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1211 examples of  roamed  in sentences

1211 examples of roamed in sentences

Though it was thus diminutive in size, Smith declared that he had seen, and shot at, some of the largest deer that ever roamed the forest.

The old woods stand around it just as God placed them, in all their pristine solemnity, stately and motionless; the wild things that roamed among them in the day of old, are there still, and the same species of birds that sported in their branches thousands of years ago, are there still.

He was left in so complete darkness that his fears overcame his judgment and for two hours he roamed and babbled among the barrels.

For two hours the three middies roamed through the streets, often meeting fellow classmen.

Her wicked, laughing eyes roamed about the apartment with little regard for my flushed face.

These were, the great savannahs where herds of wild cattle and deer roamed, and where the Free Companions came to fill their larders.

My pack was soon made, for I had seen enough of frontier fighting to know no extra baggage would be permitted, and then I roamed up and down the house in hope of seeing Dorothy.

He had sworn undying vengeance against them, having come home to his cabin one night to find his wife and children butchered, and had roamed from the Carolinas to the Saint Lawrence, leaving a trail of Indian blood behind him.

But he roamed on, ever looking for her, and at length he found her lying dead in the public way, all gashed and bleeding, and trampled with the feet of men and horses, and the wheel of a tumbril was over her neck.

So, for many Saturdays and vacations of boyhood years J.W. and Marty had roamed the countryside, and were letter-perfect in their boy-knowledge of the old farm.

All this had passed and the time of fall had come, bringing with it its own pleasures and joyousness; for now, when the harvest was gathered home, merry bands of gleaners roamed the country about, singing along the roads in the daytime, and sleeping beneath the hedgerows and the hay-ricks at night.

In youth's keen eye the livelong day was bright, The sun at morning, and the stars at night, Alike, when first the bittern's hollow bill Was heard, or woodcocks [D] roamed the moonlight hill.

No wonder, then, that a high-spirited and active-minded youth of Henrich's age, should often forget that his wanderings were compulsory; and should feel cheerful, and even exhilarated, as he roamed through the boundless primeval forests, or crossed the summits of the ranges of lofty hills that occasionally lifted their barren crags above the otherwise unbroken sea of foliage.

" The Angelins were the young couple who, having installed themselves in a little house at Janville, ever roamed the lonely paths, absorbed in their mutual passion.

The moon shone clearly, the wide field was miles from any hamlet, and a desolate silence succeeded to the late uproar, as the band of waiters roamed about, longing for help and dawn.

"I'm not equal to mounting all those steps for a view I've seen a dozen times; but pray take care of the child, Nell, or she'll get lost again, as at Heidelberg," said the major, when they had roamed about the lower part of the place; for a cool seat in the courtyard and a glass of beer were more tempting than turrets and prospects to the stout gentleman.

Helen roamed into one of the ruined courts for a last look at a fountain which pleased her eye.

A strong hot wind seemed determined to blow my hat off, and return me to olden days when I roamed bareheaded over the hills.

I remarked to my neighbor, a little later, when the boy had roamed to the other side of the room, out of hearing.

They roamed about in front of the fort stockade, snapping at each other or galloping off on rabbit hunts through the timber.

During the days the children roamed the forest looking for their mother.

Then, praying to Almighty Allah, like a man distracted, he roamed about the island, presently climbing a tree to see what he could see.

" So Luke was driven out much against his will, and Racey and Swing roamed around to the dance hall.

" His feelings as he roamed on the beach were not to be envied.

His eye roamed about the room.

The hog by chance one morning roamed, Where with new ale the vessels foamed.

Now his eyes roamed with relief across the valley.

Hogs roamed the thoroughfare, picking up decaying fruit and parings, and nosing tin cans that had been thrown out by the merchants.

She was a woman of the tribe of Beni Sa'ad, who for generations had roamed the desert, tent-dwellers, who visited cities but rarely, and kept about them the remoteness and freedom of their adventurous life beneath the sun and stars.

And because his armor weighed heavily upon him, he took it off and cast it away from him, and thereafter roamed half naked through the woodlands.

how many generations have roamed over them?

The Malabars who supplied our people with provisions, warned the general to beware of these vessels, which belonged to pirates who roamed about in these seas, robbing all they met under pretence of peace.

The glance of Buck roamed far away.

Mary roamed about with a swifter footstep, looking at the roses, plucking off a dead leaf, or a cankered bud here and there.

This district is even now infested with tigers, and in those far-off days these lords of the jungle roamed far and wide.

After that Gorgo roamed around the country, alone and shunned, like all great robbers.

The Japanese have roamed all over the country during these last two years, and have spent time and money lavishly in propaganda.

" Another sight which I saw was that of a desolate plain, low-lying and unlighted, in the centre of which there roamed one who called out as if in search of a companion, but to whom there came no answer save the echo of his own voice.

Oh, but never has a floor of wood been covered with such wonderful material, or covering of such marvellous workmanship, as that over which I have roamed, and on which I have rested all my life.

He was entranced, possessed; but the feeling was delicious, and he roamed far and wide in the dark streets, making long detours by the river-side quays to lengthen out his reveries, his heart full, overfull of passionate, voluptuous imaginings.

He quaked at the terrible denunciations of the preachers, who exhorted their hearers to repentance, telling them a judgment was at hand, and shuddered at the wild and fearful prophesying of the insane enthusiasts who roamed the streets.

Protect the inhabitants of the frontiers, gradually push the Indians south, and at no distant day, the necessary, unavoidable and melancholy consummation must arrive, viz., the expulsion of the last tribe of red men from the soil over which they once roamed the sole lords and possessors." 30th.

Around each isolated tribe lay an unbroken wilderness extending for miles on every side, where the braves roamed, hunters alike of beasts and men.

The Europeans had but one spot, Tonty's little fort; no white men roamed it but the trader or the missionary.

Great latitude was granted in their choice of groundbeing allowed an area of thousands upon thousands of square miles over which the red-man roamed in his pristine barbarism.

I've roamed the woods too long to miscarry at a dozen yards.

The early travellers in this region mention the great herds of wild cattle which roamed over the prairies in those times, but the last Buffalo on the east side of the Mississippi was killed in 1832; and now the hunter who would see this noble game must travel some hundreds of miles west, to the head-waters of the Kansas or the Platte.

Then leaving the library, she roamed through the house, pausing on the first landing to gaze on the picture of the fine gentleman in a red coat, his hand for ever on his sword.

Ray Brent was a dangerous type: imperious willed, slave to his most degenerate instincts, reckless, as free from moral restraint as the most savage creatures that roamed his native wilds.

Ever he listened for the first sound of the pack train in the forest; and even in his hours of pleasure his eyes ever roamed over the sweep of valley and marsh below.

" "It is probable; she has roamed over most of the waters of the Atlantic.

But it was a homesick boy that roamed around in foreign lands, and as he has said most feelingly since, "I felt that if I could only get back home, I would never, never leave it again."

Exposed to our game at the Rye Squash Barn in early 1965, he went whole hog for his new love, roamed around crying, 'How long has this been going on?'

Dick's buddy, Bill Moncrieff, conducted running commentaries, stopping play to explain fine points, while such as Dick, John Powers, Gavin Murphy, Dave Smith, Jim Prigoff and Henry Stanton roamed the East to such spots as Atlantic City, Philadelphia, Washington and Rochester to spread the word.

Sea-sickness, dry food, short allowances of water, narrow lodgings, and hard beds, were all, doubtless, forgotten, as she roamed at pleasure over boundless fields, on which the grass was perennial, seeming never to be longer or shorter than was necessary to give a good bite; and among which numberless rills of the purest waters were sparkling like crystal.

They lived on the top of the hill, because they were safe there from the savage beasts of the great forest around them, and safe also from the wild men who sometimes roamed through the land.

The sun climbed higher and a thin pall of vapor roamed up the hillside from the gorges of the stream and sought the open sky.

Marcadee was a stout Brabanรงon, With conscience weak and muscles strong, Who roamed about from clime to clime, The side of virtue or yet of crime Ready to take in a regular way For any leader and regular pay; Who trusted steel, and thought it odd To fear the Devil or honor God.

Having roamed into Egypt, according to plan, Along with my fellows (a merry Co.), Having carried a pack from Beersheba to Dan And footslogged from Gaza to Jericho, I'll not seek a fresh inaccessible spot In order to slaughter a new brute; To me inaccessible's anywhere not To be found on a regular tube route.

He roamed up and down the road almost every day, going into the field, as the girls could see from their elevation in Fitz-James's woods, and stopping at the Clarks' on his return if he saw any of the family on the veranda, to inquire what news had come from their nephew.

A few dogs roamed about, barking or whining at the soldiers who passed through the outskirts staring at all this destruction with curious eyes, and storing up images for which they will never find the right words.

I found her at last, and we roamed about together like the shadow of Paolo with the shadow of Francesca di Rimini.

No land, no home, no place; they roamed around.

Instead, he roamed aimlessly about the vicinity of the campexplored the sycamore grove; climbed a little way up the mountain spur, and down again; circled the cienaga; and so came, finally, to the ruins of the house and barn on the creek side of the orchard.

So Gunther went dirtyunwashed and uncombed, With hands black as pitch through the garden he roamed; When suddenly a monstrous black shadow fell o'er him, And the Woman Who Scrubs Dirty Goops stood before him!

Here the "Delawares of the hills" once roamed the sole lords of this fine country; and perhaps from the very eminence from whence I contemplated the beauty of the scene, some warrior, returning from the "war path" or the chase, may have gazed with pleasure on the hills of his fathers, the possessions of a long line of Sylvan heros, and in the pride of manhood

Kรขmapรขla was of an opposite character; he thought only of present pleasure, frequented the company of gamblers and harlots, and roamed about the world seeking amusement and dissipation.

In their time it happened that there was a great drought; no rain fell for several years; the streams and fountains ceased to flow; the pools and lakes were turned to mud, the beds of rivers almost dry, plants burned up, trees withered; all mirth and festivity were at an end; bands of thieves roamed about; the dead lay unburied or unburnt, and their bodies were scattered over the fields.

Even the vigorous daily exercise was "personally conducted" by Matt; and Baldy longed for the freedom that had been his when alone, or preferably with the boy, he had roamed through the far stretches of rank grass, tender willows, and sweet-smelling herbs in summer, or over the wide, snowy plains in winter.

But while sad Within the desert of my life I roamed, And no sweet springs of love gushed for to greet My wearied heart, behold two spirits came Floating in light, seraphic ministers, The semblance of whose splendour on me fell As on some dusky stream the matin ray, Touching the gloomy waters with its life.

If ever his mind roamed again to the world of make-believe, that ring would jerk him back to facts.

All that is certain is that there were many tribes and sub-tribes, who roamed and warred and hunted over the fair lands now forming the heart of our mighty nation, that to some of these tribes the whites gave names and to some they did not, and that the named and the nameless alike were swept down to the same inevitable doom.

Boon, as usual, roamed restlessly over the country, spying out and harrying the Indian war parties, and often making it his business to meet the incoming bands of settlers, and to protect and guide them on the way to their intended homes.

The founders of Marietta trusted largely to the Federal troops for protection, and were within easy reach of the settled country; but the wild wood-wanderers who first roamed through the fair lands south of the Ohio built their little towns in the heart of the wilderness, many scores of leagues from all assistance, and trusted solely to their own long rifles in time of trouble.

They roamed for three years along the Danube, as far as the mountains of Macedonia and Thrace.

They assembled in great numbers, set at their head a certain peasant named William Karle [or Cale, or Callet], of more intelligence than the rest, and marching by companies under their own flag, roamed over the country, slaying and massacring all the nobles they met, even their own lords.

"When I roamed in the woods as a free man, I had my own ideas; prison has not improved them.

And quicker than God could drop His hand, Fishes and fowls And beasts and birds Swam the rivers and the seas, Roamed the forests and the woods, And split the air with their wings.

To these "schipperkes" honour without stint, as to their gallant king. Slightly-wounded Belgians and Belgian stragglers roamed the streets of Calais.

Den whilst dey was in school I roamed de woods a-huntin'.

Now then, if I make out your reasoning, You pile your climax on my shoulders thus: Had I not dangerously made a jest Of this young dreamer's state, he had remained Guiltless, in council had not roamed the clouds, Nor disobedient proved upon the field.

During this time the First Class in Long Division roamed, in delight, over the city.

Eric loved this stream, and was always happy as he roamed by its side, or over the low green hills and scattered dingles, which lent unusual loveliness to every winding of its waters.

In old Fenian times, namely, the days of Finn and his companion knights, the Piasts, however, roamed the country, devouring men and women and cattle in large numbers, and some of the early heroes are recorded to have been swallowed alive by them and then to have hewed their way out of their entrails.

But, as you have before been told, 115 This Stripling, sportive, gay, and bold, And, with his dancing crest, So beautiful, through savage lands Had roamed about, with vagrant bands Of Indians in the West.

Up the brook I roamed in the confusion of my heart, Alive to all things and forgetting all.

He had heard of the wild, disreputable "Cockle Folk" who roamed about the sandhills; who were worse than tramps in the opinion of respectable people, and who had, many of them, no fixed abode of any kind.

Her gaze, profound and sombre at times, roamed over the room with the natural air of a meditative queen.

And so back, till the Indians returned, and elk and panthers roamed at will.

Many of the dogs which the Spaniards carried to South America roamed at large and degenerated into beasts of prey.

Its flash caught his eyes, as they roamed up and down, and, as I expected, he left his place and came up behind me.

Sleep-entranced lay wood and dale, Empty now each by-way; No one but the moonlight pale Roamed upon the highway.

we are Darweshes, and have in this very manner for a long while wandered and roamed about; we bear our homes on our shoulders.

The bawds roamed through the whole city and entered every house.

But images of danger and distress, Man suffering among awful Powers and Forms; 165 Of this I heard, and saw enough to make Imagination restless; nor was free Myself from frequent perils; nor were tales Wanting,the tragedies of former times, Hazards and strange escapes, of which the rocks 170 Immutable and overflowing streams, Where'er I roamed, were speaking monuments.

He had roamed over Europe, and Countesses fair Had graciously smiled on the great millionaire.

Sheep roamed over the tussocks, but of other provisions there were none.

On, on I roamed, and, as I went, Sweet music o'er me rose there; It is the nightingaleshe sings Of love and lovers' woes there.

Still on I roamed, and, as I went, I saw before me lowering On a great wide lawn a stately pile, With gables peaked and towering.

In the summer vacations he roamed the barren hills, helped herd the sheep, and drank in the rough freedom of the land and its people.