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702 examples of  rust  in sentences

702 examples of rust in sentences

"It begins this way: "Wee brown blossom, humble and sweet, Content on my bosom lying, Who would guess from your quiet dress The beauty there is lying Under the rust?" "Hm," said Patsy, "I don't see as there's any beauty under the rust, at all.

"It begins this way: "Wee brown blossom, humble and sweet, Content on my bosom lying, Who would guess from your quiet dress The beauty there is lying Under the rust?" "Hm," said Patsy, "I don't see as there's any beauty under the rust, at all.

"Change it to: 'The fragrance there is lying under the rust.'

"If the fragrance lies under the rust, it can't be smelt, can it?" "I did not anticipate all this criticism," said Louise, with an air of injured dignity.

English newspapers began to taunt the Germans with permitting their navy to "rust in the Kiel Canal.

Thy needles, once a shining store, For my sake restless heretofore, Now rust disused, and shine no more, My Mary!

Thy foes I vanquished, clearing from thy mind The gnawing rust of trouble and affliction.

It was a hundred years old, all rust-worn and attenuated.

I feared he had been rust-bound.

" The climate of North Africa is remarkable for rusting everything which can contract rust.

This may be the reason of the Moors representing Spain and other European countries as free from rust, because there it is not so soon contracted.

She was dressed now in a limp black of many rusty ruffles that sagged close to her and glistened in spots through its rust.

A man spends two or three months loafing around because somebody tells him he's looking badly and ought to take a rest; and before he knows it, he's accumulated so much rust in his system that he never gets it all out again.

I'll try to bear up and find a diversion of some kind and not rust out any more than I can help.

A narrow road, straight as a line in Euclid, and bordered by a row of trees each the counterpart of all the others, mounted toward the horizon, leading, principally, to a low, yellow house about a mile away, displaying above its door the appropriate motto, "Lust en Rust."

Will a little water, a little rust, a little trouble with labor reduce the value of a great property like this from ten millions of dollars to one hundred thousandone per cent of its appraised value?

Even the goldenrod has fallen to rust, and the stars of the aster are already tarnished.

I told what he had said to Sir Alexander M'Donald, of his ancestors not suffering their arms to rust.

'Well, (said the doctor,) but let us be glad we live in times when arms may rust.

There is a ruined castle, built by Miller, that would get him his freedom even of Strawberry [Walpole's own house at Twickenham]: it has the true rust of the Barons' Wars.' 'Mrs. Lyttelton forced me to play at whist against my liking, and her husband took away Johnson's candle that he wanted to read by at the other end of the room.

The text regarding the deposit of treasure in that place where neither moth nor rust operate may be well worked in the chapel; but it is rather at a discount in the immediate neighbourhood.

thought Rip"what excuse shall I make to Dame Van Winkle?" He looked round for his gun, but in place of the clean, well-oiled fowling-piece, he found an old firelock lying by him, the barrel incrusted with rust, the lock falling off, and the stock worm-eaten.

Oh, the stringy-bark, &c. When we started to cut the rust and smut was just beginning to shed, And all we had to sleep on was a dog and sheep-skin bed.

The rust of barbarism became harder and thicker.

Her side was streaked in places with rust, and in others a green scum overspread her; but it was no more than a glance that I gave at any of those matters; for I had spied something which drew all my attentiongreat leathery arms splayed all across her side, some of them crooked inboard over the rail, and then, low down, seen just above the weed, the huge, brown, glistening bulk of so great a monster as ever I had conceived.

The Signor laughed, and said, "Your talent for diplomacy is not likely to rust for want of use, Madame."

80 Livid and meagre were her looks, her eye In foul, distorted glances turned awry; A hoard of gall her inward parts possessed, And spread a greenness o'er her cankered breast; Her teeth were brown with rust; and from her tongue, In dangling drops, the stringy poison hung.

And thus the fool Addressed her as a tailor's tool: 'A needle with that filthy stone, Quite idle, all with rust o'ergrown!

The small island of Rust probably the one in question, is the south-westernmost of the Loffoden isles of Norway, in lat.

now are turnd to dust, And overgrowen with blacke oblivions rust.

รฐet liรฐ stille gedereรฐ sone rust.

Of idleness ariseth much temptation of the flesh... Iron that lieth still soon gathereth rust.

The king thinking it was only an รฉmeute, to be easily put down, withdrew to St. Cloud; and there he spent his time in playing whist, as Nero fiddled over burning Rome, until at last aroused by the vengeance of the whole nation, he made his escape to England, to rust in the old palace of the kings of Scotland, and to meditate over his kingly follies, as Napoleon meditated over his mistakes in the island of St. Helena.

The Past N. the past, past time; days of yore, times of yore, days of old, times of old, days past, times past, days gone by, times gone by; bygone days; old times, ancient times, former times; fore time; the good old days, the olden time, good old time; auld lang syne^; eld^. antiquity, antiqueness^, status quo; time immemorial; distance of time; remote age, remote time; remote past; rust of antiquity.

decay, dilapidation, ravages of time, wear and tear; corrosion, erosion; moldiness, rottenness; moth and rust, dry rot, blight, marasmus^, atrophy, collapse; disorganization; delabrement &c (destruction).

run to seed, go to seed, run to waste swale^, sweal^; lapse, be the worse for; sphacelate: break^, break down; spring a leak, crack, start; shrivel &c (contract) 195; fade, go off, wither, molder, rot, rankle, decay, go bad; go to decay, fall into decay; fall into the sear and yellow leaf, rust, crumble, shake; totter, totter to its fall; perish &c 162; die &c 360.

rust, worm, helminth

[Med.], moth, moth and rust, fungus, mildew; dry rot; canker, cankerworm; cancer; torpedo; viper &c (evil doer) 913; demon &c 980.

[It]; it is better to wear out than to rust out

You must study, too; don't let your mind rust because you are engaged.

My soul would surely rust Th' dark days keeps my cheerfulness From draggin'

orรญn, m., rust. orla, f., border, fringe, edge.

a speck of rust on one of your buttons, haw!

" At one of the Palmerston Group they found, amongst other things drifted over the reef, some planks, one of which was very thick, with trunnell holes in it, and a piece of moulding from some ship's upper works, painted yellow, with nail holes showing signs of iron rust: probably the remains of some wrecked European ship.

Not that we quite confined ourselves; but assuming Islington to be head quarters, we made timid flights to Ware, Watford &c. to try how the trouts tasted, for a night out or so, not long enough to make the sense of change oppressive, but sufficient to scour the rust of home.

Once, some one out there in the world"she made a gesture, dropped her chin on her big chest, and looked out under her short, dense, rust-colored eyelashes"tried to break me.

Copper steam pipes seem to have some galvanic action on valve faces, and malleable iron pipes have sometimes been substituted; but they are speedily worn out by oxidation, and the scales of rust which are carried on by the steam scratch the valves and cylinders, so that the use of copper pipes is the least evil.

The skin of the iron must, in all cases, be broken where a rust joint is to be made; and, if the place be greasy, the surface must be well rubbed over with nitric acid, and then washed with water, till no grease remains.

The oil about engines has a tendency to damage rust joints by recovering the oxide.

Joints, rust, how to make.

Rust joints, how to make.

Annette was still in her Southern home doing what she could to teach, help and befriend those on whose chains the rust of ages had gathered.

L, for instance, called el, was sounded le, &c. Philology is one of the keys of knowledge which, I think, admits of its being said that, although it is rather rusty, the rust is, however, a proof of its antiquity.

"The knights' bones are dust, And their good swords rust, Their souls are with the saints, I trust.

Here it had reigned, as I could see from the log-dates, from the rust on the machinery, from the look of the bodies, from a hundred indications, during something over a year.

This has been to prepare iron in large plates, and other forms, so that it will not rust.

For every sound that floats From the rust within their throats Is a groan.

He then desired me to draw my scimitar, which, although it had got some rust by the sea-water, was in most parts exceeding bright.

It's called Rust College now.

Rust was the greatest donor and they named the school after him.

Good principles can only be preserved bright, pure, and efficient, by watchful care and constant use; if laid aside, they rust and perish.

The brown is, in fact, rust.

Now the sea-air contains a proportion of the muriates over which it is wafted; and these coming in contact with any thing dyed black, part with their hydrochloric (muriatic) acid, and form brown hydrochlorate of iron, or contribute to form the brown or red oxide, called rust.

In times o'ergrown with rust and ignorance, 370 A gainful trade their clergy did advance: When want of learning kept the laymen low,

It was so coated with rust that the metal was no longer visible.

Not knowing how long it had been buried there, I dug the rust and dirt out of the barrel as best I could and took it home.

As there appeared to have been a kind of recess in the eastern gable, we fell a turning over some loose stones, to see if the font was not concealed there, when we came upon one half of a small pot, encrusted thick with rust.

I see little for us to do but what you suggest: to cheer each other up and wear out rather than rust out.

Iron, which is the hardest, gathers rust, corrodes itself, and is therefore subject to corruption; it was never intended for coins and medals, or to bear the faces and inscriptions of the great.

A slip of glass is placed under each foot; the part which supports the mushroom is covered with an insulating varnish, which prevents the formation of climbing salts and preserves the screws from rust.

The subject was about to be laid over to the following Saturday, when Albert Rust, of Arkansas, startled the committee with the information that the extremists were obtaining signatures to a paper to announce to the South that no further concession was expected from the North, and that any adjustment of pending difficulties had become impossible.

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By Margaret M. Justin & Lucile Osborn Rust.

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Like truth itself, pale, simple, pure, Yielding, yet fitted to endure, No rust, no tarnish can arise, To hide its lustre from our eyes; And this world's choicest gift I hold, While I can keep my heart of gold.

The rust of time has, however, worn away the veneration for this "good old system," and it is totally disused by the general body of Protestants, except on great national occasions.

These colossal ridges shine with a tawny hue like iron rust; the most enormous of them drink the water of the river at their base.

And as the solemn boom they hear, Old men shall grasp the idle spear, Laid by to rust for many a year, And to the struggle run: Young men shall leave their toils or books, Or turn to swords their pruning-hooks; And maids have sweetest smiles for those Who battle with their country's foes Hurra!

As he travelled on, he heard great complaints of the Hessian fly, and of rust or mildew in the wheat, and believed that the damage would be great in some places; but that more was said than the case warranted, and on the whole the crops would be abundant.

If, again, a man has a statue decayed by rust and age, and mutilated in many of its parts, he breaks it up and casts it into a furnace, and after the melting he receives it again in a more beautiful form.

>Sunday clears away the Rust of the whole Week, not only as it refreshes in their Minds the Notions of Religion, but as it puts both the Sexes upon appearing in their most agreeable Forms, and exerting all such Qualities as are apt to give them a Figure in the Eye of the Village.

Where he had come by the rust-bitten thing no one knows, least of all himself.

Their stocks were decaying; their locks were encased with rust, their barrels, too, were thick with the accumulated rust of years.

Their stocks were decaying; their locks were encased with rust, their barrels, too, were thick with the accumulated rust of years.

Among the fashionable articles with which Mrs. Rushton was anxious to surround herself, was a companion of accomplishments and high-breeding, who might help her to rub off the rust she feared to have contracted by her connection with the city.

In time many of the screws and nuts will rust and corrode in place so as to require no more attention, but all that are subjected to great vibration will work loose, soon or late.

The iron cones and spheres of death Set round me in their rust, These, too, if just, Shall speak with more than animated breath.

Here, grand old dilapidated mansions with shattered stone-carvings, delicate wrought-iron balconies all rust-eaten and broken, and windows in which every other pane is cracked or patched, alternate with more modern but still more ruinous houses, some leaning this way, some that, some with bulging upper stories, some with doorways sunk below the level of the pavement.

I hope the hospitality of the Lust in Rust is no problembut, blushes and curiosity!

Notwithstanding the active movements which had taken place in and around the buildings of the Lust in Rust, during the night which ended with our last chapter, none but the initiated were in the smallest degree aware of their existence.

" The negro reported that the vapor was stationary; and, at the same time, by way of episode, he told his master that the boat which had been seen approaching the land had reached the wharf, and that some of its crew were ascending the hill towards the Lust in Rust.

I see two vessels anchored near the Lust in Rust, and if called upon to give my testimony before the Queen in Council, I should declare that the one which wears her royal pennant had done more wrong to her subjects than the stranger.

The windows of the Lust in Rust were open, as when its owner was present; and the menials were employed, in and about the villa, in their customary occupations; though it was evident, by the manner in which they stopped to converse, and by the frequent conferences which had place in secret corners, that they wondered none the less at the unaccountable disappearance of their young mistress.

Captain Ludlow, we must speak the man fair, or he will leave us to get over the inlet and back to the Lust in Rust, as we may; and that, too, as empty-handed as we came.

" "Ay, but the Druid had a little of the rust of antiquity about her.

Let us send for the Patroon, and take counsel coolly, as to the easiest manner of finding our way back to the Lust in Rust, before Her Majesty's ship gets too far from the coast of America.

When Alderman Van Beverout and Ludlow drew near to the Lust in Rust, it was already dark.

These hints may compel me to abandon the pleasures of the Lust in Rust, and to seek air and health in some less exposed situation.