1211 examples of roamed in sentences

Though it was thus diminutive in size, Smith declared that he had seen, and shot at, some of the largest deer that ever roamed the forest.

The old woods stand around it just as God placed them, in all their pristine solemnity, stately and motionless; the wild things that roamed among them in the day of old, are there still, and the same species of birds that sported in their branches thousands of years ago, are there still.

He was left in so complete darkness that his fears overcame his judgment and for two hours he roamed and babbled among the barrels.

For two hours the three middies roamed through the streets, often meeting fellow classmen.

Her wicked, laughing eyes roamed about the apartment with little regard for my flushed face.

These were, the great savannahs where herds of wild cattle and deer roamed, and where the Free Companions came to fill their larders.

My pack was soon made, for I had seen enough of frontier fighting to know no extra baggage would be permitted, and then I roamed up and down the house in hope of seeing Dorothy.

He had sworn undying vengeance against them, having come home to his cabin one night to find his wife and children butchered, and had roamed from the Carolinas to the Saint Lawrence, leaving a trail of Indian blood behind him.

Then, praying to Almighty Allah, like a man distracted, he roamed about the island, presently climbing a tree to see what he could see.

" His feelings as he roamed on the beach were not to be envied.

Hogs roamed the thoroughfare, picking up decaying fruit and parings, and nosing tin cans that had been thrown out by the merchants.

The Japanese have roamed all over the country during these last two years, and have spent time and money lavishly in propaganda.

" Another sight which I saw was that of a desolate plain, low-lying and unlighted, in the centre of which there roamed one who called out as if in search of a companion, but to whom there came no answer save the echo of his own voice.

Great latitude was granted in their choice of groundbeing allowed an area of thousands upon thousands of square miles over which the red-man roamed in his pristine barbarism.

I've roamed the woods too long to miscarry at a dozen yards.

The sun climbed higher and a thin pall of vapor roamed up the hillside from the gorges of the stream and sought the open sky.

In their time it happened that there was a great drought; no rain fell for several years; the streams and fountains ceased to flow; the pools and lakes were turned to mud, the beds of rivers almost dry, plants burned up, trees withered; all mirth and festivity were at an end; bands of thieves roamed about; the dead lay unburied or unburnt, and their bodies were scattered over the fields.

If ever his mind roamed again to the world of make-believe, that ring would jerk him back to facts.

They roamed for three years along the Danube, as far as the mountains of Macedonia and Thrace.

"When I roamed in the woods as a free man, I had my own ideas; prison has not improved them.

And so back, till the Indians returned, and elk and panthers roamed at will.

Many of the dogs which the Spaniards carried to South America roamed at large and degenerated into beasts of prey.

On, on I roamed, and, as I went, Sweet music o'er me rose there; It is the nightingaleshe sings Of love and lovers' woes there.

Still on I roamed, and, as I went, I saw before me lowering On a great wide lawn a stately pile, With gables peaked and towering.

In the summer vacations he roamed the barren hills, helped herd the sheep, and drank in the rough freedom of the land and its people.

1211 examples of  roamed  in sentences