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290 examples of  roosts  in sentences

290 examples of roosts in sentences

"And what are those two bird-roosts on it?" asked Trendon.

"Anyway," said Trendon vigorously, "I'd like to have a look at those bird- roosts.

Mrs. Kaufman, just like Ruby says, how you let a whole houseful of old hens rule this roost it's a shame!"

Raids upon hen-roosts were about the most prominent results of the experiment, though said raids were magnified by the Rads into grand victories over Confeds.

If Gray Stoddard marries Johnnie Consadine, you and me will just about roost in the penitentiary for the rest of our days.

The woman was big, bigger than most women who rule the roost and do the work in haunts where work calls for muscle and a good head behind it.

You want to see roost high.'

The turkeys they gobbled, the geese screamed aloud, And the hens crept to roost in a terrified crowd; There was rearing of ladders, and logs laying on, Where the thatch from the roof threatened soon to be gone.

Such sheep and outdoor animals as had no shelter stood with their buttocks to the winds; while the tails of little birds trying to roost on some scraggy thorn were blown inside-out like umbrellas.

But now I am sick at your presence; the day has come, and the night-bird should be off to his roost.

The walls were white and clean, so were the little ladders that led up to different kinds of roosts, where the fowls sat at night.

Some roosts were thin and round, and some were broad and flat.

Envy, spit thy gall; Plot, work, contrive; create new fallacies; Team from thy womb each minute a black traitor, Whose blood and thoughts have twin conception: Study to act deeds yet unchronicled; Cast native monsters in the moulds of men; Case vicious devils under sancted rochets; Unhasp the wicket, where all perjureds roost, And swarm this ball with treasons.

It would seem as if a little "blood and iron" had come home to roost; even as the sea birds do upon his forehead.

The bats now roost in the roofless timbers that the 12-inch shells have left.

The fugitive rarely did much damage except to hen roosts, beyond scaring human beings.

The various churches are ruled by "leaders"men of a deaconly frame of mind, invested with power sufficient to enable them to rule the roost in ministerial matters, to say who shall preach and who shall not, and to work sundry other wonders in the high atmosphere of church government.

You'll make any kind o' house pooty to look at inside, an' I reckon we needn't roost on the fences outside, a-lookin' at it, any more'n we choose to.

I'll rule the roost for that.

In London I can stay out till all hours and come home with the milk without a tremor, but put me in the garden of a country house after the strength of the company has gone to roost and the place is shut up, and a sort of goose-fleshy feeling steals over me.

Surely, stealing pine-trees in this way is not so mean as robbing hen-roosts.

These Rufflers, after a year or two at the farthest, become upright men [lusty vagrants who beg and take only money, who rob hen roosts, filch from stalls or pockets, and have dens of their own for drinking and receipt of stolen goods], unless they be prevented by twined hemp.

CHANTECLER Are the turkeys on their roost?

[On his roost, solemnly.]

"Queer roost where this Senator is to hang out, isn't it?"

Not far from Tiburon, which is about thirty miles long by fifteen miles wide, there is a smaller island where pelicans roost in vast numbers.

It is doubtless a libel on the colored race to state that even the majority of its members are chicken thieves by descent rather than inclination, just as it is a libel on their religion to insinuate that a colored camp meeting is almost certain to involve severe inroads into the chicken coops and roosts of the neighboring farmers.

Either the author of the treaty, or the hazan of the land of Zunire. 7. Included between the roost and the back of the dog occurs another sentence which has not been translated. 8.

But I don't believe our night quarters are suitable either for him or you, for we intend to roost on the broken ice out here.

In this instance there is a plausible explanation, for the blue rock, unlike the rest of the tribe, nests and roosts in holes and is also gregarious; therefore, if provided with accommodation of the kind it requires, it will form a permanent settlement and remain with us on the same terms as the honey bee; while the ring dove, not caring for a fixed home, must be confined, however tame it may become, or it will wander and be lost.

The so-called 'Scottish' Terrier, which at present rules the roost, dates from 1879 as a show dog.

As long as he was winnin' Sandy was the king of any roost.

Think of the nerve of this bird comin' here to roost after what he done.

Ten years ago, when Mr. Irving was in his best estate of health and spirits, when his mood was of the sunniest, and Wolfert's Roost was in the spring-time of its charms, it was my fortune to pass a few days there with my wife.

The drive of two miles from Tarrytown to that delicious lane which leads to the Roost,who does not know all that, and how charming it is?

This relic was of no great intrinsic value; but, as he had written on this table many of his later works, including "Mahomet," "Goldsmith," "Wolfert's Roost," and "Washington," I prize it, of course, as one of the most interesting mementos of Sunnyside.

When "Wolfert's Roost" was published, (I had to entice the papers of that volume from his drawers, for I doubt whether he would have collected them himself,) I saw him affected actually to tears, on reading some of the hearty and well-written personal tributes which that volume called forth.

In order of precedence they come One, Two, and Five; in order of personal splendor of uniform they come Five, One, Two; in order of exploits they are all in the same negative position at present; and the Second has done rather the most robbing of hen-roosts.

They are also an excellent covert from hawks for many small birds that roost and build in them.

It will be remembered that in times gone by the State of Texas decided to desert its Latin parents and roost under the shadow of the eagle's wing, thereby earning for itself prosperity and an evil reputationin certain quarters.

At that moment the cormorants were coming down the glittering lake to their roost.

There orthodox classicism still held sway; the manner and metre of Pope or Thomson ruled the roost of singing fowl.

Having got beds to ourselvesafter repeated requests to roost two in a nest, as the house was smallI soon tumbled into my lair, and in the blessed forgetfulness of sleep the miseries of the day became mingled with the things that were.

Night came on, and we all toddled off to roost.

In America, the "boys" get up so early, that it is said they frequently "catch the birds by their tails as they are going to roost;" and it is no doubt owing to this that they are so 'cute.

Forthwith the other Cock came out of his corner and ruled the roost without a rival.

He glanced at her chamber window before seeing that she stood on the grass by the front door, giving the swan bits of bread from her fingers while the jealous birds, forgetting to go to roost, watched and scolded from the low branches overhead.

When respect or curiosity brings visitants to her house, she entertains them with prognosticks of a scarcity of wheat, or a rot among the sheep, and always thinks herself privileged to dismiss them, when she is to see the hogs fed, or to count her poultry on the roost.

and shoot him, Larry, do you hear, shoot the Doctor like a cock, if he ever comes stirring up my poor old bones from their roost of Inistubber."

Roost fowls and ducks are not more different.

"He always roosts there when he proposes to slumber," explained my tutor.

At another place Bartram noted the arrival at a plantation of horse loads of wild pigeons taken by torchlight from their roosts in a neighboring swamp.[10] [Footnote 10: William Bartram, Travels (London, 1792), pp.

Last night what should I stumble on but a trap, baited and sprung, under the cedar-tree in which the cardinal roosts.

Since my return I find that practically all my old friends have flown to what Archie Martin called 'a different roost,' or else failing, or having no desire so to do, have left the city altogether, leaving me very lonely.

It makes great havoc in a hen-roost, Annie; and I would advise you to get Tom to make yours safe.

I thought maybe, until I see Dr. Thorne, that he done it out of mischieviousness, as boys will do, you know,jest as they steal a feller's apples, and knock his turkeys of'n the roost,but yander's not one of them kind; so he must 'a' been crazy, and I'm rael sorry he's been so bad put to about it,I am, indeed.

tical work: THE SWEETNESS OF THE PAST As sailors watch from their prison For the faint grey line of the coasts, I look to the past re-arisen, And joys come over in hosts Like the white sea birds from their roosts.

A fence around me to mark the boundaries of my world, my meals for the trouble of pecking at them, my life-work to sit hour after hour in the sun, balanced on a roost....

"It is so about the pigeons at Pigeon Roost (Wattensaw, Arkansas).

I was born at Pigeon Roost on Jim High's place.

Let the curse fly where it may, it will come back to roost.

in Wild West stories and complete novel magazine for Apr. 1934 as Rustlers' roost.

Robbers' roost.

Robbers' roost.

Robbers' roost.

Robbers' roost.

in Wild West stories and complete novel magazine for Apr. 1934 as Rustlers' roost.

The mallards come home to roost.

The killer of Rustler's Roost.

Dorothy Elizabeth Nye (A) & Harper & Row, Publishers, Inc. (PWH of R. R. Baldwin); 13Apr70; R482492. NYE, NELSON C. Rustler's roost, by Clem Colt, pseud.

The partridges call to each other, and after each call run a few yards swiftly, till they assemble at the well-known spot where they roost.

Fortunately Mr. Alden always kept a loaded rifle on a rack on the kitchen wall with which to shoot foxes that attempted to raid his hen-roost.

He keeps his body very close to the tree and uses his feet to creep about like a mouse or chipmunk; he also goes upside down, in a way that Woodpeckers never do, clings to the under side of a branch as easily as a fly to the ceiling, and often roosts or takes a nap head downward on the side of a tree-trunka position that would seem likely to give him a severe headache, if birds ever have such things.

XX BOBBY COON AND OL' MISTAH BUZZARD HAVE A TALK Bobby Coon had spent the largest part of the forenoon sitting at the foot of the tall dead tree on which Ol' Mistah Buzzard likes to roost.

The second method is to mark the trees in which, frequently to the number of five or six together, they roost, and then at night to climb up and noose them.

My word for it, Cecil, she's found a safe roost.

Peacocks disdain a "roost" and seek the top of some tall tree; they are also rovers by nature and hate confinement.

Each night we had a prolonged battle, but he never gave in for one instant until he could roost on my outstretched finger or just under my chin.

The new madam was not allowed to share the high roost on the elm.

At a meeting, also, at Pepperell, where they had to speak in a barn, on account of the feeling against them, she mentions that an Orthodox clergyman opened the meeting with prayer, but went out immediately after finishing, declaring that he would as soon rob a hen-roost as remain there and hear a woman speak in public.

The first was highway robbery, the next forgery, and after that followed treason, smuggling, barn-burning, bribery, poaching, usury, piracy, witchcraft, assault and battery, using false weights and measures, burglary, counterfeiting, robbing hen-roosts, conspiracy, and poisoning his grandmother by proxy.

"Robbed hen-roosts," he said.

You are now numbered One to Seventeen inclusive, and you stand charged with highway robbery, forgery, treason, smuggling, barn-burning, bribery, poaching, usury, piracy, witchcraft, assault and battery, using false weights and measures, burglary, counterfeiting, robbing hen-roosts, conspiracy, and poisoning your grandmother by proxy.

He looked unpleasantly like a Bulgarian atrocity or a Burmese 'deviation from the laws of humanity,' being very still and all huddled up in his roost.

Overhead the lazy crows flew by, winging out from their city roosts to the rice-fields for the day's food.

Within the houses enough poles are arranged to serve as roosts for all the chickens: opposite each roost a nest should be set in the wall.

Within the houses enough poles are arranged to serve as roosts for all the chickens: opposite each roost a nest should be set in the wall.

Columella adds two more interesting bits of advice, that for the comfort of the hens the roosts should be cut square, and for cleanliness their water trough should be enclosed leaving only openings large enough to receive a hen's head.

She hobbled off fingering her beloved pipe, and Roseen, sitting by the window, watched the twilight deepen and saw the world grow misty and indistinct, and heard the birds twittering as they went to roost.

And there they sat and talked among the ruins till the birds flew twittering to roost and the golden light faded from the hill-top: yet, as hand in hand they came down the path and wandered homewards through the dewy grass, it seemed to them that they still were walking in a glorified world.

At other times while the great poet was singing his sweetest songs, we would seize his ancient roosters by their tails, and while they were making night hideous with their lamentations, the angry couple would bombard the hen-roosts with shovels, hoes and other weapons in the hope of slaughtering the marauders.

The turkeys were flying down from their roosts.

As sailors watch from their prison For the faint grey line of the coasts, I look to the past re-arisen, And joys come over in hosts Like the white sea birds from their roosts.

He learned that deer were very plentiful everywhere, and that on this very tract of land were several wild turkey roosts, where it was no trouble to bag any number desired.

It is like an ugly young poulet going to roost!"

Frederick had not changed his position the whole time; half reclining, with his arm wound about a dry branch, he gazed immovably after the departing man, as he glided through the thickly wooded path with the long cautious steps characteristic of his profession, as noiseless as a lynx climbing into the hen-roost.

No, the world has a million roosts for a man, but only one nest.

" (See Washington Irving's 'Chronicles of Wolfert's Roost', etc.; and Baring Gould's 'Curious Myths of the Middle Ages'.)Ed.]

Well, the amount of it is that Charley Morgan and a lot of his particular friends have been organizing a company for the purpose of thrashing the Hillers, and making them stop robbing hen-roosts and orchards and cutting up such shines.

"I will tell you what it is, sir," said I, "if you think it is wrong to be a Radical the best thing you can do is to write to your friend, that vicar, and advise him to get those two young people married as soon as possible, for it is easy to see that she is going to rule the roost, and if anybody can get his Radicalistics out of him she will be the one to do it.