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73 example sentences with  samoan

73 example sentences with samoan

That was just after I had written the Samoan articles.

He died suddenly in his forty-fifth year, and was buried on the summit of a Samoan mountain near his home.

" He was buried at the summit of a mountain, the body being carried on the shoulders of faithful Samoans, who might have sung Browning's noble hymn, "Let us begin and carry up this corpse, Singing together!

Not the Aegean, not the West Indian, not the Samoan, not any rival in manifold beauties of earth, sea and sky the Philippine Archipelago.

On the other hand, one ought not to praise Samoans for being happy, hospitable, and light-hearted.

"Do you think we'll put in anywhere in the Samoan Group?" "I don't think so," I replied.

A native chanted a Samoan love song in the fo'c'stle, but that and the soft whine of the pulleys were the only sounds that disturbed the night.

[Illustration] CHAPTER VI THE ISLE OF TEARS A sleepy Samoan in the main cross-trees screamed a message to the deck while the pink flush of the tropical dawn was still in the sky, and The Waif plunged through the water toward the island.

Maybe he was married to one of the Samoan women who come to Hawaii to work in the Polynesian Cultural Center and study at the Mormon school in Laie.

When I had my jorum of the eminent physician's Samoan prescription before me, I barkened to the wisdom of the mariners.

A glance at the map of Tahiti shows it shaped like a Samoan fan, or, roughly, like a lady's hand mirror.

Finally they reached the Samoan, Tongan, Marquesan, Paumotuan, and Society groups, and Easter Island and New Zealand.

Vevau and Hawaii were placed in their former abode toward India (Hawaii being undoubtedly Java; and Vevau being Vavao, in Malagasy); but they had brought the names with them, and when they reached the present American territory, of which Honolulu is the capital, they called it Hawaii, as they had an island of the Samoan group, Sawaii.

It was in the fifth century they peopled the now American Hawaii, and they remained unknown there until the eleventh, when Marquesans, Tahitians, and Samoans began to pour in on them, and continued to do so for a few generations.

The Samoans believed that the earth was once covered with water and the sky alone was inhabited, until God sent his only begotten daughter in the form of a kuri, or snipe, to look for dry land.

The Tahitian never lived in hamlets, as the Marquesan and the Samoan, but each family dwelt in its wood of cocoanuts and breadfruit, or a few families clustered their inhabitants for intimacy and mutual aid.

Among Samoans and other Malayans the claims of propriety are satisfied if only the navel is covered.

Thus the Egyptians are matrimonially on a level with the savage and barbarian North American Indians, Tasmanians, Samoans, Dyaks, Malayans, Tartars, many negro tribes, Arabs, etc. ARABIAN LOVE Arabia is commonly supposed to be the country in which chivalry originated.

What Turner writes regarding the Samoans has a general application: "Until a young man was tattooed, he was considered in his minority.

" No one can read the accounts of the initiatory ceremonies of Australian and Indian boys (convenient summaries of which may be found in the sixth volume of Waitz-Gerland and in Southey's Brazil III., 387-88) without becoming convinced that with them, as with the Samoans, etc., there was no thought of women or courtship.

Details given in later chapters will show that what Turner says of the Samoans, "From their childhood their ears are familiar with the most obscene conversation;" and what the Rev. George Taplan writes of the "immodest and lewd" dances of the Australians, applies to the lower races in general.

SAMOAN TRAITS Cruel and degraded as the Fijians are, they mark a considerable advance over the Australian savages.

A further advance is to be noted as we come to the Samoans.

To speak of roasting a Samoan chief is a deadly insult and a cause for war (Turner, 108).

Sympathy was a feeling known to Samoans; their treatment of the sick was invariably humane (141).

And whereas in Australia, Borneo, and Fiji, it is just as honorable to slay a female as a male, Samoans consider it cowardly to kill a woman (196).

TWO SAMOAH LOVE-STORIES Turner devotes six pages (98-104) to two Samoan love-stories.

It is, therefore, interesting to find such a motive in the Samoan story just cited.

Hugo Zoller says that "the most beautiful Samoan woman would stand comparison at best with a pretty German peasant girl;" and from my own observations at Honolulu, and a study of many photographs, I conclude that what he says applies to the Pacific Islanders in general.

" "To compare the prettiest Tongan, Samoan, Tahitian, or even Rotuman, to the plainest and most simply educated Irish, French, or Colonial girl that has been decently brought up is an insult to one's intelligence."

According to Erskine (50) when a Samoan felt a violent passion for another he would brand his arm, to symbolize his ardor.

Samoans: Idea of modesty; Obscene conversation; Various traits; Chastity; Courtship pantomime; Love-stories; Personal appearance.

Stories, incidents, and dramas: African; American Indian; Australian; Eskimo; Greek; Hawaiian; Hebrew; Indian (Hindoo and wild tribes); New Zealand; Oriental; Polynesian; Samoan; Tahitian; Tongan.

Joyous, free limbed, white toothed swimmers in Samoan surf, a Hawaiian eel-catcher, a Mexican peon with his "sombrero trailing in the dust," a deferential Japanese farm boy anticipating your every want, a sturdy Chinaman without grace and without sensitiveness, but with the saving quality of loyalty to his own word, herdsmen of the Pennine Alps, Aleuts, Indians and Negroes, each race has its noblemen and through these humanity is ennobled.

Again, the Samoans tell of a woman named Mangamangai, who became pregnant by looking at the rising sun.

UPOLU (16), the principal island in the SAMOAN GROUP (q. v.), is 140 m. in circumference, and rises in verdure-clad terraces from a belt of low land on the shore, with Apia, the capital of the group, on the N. border.

The Samoans are so fond of cricket that they will spend weeks in playing gigantic matches, fifty a side.

These huts resemble in form some found on the Duke of York and Bowditch Islands, in the western part of the Pacific, 300 miles to the northward of the Samoan group.

It is quite inappropriate to judge 'The Teller of Tales' (as the Samoans called him) by the particular novels he wrote, as one would judge Mr George Moore by 'Esther Waters.'

Also, at least once, the Tahitian bird has been referred to by the scientific name of the Samoan wood rail, Gallinula pacifica, in a major scientific work.

In 2016, the United States Supreme Court decided they did not want to look at a case about whether American Samoans are citizens.

She currently serves as the Minority Leader making her the first Samoan woman to serve in that position.

The concluding event was the Second Samoan Civil War.

The first Samoan Civil War lasted for eight years.

The prime minister is a member of the Samoan Legislative Assembly.

The warring Samoan parties were supplied arms, training and sometimes even combat troops by Germany, Britain and the United States.

Togiola Talalelei A. Tulafono (born February 28, 1947) is an American Samoan politician and lawyer.

Tupua Tamasese Mea'ole main (3 June 1905 โ€“ 5 April 1963) was a Western Samoan paramount chief.

Unlike people who are not Americans at all, American Samoans can go to any other part of the United States they want and live there for as long as they want.

By this non-Samoan definition, the Samoan Civil Wars were a series of wars between Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States, ending in the partitioning of the island chain in 1899.

By this non-Samoan definition, the Samoan Civil Wars were a series of wars between Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States, ending in the partitioning of the island chain in 1899.

He also played for the Samoan national team.

In 1999, along with Lynn Anoa'i, Afa started the Usos Foundation, which is a non-profit organization that aims towards turning young people away from drugs, gangs and poverty by giving scholarships to the Wild Samoans Training Center.

Born to a Samoan mother and a father from the persecuted Iranian Bahรก'รญ minority, Eshrฤghi, 34, sees bark cloth as part of a broader storytelling canvas that includes photography and moving image.

ALEX TARRANT hails from Auckland, New Zealand and is of Mฤori, Samoan and Niuean descent.

He kicked her knee, though she was able to land a Samoan drop.

He said that violence against Black, Latinx, and Samoan kids occurs outside of school grounds and the district needs to figure out how to support them.

Kalani's Mormon family was disappointed given Kalani didn't wait until marriage to have sex and her father Low never wanted one of his daughters to end up with a Samoan man like himself.

Another nephew and protege of the Wild Samoans, Solofa Fatu went by his last name in the early 1990s and teamed with cousin Samu to form the Headshrinkers.

She then lifted Lana and gave her a Samoan Drop through the announce desk.

Tamina kicks out, almost hitting a Samoan Drop before Sasha and Lacey enter the fray.

That really makes the Roman Empire the new term used to recognize what most people know as the Samoan Dynasty.

The Angry Samoan comes with Portuguese sausage, sweet bun, fried spam, teriyaki sauce, spicy mayo, pineapple, jalapeรฑo salsa, green onions and Maui onion chips.

The Australian-born Samoan international, who played 129 NRL games for the Cronulla Sharks prior to signing for Toronto, will serve a two-week quarantine before joining the Storm.

The minor ethnically is Samoan.

The National Park of American Samoa is the only park in the United States that is home to the Samoan fruit bat."

Theory lost in mere seconds to a devastating Samoan Drop.

The pair will cook a six-course menu for guests priced at ยฃ185 per person, which will see them fuse Galettiโ€™s Samoan and New Zealand background with the flavours of Barraganโ€™s native Spain.

The prosecutor Clayton Walker told the jury during the trial that his victims โ€œtrusted him completelyโ€ because of his status in Samoan society.

The Raw ace, real name Nuufolau Joel Seanoa, shares proud Samoan heritage with and his cousins Jimmy and Jey.

The โ€œSuper Samoanโ€ has only competed twice in professional boxing - once in 1998 and once in 2000.

His research focuses on Samoan traditional tattooing and the contemporary practice of this ritual.

Samoans are generally modest and tend to cover up much of the body, even while swimming.