76 examples of rolled his eyes in sentences

But the Nigger only rolled his eyes and shook his head.

and, immediately and thickly inarticulate, made a tremendous feint at clearing his throat, tossed up his hat and caught it; rolled his eyes.

The Tiger could not resist smirking at the Lion, who just rolled his eyes.

By any chance, do you know now who we are?" He rolled his eyes toward Watkins, and then at Schmitt engaged in some job across the deck.

McNutt rolled his eyes, pounded the floor with his stump to emphasize his mingled anger and satisfaction, and then receipted the bill.

His physiognomy was ugly and his person repulsive; he was awkward, obese, and ungainly; his nose was flat, his lips were thick, and his neck large; he rolled his eyes, went barefooted, and wore a dirty old cloak.

One wheel at a time, quickly but surely; onesevententhreefive." "Onesevententhreefive," the Eskimo boy had faithfully repeated after him, and rolled his eyes half in amusement and half in terror.

" "Why did that boy go running across like that?" Jim Pink rolled his eyes on Peter with a peculiar look.

"What are you going to do at 12:30 to-morrow?" Langdon turned to him and rolled his eyes toward the ceiling despairingly.

In his great agony the outlaw rolled his eyes in appeal to the crowd which surrounded the struggling two.

Dam Li rolled his eyes inwards, as one who consulted an oracle within.

He rolled his eyes to every quarter of the seventh sphere, clapped his hand upon his heart, and assumed an expression of angelic gratitude: "My benefactor!

George rolled his eyes and deflated somewhat.

The ex-sailor scratched his head and then rolled his eyes up with a dawning smile, as one who sees a vision of ultimate bliss.

The look on his face as he rolled his eyes toward Merriwell before leaving the room was malicious in the extreme.

He did not raise it to meet her glance, but rolled his eyes up in a gloomy scowl which flitted over her face and then came to a rest on the face of Red Jim Perris.

" Corduroys rolled his eyes like a driven bullock, sneezed a shower of straw and groaned again.

Humpty Dumpty gesticulated with his arms, rolled his eyes, raised his eyebrows, frowned, turned up his nose in scorn at Alice's ignorance, and smiled from ear to ear when he shook hands with her.

Would you entertain a proposition to go back to America and become my partner?" The boy rolled his eyes; it was plain that he was seriously alarmed.

Neither the judges of our laws nor the representatives of our people would be much affected by laboured gesticulation, or believe any man the more because he rolled his eyes, or puffed his cheeks, or spread abroad his arms, or stamped the ground, or thumped his breast, or turned his eyes sometimes to the ceiling and sometimes to the floor.

The Nubian grunted, elbowed himself up, rolled his eyes, and pronounced a few utterly dispassionate words.

" Giles rolled his eyes towards him with a startled expression, but said nothing for a moment or two; then he remarked, in a somewhat dolorous tone: "I d' 'low I'll miss you, Jim; you and me has sat side by side this fifteen year'tis fifteen year, bain't it, since ye come?

The watchman rolled his eyes and shook his head slowly.

At this he awoke and rolled his eyes.

Buck Daniels rolled his eyes towards the door and then even towards the window, and then, as one who accepts the inevitable, he sank into a chair and plunged his hands into his pockets, prepared to endure.

76 examples of  rolled his eyes  in sentences
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