127 examples of rote in sentences

On our asking whether the children answered the questions from what they had learnt by heart, she replied, "No; it would be of no use, you know, for the dear children to repeat merely by rote; we want the great truths of the gospel to sink into their hearts.

Many of the priest are extremely ignorant, and some of them have only learned by rote the service of their own church in the ancient Greek; their knowledge, therefore, cannot be founded on their own search for Scriptural truth, seeing they have not had the opportunity of examining for themselves.

He who would hear songs sung to the music of the rote, or would solace himself with the newest refrain of the minstrel, might win to his wish.

It contained several dirty thumb-marks and the following message, roughly scrawled in pencil: "sir the lady with the hat cum for you about for aclock i told her as you was out and she rote this leter gerty.

Conditions of Impression: Care, Clearness, Choice of Favorable Sense Avenue, Repetition, Overlearning, Primacy, Distribution of Repetitions, (Inferences Bearing Upon Theme-writing), "Whole" vs. "Part" Method, "Rote" vs. "logical" Method, Intention.

According to another classification, there are two ways of memorizingby rote and by logical associations.

Rote memorizing involves the repetition of material just as it stands, and usually requires such long and laborious drill that it is seldom economical.

Such a process of memorizing the date is less laborious than the method of rote memory, and is usually more likely to lead to ready recall.

c. Use of rote method instead of method of logical association.

He is so ready at reasons of State, that he has them, like a lesson, by rote; but as charlatans make diseases fit their medicines, and not their medicines diseases, so he makes all public affairs conform to his own established reason of State, and not his reason, though the case alter ever so much, comply with them.

I humoured him by doing as he desired; and that the rather because I hoped his thoughts would thus be turned away from the writing; but as soon as I had the spell by rote he turned back to the parchment, saying, 'He was but a poor divine who wrote this, for beside choosing ill-fitting verses, he cannot even give right numbers to them.

They are, intellectually, all peas in the same conventional pod, unenlightened, prosaic, living by rule and rote.

Id get a leter rote before dinner

Moral and religious sentiments may be written as copies; summaries of truth, admirable in themselves, may be deposited in the memory; chapter after chapter too may be repeated by rote, and yet, after all, the slightest salutary influence may not be exerted on the mind or the heart.

I was particularly struck with the very clear manner in which the lad under examination replied to the questions put to him, and I began to suspect it was merely something he had learnt by rote; but the professor dodged him about in such a heartless manner with his "whys" and his "wherefores," his "how do you knows" and "how do you proves," that I quite trembled for the victim.

and here I learned some Latin and the higher rules in arithmetic by rote, always with the reputation of a stupid boy, good in the snowball fights of the intermission, when we had two snow forts to capture and defend; in running foot-races, the speediest, and in backhand wrestling, the strongest, but mentally hopeless.

I had taken up Latin again, algebra, and geometry, and, though I was up by candlelight in the morning, and rarely put my books away till after ten at night except for meals, it was impossible for me to construe half of the lesson in Virgil, and the geometry was learned by rote.

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The vibrations of sound and light, as air and ether, had intrinsic importance, it seemed, in the uttering of certain names; all of which, however, Spinrobin learnt by rote, making neither head nor tail of it.

If there was anything he deposed, it was learning things by rote.

127 examples of  rote  in sentences