936 examples of run on in sentences

"Yet I don't know," said he; "for I am coming to the conclusion that the world is run on an extremely humorous basis.

There is usually a run on the list on that day.

It was as fine a lander's crew as ever stood together, not even excepting Captain Jordan's, and now must all be broken up; for this mess of Maskew's has made the place too hot to hold us, and 'twill be many a long day before another cargo's run on Moonfleet Beach.

So I figured there wasn't any use taking chances" Carroll let her run on until the meal was served.

"A revolution won't run on high moral wheels.

His best tales run on like one of our inland rivers, sometimes hastening a little and turning upon themselves in eddies, that dimple without retarding the current, sometimes loitering smoothly, while here and there a quiet thought, a tender feeling, a pleasant image, a golden-hearted verse, opens quietly as a water-lily to float on the surface without breaking it into ripple....

Now what shall I do there all that time?though I may run on to California.

The wind was fresh at west-north-west, but the tide was just beginning to run on the flood.

Run on aloneyou'll do it best without any assistance.

They peered about frantically in the dusk and then Tayoga said: "There is a strong breeze blowing from the land and waves are beginning to run on the water.

39. Begin, be bold, and venture to be wise; He who defers this work from day to day, Does on a river's bank expecting stay, Till the whole stream, which stopp'd him, should be gone, That runs, and as it runs, for ever will run on.

And look she has taken hold of my hand; you run on in front and ask about her at the first cottage you come to, and I'll bring her after you.

Yes; our "American joint" link belt can be run on any straight or rounded pulley, whether made of iron, paper, or wood, and being all endless they run much smoother than other belting.

I run on a boat from Newport to Memphis.

When I am tired of running on one nature, I can turn over and run on the other, and it rests me."

He will tell the feet to run on errands of kindness and help.

Through the courtesy of Mr. Dean, I am enabled to give a table showing the running speeds and loads of the principal express trains, broad and narrow gauge, to the West and North of England, run on the Great Western Railway.

Excepting C, they are the ships which have been run on the measured mile at or near the designed load water line.

nowhar, so he stop' a minute fer ter run on wid Sally.

5 On August 1 there was a run on one of the banks.

When they'd sit down and start talkin', it would always be, 'Now you children run on out and play while we old folks sit here and talk.'

They let the movement run on by itself.

The engines are turned around on a big turn table so each can be run on the different tracks which all lead to the turn-table in the center.

might have excused this new Oblation, and have spared one lofty light Of virtue, to inform our steps aright; By whose example good, condemnèd, we Might have run on to kinder destiny.

And especially would he take it ill that Fenwick had allowed him to run on with his diatribes against matrimony as though he were talking to a bachelor.

936 examples of  run on  in sentences