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158 example sentences with  rowdy

158 example sentences with rowdy

Bufo vulgaris should be the name of a very inferior, rowdy clown.

When he was at Oxford he had been well known for concealing under a slightly rowdy exterior the highest spirits of any of the undergraduates.

Let Bartholomew Fair be as rowdy as it pleases, let acrobats and such loose fellows keep to Southwark, the theatre has risen in the world!

The idea that the rowdy element should be so powerful in Ronleigh that a Sixth Form boy could with impunity be seized and drenched with cold water, was not very pleasing to one who was largely responsible for the order of the school, and the captain's face was as black as thunder.

There's been a good deal too much of this rowdy element showing lately, and it's high time it was put a stop to.

There ain't scarcely a rowdy feller in Cottonville that hain't at one time or another had the notion he'd board with Pap Himes; but I've always kep' a respectable house, and I always aim to, I am a old man, and I bear a good name, and I'm the only man in this house, and I aim to stay so.

Flack had told his wife on several occasions that he had heard sounds of wild laughter and rowdy singing coming from Riversbrook as he passed along the street on his beat in the small hours of the morning.

Now, to-morrow we will go to Chatteris, and see that nice old Mr. Rowdy, with the bald head, and ask him for it,not for his head, but for the five hundred pounds; and I daresay he will lend you two more, which we will save and pay back, and we will send the money to Pen, who can pay all his debts without hurting anybody, and then we will live happy ever after."

more times than a few had Monsieur John knocked down some long-haired and long-knifed rowdy, and kicked the breath out of him for looking saucily at her; but that was like him, he was so brave and kind;and

For, when Mossy was but a little boy, his father thought it hard that he was not a rowdy.

And frightfully rowdy.

he sobbed, "could they ask me to trust myself to a drunken rowdy of a driver, even if I was going?"

Dick "hailed" from Illinois, and was a comely young fellow, full of dash and daring; rough and rowdy, generous and jolly, overflowing with spirits and ready for a free fight with all the world.

Rowdy braves and small boys hoot and yell in derision.

Going to lick him," hiccoughed the rowdy, his eyes fixed on the elephant trainer.

" With wild yells some fifty of the group from which the drunken rowdy had come sprang from the benches.

The next evening, the evening before Organ-Sunday, every child in Upper and Lower Wood, and above all, in Middle Lot, knew that the quiet Erick all at once belonged to the rowdies; that he was not only going to fight with them in the Sunday battle, but that he was going with the worst rowdy, with Churi and his companions, early in the morning before church.

It is a bad sign for the boy Erick that he has joined the fighters, moreover, and that he has made friends with the very worst rowdy.

itโ€™s broiling, &c. THE STOCKMEN OF AUSTRALIA The stockmen of Australia, what rowdy boys are they, They will curse and swear an hurricane if you come in their way.

Even to these compeers he found little to say: a loud lot, imbued with the rowdy spirit of the new day; whereas Nogam was hopelessly of the old schoolin the new word, he datedthough his form was admittedly unimpeachable.

That conversation and Jeremy's conversion to the big idea took place on the way across the desert to Jerusalema journey that took us a week on camel-backa rowdy, hot journey with the stifling simoom blowing grit into our followers' throats, who sang and argued alternately nevertheless.

Once she remarked in her precise way: "The trouble with a gentleman fighting a rowdy, the gentleman has all to lose and nothing to gain.

uncombed, untamed, unlicked^, unpolished, uncouth; plebeian; incondite^; heavy, rude, awkward; homely, homespun, home bred; provincial, countrified, rustic; boorish, clownish; savage, brutish, blackguard, rowdy, snobbish; barbarous, barbaric; Gothic, unclassical^, doggerel, heathenish, tramontane, outlandish; uncultivated; Bohemian.

[Slang]; Mohock, Mohawk; drawcansir^, swashbuckler, Captain Bobadil, Sir Lucius O'Trigger, Thraso, Pistol, Parolles, Bombastes Furioso^, Hector, Chrononhotonthologos^; jingo; desperado, dare-devil, fire eater; fury, &c (violent person) 173; rowdy; slang-whanger

rough, rowdy, hooligan, tough, ugly customer, mean mother [Coll.], ruffian, bully, meanie

"Yes; a drunken, gambling, cut-throat rowdy as ever grew ripe for the gallows.

It's some old rowdy, I s'pose, that nobody else would look at.

He did not think it proper for one of his conservative nature to violate all the rules of health and self-respect by going out in such rowdy weather.

A benevolent desire to launch far and wide the already well-spread reputation of the New York rowdy impels the present writer to declare his conviction, that, should Physiology offer a premium for the production of a perfect and unmitigated specimen of polisson, Experience would seek for it among the choice representatives of the class in question,ay, and find it, too.

And yet the rowdy, like many another ugly and repulsive thing, may have his use.

The rowdy is the turtle in the tank,so far, at least, as being an ugly beast to look at and a great promoter of commotion,by which latter service he keeps the community alive to the presence of impure particles in the social element, if he does not assist in getting rid of them.

the last two actions appearing to be the leading operations of a rowdy's toilet; and, gathering round Lobster Bob, who has been steadily employed in opening oysters for all who have a midsummer faith in those mollusks, they commenced rapidly swallowing great quantities of the various kinds, which they seasoned to an alarming extent with coarse black pepper and brownish salt.

The red rowdy was then dragged, half-suffocated, from his imprisonment, and as much life as he ought ever to be intrusted with restored to him by the stout old skipper, who was at hand with a couple of buckets full of cold salt-water, with which he drenched him liberally, as he slunk away.

"There has been nothing between them," she said, "that requires a rowdy word like that to express.

"Mrs. Jack doesn't realize what a rowdy I used to be.

What a delightful treat these passages must be to the rowdy Americans, and how the Duke must writhe underwhat

During the debate on the Clayton-Bulwer treaty, a Mr. Douglas, to whom I have before alluded, and who may be considered as the representative of the rabid and rowdy portion of the community, thus expresses himself with regard to England: "It is impossible she can love us,I do not blame her for not loving us,sir, we have wounded her vanity and humbled her pride,she can never forgive us.

But anybody who really knows the title system of the Republic will at once see that the orator was a mere rowdy.

Imagine expeditions fitted out in England, in spite of Government, to free the slaves in the Southern States; imagine a Lopez termination to the affair, and the rowdy blood of England forming other Filibustero expeditions; then imagine the Hon.

If any gentleman wished to set up a marked livery for his servants, he could not do so without being the subject of animadversions in the rowdy Press, styling him a would-be aristocrat.

No Yankee can exist without elbow-room, except it be the more degraded and rowdy portion of the community, who find a more congenial atmosphere in those sinks of vice inseparable from large towns.

BRICK (Jefferson), a very weak pale young man, the war correspondent of the New York Rowdy Journal, of which colonel Diver was editor.

" "Along with those rowdy miners?" growled the squire.

There were the nearby family Bhosale, whom I had been warned "were trouble", the "rowdy boys" of the village who tended to be destructive, the crooked 'possorkars' from whom I would be forced to purchase my groceries.

You don't pretend to declare, do you, that there never were unconventional women, ill-dressed and rowdy women, before the new woman was heard of?

Surely no right-thinking person could implicate him in this rowdy affair!

Lacking this, it stood out and up in wicked disorderlike the hair of a rowdy, Winona said.

She felt rowdy, but liked it.

" "Did you see that drunken rowdy strike at me, and then try to get me down where he and those other brutes could kick me?" Wilbur's stare was cool.

And I wasn't drunk, and I'm not a rowdy."

We had passed through various stages, not of intoxication, no one was drunk, but of jubilation; we had been jocose and rowdy, we had told stories of all kinds.

The General Brooks was put in charge of an officer and some men; a sail was hoisted to keep her in hand, so that she wouldn't drift into the other ship; and in the midst of all the rowdy-dow we were told that if we liked we might go on board the English vessel immediately.

"I had a chance to learn but I was a rowdy.

Condensed version appeared in Saturday evening post, May 21-July 9, 1949 under the title: W. C. Fields: rowdy king of comedy.

Condensed version appeared in Saturday evening post, May 21-July 9, 1949 under the title: W. C. Fields: rowdy king of comedy.

A rowdy looking crowd of men and boys followed the fugitive and his protector, shouting, "Stop thief!

Their heads are perfectly level on the question of "those rowdy boys."

They were so Brazen and Hardened they paid no Attention except to give him the Rowdy Hee-Ho when they saw him pottering around the Shrubbery in his Front Yard, pretending to be at Work, but really doing the Pinkerton Act, and keeping one Ear spread for a nice, juicy Bit of Scandal.

He wore a working garb nowblue overalls and a blue rowdy.

" Foy twirled the cylinder to make sure the hammer was on an empty chamber and buckled the belt under his rowdy.

"You don't know," he said, "how it grieves me to see youa Yale manact so like a rowdy."

"If fighting for the rights of a much older man, unable to protect his own interests, is the act of a rowdy, I'm quite willing to be thought one," was my reply.

I am convinced that when religious people learn to refrain from cheap "religion" based on emotional preaching and sentimental or rowdy music, they will find that, though eroticism and religion are nearly allied and can easily be mistaken, it is not impossible to distinguish between them.

Kate tried to think of the scenes which were flashing by, or of the village,Wander's "rowdy" village, teeming with its human stories; but, after all, it was Browning's lines which had their way with her.

Rowdy noblemen, intemperate country gentlemen, sterile lawyers, cynical but wealthy sceptics who maintain religion as another fence round their property, hereditary Nonconformists whose God is respectability and whose goal a baronetcy, contrive, with a score or two of bigots thrown in, to make a carnival of folly, a veritable devil's dance of blasphemy.

Mr. Bottle's mind, qua mind; the rowdy Philistine Adolescens Leo, Esq.; Dr. Russell, of the Times, mounting his war-horse; the tale of how Lord Lumpington and the Rev. Esau Hittall got their degrees at Oxford; and many another ironic thrust which made the reader laugh 'while the hair was yet brown on his head,' may well make him laugh still, 'though his scalp is almost hairless, and his figure's grown convex.'

The magnificent Times, the rowdy Telegraph, continued to preach their gospels as before; but for all that Mr. Arnold found an audience fit, though few, and, of course, he found it among the people he abused.

If people had spoken of 'sonnets' with the same accent with which they speak of 'music-hall songs,' a sonnet would have been a thing so fearful and wonderful that we almost regret we cannot have a specimen; a rowdy sonnet is a thing to dream about.

But life in the Beaux Arts is rough, coarse, and rowdy.

The club members are rowdy.

They were only together for about 3 years, from late 1975 to early 1978, and they were known for their rowdy behaviour more than their music.

After hours, Clubhouse is more like a rowdy dive bar.

Eventually, rowdy Wobblies packed the streets, and 400 people were beaten and jailed in the ensuing conflict.

He was given the name of Marฤ‹ellino and he grew into a rowdy young boy.

In the exuberant heyday of music hall, a "chairman" would often act as impresario, enthroned with gavel in hand, as acts did their best to entertain him and the rowdy crowd.

Is your cat a rowdy one and tends to take her litter clad paws around the house?

Itโ€™s a rowdy start to the work week with showers and storms for the lower third of the WCCB viewing area.

Making childrenโ€™s literature safe for farts โ€” an outlet for his fairly rowdy sense of humour and a homage to a bodily function children everywhere find hilarious.

Morsels, do your Game Day party guests get rowdy and try to recreate the on-screen action in your living room?

Portraying rowdy Jews, the actors gather around a church where the Virgin Mary is being prepared for burial.

Sarah Bett, a wedding planner in Houston, said even if vendors had power to reign in rowdy guests, the bride and groom could just move their event to a less strict venue.

Simultaneously rowdy and slick, โ€œBuffaloedโ€ is exuberantly paced and entirely dependent on Deutchโ€™s moxie and pell-mell performance.

โ€œThat was the point I was trying to make before he came up and the whole session came into a rowdy conclusion.โ€

The second half did not produce much with the only spectacle being the rowdy fans that delayed the progress of the game.

The two groups came together, a board of directors was formed, and Foresterโ€™s Hall in Nicoll Street, once home to rowdy suffragette meetings, was opened with a production of James Elroy Fleckers Hassan.

Trump entrusted his vice president with fighting coronavirus as head of the governmentโ€™s coronavirus task force, then hit the campaign trail for rallies in the Carolinas and a rowdy speech at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference in between.

Two police officers have been hurt and three people arrested after a rowdy unit block party that broke New South Walesโ€™s coronavirus restrictions.

When football stadiums are empty, the song โ€œAll My Rowdy Friends Are Here on Monday Night,โ€ just does not resonate.

Camp gave me an opportunity to let all of my energy out, to be as loud as I wanted to be, as energetic and rowdy as I wanted to be.

Caught on the wrong side of a disaffected fringe group, Wendell is determined both to protect Rowdy and to avoid the same violent fate that claimed his own father.

Children Stories - The Blue Bird A lion woke up one morning feeling really rowdy and mean.

Gladiator (Music From The Motion Picture) is the original soundtrack to Rowdy Herrington's 1992 film, Gladiator.

I had a black pom, Rowdy, many years ago.

In fact, it was the occurrence of several violent crimes, coupled with the continued presence of rowdy, obnoxious behaviour by male clients likely brought on by the presence of alcohol that finally led to the downfall of the area.

In this play a character addressed as "Madonna" (Olivia) attempts to seduce a virgin (Viola) -- a racy mismatch of play and holy day which could not have been overlooked by the rowdy barristers-to-be of the Virgin Queen.

Meet Rowdy Bars: One of the first fast, easy, travel-friendly, real ingredients, snack food to incorporate prebiotic-rich superfoods alongside energizing proteins, antioxidant rich fruits, and healthy fats.

"Rowdy" is Rowdy the Roadrunner, the CSUB mascot.

"Rowdy" is Rowdy the Roadrunner, the CSUB mascot.

Their usual teacher had a tendency to raise his voice when students became rowdy or did not listen to instruction.

Unfortunately, a rowdy crowd from some organization was present and the noise made it difficult to conduct a meeting.