2222 examples of rue in sentences

They that hae blood on their hands may rue Afore the day-beam kiss the dew.

Their example was imitated by all the great nobles of the Court, with the sole exception of the Duc de Sully, who was encountered by Bassompierre in the Rue St. Antoine, accompanied by about forty mounted followers, and evidently in a state of intense agitation.

A dressmaker from the Rue de la Paix came over with models and samples, and carried back a huge order and a plaster reproduction of Theresa's figure, and elaborate notes on the color of her skin, hair, eyes, and her preferences in shapes of hats.

A jeweler, also of the Rue de la Paix, came with jewelsnearly a million dollars' worthfor her to make selections.

CHAPTER XVIII LOVE, THE BLUNDERER As Dory had several months' work before him at Paris, he and Del took a furnished apartment in the Rue de Rivoli, high up, attractive within, before its balconied windows the stately trees, the fountains, the bright flower beds, the thronged playgrounds of the Tuileries.

Removal from infested runs; a thorough change of food, hemp seed and green vegetables figuring largely in the diet; and for drinking, instead of plain water, an infusion of rue and garlic.

La Rue of the 88'.

La Rue of the 88'.

In the rue Monge.

In the rue Monge.

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Once an A.D.C. handed him a white feather in the Rue Venizelos.

Impelled by curiosity, idleness or politeness, Des Esseintes sometimes visited the Montchevrel family and spent some dull evenings in their Rue de la Chaise mansion where the ladies, old as antiquity itself, would gossip of quarterings of the noble arms, heraldic moons and anachronistic ceremonies.

2222 examples of  rue  in sentences