226 examples of salvage in sentences

"It looked like rain, and so Wilmer and I went to an old dressing station to salvage some cover.

The great salvage steamer with the arc light went away, but others remained.

Gone, too, were the salvage steamers and the patrol boats.

" "Not without salvage, not without salvage!

" "Not without salvage, not without salvage!

Charity is a good thing, and it is our duty to exercise it on all occasions; but salvage comes into charity all the same as into any other interest.

" "That's not for salvage.

The next thing will be a demand for salvage in behalf of the owners and crew of the Sea Lion of Humses' Hull!

See, sir; it is an acknowledgment, signed by Captain Daggett and all his crew, admitting that they went into Beaufort with Roswell out of good feeling, and allowing that they have no claims to salvage.

"The insurers will raise a question about paying for a craft that has been rebuilt in this way, and the Vineyard folks will be sartain to put in a claim of salvage, both on account of two of their hands helping you with the work, and on account of the materialsand we with no cargo, as an offset to it all!" "No, deacon, it is not quite as bad as that," resumed Roswell.

Will the Vineyard men have any claim of salvage on account of them skins?" "Certainly not, sir.

If anybody is to claim salvage, it will be ourselves.

No salvage was demanded for the loss off Cape Henlopen, I trust?" "No, noneDaggett behaved what I call liberal in that affair,"half the critics of the day would use the adjective instead of the adverb here, and why should Deacon Prates English be any better than his neighbours?"and

A group of men and women were pawing about in the wreckage, seeking salvage.

Gentlemen of the Senate and House of Representatives: I lay before you a report of the Secretary of State on the case of the Danish brigantine Henrick, taken by a French privateer in 1799, retaken by an armed vessel of the United States, carried into a British island, and there adjudged to be neutral, but under allowance of such salvage and costs as absorbed nearly the whole amount of sales of the vessel and cargo.

The Indians Akukojeesh and Akawkoway brought a case of salvage for my action.

You picked your boots up from a Salvage Dump.

A salvage sewing Handbook.

SEE ROBERT, HENRY M. A salvage sewing handbook.

Diving, cutting & welding in underwater salvage operations.

Salvage of the Mary Ann.

Salvage; a modern sea story.

Felix Riesenberg III (C); 8Apr70; R482721. RIESENBERG, FELIX, III. Salvage.

A salvage sewing Handbook.

The Unchanged IF we could salvage Babylon From times's grim heap of dust and bones; If we could charm cool waters back To sing against her thirsty stones; If, on a day, We two should stray Down some long, Babylonian way Perhaps the strangest sight of all Would be the street boys playing ball.

226 examples of  salvage  in sentences