101 examples of rowdy in sentences

When he was at Oxford he had been well known for concealing under a slightly rowdy exterior the highest spirits of any of the undergraduates.

Let Bartholomew Fair be as rowdy as it pleases, let acrobats and such loose fellows keep to Southwark, the theatre has risen in the world!

For, when Mossy was but a little boy, his father thought it hard that he was not a rowdy.

And frightfully rowdy.

Dick "hailed" from Illinois, and was a comely young fellow, full of dash and daring; rough and rowdy, generous and jolly, overflowing with spirits and ready for a free fight with all the world.

Rowdy braves and small boys hoot and yell in derision.

Going to lick him," hiccoughed the rowdy, his eyes fixed on the elephant trainer.

" With wild yells some fifty of the group from which the drunken rowdy had come sprang from the benches.

Once she remarked in her precise way: "The trouble with a gentleman fighting a rowdy, the gentleman has all to lose and nothing to gain.

It's some old rowdy, I s'pose, that nobody else would look at.

There'll be a lot of bother, of course; a lot of men about the place, and a bit rowdy at times, perhaps.

A benevolent desire to launch far and wide the already well-spread reputation of the New York rowdy impels the present writer to declare his conviction, that, should Physiology offer a premium for the production of a perfect and unmitigated specimen of polisson, Experience would seek for it among the choice representatives of the class in question,ay, and find it, too.

And yet the rowdy, like many another ugly and repulsive thing, may have his use.

The rowdy is the turtle in the tank,so far, at least, as being an ugly beast to look at and a great promoter of commotion,by which latter service he keeps the community alive to the presence of impure particles in the social element, if he does not assist in getting rid of them.

The red rowdy was then dragged, half-suffocated, from his imprisonment, and as much life as he ought ever to be intrusted with restored to him by the stout old skipper, who was at hand with a couple of buckets full of cold salt-water, with which he drenched him liberally, as he slunk away.

Hewitt had, of a sudden, assumed the whole appearance, manners, and bearing of a slightly elevated rowdy.

He is too much of a gentleman to quarrel with a rowdy like the blue jay.

BRICK (Jefferson), a very weak pale young man, the war correspondent of the New York Rowdy Journal, of which colonel Diver was editor.

DI'VER (Colonel), editor of the New York Rowdy Journal, in America.

There were the nearby family Bhosale, whom I had been warned "were trouble", the "rowdy boys" of the village who tended to be destructive, the crooked 'possorkars' from whom I would be forced to purchase my groceries.

We had passed through various stages, not of intoxication, no one was drunk, but of jubilation; we had been jocose and rowdy, we had told stories of all kinds.

Condensed version appeared in Saturday evening post, May 21-July 9, 1949 under the title: W. C. Fields: rowdy king of comedy.

"You don't know," he said, "how it grieves me to see youa Yale manact so like a rowdy.

" "If fighting for the rights of a much older man, unable to protect his own interests, is the act of a rowdy, I'm quite willing to be thought one," was my reply.

But life in the Beaux Arts is rough, coarse, and rowdy.

101 examples of  rowdy  in sentences