299 examples of runnin' in sentences

I rusht madly into the street, runnin' into an old apple woman, nockin' her "gally west.

" "No, lad, I reckon they're not sich fools as that; but it has come to my ears that ammunition for the cannon is runnin' mighty low, an' to repel an attack, even though there be no danger come from it, will be a serious matter.

Maybe yer think you've seen runnin'; but I tell yer honestly, boys, yer never see nothin', like ther time I made gittin' away from that bar.

This ain't no blockade-runnin' game, is it?

"And I've seen you, now and then, runnin' about in that little car.

"Well, things kep' runnin' on; I was a good deal worried about it, but a young feller, you know, don't look fur ahead, an' so I got along.

I was runnin' around there with my shirt tail full of bricks and I was chunkin' 'em at that overseer.

I looked out, and I saw them runnin' and shoutin''Miss Jeannie!

but I was a Socialist, and I was runnin' a mine and wo'kin' fifteen men, and dey was all Socialists, and de Republicans and Democrats sure put me out of businessdey put me to de bad.

The white folks had one another goin' 'round watching and keeping them from runnin' off.

What'n hell are you runnin' away for?

Quail'd trail birds when they was runnin' till she got clost and then circle 'round 'em an' make her stand.

Dey was whupped fer runnin' away.

I never hear'd tell o' wives runnin' 'roun' wid other men in dem days.

If dey didn' have dey pass wid 'em dey took 'em down in de woods an' whup 'em for runnin' off wid out asking dey white folks.

It were the biggest o' th' clutch, an' the prattiest, an' so I called it Victoria, an' it geet to know th' name, an' to coom when I called iteh, it 'ud coom runnin' up an' croodle down aside o' me, turnin' its yead o' one side that knowin'!

"It's runnin' all over the place.

"Got a runnin' chance to come to town and I camerunnin'.

Then he sets awhile, smellin' of the clean pine air and listenin' to the wind runnin' loose in the tree-tops and watchin' the clouds driftin' by, white and clean and proud-like.

"'Not at all,' says I. 'It ain't mor'n fifty feet, and that was before he was all wore out runnin' for the Presidency.'

Some was trying to get North and fight for de freeing of they people; others was jes runnin' way cause dey could.

I take a runnin' staht an' but 'im in de belly wid my haid.

We hain't runnin' for mail carriers, and we hain't niggers trainin' for a cake walk.

We were allers runnin' him and bedevilin' him, after work, just to get him excited and amusin', and he'll kinder miss that sort o' stimulatin'.

"I'se a-runnin' from!" COWS Little Willie, being a city boy, had never seen a cow.

299 examples of  runnin'  in sentences
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