1400 examples of rogues in sentences

Actors, you rogues, come away; clear your throats, blow your noses, and wipe your mouths ere you enter, that you may take no occasion to spit or to cough, when you are non plus.

That contemplation, like an aged weed, Engender'd thousand sects, and all those sects Were but as these times, cunning shrouded rogues.

Even in human governments it is sometimes expedient to employ rogues in order to catch rogues, or to head off some peculiar evil that honest people do not know how to manage.

Even in human governments it is sometimes expedient to employ rogues in order to catch rogues, or to head off some peculiar evil that honest people do not know how to manage.

He turned this experience also to account by publishing a popular newspaper, and by getting acquainted with rogues, pirates, smugglers, and miscellaneous outcasts, each one with a "good story" to be used later.

You have sold me, Rogues, betrayd me: fire the Cart, I say, Or heave it into th' Moat. Hunt.

Away with theis rogues. 1 Burg.

On which, saying with Danton'Que mon nom soit fletri, mais que la patrie soit libre,' he carried the philtre to the magistrate; laid his information; and Madame Phyllis and her male accomplice were sent to gaol as rogues and impostors.

like fiddlers who are rogues when they go single, and joined in consort, gentlemen musicianers.

His tongue and his heart are always at variance, and fall out like rogues in the street, to pick somebody's pocket.

Thee hast might on thy side, woman, but whether thee hast right as well, shall yet be provennot by the laws of man, which are an invention of the devil to fatten rogues upon the substance of fools, but by the law of Heaven, to which I do appeal with all my soul" (lifting high his shaking hands).

Then shall we be nipped another way; for, having no one to eat our feast but a few idle rogues, who would get beef and ale for nothing, we shall but lay ourselves open to mockery, and get further into discredit.

"They commonly call the most hair-brain bloodsuckers, strongest thieves, the most desperate villains, treacherous rogues, inhuman murderers, rash, cruel and dissolute caitiffs, courageous and generous spirits, heroical and worthy captains, brave men at arms, valiant and renowned soldiers, possessed with a brute persuasion of false honour," as Pontus Huter in his Burgundian history complains.

When Catiline rebelled in Rome, he got a company of such debauched rogues together, they were his familiars and coadjutors, and such have been your rebels most part in all ages, Jack Cade, Tom Straw, Kette, and his companions.

The first is idleness, by reason of which we have many swarms of rogues, and beggars, thieves, drunkards, and discontented persons (whom Lycurgus in Plutarch calls morbos reipublicae, the boils of the commonwealth), many poor people in all our towns.

Wherefore I will suffer no [650]beggars, rogues, vagabonds, or idle persons at all, that cannot give an account of their lives how they maintain themselves.

It brings many a lewd, riotous fellow home, many wandering rogues it settles, that would otherwise have been like raving tigers, ruined themselves and others.

But rogues all, rogues all, Kathleen!

But rogues all, rogues all, Kathleen!

"This is a republication of a dull, profligate Haywoodian production, in which all the males are rogues, and all the females whores, without a glimpse of plot, fable, or sentiment."

His picaresque characters, though outwardly rogues or their female counterparts, have at bottom something of the dissenting parson and cool-headed, middle-aged man of business.

The pavement of the modern Lutetia is incessantly trodden by rogues.

At the moment when some big job was being pulled off, Kovroff suddenly appeared unexpectedly, with some of his "boys," and demanded a contribution, threatening instantly to inform the police if he did not get itand the rogues, in order to "keep him quiet," had to give him whatever share of their plunder he graciously deigned to indicate.

The rogues, whatever their rank, have a great respect for daring, skill, and forceand therefore they respected Kovroff, at the same time fearing and detesting him.

Had the rogues been trying to cheat them, by putting these strange nondescripts into their place?

1400 examples of  rogues  in sentences
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