204 examples of roth in sentences

They will discover (in their researches into 'istry, as Mr. Gandish said) that Michael Angelo's surname was Buonarotti; and they will point out that the word "roth" is very like the word "rot."

by Herb Roth. © 26Oct22, A683927.

ROTH, SUZANNE, joint author. Columbia Research Bureau French test.

by Herb Roth.


Jane Roth (A); 5May61; R275488. ROTH, JOSEPH.

Jane Roth (A); 5May61; R275488. ROTH, JOSEPH.

SEE Roth, Joseph.

SEE Roth, Cecil. Mat'aseh book.

SEE Roth, Joseph.


by Ben Roth.


Benjamin Roth (A); 1Jul68; R438666.

ROTH, HARRY. That country called Virginia.

By Karin Von Wahl (Karin Von Wahl Zu Marvitz Roth) © 26May48; A23041.

Karin Von Wahl Zu Marvitz Roth (A); 17Dec75; R622008.

By Samuel John Roth & William Abner Kramer.


Louis Roth; forty years with jungle killers.

[102] Roth, II, 83.

The details given by Roth are too disgusting for reproduction here.

Thus it was long believed that what was known as the "terrible rite" (finditur usque ad urethram membrum virile)see Curr I., 52, 72was practised as a check to population; but surgeon-general Roth (179) has exploded this idea, and made it seem probable that this rite is merely a senseless counterpart of certain useless mutilations inflicted on females.

[180] Surgeon-General Roth of Queensland does not indulge in any illusions regarding love in Australia.

I am indebted for many of the following facts to H. Ling Roth's splendid compilation and monograph entitled The Natives of Sarawak and British North Borneo.

204 examples of  roth  in sentences