261 examples of rosebud in sentences

My behaviour to my Rosebud; Miss Harlowe to take possession of Mrs. Fretchville's house; I to stay at Mrs. Sinclair's; the stake I have in my country; my reversions; my economy; my person; my address;

I would have her look after me when I go out as far as she can see me, as my Rosebud after her Johnny; and meet me at my return with rapture.

Helen Morton received much applause at the conclusion of her act with her trick horse, Rosebud.

"Is your star horse, Rosebud, lame or off his feed?" "Oh, no," she answered.

He saw Helen hastening past on her way to enter the ring with her horse, Rosebud, which a groom held at the entrance for her.

The eleven stanzas of the lover's song to Maud, the "Queen Rose of the rosebud garden of girls," are such an exquisite blending of woodbine spice and musk of rose, of star and daffodil sky, of music of flute and song of bird, of the soul of the rose with the passion of the lover, of meadows and violets,that we easily understand why Tennyson loved to read these lines.

I have several times thought of a rosebud, as Goethe is said to have been able to see one at will, and to observe it expand.

The following are some of the results:The bud appeared unexpectedly a moss rosebud.

" [Footnote 10: The details and illustrations of four other experiments with the image of a rosebud have been given me.

" Gilbert took a scrap of ribbon from his breast, a ribbon with a blue ground and a rosebud on it,a ribbon which he had chosen himself for Marian, in the brief happy days of their engagement.

Sch., for Rosebud Indian M. ...1.15 Hardwick.

Ch., for Rosebud M. ...3.41 Salisbury.

Ch., for Rosebud Indian M. ...5.00 Windham.

Sch. Class, 2.30; for Rosebud Indian M. ...16.00 Enfield.

Ch.; Eben Websters's 14.42; Amos Hazeline's 8.34; Nos. 9 and 10; 8.12; for Rosebud Indian M. ...30.98 Haydenville.

Sch., for Rosebud Indian M. ...2.00 Watertown.

Ch., for Rosebud Indian M. ...20.00 Winchedon.

Ch., for Rosebud Indian M. ...4.10 Jewett City.

Ch.," for Rosebud Indian M. ...31.00 Newtown.

Ch. ...20.00 Wallingford; Albert P. Hough, for Rosebud Indian M. ...5.00 Waterbury.

Sch., Miss Hyde's Class, 2.30; Miss Denton's Class, 40 cts.; Mr. Littleton's Class, 1.50, for Rosebud Indian M. ........... 4 20 SOUTH CAROLINA, $213.00 Charleston.

Rosebud wall paper.

R70034, 10Nov50, Rose Fyleman (A) ROSEBUD WALL PAPER, by Amy Lowell.

I broke my back on a rosebud, by William March, pseud.

I broke my back on a rosebud, by William March, pseud.

261 examples of  rosebud  in sentences