261 examples of rosebud in sentences

" "Say," said Billy, stung to admiration by this flow of the right sort of talk, "Mr. Denney, did you ever read 'Little Rosebud, or is Beauty a Curse to a Poor Girl?'

It steals into your brain as a little child steals its rosebud hand into yours, beguiling you with prattle; but afterwardswell, if I had the choice, I'd rather be chloroformed and struck sharply with an axe.

" Joe Strong varied his acts in the circus tent Sometimes he would omit the "vanishing lady" act, as Helen wanted to put through some extra work with Rosebud, and there was not time for both.

"What sort?" asked the rider of Rosebud, and if Joe had not been thinking of something else he would have noticed the danger signs about Helen's countenance.

She danced about on the back of Rosebud, and thought bitterly that Joe had never noticed her new dress.

But she could spare no more time from her own act with Rosebud, since she was billed as one of the "stars."

The music played, the horses trotted about, clowns made laughter, and Helen performed graceful feats on Rosebud.

Fair Phyllis's gold lashes demurely cast down, Her face in sweet doubt 'twixt a smile and a frown, A venturesome rosebud o'ertopping the rest Now lies all a-quiver upon her white breast, The curves of her neck Man's vow often wreck, She has the whole world at her call and her beck.

"Ah, my little rosebud!

And so they placed her in her coffin, with a tiny rosebud in either hand (for she would ever hold flowers longer than any thing else), to wither in their beauty with her, the pale perishing one.

Each used a rosebud for a brush, And, while it glowed with sunset's blush, Each painted on the evening sky, And each a star used for the eye.

She hears faint music, smiles, and leaves the room Just as one rosebud more bursts into bloom.

The outside sewing-bands too, devoted their very first quilt to the Rosebud Indian Mission.

Ch., 38.25; Home Mission Band, 10.00; L.E. Parsons, 40c.; W.R. Hamlin, 25c., for Rosebud Indian M. ...48.90 East Marshfield.

Ch., for Rosebud Indian M. ...13.00 Northampton.

"Friends," for Rosebud Indian M. ...8.00 Old Lyme.

Ch., for Rosebud Indian M. ...42.00 Somers.

Ch., for Rosebud Indian M. ...7.10 Southport.

R70034, 10Nov50, Rose Fyleman (A) ROSEBUD WALL PAPER, by Amy Lowell.

And Emily, with her sweet grey Irish eyes and her curling masses of raven black hair, would cry in penitent shame over her unworthiness, with some vague idea that those royal, and to her very real, ancestors would despise her small, sweet, rosebud self, so wholly unworthy of their disreputable majesties.

Missionary Soc., for Rosebud Indian M. 0.50 Hyde Park.

Ch., for Rosebud Indian M. 21.10 Melrose.

Ch., for Rosebud Indian M. 83.64 Farmington.

I see; a vagabond bee, intent on thieving honey from the flowers, has mistaken her mouth for a rosebud, and is trying to settle upon it.

She glided to the flower-basket, broke a rosebud from its stalk, and mutely offered it to him.

261 examples of  rosebud  in sentences