes, sliced the trees on the roadside.

The light from the roadside lamps gleamed upon blanched faces and glazed eyesflashed now and then into the caverns of canvas- covered carts where twisted, bandaged men lay huddled on the straw.

The spirit of war was forced upon our imagination by scenes upon the roadside.

17 There were picnic parties on the Belgian roadsides.

Their cavalry was out of action for the time, trying to keep warm on the roadsides.

Thousands of these khaki-clad fellows lay along the roadsides looking in the distance as though great masses of russet leaves had fallen from autumn trees.

Beneath these, close by the roadside, we sat and drank red wine, and devoured omelets and vast slabs of rye bread.

The fields were torn with shells, the grain was in flames, torches destroyed the villages, by the roadside were the carcasses of the cows that had been killed to feed the invader, and the horses were carried off harnessed to gray gun-

You saw them by the roadside, cast aside like empty cigarette-boxes.

He should carry provision with him, such as bread, meat, cheese or butter, that he may take luncheon or dinner quietly beside his flock, while resting in a sequestered part of the road; and he may slake his thirst in the first brook or spring he finds, or purchase a bottle of ale at a roadside ale-house.

About two miles on, their drivers pulled-up, and they heard a voice talking with them from the roadside.

GUBBELS, JAC L. American highways and roadsides.

GUBBELS, JAC L. American highways and roadsides.

We halted for our last picnic lunch in a roadside garden full of loquat trees and big purple hibiscus.

We then sat down by the roadside and superintended the righting of the saddle and the tautening of the girths by several natives, who "took in the slack" with an energy that must have made the poor elephant very "uncomfy" about the waist!

These remarks passed between two old farmers, one standing on the sward by the roadside, and the other talking to him over the low ledge, as a gentleman drove by in a Whitechapel dog-cart, groom behind.

The tins are placed in the van specially reserved for them, the whistle sounds, the passengerswho have been wondering why on earth there was all this noise and delay at a little roadside station without so much as a visible steeplewithdraw their heads from the windows; the wheels revolve, and, gathering speed, the train disappears round the curve, hastening to the metropolis.

Women thronged the banks along the roadsides, and held up their children to see him go by.

When evening came he camped by the roadside in company with some other carters and, in the middle of the night, he quietly changed his sacks of ashes for some of the sacks in the other carts.

The little square in front of our railway station at Couilly is full of grey cannon and ammunition wagons, and there are military kitchens and all sorts of commissary wagons along all the roadsides between here and Crécy-en-Brie, which is the distributing headquarters for all sorts of material.

We rallied Lucretia on her radicalism, and some of the journals criticised us severely; but the following letter shows that she had no thought of receding from her position: "Roadside, near Philadelphia, "4th Mo., 30th, '61.

With heads bowed, and limbs moving wearily, guns held at will, they swept by in unbroken columncavalry, artillery, infantryscarcely a face lifted to glance toward the house, with here and there a straggler limping to the roadside, or an aide spurring pastjust a stream of armed men, who had been plodding on since daylight, footsore, hungry, unseeing, yet ready to die in battle at their commander's word.

Often did he tell the boys "that it was an easier life by far to break stones by the roadside than to teach them;" and at last his eccentricities became too obvious to be any longer overlooked.

They chatted and tried tricks and spent a happy hour there by the roadside.

"The 'lofty firs, that overtop their ancient neighbour, the old steeple-tower,' stood by the roadside, scarcely twenty yards north-west from the steeple of Grasmere church.

W. read us the poem of Joanna, beside the Rothay, by the roadside."

Not far from the church, at a spot where four ways meet, is a roadside cross. Thurlbear, a parish 3-1/2 m. S.E. of Taunton.

he said, taking out the whip, as the horses recoiled from a man who lay by the roadside, leaping so high that the harness seemed rattling from their backs.

In the upper apartment of a cottage standing alone by the roadside on the outskirts of Boston, Miranda, pale and dejected, sat gazing vacantly at the light of the solitary lamp that lit the room.

It represented a white horse drinking at a white roadside well; beside the shoulder of the horse stood a white angel, many times taller, with an arm thrown caressingly around the horse's neck; while a stunted forest tree extended a solitary branch over the horse's tail.

Sometimes petting zoos are found along roadsides in farm country.

Soon after the birds arrive in the state, the males begin their famous "sky dance," a popular site along roadsides during spring and early summer.

Blackeyed Susan is a common Missouri native wildflower which typically occurs in open woods, prairies, fields, roadsides and waste areas throughout the State.

They can be found on streambanks, pond edges, roadsides, and in open woods.

But the German’s didn’t manage to destroy them all and it was here, at the foot of a roadside shrine, that the people said their prayers and found comfort.

“Depositing toilet waste on roadsides during late hours has become a daily occurrence in the city.

'Four roadside catchpits have now been completed, with a total capacity of almost 15,000 tonnes and we are exploring options for further catchpits.

In the roadside bombing in Ghazni, Wahidullah Jamazada, the provincial governor’s spokesman, said Habibullah, the police chief of Dayak district, was killed along with his two bodyguards.

Maja Mielonen, well known for her advocacy of bicycling, reported that she and her husband cleaned up roadsides, and Ms. Mielonen used Facebook to encourage others to help out.

Malaysia, along with neighbouring Singapore and Brunei, has banned popular Ramadan bazaars, where food, drinks and clothing are sold in congested open-air markets or roadside stalls.

Queen Anne’s Lace grows in the Midwest in Wisconsin where it thrives on the roadsides near miles or corn fields and acres of pastureland.

“Some trees have been cut and left lying on farmer’s fences – some on new fences – and others have just been left in a mess everywhere on the roads and roadsides for others to clean up.”

The before and after photos of otherwise ordinary roadsides across Dorset show the dramatic effects of Nicholson and Sterling’s maintenance regime, as suffocated seed banks have been allowed to spring back into life.

There are plenty of blackberry vines along county lanes and fields, meadows and roadsides in Stokes and Surry county and all across the Piedmont.

Whether it is the plants of June still present or those of July, roadsides and fields reveal plenty of color each day.

Yellow clusters of kidney vetch, the only wildflower where the small blue, Britain’s smallest butterfly, will lay its eggs, dominate the roadsides in the spring and summer.

By eliminating interim billing on timber stored in decks or at a roadside before being scaled, this change removed the need to measure and bill the timber twice.

Can I outlet my private drain tile drain to a roadside ditch?

Check roadsides, waste areas, and gravel pits for patches of this weed.

EP 818.01 Trials of Erosion Control Netting for Improved Stability of Forest Roadside Slopes: Working Plan.

Failure to administer the roadside screening device which can then enable us to test the issue of whether the police had reasonable and probable grounds to arrest the driver for impaired driving.

In six years, the population has subsequently spread along roadsides, infested the Grand Pré National Historic Site, crossed a major watershed divide and formed a new colony in Hantsport, 10 km east of the original infestation.

It also didn’t stray far from its roadside post.

It occurs sporadically in Ontario in waste places and roadsides, but is becoming a significant weed in pastures and some cultivated fields.

Morning break at a roadside stop near Chase, just before Salmon Arm. We found a partial denture plate lying on the picnic table when we got here!

One of our big lessons learned came from hiring for the launch of an emergency roadside assistance team.

Organize a group of volunteers to clean up areas like the river shore, parks, roadsides and any other areas in Hawkesbury that are sullied by litter.

Prickly lettuce is native to the Mediterranean region, and was introduced to Ontario in the late 1890's, subsequently spreading by seeds along roadsides, railways and watercourses throughout most of southern Canada.

The objective of this synthesis is to document practices used by state departments of transportation (DOTs) for designing and maintaining roadsides adjacent to urban freeways.

The plant grows up to 6 ft/2 m tall in exposed places like roadsides and fields.

This campaign saw about 70,000 Japanese workers remove over 16 million cubic metres of irradiated dirt—scraping topsoil off roadsides, meadows, wooded areas, agricultural fields, school grounds, residential zones, shrine compounds, and parklands.

Though normally found along sandy beaches, sand dunes, riverbanks and roadsides, it is becoming a problem in tobacco fields, other row crops and occasionally in lawns and gardens on sandy soils.

What chemicals are you using on the roadsides this year?