351 examples of rudiments in sentences

They were her principia, her rudiments; the elementary atoms; the little steps by which she pressed forward to perfection.

And, with the noise of those subdued soundings, the Angelet sprang forth, fluttering its rudiments of pinionsbut forthwith flagged and was recovered into the arms of those full-winged angels.

The children, who were old enough to remember, never forgot their playground, nor the white schoolhouse where the rudiments of an education were instilled into their minds.

And for the man who emigrates, and comes in contact with rude nature teeming with unsuspected wealth, of what incalculable advantage to have if it be but the rudiments of those sciences, which will tell him the properties, and therefore the value, of the plants, the animals, the minerals, the climates with which he meets?

For natural history stands to man's power over Nature, that is, to his power of being useful to himself and to mankind, in the same relation as do geography, grammar, arithmetic, geometry, political economy; none of them, perhaps, bearing directly on his future business in life; but all training his mind for his business, all giving him the rudiments of laws which he will hereafter work out and apply to his profession.

When you begin to give due bills you have begun to grasp the rudiments of the game.

He learned the rudiments of Latin and Greek under the careful teaching of a resident tutor, Mr. Fergus Jardine.

And they equally respected learning, and gave to all their children the rudiments of education.

The little country school taught him "the rudiments," and his small earnings as plough-boy and mill-boy meantime helped his mother.

school book, horn book, text book; grammar, primer, abecedary^, rudiments, manual, vade mecum; encyclopedia, cyclopedia; Lindley Murray, Cocker; dictionary, lexicon. professorship, lectureship, readership, fellowship, tutorship; chair.

He is one that has not improved his first rudiments, nor attained any proficiency by his stay in the world: but we may speak of him yet as when he was in the bud, a good harmless nature, a well meaning mind

Thereafter, household servants were generally given the rudiments of an English education.

Some time before my father had bought a small Shetland pony for us, Moggy by name, upon which we were to complete our own education in riding, we had already mastered the rudiments under the care of our grandfather's coachman.

What ills in Church and State have you redress'd! With teeth untried, and rudiments of claws, Your first essay was on your native laws:

R610025. Stamps Quartet rudiments of music.

A pretended enfranchisement from political and ecclesiastical slavery has been the signal of the lowest debasement, and the most cruel profligacy: the very Catechumens of freedom and philosophy have, while yet in their first rudiments, distinguished themselves as proficients in the arts of oppression and servility, of intolerance and licentiousness.

* LEONARD WELSTED, Esq; This gentleman was descended from a very good family in Leicestershire, and received the rudiments of his education in Westminster school.

These were as the first Rudiments of Architecture, Painting, and Poetry among this Savage People.

Some who were taking the rudiments of learning here but a few years ago, and who have continued their training at very email expense, are now acceptably filling difficult and responsible positions in school, in business and in church.

In that direction, however, no curling smoke denoted the presence of the savage; all was lonely and still; and yet even in these deserted plains, equally wanting in the redundance of animal, as in the luxuriance of vegetable life, I could discover the rudiments of future prosperity, and ample justification of the name which I had bestowed upon them.

Madame Guix volunteered to teach them the rudiments of bandaging between two and five on the coming afternoons, and we would establish a roulement so that the little time that each disposed of might be properly and efficiently utilized.

Tansillo's Due pellegrini, which cannot be later than 1528, contains the rudiments of a plot, two lovers bent on suicide being persuaded by a miraculous voice to become reconciled with the world and life.

Whenever the Christian religion was embraced by the civil power in any nation, there is no doubt but the magistrates and senates were fully instructed in the rudiments of it.

We can only theorise and make more or less plausible conjectures as to the first rudiments of human faith in God and in spiritual beings.

The young buds or rudiments of the leaves, which appear in the beginning of spring, abound with a yellow, unctuous odorous juice.

351 examples of  rudiments  in sentences