3299 examples of sandy in sentences

"I think I see every shoal, current, ripple, rock, island, and whale, between Sandy Hook and the Land's End.

Yonder on the plateau the quality of the soil has been much improved by the recent methods of cultivation; and here, too, on the slopes, the sandy soil has been greatly enriched by the new distribution of the springs which Gervais devised.

He was then fifty-eight years of agea tall, bony man, with grizzled sandy hair and rather slovenly dressa man who practised his Democratic simplicity in all things, and sometimes carried it to extremes.

He had engaged a sailor called Luff Williams to take them in his boat to the spot, a long sandy beach behind a high promontory some five or six miles from the city.

In another instant the vessel was driven with a crash on the sandy bottom.

A city marshal, Tom Poole, a long, slim, Sandy-mustached Missourian, completes the picture of Eagle Butte.

"One hundred and twenty," it was saying"and twenty-one, and twenty-two, and twenty-three, and twenty-four," and then he who was counting came out from behind the little sandy rise into the white and open level of shimmering brightness.

They did not turn aside, but went straight over it, the leader helping himself up the sandy slope with his cane, still counting and still keeping his eyes fixed upon that which he held in his hand.

When next he saw them clearly it was from a little sandy rise which looked down like the crest of a bowl upon the floor of sand below.

They had gone about half-way across the white, sandy level between the hill and the hummock behind which Tom Chist lay, when the white man stopped and bent over as though to tie his shoe.

Not that his days were all of teasing and torment, either; for if his comrades did sometimes treat him so, why then there were other times when he and they were as great friends as could be, and used to go a-swimming together in the most amicable fashion where there was a bit of sandy strand below the little bluff along the East River above Fort George.

This morning the river resumed a north-north-west course, and very soon led us into an open plain, rather sandy in character, the channel dividing into several branches separating miles apart, the stream of water issuing from the hills soon being absorbed in the sandy bed; but a well-defined line of verdant trees served well to mark the course of the channels through the plain for many miles.

Two miles north the river turned west, and kept that course for seven or eight miles, through a poor sandy and stony tract of country, and was then joined by a fine channel coming from the south.

Below this the channel became sandy and dry, and we only procured a little water at night in a clay-hole.

At 1.30 p.m. resumed an easterly route across a sandy plain, yielding little but hakea and triodia.

In an hour we struck upon the channel of a river with a sandy bed, 300 yards wide, in which were a few pools of water, under a bold sandstone bluff, rising abruptly 300 feet from the plain.

It was not until 7 p.m. that we finally got through the ranges, and emerged upon open sandy plains of vast extent, no object being observable from north-north-east round to south-south-east except low ridges of red drift-sand, in many parts nearly bare of vegetation.


He brings a spade and digs wherever he sees the sandy ropes of the "lug," for this worm makes good fishing bait.

The Ringed Plover is another bird which loves the sandy, pebbly margin of the sea.

In doing this, they raise a sandy cloud, which settles on them and hides them.

All these plants of sandy places grow like that.

The Sea Holly, with its roots deep down and far-spreading, can hold its own, though the gale tears at it and throws its sandy bed here and there.

Another mollusc used as food is the Cockle, and its shell is one of the commonest found along the shore, especially near sandy places.

That travellers may discern, and be able to discover the road in uninhabited places, trees are planted at convenient distances, along all the principal roads; and in the sandy and desert places, where trees will not grow, stones and pillars are erected to direct the passengers, and officers are appointed to see that all these things are performed.

3299 examples of  sandy  in sentences
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