315 examples of romping in sentences

Thither the aged go up, and thither the laughing, romping children.

When he sat up he saw two of the cubs standing near him on their hind legs, wrestling with each other, the other two were playing hide and seek round a tree trunk, and now Angelica let go his laces and came romping into his arms to kiss him and say "Good morning" to him, then worrying the points of his waistcoat a little shyly after the warmth of his embrace.

the jocund laugh and the romping of the dancers permitting conversation'and Ah-kre-nay will remember her in his dreams.'

All the friends who were are livinglike the sparks that fly about They come romping out to greet me with the same old merry shout, Till it seems to me I'm playing once again on boyhood's stage, Where there's no such thing as sorrow and there's no such thing as age.

Brothers are we all, When we have run the work-day through, In romping with our children small; Rich men and poor delight in play When care and caste have taken flight.

Romping, the use of it by a lover.

However, from every cabin came sound of laughing and romping, and now and then a youngster darted through the cold from one hut to another.

Annie is kissing and clinging Dozens of times in a day, Chattering, laughing, and singing, Romping, and running away.

You may be spiritually bald-headed at twenty-five or a romping young blade at eighty.

But though Cordelia Running Bird was in solitude, her sharp ears caught the noise of romping children in the playroom, and the frequent dropping of the sliding-doors upon the narrow individual cupboards, indicating an excessive rummaging of shelves.

The child's early romping did not trouble Ralph, since he himself was always awake before daylight.

To bring out order on the physical plane, the Kindergarten makes it a serious purpose to organize romping, and set it to music, which cultivates the physical nature also.

Romping is the ecstasy of the body, and we shall find that in proportion as children tend to be violent they are vigorous in body.

But the regular gymnastics and the romping plays must be alternated with quiet employments, of course, but still active.

But there were a party of young girls whispering together behind Jane, and when Edward turned in her direction, though she escaped, he fell amongst these girls, and, as might be expected, such a romping scene ensued, as may often be seen at blindman's buff.

So, as I said, Edward found himself amongst the group of young girls, who all struggled to get away from him; and then such a scene of running and screaming, and shouting and romping followed, as the like of which I have no desire to see.

In the Western Addition, Richmond, Sunset and Mission districts are many parks that provide resting places for mothers, their infants in go-carts, and romping children.

He despised the whole race of them,especially those thick-legged, romping, cherry-cheeked damsels, of whom, no doubt, his son would marry one.

Romping through mathematics.

They should have romping, rollicking fun every day, at the same time giving exercise to every part of the body, and a healthy tone to the spirits.

Up the hill, romping and shaking their golden heads, Come the little children of the wood.

[Footnote 5: This is Rahel's expression, the tribute of admiration forced from the childless woman fresh from the Berlin salons, by the spectacle of Bettina romping with her children in the nursery.]

The wazir loved her greatly, and was extremely fond of her; so much so, that he had erected an elegant apartment for her behind his own diwan khana; and had procured for her the daughters of noblemen as her companions, and handsome female servants waited on her; with these she passed her time in laughter and joy, and playing and romping about.

There was no flirting, no romping, no loud laughter; not a loud wordno telltale glances, no sitting in corners.

In the shadows the brook seems to have a more solemn tone, in keeping with its somber surroundings, singing its song to the white-petaled saxifrage that peeps out at it over the bed of maidenhair fern, or the bright-leaved water cress; then flashing out into the sunlight, and, like a boy out of school, romping and laughing in utter abandon.

315 examples of  romping  in sentences