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226 examples of  salvage  in sentences

226 examples of salvage in sentences

"I don't know whether there's anything left worth salvage; but it'll be something to do.

The salvage company had given up their efforts to float her, but Cartwright imagined she could be floated if one were willing to run a risk.

On the failure of the salvage company the underwriters had put the steamer into the hands of Messrs. Bull and Morse, a firm of Ship Brokers and Marine Auctioneers, but at the public auction no bids whatever had been made.

Subsequently advertisements appeared in the shipping papers inviting offers for the ship as she lay and for the salvage of the cargo.

Salvage impossible until ice breaks.

She may be fitted as a cook, a storekeeper, a telephone or telegraph operator, or for signalling or salvage work.

Sometimes they come in a large family all together, the females with their hymn-books, and the men with their different musical instruments,bits of pet salvage from the wrecks of cottage homes.

"It looked like rain, and so Wilmer and I went to an old dressing station to salvage some cover.

It might have enabled us to salvage the gold hidden below, but I was not greatly concerned for this, as my one and only purpose was the preservation of Dorothy.

I don't believe much in salvage as applied to the relations of men and women.

"There may be living men aboard," said I. "There may be salvage," muttered the second mate.

She was bound for London, and a glance at the bills of lading was sufficient to show me that we were not likely to profit much in the way of salvage.

Here was a chance of salvage after all.

Our treasure-trove had excited him greatly, and already he had begun with glistening eyes to reckon up how much it might be worth to each of us when the shares of the salvage came to be divided.

When hard-pressed, he revenged himself, in his turn, on the judge, by requiring the court to define what salvage was.

The great salvage steamer with the arc light went away, but others remained.

Gone, too, were the salvage steamers and the patrol boats.

" "Not without salvage, not without salvage!

" "Not without salvage, not without salvage!

Charity is a good thing, and it is our duty to exercise it on all occasions; but salvage comes into charity all the same as into any other interest.

" "That's not for salvage.

The next thing will be a demand for salvage in behalf of the owners and crew of the Sea Lion of Humses' Hull!

See, sir; it is an acknowledgment, signed by Captain Daggett and all his crew, admitting that they went into Beaufort with Roswell out of good feeling, and allowing that they have no claims to salvage.

I helped you into port at Beaufort, and gave up the salvage; and now I'll help tow your whale alongside, and see you fairly through this business, too.

" "Rio!Here is more salvage, galmore salvage coming to afflict me!"

" "Rio!Here is more salvage, galmore salvage coming to afflict me!"

"But you had no salvage to pay, uncle, on the other occasion; perhaps there will be none to pay on this.

"The insurers will raise a question about paying for a craft that has been rebuilt in this way, and the Vineyard folks will be sartain to put in a claim of salvage, both on account of two of their hands helping you with the work, and on account of the materialsand we with no cargo, as an offset to it all!" "No, deacon, it is not quite as bad as that," resumed Roswell.

Will the Vineyard men have any claim of salvage on account of them skins?" "Certainly not, sir.

If anybody is to claim salvage, it will be ourselves.

No salvage was demanded for the loss off Cape Henlopen, I trust?" "No, noneDaggett behaved what I call liberal in that affair,"half the critics of the day would use the adjective instead of the adverb here, and why should Deacon Prates English be any better than his neighbours?"and

But she, more cruell and more salvage wylde Than either lyon or the lyonesse, Shames not to be with guiltlesse bloud defylde, But taketh glory in her cruelnesse.

Saint George, i. Saint Radegund, v. Salem, iii. Salomon, v. Salvage Island, iv.

Salvage Knight, iii.

Salvage Man, iv.

That he lived nobly none can doubt who reads the history of the greatest of Anglo-Saxon kings; and his good works include, among others, the education of half a country, the salvage of a noble native literature, and the creation of the first English prose.

It fortunรฉd, out of the thickest wood A ramping lyon rushรฉd suddeinly, Hunting full greedy after salvage blood: Soone as the royall

"It fortuned out of the thickest wood A ramping Lyon rushed suddeinly, Hunting full greedy after salvage blood.

[Law], restitution &c 790; redemption, salvage, trover

Price N. price, amount, cost, expense, prime cost, charge, figure; demand, damage; fare, hire, wages &c (remuneration) 973; value &c 812.1. dues, duty, toll, tax, impost, cess^, sess^, tallage^, levy; abkari^; capitation tax, poll tax; doomage [U.S.], likin^; gabel^, gabelle^; gavel, octroi^, custom, excise, assessment, benevolence, tithe, tenths, exactment^, ransom, salvage, tariff; brokerage, wharfage, freightage.

Discount N. discount, abatement, concession, reduction, depreciation, allowance; qualification, set-off, drawback, poundage, agio^, percentage; rebate, rebatement^; backwardation, contango^; salvage; tare and tret^. sale, bargain; half price; price war.

A group of men and women were pawing about in the wreckage, seeking salvage.

What remains offers no salvage to friend, or enemy either.

Gentlemen of the Senate and House of Representatives: I lay before you a report of the Secretary of State on the case of the Danish brigantine Henrick, taken by a French privateer in 1799, retaken by an armed vessel of the United States, carried into a British island, and there adjudged to be neutral, but under allowance of such salvage and costs as absorbed nearly the whole amount of sales of the vessel and cargo.

"Otherwise, the value of the cargo will all go in salvage.

The Indians Akukojeesh and Akawkoway brought a case of salvage for my action.

" However, he collected eight puzzled but peaceful mules and handed them to a still more bewildered adjutant, who knew not if they were "trench stores" or "articles to be returned to salvage.

Keep hershe's salvage if ever there wuz.

"I'm attending to this salvage, sir," said Mr. Martin, to the captain.

There is a late act of parliament, made in the 12th year of his present Majesty's reign, wherein it says, that all vessels belonging to His Majesty's subjects of Great Britain or Ireland, which shall have been taken by the enemy, and have been in their possession the space of 96 hours, if retaken by any private man of war, shall belong one half to the capturers, as salvage, free from all charges.

As this has been fully proved in court, that the time the enemy has had her in possession is above 96 hours, I don't doubt but the one half, free of all charges, will be allotted us for salvage.

Then the Judge gave his decree, that the sloop & cargo should be sold at vendue, & the one half thereof should be paid the Capturers for salvage, free from all charges; that Jean Baptiste Domas, Pedro Sanche, & Andrew Estavie, according to the laws of England, should remain as prisoners of war till ransomed; and that Augustine & Francisco, according to the laws of the plantations, should be the slaves, & for the use of the Capturers.

As to the brigantine, the Captain of her, whom we put in again out of civility, has used us in a very rascally manner; for he ran away from us in the night with the vessel, & no doubt designed to cheat us out of our salvage, which is the half of brig & cargo, the enemy having had possession of her for 22 days.

"There'll be no salvage on her," said Captain Pincher, "because if she's still afloat, she ain't likely to get in the track of any bloody steamer.

BRIยดANOR (Sir), a knight overthrown by the "Salvage Knight," whose name was sir Artegal.

(3) Work for allLabor yards. (4) Shelter for all. (5) The household Salvage Corps. (6) The Prison Gate Brigade. (7) The Drunkard's Home. (8) The Rescue Home for fallen women. (9) The poor man's Metropole.

The Household Salvage Brigade would require some thousands of pots to start with and in connection with our food depรดts we should be able to dispose of thousands more.

The Tinners BrigadeWill be kept busy making receptables and badges for the Salvage Brigade, and also probably emblems for the Labor Bureau.

The Shoemakers BrigadeWho will be employed in patching up the old shoes collected by our Household Salvage Brigade and in making new ones for our consumption.

The Umbrella Makers BrigadeWould find considerable scope in repairing the old frames collected by our Household Salvage Brigade; while the Sewing Brigade would work the covers.

The Paper-makers BrigadeWould also be supplied with plenty of material by the Household Salvage Brigade, and would keep our printing establishment supplied with whatever paper they might require.

We should brigade the beggars under the name of the Household Salvage Brigade, or some similar title, dividing them into small companies and appointing over them Sergeants from among themselves, and providing each with a badge or number.

These could be disposed of either wholesale to city merchants, or by moans of stalls in the various markets, or we could undertake to retail them in connection with our Household Salvage Brigade.

The City Colony, with its Labor Bureau, Labor Yards, Food Depรดts, Prison and Rescue Homes, and Salvage Brigade, will involve a considerable initial expense.

P.T.W. Precious Salvage.

It is sad to think that the bill of lading itself and the MS. of "Pride's Cure" are the only salvage.

To all appearances this was the only salvage and she took it gratefully.

But it happened one day that, as he was in the act of drawing his poor little quarterly salvage at the Bank of England, a lady saw him and knew him.

Between times he has been Intelligence Officer, Divisional Burial Officer, Divisional Disbursing Officer, Salvage Officer, Claims, Baths, Soda-water and Canteens Officer.

You picked your boots up from a Salvage Dump.

The people carried with them the salvage of their homes, wrapped up in blankets, sheets, towels and bits of ragged paper.

The Indian was tall and "a most strong stout Salvage"; the red-headed man was short but a most strong, stout Englishman.

As dripping captor and captive set off toward James Towne, we saw Fame stick another laurel leaf in the wet, red hair in commemoration of the single combat in which Captain John Smith defeated the "strong, stout Salvage," Wowinchopunk, on the James Towne isthmus.

There were coolies from some salvage company all over the place, perched on heaps of broken masonry, squatting along the ditch side, banked ten-deep in the roadtall villainous-looking devils, very intently watching something.

Salvage; a modern sea story.

Felix Riesenberg III (C); 8Apr70; R482721. RIESENBERG, FELIX, III. Salvage.

A salvage sewing Handbook.

SEE ROBERT, HENRY M. A salvage sewing handbook.

Laffy of the Navy salvage divers.

Diving, cutting & welding in underwater salvage operations.

Salvage of the Mary Ann.

R117644, 21Sep53, Hugh MacNair Kahler (A) Salvage.

Salvage; a modern sea story.

Felix Riesenberg III (C); 8Apr70; R482721. RIESENBERG, FELIX, III. Salvage.

A salvage sewing Handbook.

Laffy of the Navy salvage divers.

Laffy of the Navy salvage divers.

Diving, cutting & welding in underwater salvage operations.

Salvage of the Mary Ann.

I judged the Ambulance would not be wanting another dog; but there was still hope with the Salvage Company.

The Salvagier whom I met upon the threshold of the "billet" (half a limber load of bricks and an angle iron) was quite sure the Salvage Company couldn't take a dog, as they had an infant wild boar and two fox cubs numbering on their strength; but he thought that he could plant my prodigy with a friend of his, a bombardier in the E.G.A., the only other unit within easy distance.

"Yes," said the Salvage gentleman as he regained his perpendicular, "as I was sayin', 'is size is in 'is favour (you'd better git down ag'in, Corp'l)'is size is in 'is favour; 'e'll go in a dixie easy, or even in a(there's another bit orf the church)even in a tin 'at, if you fold 'im up, but I'm 'fraid the 'eads ain't much in favour of a dog.

At least I did; the salvage man, less squeamish, found a haven in an adjacent cookhouse grease-trap and dust-shoot.

On that head, then, there was no salvage to effect.

Though these parts were not ordinarily frequented by slave-ships, he asked himself if these blacks, whose salvage he had just effected, were not the survivors of a cargo of slaves that the "Waldeck" was going to sell to some Pacific colony.

But I lay back on my pillows, warm with happiness, filled with gratitude that in spite of the many controversies in which my husband's mother and I had been involved, and the verbal indignities which she had sometimes heaped upon me, we had managed to salvage so much real affection as a basis for our future relations with each other.

The captain of the Dolphin says he wants fifty dollars for it as salvage.

Buthere's the tough part of itit's going to cost fifty dollars for salvage to get her from the Dolphin's captain, the old shark!" "Phew!" whistled Jack Curtiss.

Wrecks, definition of by statute of Westminster I; the law of; to be restored to their owners on payment of salvage.

The Unchanged IF we could salvage Babylon From times's grim heap of dust and bones; If we could charm cool waters back To sing against her thirsty stones; If, on a day, We two should stray Down some long, Babylonian way Perhaps the strangest sight of all Would be the street boys playing ball.