127 examples of rote in sentences

One of the Archbishop's rules was that children should never learn anything by rote.

It contained several dirty thumb-marks and the following message, roughly scrawled in pencil: "sir the lady with the hat cum for you about for aclock i told her as you was out and she rote this leter gerty.

My friends ne'er think, but talk by rote, Speak what they're taught, and so to vote.' 'When rogues like these,' a sparrow cries, 'To honours and employments rise, 110 I court no favour, ask no place; For such preferment is disgrace.

but that these words, and the like, have very proper significations in which they may be used; but there being no natural connexion between any words and any ideas, these, and any other, may be learned by rote, and pronounced or writ by men who have no ideas in their minds to which they have annexed them, and for which they make them stand; which is necessary they should, if men would speak intelligibly even to themselves alone.

He tells you lies by rote, and not minding, as the phrase to sell in and the language he spent most of his years to learn.

"I am so convinced of this truth, that if the Commune persist in what I call an usurpation of the elective power, I could not reconcile the respect due to the rote of the majority with the respect due to my own conscience; I shall therefore be obliged, much to my regret, to give in my resignation to the Commune before the victory.

I can resolve it by rote, Lady, twas that yeare the Cuckoo sung in May: another token Lady; there raigned in Rome a great Tyrant that yeare, and many Maides lost their heads for using flesh on Fish-daies.

The definitions they give of substances and qualities are so just and happy; and in their situation, definition is everything, for they cannot learn by rote, as other boys often do, who, in the study of philology, acquire only words and not things or meanings.

Ill tell thee, Fainall, she once used me with that insolence, that in revenge I took her to pieces, sifted her, and separated her failings; I studied em and got em by rote.

who can neither deny her any thing she asks, or refuse to do any thing she commands? To be short, my Wife was extremely pleased with it; said the Italian was the only Language for Musick; and admired how wonderfully tender the Sentiment was, and how pretty the Accent is of that Language, with the rest that is said by Rote on that Occasion.

" We wish to learn philosophy by rote, and play at heroism.

The tendency to rote-learning is very strong.

With a manner betraying suppressed, but ill-concealed eagerness, and in language prompt and fluent, as if reciting by rote a carefully kept journal, she went on to detail every fault or neglect or impatient act of her relative, not sparing exposure of the most delicate domestic events, at the same time carefully suppressing all mention of his provocations.

This adventure chanced in Brittany, and in remembrance thereof the Bretons made a Lay, which I heard sung by the minstrel to the music of his rote.

The fair company gave ear to the Lay of Alys, sweetly sung by a minstrel from Ireland, to the music of his rote.

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Beyond this we may discern in them an uneasy conviction that he requires a more personal devotion, which leads to spasmodic efforts to kindle the feeling by means of violent raptures of panegyric and by repeating over and getting by rote the ardent expressions of those who really had it.

Auntie had a great horror of children learning by rote things they did not understand, and then fancying they knew them.

You quarrel by rote.

127 examples of  rote  in sentences