702 examples of rust in sentences

English newspapers began to taunt the Germans with permitting their navy to "rust in the Kiel Canal.

Thy needles, once a shining store, For my sake restless heretofore, Now rust disused, and shine no more, My Mary!

It was a hundred years old, all rust-worn and attenuated.

I feared he had been rust-bound.

And thus the fool Addressed her as a tailor's tool: 'A needle with that filthy stone, Quite idle, all with rust o'ergrown!

The king thinking it was only an émeute, to be easily put down, withdrew to St. Cloud; and there he spent his time in playing whist, as Nero fiddled over burning Rome, until at last aroused by the vengeance of the whole nation, he made his escape to England, to rust in the old palace of the kings of Scotland, and to meditate over his kingly follies, as Napoleon meditated over his mistakes in the island of St. Helena.

The Past N. the past, past time; days of yore, times of yore, days of old, times of old, days past, times past, days gone by, times gone by; bygone days; old times, ancient times, former times; fore time; the good old days, the olden time, good old time; auld lang syne^; eld^. antiquity, antiqueness^, status quo; time immemorial; distance of time; remote age, remote time; remote past; rust of antiquity.

Here it had reigned, as I could see from the log-dates, from the rust on the machinery, from the look of the bodies, from a hundred indications, during something over a year.

The brown is, in fact, rust.

Now the sea-air contains a proportion of the muriates over which it is wafted; and these coming in contact with any thing dyed black, part with their hydrochloric (muriatic) acid, and form brown hydrochlorate of iron, or contribute to form the brown or red oxide, called rust.

It was so coated with rust that the metal was no longer visible.

Not knowing how long it had been buried there, I dug the rust and dirt out of the barrel as best I could and took it home.

As there appeared to have been a kind of recess in the eastern gable, we fell a turning over some loose stones, to see if the font was not concealed there, when we came upon one half of a small pot, encrusted thick with rust.

I see little for us to do but what you suggest: to cheer each other up and wear out rather than rust out.

The subject was about to be laid over to the following Saturday, when Albert Rust, of Arkansas, startled the committee with the information that the extremists were obtaining signatures to a paper to announce to the South that no further concession was expected from the North, and that any adjustment of pending difficulties had become impossible.

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The rust of time has, however, worn away the veneration for this "good old system," and it is totally disused by the general body of Protestants, except on great national occasions.

These colossal ridges shine with a tawny hue like iron rust; the most enormous of them drink the water of the river at their base.

And as the solemn boom they hear, Old men shall grasp the idle spear, Laid by to rust for many a year, And to the struggle run: Young men shall leave their toils or books, Or turn to swords their pruning-hooks; And maids have sweetest smiles for those Who battle with their country's foes Hurra!

As he travelled on, he heard great complaints of the Hessian fly, and of rust or mildew in the wheat, and believed that the damage would be great in some places; but that more was said than the case warranted, and on the whole the crops would be abundant.

If, again, a man has a statue decayed by rust and age, and mutilated in many of its parts, he breaks it up and casts it into a furnace, and after the melting he receives it again in a more beautiful form.

702 examples of  rust  in sentences