6 examples of rush hour in sentences

She smiledtribute was tribute, even in Becky's at rush hour.

The clerks were screaming for cash girls every other minute, for besides the packer above each counter there were a number of others at different points throughout the store and all were as busy as bees through the rush hours.

" These counters were principally small tables standing here and there in the aisles, and during the rush hours they were always surrounded by customers.

In old times he had been an inventor of many clever tricks for getting up-town by unpopular elevated trains and horse-cars that avoided the crowd, but the subway was a great leveler, and he knew no magic except to take a local in rush hours.

"Right in the rush hour.

Any one who has ever traveled on the New York subway in rush hours can easily appreciate the following: A little man, wedged into the middle of a car, suddenly thought of pickpockets, and quite as suddenly remembered that he had some money in his overcoat.

6 examples of  rush hour  in sentences